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Speaker Dialogue
(Steven is reading 'Destiny's End,' the last book in the "Spirit Morph Saga.")
Steven *turns page, closes book, and exhales*
Connie *clears her throat* So... what did you think of the ending?
Steven Uh, I thought it was on page 917?
Connie I thought it was a disaster!
Steven *sweating* Uuuhhh...
Connie *stands up and begins pacing around* All the books leading up to this seemed to be taking on and subverting these "witch tropes" ... really self-aware about being a pastiche, you know?
Steven Uhm-
Connie But in the end, none of that even mattered. Lisa and her talking falcon, rebels challenging the stifling traditions of the magical bureaucracy? I loved that. Then her falcon turns into a human and they get married?! It completely dropped all the anti-authoritarian stuff and described a wedding cake for fifty pages!
Steven *going along with it* Yeah, that cake was worthy of twenty pages, tops. There weren't even strawberries on it.
Connie I bet since the books got so popular, the publisher put pressure on the author to water down the end for a larger audience appeal. (Steven looks uneasy.) Unlike art, the real world can't always win against the iron chains of authority. *lies down on the couch next to Steven, sighing deeply* That's my theory, anyway.
Steven Hmm...
Connie It's just disappointing, considering I invested extra money in the hard cover copies... *takes the book from Steven's hands and opens it, colored maps fall out* ... with maps.
Steven I wish I could give you a new ending.
(Connie looks at him and smiles.)
(Steven's gem glows, activating Rose's Room. They get up to investigate the opened door.)
Steven The temple door! It opened for me! *gasps* I can make anything I want in there! I can make us a new ending!
Connie Really? Well, what are we waiting for?
(The two run inside Rose's Room.)
Steven Uh... ta-da!
Connie Cool.
Steven This is my mom's room. I can control it, like this. *announces loudly* I want a tiny floating whale to give me some fin!
(Whale appears, gives him a fin-five, makes a tiny "ah-ooo" sound, and disappears.)
Connie *astonished* Unbelievable! How does it work?
Steven The room can make stuff out of clouds. We can make anything.
Connie Anything? How about the Infinity Fair from Book Four? With merchants from a million lands, selling goods from cultures long gone and yet to be!
Steven We should probably keep it simple. We don't want to overload the room.
Connie How about half the Infinity Fair? ... No, that's still infinity. Simple. Okay, well, what really matters are the characters. You should be Archamicarus.
Steven Okay. Room, I want to be a falcon! [Dramatic music plays] (A falcon costume appears on him, and he poses in front of a background of a large falcon in flight.) Oh, yeah, gotta keep it simple. [Music stops and background falcon disappears]
Connie *claps* Amazing! Okay, my turn. Room, I want to be Lisa. (Nothing happens.) Do I need to be more specific? You were pretty general with the falcon thing.
Steven Oh, sorry. I guess the room just makes things when I want it. Maybe this won't work after all...
Connie Why don't you just have it make a costume shop?
Steven Oh yeah, good idea. I want a costume shop!
(A costume shop appears. Connie runs inside the shop.)
Connie Wow, this place has everything! Even the childhood tunic! Wait, you thought it was red?
Steven Yeah, the color of the setting sun.
Connie *matter-of-factly* The sun sets black over the mine, Steven.
Steven Are you going to be young Lisa?
Connie Well, if we're really reworking this thing, I'm gonna make the ultimate Lisa, with the best gear from every book! Like... what if she never lost her iron sword?
Steven Whoa!
Connie And the cloak and the clasp are too signature not to do.
Steven For sure!
Connie And I always liked the dragon whisker boots from the volcano stuff in Book Three.
Steven Are you almost done?
Connie Wait a minute!
Steven *blushes* Come out, I want to see you!
(Cloud Connie comes out of costume shop, outfitted in a Robin Hood-esque outfit, complete with an eye patch.)
Steven Whoa, you look awesome.
Cloud Connie *blushes* Thanks.
Steven Okay, lets do this!
(Steven and Cloud Connie run off laughing to somewhere else in the room.)
Steven So, at the end of the series, Lisa and her falcon familiar, Archamicarus, are at the altar... [Altar appears] With a cleric... [Priest appears] About to get married. (Connie's outfit becomes a wedding dress, and Steven is down on one knee.) But we don't want that ending. [Wedding scene and clothes disappear] So instead, hmm, uhhh, I don't know. What do you think?
Cloud Connie Hmm, what do you think?
Steven *caught off-guard* Uhh, well, h-how about a different proposal, Lisa... a business proposal! We can start a business together and sell... uh, sell... turkey legs to make money to help out our fellow rebel comrades!
Cloud Connie Yeah, that's great!
[A food cart appears]
Steven I want an umbrella with that, if you would, Room.
[Umbrella appears]
Steven Turkey Legs! Get your rebel turkey legs!
[Buildings appear and disappear as they walk by]
Steven You think its okay for me to eat this if I'm a falcon?
Cloud Connie You are a bird of prey.
Steven So... what should our next move be as business partners?
Cloud Connie You tell me!
Steven Yeah? Oh, um... let's feed the Wind Lizard!
[Wind Lizard appears]
Steven *laughs* Look at this guy, he totally looks like a rebel!
Cloud Connie Wow, from Book Four!
Wind Lizard *screeches*
Steven Now, I know he lives in the mountains but he's just visiting because he heard about these turkey legs. Lisa, would you like to do the honors?
Cloud Connie Okay!
Wind Lizard *screeches and eats the whole turkey leg*
Cloud Connie He ate the bones!
Steven Okay! *scratches head* I guess our business is a success!
Cloud Connie If you think so!
Steven So, what now? Didn't you have a bunch of ideas? That it needed to more anti-authority and stuff?
Cloud Connie Sure!
Steven ... Okaaaaaaay.
[Wind Lizard disappears]
Steven So, we're... we're stopped by the authorities?
[Knights appear]
Steven Because... because we're selling without a permit!
[Scroll appears in one knight's hand]
Steven And we're not old enough to drive a cart!
[Scroll appears in another knight's hand]
Steven But these are uh, free-range turkeys! And they didn't listen to anybody, and that's what we're gonna do... right?
Cloud Connie Whatever you think!
Steven Really? All right. And then, I think they... don't like that, and they attack us!
[Axes appear in the knights hands]
Steven You can't stop us! *throws turkey leg*
(The knights advance, and start attacking the cart.)
Steven Jeez, these guys are corrupt! What should we do about 'em huh?
Cloud Connie What do you think we should do?
Steven *blushes* C-come on I'm really trying here! How do you want this story to end?
Cloud Connie How do you want this story to end?
Steven I don't know! I just wanted to do this for you. This isn't really like you I- *sigh* I don't want you to just do what I want.
Cloud Connie Uh, you want me to not d-do what you want?
Steven Connie, are you all right?
Cloud Connie I want what you want, what you want-want-want-want *repeats*
Steven I want a tiny floating whale to give me some fin! [Whale appears] I want a costume shop! [Shop appears] I wanna see you! [Cloud Connie comes out]
Steven I-I created you! You're not Connie! I must've left the real Connie back at the costume shop. Sh-she could be anywhere! No, no, no, no, NO! I'm done, I'm done playing! *Steven's costume poofs away*
(Steven poofs away his costume, the grass, the turkey cart, and then the knights. He tries to poof Cloud Connie away but she comes back.)
Steven *gasps*
(Cloud Connie reforms.)
Steven *sweating* Why didn't you disappear with everything else?
Cloud Connie You told me not to do what you wanted.
Steven Uh... RRRRNG- where is Connie?
Connie *distantly* Steven? Steven?
Steven Connie? C-Connie, Is that you?
(Cloud Connie grabs Steven's hand.)
Steven *gasp* Please let me go, I want to find the real Connie!
Cloud Connie You told me you wanted-
Steven That doesn't matter! *runs while panting, while Cloud Connie chases after* Please don't follow me, I don't want you to follow me!
[Pans to Cloud Connie not responding]
Steven *still gasping* Cart!
[Cart appears and Cloud Connie jumps over it]
Steven AH, uh, WIND LIZARD!
[Wind Lizard appears]
Wind Lizard *screeches*
(Steven climbs on Wind Lizard while Cloud Connie follows suit.)
Steven *stammering* Connie can you hear me?
Connie Steven? Steven?!
Steven Connie, I'm almost there, just a little bit further! AH! (Cloud Connie pushes Steven off.)
(Steven falls and hits the cloud ground as Cloud Connie lands behind him.)
Cloud Connie Rrrr.
Steven Please, I don't want you, I want the REAL Connie!
Cloud Connie I know what you really want, I know how you REALLY feel! (The wedding gown from before appears on her.)
Connie Steven? *runs through clouds* Ah Steven finally, there you... are.
[Pans to Cloud Connie pinning down Steven]
Steven *stammering* Help!
(Connie runs to Cloud Connie and pushes her away.)
Connie AH!
Cloud Connie *grunting noises*
Connie Keep away from him! *slashes sword*
(Cloud Connie poofs away, but poofs back.)
Cloud Connie *to Steven* I know you like her!
(Connie lifts up sword to defend Steven.)
Cloud Connie And I know you want her to like you too.
Steven No, don't listen! *tears up*
(Connie slashes Cloud Connie causing her to poof away again.)
(Cloud Connie poofs back on top of Steven.)
Cloud Connie That's why you can't tell her the truth, but you WANT to! You wanna tell her!
Steven No!
(Connie runs toward them.)
Connie Get off of him!
Cloud Connie Tell her Steven!
Steven I- unggggh...
Cloud Connie Tell her!
Steven Mmmmrng... - I liked the ending of the book!
(Connie stops.)
Connie What?
Steven I-I thought it was sweet that Lisa and Archimicarus got together in the end! They were always so thoughtful towards each other, and I was so happy when they found the spell to make him human, and I loved every page about the cake, I wanted to draw a picture of it! I'm-I'm sorry I pretended not to like it, I just didn't want you to think less of me.
Cloud Connie *sigh* That's better.
(Cloud Connie poofs away.)
(Connie walks towards Steven.)
Steven Do-do you think I'm a bad person for liking the ending?
Connie Of course not I... Steven it's just a book!
Steven But, you really care about it!
Connie I care about you more.
Steven Even though I liked the wedding.
Connie Oh, of course you liked the wedding...You're Steven, you love "schmaltz".
(Connie helps Steven up.)
(The gem door opens allowing Steven and Connie to exit.)
Steven You make a good point, but don't you remember how Archimicarus cried in Book Three?
Connie I thought that was because they lost the sword!
Steven No, she almost fell into the volcano! He was worried about her!
Connie But she had access to frost spells.
Steven Yeah but Archimicarus didn't know that! Even birds can fall in love!
Connie I guess you could read it that way!
[Pans to Steven's drawing of Lisa and Archimicarus, as Star iris closes in and fades to black]

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