Orange Spodumene, also known as the Worm Monster in her corrupted state, is a former Corrupted Gem that first appeared in "Bubble Buddies". As of "Change Your Mind", Orange Spodumene has been uncorrupted, along with the rest of the Corrupted Gems, when Steven and the Diamonds combined their powers at Rose's Fountain. After "Change Your Mind", Orange Spodumene became a resident of Little Homeworld, enrolling in Little Homeschool.



When she was corrupted, she took on the form of a large creature resembling a worm or a snake sea cucumber. She was relatively long, and the width of her body was nearly equal throughout her entire length with her head enlarged into a spherical shape, where a circular mouth was located at the end. The body is colored light brown with scattered spots in different hues of purple and blue across it. Her entire body is covered in a thick, shiny translucent light blue membrane. Parts of the membrane extend into five oral tentacles that surround her mouth. The mouth is circular with multiple rows of white teeth present, each tooth in a circular arrangement in each row. She has a red gem located inside her mouth that gives off a red glow that passes through the skin and coating, creating the illusion of eyes on the head.


In her uncorrupted form, Spodumene has light brown coloring. Her corruption scars manifest in the form of a translucent shiny light blue membrane resembling that of her corrupted self. Part of her coating acts as her limbs, as well as her "hair", which loosely resemble her previous form's oral tentacles. She is also wearing an orange bikini. She has one large eye with a blue iris, although it can't be seen, because it is covered by her "hair". Her gemstone is no longer inside her mouth and is now on her groin.


Around 4,500 Years Ago

At the end of the Rebellion, Spodumene was unable to escape the Corrupting Light and became corrupted. Afterwards, she resided in Earth's oceans.

"Bubble Buddies"

Bubble Buddies (203)

Spodumene is first seen at the bottom of the ocean, eating glowing seaweed. She possesses a habit of burrowing into the ocean floor, resulting in frequent tremors and loud screeching to erupt throughout Beach City.

After falling to the bottom of the ocean, Steven and Connie see Spodumene for the first time. She then dives into the ocean floor, causing the ground to shake and crack open, making Steven and Connie fall into a pit. She reappears after Connie and Steven reach the surface of the ocean and chases them to the shore. Steven notices the creature is attracted to Connie's bracelet because it glows. Grabbing it, he leads Spodumene around the pier supports, causing them to break and crush her beneath the pier. Her form then explodes and Garnet bubbles her gemstone.

"Ocean Gem"

She is seen in the flashback as Pearl explained about the corrupted Gems.

"Catch and Release"

Her gemstone can be seen in the Burning Room, still in her bubble.

"Change Your Mind"

She is first seen still bubbled in the Burning Room, before being taken by the Crystal Gems to Rose's Fountain where Steven and Blue Diamond had planned on bathing in the waters of the fountain alongside Yellow and White to cleanse the Corruption from the affected Gems. Orange Spodumene was the third Gem shown to become uncorrupted just a few seconds after the Water Bear and Bixbite, blushing with joy and happiness as her freedom was restored to her, which prompted Nephrite's Crew to go and join her in bathing in the Fountain. She would later be seen alongside the now-uncorrupted Watermelon Tourmaline and the Heaven and Earth Beetles laughing.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Orange Spodumene appears as a resident of Little Homeworld.



  • Swimming Skills: Since she lived underwater while corrupted, Spodumene is a great swimmer.
    • Subterranean "Swimming": Her ability to swim is not limited in a liquid medium, she can also burrow and can move at high speeds underground.
  • Enhanced Roar: She has roars so loud that they can cause disturbances on land ranging from mild tremors to being able to break off parts of structures.
  • Enhanced Resistance: Spodumene's corrupted form also had great tensile strength as she could stretch around the pillars of a pier multiple times, before reaching her limit.
  • Red Light Perception: Although her corrupted form had no eyes, she can detect red light allowing her to find her favorite food, fluorescent red seaweed, as well as Connie's scarlet glow bracelet without bumping into anything while on land.

Episode Appearances


  • Orange Spodumene's gem reappears in the online game Heap of Trouble.
  • Small blue heads of her corrupted form appear in the game Gem Bound.
  • Small versions of her corrupted form appear as enemies in Soundtrack Attack.
  • The Orange Spodumene seen in "Change Your Mind" was originally going to be her uncorrupted design, but was replaced by Rebecca Sugar in favor of the current look.
  • Orange Spodumene is the first Gem to have four fingers, the second being Larimar. However, she is depicted with five fingers throughout Future.
  • Orange Spodumene, along with Hessonite and Pyrope, are among the tallest non-diamond single gems known, being a full head taller than a quartz.


Image Description
When corrupted, Orange Spodumene's gemstone is located in the Oropharynx. In her uncorrupted form, her gemstone is on her groin. The gemstone is an irregular heptagonal pavilion with five white band-like structures wrapped around the five wider facets, connecting to a circular shape centering around the point of the gemstone. It has a table facet on its backside, with the band structures being blunted at the edges of the facets. The band-like structures appear to be based on a caged wire stone as well as clear quartz that can grow around real world spodumene stones.


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