Why three eyes? Um, line?

“Body Functionality”

Why four arms?

—“Body Functionality”

Four arms for shooting arrows.

—“Body Functionality”

Garnet: You have the power to grow, to eat, to sleep, to heal. To care for your ever-changing self.
That’s, like, amazing.

—“Body Functionality”

We fusions may look amazing, but there’s nothing more amazing— Uh, line?

—“Body Functionality”

Season 1

Stay low.

—"Giant Woman"

*chuckles* ♬ All you wanna do is see me turn into... ♬

—"Giant Woman"

(referring to the Heaven Beetle) (gasp) I don't have it.

—"Giant Woman"

Steven Universe: The Movie

♬ Independent together,
Independent together, if we try! ♬

Steven Universe: The Movie

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