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Pearl is one of the original members of the Crystal Gems, who fought alongside her Diamond, Pink Diamond, during the Rebellion on Earth (the latter disguising herself as a Rose Quartz).


Now We're Only Falling Apart (118)

Pearl was made for and delivered to Pink Diamond[1] as a replacement for Pink Pearl approximately eight thousand years before the events of the series, her creation having taken place in the Reef. Pearl was tasked with making her Diamond happy, though she didn't manage to do so for a long while. She was also more serious and strict compared to her original counterpart, so she could instruct Pink on how to properly run her first colony. Through her time with her, Pearl visited many other planets, and grew fond of space.

Like the other Diamond's Pearls, she carried a very strong and loyal bond to Pink Diamond. One day, early on in the colonization of Earth, Pink Diamond wished she could frolic and play alongside the Quartz soldiers that were emerging from the planet's surface, but didn't want to be reprimanded by the other Diamonds. Taking Pink's question about imagining the possibility of warping down to Earth seriously, Pearl thought that Pink Diamond could avoid getting caught if she shapeshifted into a Quartz soldier to blend in for a day.

Though Pearl thought just imagining this would be enough to make her Diamond happy, Pink thought the idea was worth actually putting into consideration. After warping to the Kindergarten, Pink had some fun socializing with the Amethysts, though Pearl thought their manners were lacking. Pearl advised that Pink would be better off not drawing attention to herself, and suggested exploring the Earth's other features.[2]

After observing the life that already lived there and becoming attached to it, Pink realized that if the colony was completed, all of it would be destroyed. Pearl apologized for her idea making her Diamond feel this way, but Pink told her this daytrip was exactly what she needed and wanted. Pearl stood alongside the other Diamond's Pearls, witnessing Pink Diamond's attempts to put a stop to the colonization, though they amounted to little more than a zoo for human specimens.

After Blue and Yellow Diamond dismissed her desires to halt the colonization, Pink assumed the identity of a Quartz soldier to start a rebellion as someone they couldn't ignore. Pink Diamond kept a secret with Pearl of her double life as Rose Quartz, who made Pearl one of the first Crystal Gems approximately 5,750 years ago. Before the war began, Rose told Pearl that if they had lost, they would be shattered, and if they won, they could never go home, something Pearl accepted because she loved Rose and wanted to be with her wherever she went. Once the Rebellion began, Pearl fought alongside Rose and did whatever she could to protect her. During her time on Earth, Pearl learned how to sword-fight, and the human concept of being a knight, "completely dedicated to a person and a cause" at the Ancient Sky Arena, while also harboring growing romantic feelings for Rose.

The Answer 068

At the start of the war, Rose and Pearl were the only two Gems that defected against Homeworld. In order to stop the rebel group from growing, Blue Diamond and her court arrived on Earth to end the Rebellion. Rose and Pearl both arrived at the scene and fought against Blue Diamond's soldiers, including Ruby. Pearl was about to strike at Sapphire, but she was saved by Ruby, causing Garnet to form for the first time. Pearl didn't hesitate to attack Garnet, but she was stopped by Rose, who took the opportunity of Blue Diamond's court being distracted by Garnet to escape.

While reflecting on this incident, Rose wondered if all Gems could do that. Pearl tried to satisfy Rose's curiosity by attempting to fuse with her, though she could not at first. She apologized profusely for taking such bold initiative and imagining an Earth where she could make Rose happy despite never having been her Pearl. She begged Rose to order her to stop, but Rose requested that she do the opposite. This tender moment caused them to briefly fuse into Rainbow Quartz for the first time. Shortly afterwards, Rose and Pearl come across Garnet again, and Pearl draws her sword at first. However, Pearl comes to accept Garnet for who she is, and with Rose's help, she joins their rebellion, as did many others. Pearl grew a close relationship with her fellow comrade, Bismuth. According to Bismuth, she and Pearl went onto a Nephrite's drop ship, and Pearl threw her out of the cockpit.

During the war, Pearl served as Rose's confidant, and was privy to many (but not all) secrets others weren't, like the armory. The Crystal Gems fought long and hard, though it became apparent that it wasn't enough to scare off Homeworld. Because of Blue and Yellow Diamond's continued refusal to listen to Pink Diamond, and wanting to live on the planet as Rose Quartz, Pink plotted to fake her own shattering: Pink Diamond created gem shards that she swallowed and had Pearl shapeshift into Rose Quartz and poof Pink Diamond with Rose's Sword. The shards would be left behind, while Pearl quickly grabbed the real gem while she was obscured by the ensuing smoke.

ASinglePaleRose (558)

Before this happened, as a last order from her Diamond, Pearl was told never to tell anyone of what really happened. Their ruse tricked the Diamonds, but it came at a terrible price. After Homeworld called a retreat, the Diamonds unleashed the Corrupting Light on the surface of the planet. Rose managed to use her shield to protect Pearl and Garnet, but every other Gem on Earth that wasn't shattered became corrupted. Devastated by the near total loss of her dear friends, Pearl privately wondered if the plan was ultimately worth it.

After the Rebellion, Pearl continued to protect the Earth alongside Garnet and Rose. Eventually, Pearl and the remaining Crystal Gems lived at the Crystal Temple in Beach City, where they protect humanity and contain Corrupted Gems. Pearl also eventually met Amethyst at the Prime Kindergarten and grew a strong relationship with her, even fusing with her numerous times into Opal.

One day, Pearl and Garnet met Buddy Buddwick at the Gem Battlefield and warned him of visiting dangerous Gem locations. She drew up a map for him of places not to visit.

Hundreds of years later, Rose ends up meeting and falling in love with Greg Universe, a human musician. Pearl meets Greg and is jealous of his relationship with Rose, considering Pearl's extremely close relationship with Rose lasting millennia.

Eventually, Rose dies while giving birth to a son, Steven, half-Gem and half-human. Pearl has a lot of trouble accepting the fact that Rose had 'turned into' Steven, but overtime becomes more accepting of her actions. Pearl, along with Garnet and Amethyst, help raised Steven and teach him about his heritage and history.

Season 1

"Gem Glow"

Pearl appears alongside the other Crystal Gems fighting the Centipeetles who have infested the Beach House. She assures Steven that they will get rid of the centipeetles, explaining that Steven cannot help until his powers develop while snapping a Centipeetle's neck. When Steven notices that the freezer is filled with the recently discontinued Cookie Cat ice cream sandwiches, Pearl explains that although Amethyst and Garnet stole them, she went back and paid for them. After Garnet states that the entire plan was her idea, Pearl affirms that it doesn't really matter who's plan it was, so long as Steven is happy. Later, when Steven is trying to summon his weapon, Pearl attempts to calm Steven down in order to help him concentrate. When he fails, Pearl volunteers to be the first to attempt to teach Steven how to use his weapon. She takes Steven to her favorite tree to teach him.

Gem Glow (126,5)

She explains that although the blossoms' dance seems completely random it is actually calculated. She encourages Steven to concentrate and practice so that one day he can perform his own dance in order to summon his weapon. When Steven attempts to recreate the situation in which his gem had previously glowed, Pearl voices her belief that it would not work, but cooperates regardless. When it doesn't work, Pearl tells Steven that he's still a member of the Crystal Gems, and becomes upset with Amethyst when she says that Steven might never have powers. When Steven does summon his shield, Pearl is surprised to find that his weapon is his mother's shield. She questions the ingredients used to make the Cookie Cats, which Steven is convinced is what caused him to summon his weapon. Pearl then leaves to go combat Nephrite with Garnet and Amethyst. When Steven comes out to try and help, Pearl immediately tells the others that they need to save Steven, but is stopped by Amethyst who says that they should make sure that they're safe first. After defeating Nephrite, Pearl reassures Steven, telling him that she's certain that someday, he'll be able to summon his weapon.

"Laser Light Cannon"

Laser Light Cannon 037

Pearl is surprised by the size of the Red Eye. Pearl tells Steven that the Red Eye is not awesome after he states it is and explains that it will crash into Earth. After Garnet comments that they could use Rose Quartz's Laser Light Cannon, Pearl says the cannon is missing and that they will have to come up with another solution. Steven tells Pearl that Greg might know where the cannon is, and Pearl responds by stating Rose probably wouldn't trust him with such a powerful weapon.

Pearl is surprised to find out that Greg really had the Laser Light Cannon. As the Red Eye gets closer and closer, the Crystal Gems struggle to activate the cannon, and Pearl says she doesn't know how to use it because it was Rose's. She then realizes that Steven has Rose's Gem, but Steven can't activate it either. Later, Steven figures out how to activate it. Pearl questions how he was able to do it and Steven explains that he just stated Greg's motto.

"Cheeseburger Backpack"

Cheeseburger Backpack 050

Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst return from fighting a giant bird after Steven has his package delivered. Pearl tells Steven that they have to place the Moon Goddess Statue on top of the Lunar Sea Spire before midnight or else the tower will collapse into the sea, which is why the Gems have to go back out on another mission right away. She explains to Steven that the spire was an oasis for Gems on Earth, but now it's abandoned. After being persuaded by Steven and Amethyst, Pearl allows Steven to come along on the mission for educational purposes.

While they are in the Warp Stream, Pearl tells Steven to stop goofing off when his goes out of the stream. At the spire entrance, Pearl requests that Steven takes the mission seriously because Gems are a part of his heritage. When Steven discovers the way to get past the vortex of the spire, Pearl scolds Steven for putting himself in danger but she was impressed.

Once inside, Pearl is bothered by the way the interior has become dilapidated. An infestation of Crystal Shrimp appears before the Gems, and Pearl uses her holographic abilities to demonstrate how each of the Gems can safely make it across. Steven interrupts her by throwing a Bagel sandwich, distracting the Crystal Shrimp, but Pearl points out that her plan would have worked too. At the next problem, Pearl and Amethyst cheer on Steven to solve the problem using his Cheeseburger Backpack.

When the Gems finally reach the top of the spire, Pearl is excited to save a piece of Gem history. However, when Steven realizes he left the Moon Goddess Statue at home, she is shocked. After the tower collapses, Pearl is proud that Steven handled many tasks by himself under pressure.

"Together Breakfast"

Together Breakfast 175

Pearl exits Amethyst's room with a sword, and asks her what one of her swords was doing in her room. Pearl accuses Amethyst of stealing it and says that she forgives her. She then goes on to say that she cleaned up Amethyst's room. Steven tells Pearl that he made a breakfast that they could all eat together, but Pearl appears uninterested as she enters her room. Pearl summons her sword collection and then places the missing sword with the others. Steven distracts Pearl's concentration by calling out her name. She wonders how Steven got inside the Temple, and warns him that it's dangerous. Pearl yells Steven's name in a concerned tone as he falls down one of Pearl's waterfalls.

Pearl finds Steven hanging on to one of the Crystal Heart's tubes. When Steven slides into the Burning Room, Pearl and Amethyst enter as well. The Smoke Monster enters the Together Breakfast and Pearl is disgusted by the whipped cream. After the Smoke Monster is contained, Pearl, along with Steven and Amethyst, agree to just order a pizza.


Pearl holds a bubble containing seven Gem Shards and looks around for the missing eighth one. While Steven daydreams about finding his pants, Pearl explains that the shards have a partial consciousness which has been used by Gems to create semi-sentient drone soldiers which can follow basic orders. She then goes on to say that Gems once created an army of drones, but they turned on their commander. Pearl then leaves the house to go check around town to see where the missing shard could be.

Frybo (199)

Pearl later finds out that Steven put the missing shard inside of the Frybo costume. She summons her spear and chucks it at the living Frybo costume. Pearl accidentally drops the other Shards when the Frybo blasts ketchup in her face, to which she says she can not see. Pearl mistakes Fryman for Steven and asks if he's alright. After Steven defeats Frybo by putting the Gem Shards in his clothes and making them fight against Frybo. Pearl tells Steven to put his clothes back on.

"Cat Fingers"

Cat Fingers (054)

Pearl tells Amethyst that she is overdoing shape-shifting after the latter turns into multiple different forms. She explains to Steven that all Gems have shape-shifting capabilities. Steven wants to learn how to shape-shift, but Pearl tells him "don't bite off what you can't chew". Pearl leaves after Amethyst continually smacks her butt while shape-shifted as Pearl.

While the Gems are leaving on the Gem Sloop, Pearl asks Steven what's going on when she hears one of his fingers meow. Pearl wants to stay and help Steven with his Cat Fingers, but Garnet explains that their mission of fighting a living island is an emergency. Pearl blames Amethyst for Steven's problem. Once the problem is solved, Pearl tells Steven that he should listen to her and not Amethyst. Pearl blushes when Garnet states that she should have a little more faith in Steven.

"Bubble Buddies"

Bubble Buddies (038)

Pearl tells Garnet and Amethyst that she doesn't think whatever was happening was caused by earthquakes as they were too frequent. She then asks Steven who he was talking to while bike riding in the sand. Pearl then wants to set up a play-date between him and Connie, saying that she'll work out a schedule.

Later, Pearl is concerned over Steven and Connie's encounter with the corrupted Orange Spodumene. She tells Connie that Steven was excited to meet her. Garnet then tells her not to mess up his funky flow, and the Gems leave the beach.

"Serious Steven"

While the Gems are warping to the Gem Battlefield, Pearl tells Steven that he's going to make himself sick by constantly spinning in the warp. Pearl scolds Steven for swimming towards his ukulele when it began to float away and asks if he is okay once they make it to their destination. When butterflies begin swarming Steven's jelly-covered face, Pearl tells Garnet that she is having second thoughts on taking Steven on the mission. While walking through the weapon-covered battlefield, Pearl states "this was once a Gem battlefield, now it's wild strawberries as far as the eye can see! Oh, that’s what I love about the Earth!"

The Gems enter the Pyramid Temple and Pearl warns Steven not to touch triangular switch. Pearl scolds Steven when he touches it and it causes the temple to shake. After falling into the center of the temple, Pearl states that she and Steven will stay where it is safe while Garnet and Amethyst look around, though Garnet decides he will search with her instead.

In a flashback to two weeks prior, the Gems are on a teacup ride at Funland. Pearl states she misunderstood the point of the ride as she holds a teapot in her hand.

Serious Steven (239)

Back in the present, Pearl enters the center of the temple once more and states that every room brings you back to the start. Pearl attempts to analyze the temple and comes to the conclusion that they are in a "death trap". When Garnet breaks the floor and reveals a hidden room, Pearl is surprised. The Gem powered mechanism spun the rooms until they ended up back in the center just like the Teacups ride at Funland. Pearl bubbles the Gem and states that Steven handled the mission very well.

"Tiger Millionaire"

The Gems warp back to the Temple as Pearl scolds Amethyst for punching a blood polyp which covered them all in goo. Amethyst angers Pearl even more by sticking out her tongue. When Garnet scolds Amethyst as well, Pearl states that she thinks they got through to her.

Tiger Millionaire 344

While Steven pretends to be his alter ego Tiger Millionaire, Pearl and Garnet slowly find pieces of his props. Pearl and Garnet later enter the wrestling ring and the former asks Steven what he is doing here, holding up a promotional poster. Pearl tells the audience that the match is canceled and is shocked that Steven has been sneaking off and that Amethyst has been using her Gem powers on humans. Garnet and Pearl later pretend to be wrestling haters who wish to stop wrestling everywhere in the world. Steven and Amethyst then go on to "defeat" Garnet and Pearl.

"Steven's Lion"

The Gems are in the Desert where they walk to a structure. The power inside of the structure, as Pearl explains, has been building columns with no roofs and stairs that go nowhere. Pearl and the other Gems leave Steven where it is safe after they hear a roaring sound. The Gems walk back with the Desert Glass and Pearl argues that Amethyst should bubble it before she accidentally drops it. Pearl spots Steven with Lion and asks what's going on, while each of the Gems summon their weapons. Steven explains that Lion is tame, but Pearl believes that's impossible. Pearl then reminds everyone that they have to get the Desert Glass out of the desert, and they leave.

Steven's Lion (278)

Steven throws the Desert Glass on the beach later on which causes it to build a castle; this alarms Garnet and Pearl who run out of the Beach House to see what's going on. Pearl scolds Amethyst for not bubbling it earlier. When Lion destroys the Desert Glass, Pearl bubbles it and asks Garnet if they're going to let Steven keep Lion. Garnet replies with "we kept Amethyst" which makes Pearl crack up.

"Arcade Mania"

The Gems walk through an underground cave where Pearl gets annoyed by Steven's jacket making noise because they are supposed to be on a stealth mission. The ledge Steven stands on begins to collapse and Pearl yells out his name in a concerned tone. When the Gem Cave Creature begins to attack, Pearl and Amethyst spring into action to protect Steven. When Garnet defeats the monster, Pearl points out that the left over parasites are drilling away.

SU - Arcade Mania Pearl's Having a Hard Time...

At the boardwalk, Steven tells the Gems that he has a reward for them; going to the Funland Arcade. Pearl asks if they have anything else to do, and Garnet says no. Inside the arcade, Pearl comments that humans have fascinating ways to waste time. Steven tells Pearl that she'll like the racing game Road Killer. Not knowing what to do, Pearl asks which button is her turn signal. After a few minutes, the game tells Pearl that she isn't doing well, which angers her.

Steven checks up on Pearl, and she asks why she is doing so horribly if she hasn't crashed into anything, which is the point of the game. Pearl is shocked after finding out that's the point of the game. Pearl is thankful when she finds out they're leaving the arcade.

SU - Arcade Mania -the-

The next day, Steven wonders what they're mission is going to be, and predicts they'll fight a giant foot. Pearl replies that Garnet would tell them if they were to fight a giant foot. When Amethyst says that Garnet is the boss, Pearl explains that they're a team, Garnet just has heightened perception that guides them. Pearl believes that Garnet is doing something very important because she hasn't come home yet. Steven later is attacked by the parasites, leading Pearl and Amethyst to come to his aid. Pearl tries throwing her spear at the parasites but they're too small and fast. Garnet then helps Pearl and the others after Steven breaks the Meat Beat Mania machine.

"Giant Woman"

Pearl and Amethyst play a game of checkers on the beach. Steven pelts Pearl with a water balloon after she loses the game, which irritates her. Amethyst believes that she is being a sore loser, which angers her even more. She beats Amethyst in one move the next game. After Amethyst is pelted by water balloons, she says that it feels good to lose, to which Pearl comments that she hopes that's not her attitude in battle.

Giant Woman 037

Amethyst tells Pearl that she is no fun anymore which is why they never form Opal. Pearl rebuts by saying they never form Opal because Amethyst is difficult and a mess. Amethyst gets close to Pearl and states that Pearl is uptight but is interrupted by Steven who asks who Opal is. Pearl manipulates sand to demonstrate her and Amethyst combining as she explains that they can synchronize their forms into a fusion named Opal. She tells Steven that Opal is an amalgam of their combined magical and physical attributes fused into a single entity. Pearl goes on to explain that they only fuse when it is absolutely necessary.

When Garnet returns, she tells Pearl that she found the Heaven and Earth Beetles and that they should split up to find them. After a bit of arguing, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven head to the Sky Spire to retrieve the Heaven Beetle. Steven pesters Amethyst and Pearl about forming Opal along the way up the spire. Pearl and Amethyst both do things to get in each other's way, such as Pearl kicking pebbles into Amethyst's face and Amethyst shape-shifting in a shark to scare Pearl. When Steven falls off a floating rock, Pearl jumps after him and Amethyst catches them with her whip. Steven points out that they worked together, and they both look annoyed.

Giant Woman 357

Pearl becomes distraught when they can't find the Heaven Beetle at the top of the spire. Pearl and Amethyst once again begin to argue, and suddenly, a Corrupted Gem bird appears. It swallows Pearl's spear, so her and Amethyst attempt to fuse. When they fail, the two argue over who's fault it is, stopping when Steven is swallowed by the bird. To save Steven, Opal is formed. She causes the bird to disintegrate into tinier birds and destroys them with her arrows. Opal and Steven return to the Temple where she realizes they forgot the Beetle. Steven then reveals that he had it in his pocket, causing Pearl and Amethyst to look surprised when they defused.

"So Many Birthdays"

Pearl is disgusted by Amethyst's messy room, where something inside is causing the Temple to reek. Pearl looks horrified when Amethyst eats the old burrito that was the source of the stench. Steven finds an old painting and Pearl reminisces on the past. Steven wonders how they were in such an old picture, and Pearl explains that they are all much older than any human because Gems don't age. However, they can still get hurt and die. Steven decides to throw the Gems birthday parties.

At Amethyst's birthday party, Amethyst places a birthday hat over her nose to simulate Pearl's nose. She then presses the birthday hat against Pearl's nose, causing Pearl to playfully chase her.

So Many Birthdays 077

At Pearl's party, Pearl wonders how Steven being dressed as a clown is funny. Steven then tells a joke about how Pearl threw butter out a window to see butter-fly, to which Pearl states how that isn't true and asks Steven if he is lying. Steven then goes on to ask if Pearl likes pie. She replies with yes, so he walks over and pretends to trip, causing Pearl to catch him before he falls. Steven then smashes the pie into his face, which makes Pearl uncomfortable, so she hides behind Garnet.

At Garnet's party, Garnet removes the birthday outfit and states that Pearl is pretty sure that birthday parties are a ritual for children, to which Pearl states there's nothing wrong with children. When Steven questions if he is too old for birthday parties, Pearl asks if he is okay.

So Many Birthdays 176

Pearl and the Gems find Steven continually aging on the beach and asks the other Gems what's wrong with him. She begins to tear up and wonders if he could die because he is half human. Pearl begins to break down as he watches Steven age, so she shoves a pie in her face while wearing the clown outfit to make him feel young again.

As Steven begins to become younger, Pearl comes to the conclusion that his age depends on how his state of mind. She tells Steven "you have to feel like yourself! Sweet and considerate and only occasionally obnoxious". Pearl hugs Steven when he reverts to normal.

"Lars and the Cool Kids"

Lars and the Cool Kids (023)

The Gems stand over the moss-covered swamp. Pearl comments that it doesn't look good, and scolds Steven when he goes near the moss. Using a hologram, Pearl explains that Rose came to the hill every spring to tend the moss, but with her gone, the moss has become out of control. She goes on to say that Rose saw beauty in everything, no matter how gross. Pearl then summons police tape out of her gemstone to put up around the moss so that humans won't go near it. After placing the police tape, Pearl says that they can come back later with a plan to move the moss back to the hill.

"Onion Trade"

Onion Trade 153

Pearl makes it obvious as to why Steven can't find one of his G.U.Y.S; his room is a mess. She tells him that he left his window wide open for things to just fly in and out. Amethyst tells Pearl to give him a break because her room is an even bigger mess, to which Pearl orders Amethyst to find her magical axe. Pearl wonders if Steven is okay when he looks depressed.

Onion later stands on a pile of Dave Guys, which he replicated using the Replicator Wand. Pearl wonders how he got it, and Steven explains he traded the wand for his lost Ranger Guy. Pearl asks why he didn't just replicate Ranger Guy. Garnet and Pearl struggle to reach Onion, who replicates a car to smash them with. Garnet pushes Pearl into the pile to save her. After the trouble is over, Pearl vows to never lend anything to Amethyst.

"Steven the Sword Fighter"

The Gems watch Lonely Blade, and when it is revealed that the janitor is the evil samurai president, Pearl points out that it was obvious. Pearl says that their techniques in the movie are nothing like real sword fighting. She tells Steven if he ever wants to see real techniques, she'd show him.


The Gems then go to Pearl's Arena, where Pearl summons Holo-Pearl to demonstrate sword techniques against. During their duel, Pearl blocks all of Holo-Pearl's attacks with her sword. Holo-Pearl then knocks Pearl's sword out of her hand, causing Pearl to slide under her opponent's sword to grab her own. She then quickly lunges at Holo-Pearl, emerging victorious. Pearl agrees to teach Steven the basics of sword fighting.

Pearl sets Holo-Pearl's level 1 and the two stand there with their swords crossed. She tells Steven to notice where she is keeping her center of gravity. Steven becomes bored and asks Pearl to show her a cool technique from the movie, like the Boomerang Blade. Pearl becomes frustrated when Steven keeps asking and she tells him that she is using real sword fighting techniques. While distracted, Holo-Pearl stabs Pearl through her chest. Pearl drops her sword and attempts to reassure him that everything will be okay before poofing.

Steven The Sword Fighter 212

Steven places Pearl's Gem into a hand basket and wonders what is taking so long for Pearl to regenerate. Two weeks later, Pearl's Gem floats into the air and regenerates with a different outfit. Pearl sees the messy Temple and the inflated Amethyst and realizes that she can't leave them alone for too long.

"Lion 2: The Movie"

The Gems warp to the Temple to find Connie and Steven together; Pearl greets her. After they explain that they're going to see a movie together, Amethyst says "who needs a movie when you have magiiiic", irritating Pearl.

"Beach Party"

Beach Party 047

The Gems fight the corrupted Watermelon Tourmaline. Pearl checks up on Steven after he gets blown away by one of the monster's attacks. Pearl tells Amethyst to walk off her injury. Garnet orders them to distract the monster, leading Pearl to encourage Steven and Amethyst. Pearl throws her spear at the monster only to have it blown back. Amethyst becomes frustrated, shape-shifts into a baseball bat, and slams the monster into the ocean. Pearl scolds her by explaining that smacking it really far away isn't going to solve anything because it'll just come back later.

Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven go to Fish Stew Pizza to retrieve Garnet. She tells Garnet that Amethyst knocked the corrupted Gem into the ocean, and Garnet decides they should head back to the temple. Steven later informs the Gems that they've been banned from Fish Stew Pizza, and Pearl doesn't seem to be affected by it. She then explains that all that matters is taking care of the monster.

Steven sets up a party so that the Gems and the Pizza family can reconcile. Pearl changes into her beachwear. Kofi wonders if the Gems are a circus act, which confuses Pearl. When an argument breaks out at the table, Steven recommends they all play volleyball. Pearl says that they would have an unfair advantage, but Steven explains that's why he is picking the teams.

Beach Party 176

Pearl yells that there is no way she'd lose to Amethyst. Pearl and Kiki Pizza get along well as teammates, due to Pearl cheering her on. Pearl scolds Amethyst for cheating by shape-shifting, though she later cheats as well by summoning five Holo-Pearls.

When Watermelon Tourmaline returns to the beach, Pearl listens to Nanefua's orders and runs towards Jenny and Amethyst. With pleasure, Pearl hits Amethyst as hard as she can into the air so that Garnet can spike her down. After the monster is defeated, Kofi says that the Gems are unbanned from Fish Stew Pizza, and Pearl asks what they were banned from again.

"Rose's Room"

The Gems walk out of the Temple and Pearl greets Steven. Steven ate four cans of corn so that the Gems can all get coupons and play golf together, which Pearl finds very thoughtful of him. The Gems then go out on a mission to retrieve a dangerous artifact that appeared in the Northern Hemisphere. Pearl tells Steven that they'll bring him something back.

Rose's Room 052

The next day, the Gems return. Pearl calls out for Steven, who is distracted by his video game. Pearl explains that the Wailing Stone they found uses high-frequency sound waves, but Steven cuts her off because he is trying to listen to his game cutscene. Amethyst activates the object which makes an ear-piercing sound and breaks Steven's TV. Pearl turns it off and scolds Amethyst for turning it on in the house. Steven activates Rose's door, and Pearl is surprised. Pearl and the others warn Steven not to go into her room, but he does not listen.

When Steven gets out of the room, he bites Garnet's arm to make sure he isn't still in the room. Amethyst jokingly copies and bites Pearl's arm, which hurts her. Pearl is thankful that he's okay and the Gems apologize for interrupting his video game earlier. Pearl then goes out with the others to play Mini Golf.

"Coach Steven"

The Gems are at the Communication Hub. Pearl explains that the Communication Hub was a way for Gems to communicate, but lately, it has been in transmitting electromagnetic interference. Amethyst tries taking out the pillars individually, but Pearl says they'll be there all day if they try that. Amethyst is annoyed that Pearl is right because she always gets a look on her face. Pearl tries explaining her plan, but Garnet interrupts her by saying that they need Sugilite.

Coach Steven (046)

Pearl is surprised when Garnet asks Amethyst to fuse with her. Pearl tells Garnet that her and Amethyst can be unstable when they combine their personalities, but Garnet states that they need to be huge in order to take the pillars down. Pearl covers Steven's eyes while Amethyst and Garnet perform their fusion dance. Sugilite smashes many pillars, and an uncomfortable Pearl tells Steven that they should go. The falling debris almost lands on them, causing Pearl to yell at Sugilite. A small rock hits Steven in the face, making Pearl lose her temper, telling Sugilite that she is just too much. Pearl and Steven warp away before a rock smashes the Warp Pad.

Coach Steven (147)

At Steven's gym, Pearl walks by and isn't impressed by what any of them are doing. An excited Steven rushes over to Pearl and explains that he's going to become strong like Sugilite. Pearl says that maybe it isn't a good idea and tells Steven that there are different ways of being strong. She then states that she'd rather not work out with them. Pearl sings "Strong in the Real Way", where she expresses how she doesn't understand why Steven looks up to Sugilite so much, because she is out of control and a hazard to his safety. She also admits that she strives to inspire Steven.

Pearl wonders why Amethyst and Garnet aren't back yet. Suddenly, the ground shakes and after going outside, Pearl and Steven meet face-to-face with Sugilite. Sugilite is angry that Pearl left them behind, but Pearl says that she didn't think Sugilite needed any help. Pearl kindly asks Sugilite to unfuse, but she doesn't want to, and even kicks Pearl. Pearl yells at Sugilite that they've been fused together for too long and that Garnet and Amethyst are losing themselves. Pearl gets Steven to safety and then summons her spear. She struggles to get close to Sugilite but eventually knocks her visor off, causing her to become enraged. Sugilite then performs a combo attack on Pearl by hitting her up into the air and them smashing her back towards the ground.

Coach Steven (271)

Pearl apologizes to everyone and believes that she isn't strong enough to protect everyone or do anything. After being encouraged by Steven, Pearl gains her confidence back and runs to the top of the lighthouse with an angry Sugilite chasing her. She leaps off of the cliff and Sugilite follows but ends up being crushed by her own flail. Sugilite unfuses and Pearl makes sure that Garnet and Amethyst are okay. Pearl is glad she was right and thanks Steven for being a good coach.

"Steven and the Stevens"

Steven and the Stevens 011

The Gems are on a mission at the Sea Shrine. Pearl explains to Steven that the legendary glass of time won't be nearly so small and insignificant, and that it'll be beautiful like another hour glass she points out. Garnet believes she found the hour glass they were looking for, which is humongous, and Pearl wonders how they'll fit it on the Warp Pad. Pearl warns Garnet to be careful after what happened last time they were at the Sea Shrine.

Pearl scolds Amethyst for picking up an hourglass, and it causes the whole shrine to shake. Water floods into the Sea Shrine and the Gems dodge it while protecting Steven. Steven then runs away, and Pearl nervously wonders where he is going. Steven then picks up the hour glass he pointed out earlier because he wants to keep it. Pearl then yells at Steven to hurry before the water drowns him. Garnet shapeshifts her arms to grab Steven, which Pearl congratulates her for before they warp back.

Steven asks if they'll be returning the Sea Shrine, but Pearl explains to him that they'll have to wait another hundred years for the shrine to reform since Amethyst couldn't keep her hands to herself. Pearl then freaks out when Garnet tells her that she has a lobster on her butt.

Steven and the Stevens 272

After the Stevens time travel back to the Sea Shrine, Pearl looks shocked when she sees all of the other Stevens. At Beach-a-Palooza, Pearl plays the violin during "Steven and the Crystal Gems". She looks concerned when Steven says he accidentally created an alternate timeline.

"Monster Buddies"

Pearl assists the Gems in a fight against the Larimar. When Garnet poofs it, Pearl catches the Larimar's gemstone and bubbles it. Pearl then announces that there are no other obstacles to get to the Shooting Star. Suddenly, an avalanche occurs in the cave and Pearl yells that they have to get Steven to safety. Pearl is very concerned when Garnet bubbles Steven and sends him to the Temple.

When the Gems return to the Temple, Pearl orders Steven to get away from the unbubbled Nephrite. She goes on to say that it was a terrible idea to send Steven to the Burning Room. Pearl is surprised to hear that Nephrite didn't do anything to harm Steven. After Steven persuades Garnet not to hurt her, Pearl is flabbergasted at Garnet's choice.

Monster Buddies 204

As Steven tries to train Nephrite, Pearl refuses to put away her spear. Garnet listens to Steven and puts away here gauntlets, and Pearl is once again taken back by Garnet's decision. Pearl later tells Garnet that they have to go back to get the Shooting Star. Steven brings Nephrite into the house and announces that he trained her, but all Pearl wonders why she isn't tied around her rock. Pearl scolds Steven when Nephrite begins spitting acid around the house. Pearl believes it is out of the question to let Nephrite go on missions with them.

Monster Buddies 246

Back in the Ice Cavern, Pearl doesn't understand how Nephrite can help. But when Nephrite proves her use by creating holes in the wall with her acid, Pearl is ready to get to the Shooting Star. When they reach the Shooting Star, Pearl is amazed and explains that the object is so hot that skin cannot handle its intensity. Pearl tells Garnet to use her gauntlets when working with the Shooting Star. Nephrite then gets scared and shoots acid at the ceiling, causing all of the stalactites to fall.

Pearl summons her spear and announces that she knew something like this would happen. Pearl hits Nephrite against the wall. When Nephrite tries to run back to Steven, Pearl and Amethyst block her. After Nephrite poofs, Pearl tries to cheer up Steven by telling him that he might be able to control his powers in order to help out the Corrupted Gems in ways Rose Quartz couldn't. Pearl is then surprised when she sees Steven bubbling Nephrite.

"An Indirect Kiss"

Pearl becomes worried when she discovers that Amethyst's gemstone is cracked. After Amethyst explains that she fell off of the cliff, Pearl says that they need to build a fence up there. Steven asks what they could do to fix up Amethyst, and Pearl explains that they had Rose back then to help them out in this sort of situation.

At Rose's Garden, Pearl explains that Rose's Fountain is located in the center, overflowing with Rose's healing, lacrimal essence. Pearl is shocked to then see Rose's Fountain overgrown with brambles. She explains that it's a mess without Rose's guidance. Garnet and Pearl then travel down a path. Pearl later scolds Amethyst after she saves Steven, thinking she was roughhousing and tells her that she'll worsen her crack.

An Indirect Kiss 125

When Amethyst begins to glitch out, Pearl tells her to stay calm and that they have to find a way to get through the brambles. When Garnet chucks a rock to create a path to Rose's Fountain, Pearl says if it's okay with Garnet that she threw a rock at one of Rose's most precious sanctuaries, it's okay with her too. Pearl orders Steven to stay with Amethyst while she and Garnet look for the source as to why Rose's Fountain isn't working. Pearl and Garnet get the fountain running again by unclogging a chamber. In Steven's retelling of the story, he makes up that Pearl says "oh Steven, you don't have healing tears. You'll never have any real magic powers, and we don't want anything more to do with you."

"Mirror Gem"

Mirror Gem 020

Steven tells Pearl how Connie described a school setting and Pearl attempts to recreate it in the Beach House. When Pearl realizes that all Steven wanted was to be taught, she summons the Mirror. Pearl summons it from her gemstone and explains that she found it at the Galaxy Warp and that it can capture and display any event it witnessed in Gem history. Pearl is excited to tell Steven that it can offer him anything he ever wanted to know about Gems and Gem culture. Pearl attempts to activate it by asking the Mirror to show them the Galaxy Warp, but nothing happens. Pearl then writes it off as the Mirror being in rough shape and that it must finally be broken. Pearl then concludes Steven's school and tells agrees with him that school is out for the summer. Pearl then looks at the pile of school supplies and says that the asymmetry of the pile is really bothering her.

When Steven returns to the Beach House, Amethyst puts M.C. Bear Bear on Pearl's pile, causing her to stab it with her spear. She then tells Amethyst that both sides have to be the same for the pile to be symmetrical. Pearl congratulates Steven after he announces that he fixed the Mirror. Steven nonchalantly tells Pearl that she didn't explain the Mirror was like a person, causing the Gems to become shocked. The Mirror begins replaying clips from earlier in the day, and Pearl questions if the Mirror is communicating with him.

After Steven hits Garnet in the face, Pearl tries to calm down her down by explaining he probably didn't understand what he was doing. Pearl yells at Steven to run when she spots Lapis Lazuli. When Lapis leaves, Pearl hugs Steven and makes sure he is uninjured. She tells him that Lapis is another Gem.

"Ocean Gem"

Pearl and the other Gems explain to Steven that he is grounded. Garnet concludes that the reason the ocean is gone is because of Lapis Lazuli. Steven appears to forget, causing Pearl to remind him that she was the Gem he released from the Mirror and creates a holographic project of her. Pearl later wonders how she could've known Lapis would be so powerful. Steven tells the Gems that he is going to get the ocean back, and Pearl tells him that she and the Gems will help out too.

As Pearl is drivng Greg's van, Steven says that Gems shouldn't fight each other. Pearl reveals that they're always fighting Gems and that all Gems aren't necessarily good. She goes on to say that each Corrupted Gem, like Amethyst said, used to be like them but since they've become corrupted, it's the Crystal Gems' job is to contain them to keep them safe while they try and find a cure.

Pearl VS Water Pearl 2

When they reach Lapis Lazuli's ocean tower, Pearl doesn't understand what she would want with the ocean. During the fight against the water clones, Pearl slices her clone in half with her spear, but it just reforms into two separate Pearl clones. She then summons another spear and murmurs that she hates fighting herself. Pearl gasps when Steven summons his shield and the water clones disappear.

As the ocean returns and the group makes it back to Beach City, Greg's van breaks down. Pearl chuckles, asking Greg what his motto was again about the pork chops and the hot dogs. Garnet later tells Pearl that Lapis made it off planet. Pearl wonders what that means for them, and Garnet tells her they'll just have to wait and see.

"House Guest"

House Guest 002

Pearl observes the damage that Lapis Lazuli's water constructs did on Greg's van. Pearl reassures Amethyst that she can fix the van since it is a simple human machine. Greg tells Pearl that he has something to fix the van, and Pearl asks him if it is some kind of complex human tool. Pearl shoots down Greg's duct tape by telling him that she can fix the van without it. Amethyst reminds Steven that he has healing powers, leading Pearl to conclude that if Steven fixes Greg's broken leg and she fixes Greg's van, Greg won't have to live with them. Greg pretends Steven's healing powers didn't work, so Pearl tries to cheer up Steven by explaining his powers are a bit fickle.

Pearl returns to the Beach House covered in oil as she wipes herself down. The Gems have to go on a mission to fix the cracked Geode, so Pearl gives Greg the Warp Whistle which he can use if needs to call the Gems. At the Geode, Pearl explains to Steven that the Geode is a synthetic storm, but is then cut off by Greg using the Warp Whistle. When Steven returns, Pearl continues explaining the Geode but is once again interrupted by Greg. Steven returns once more, allowing Pearl to say that if the Geode breaks, the storm will be released and their bodies will be vaporized. Steven tries using his healing spit to patch up the crack but it doesn't work, so Pearl reassures him that they'll find another way.

At the Temple, Pearl tells Garnet that they have to find a way to patch up the Geode. After the Geode is fixed, Pearl goes over what she did to Greg's van: realigned the axles, replaced the spark plugs, sealed the leaks in the intake manifold gaskets, and re-calibrated the timing belt. Greg hugs Pearl in gratitude, causing her to become uncomfortable, hiding by Garnet.

"Space Race"

Space Race 024

Pearl tells Steven where some of the inactive Warp Pads are at the Galaxy Warp and explains to him that the Galaxy Warp was used to travel off planet and was the connection to the Gem Homeworld and other Gem-controlled planets. After Steven's inquiry about space travel, Pearl tells him that the warps have been inactive for thousands of years. Pearl appears to be disappointed that she will be on Earth forever but is glad that she has memories of other worlds and wishes Steven could see Space.

At the Barn, Pearl asks Steven and Greg what "UUU Space Travel" means, and is confused when they say they built a spaceship (which ends up being a wooden box with paper wings, disappointed Pearl). After Steven tests and crashes the handmade ship, Pearl tells Greg that his calculations may have been off. She goes on to explain how to build a functioning spaceship: "You need smooth, curving surfaces. Otherwise, you're never gonna get enough speed to break Earth's gravitational pull. Probably swept-back wings for supersonic flight, airtight cockpit with ejector seat, and we'll need some serious engines, or maybe rockets would be better". Greg, concerned, asks Pearl if they actually are building a spaceship, but Pearl tells him that in theory they could with all the spare parts lying around the Barn. She then realizes that, because humans have made it into Space before, they could really build a ship.

Pearl hears Steven and Greg's concerns, realizing the idea is very dangerous, but believes that it is foolish to not take a risk when they have the opportunity, and she becomes excited at the thought of showing Steven the cosmos. Steven tests out their next spaceship, the Mach 2, and Pearl takes notes of its flight, commenting that they aren't even close to being finished. Pearl makes it known to Greg that she is serious about the project, asking him if any nearby stores sell spare parts and a spacesuit so Steven doesn't freeze or explode. Greg tells her that she is not taking Steven into Space, but Pearl rejects his wish. When they all get into an argument, Pearl decides to just finish the spaceship on her own.

Space Race 198

That night, Pearl wakes up Steven and shows him the completed spaceship. Pearl tricks Steven into going out on the ship for an "engine check". She summons her spacesuit and the two fly off towards the sky. Steven calms Greg down by telling him it is just a test flight, and Pearl adds on by saying she'll bring Steven back in fifty years after visiting the nearest star system with him. When they reach the atmosphere, the ship begins falling apart and Steven convinces Pearl to eject themselves out of the ship even though she wanted Steven to see Space so badly. Pearl apologizes to Steven and realizes how happy she is to be on Earth with him.

"Secret Team"

Secret Team 062

Amethyst and Steven catch Pearl with a bubble from the Burning Room. Pearl blushes and explains that she was just seeing how Gem Shards were reacting to one of Rose's bubble and that it's none of their business. Amethyst implies that she will tell Garnet, making Pearl beg her not to. She kicks Amethyst in the face and Amethyst bites her leg. Steven takes the bubble from them and tells them to stop fighting. Pearl and Amethyst both accidentally pop the bubble when trying to take it back from Steven, as the shards reform into different limbs and scatter around the Temple.

Pearl begins to hyperventilate but assures Amethyst that Garnet won't find out because they are going to catch them all. Pearl tells Steven that Garnet cannot know they popped the bubble, and they begin looking for the shards. Around the Temple, Pearl and Amethyst begin defeating and collecting shards and after a while, the two of them (including Steven) hold their hands out to reveal the shards they've caught. Pearl tells Amethyst that if she is sure they've caught all of the shards, they need to seal them in a Rose Quartz bubble. Pearl encourages Steven to bubble them by saying he is part of the Secret Team (incorrectly calling it the Secret Club).

When the bubble is returned, Pearl congratulates everyone on a job well done, and now everything can go back to normal without Garnet ever knowing. After time passes by, Steven brings the Secret Team back together, but Pearl pretends she doesn't know what it is. She then grabs Steven and tells him that they only formed the Secret Team to fix their terrible mistake. Pearl gets into an argument with Amethyst over who caused the bubble to pop. Pearl and Amethyst both leave the Secret Team out of anger with each other, running in separate directions. Back at Pearl's Room, Garnet throws Steven and Amethyst on the ground in front of Pearl, leading Pearl to check up on Steven. Garnet reveals that she knows about the Gem Shards, leading Pearl to look nervously at Amethyst. Steven, after admitting to Garnet in private, admits that it was his fault the bubble popped. Pearl then pretends to be angry at Steven to try and ward the guilt away from herself. Garnet (using her hands) pretends to be attacked by the monster, leading Pearl and Amethyst to work together in order "save" her.

Secret Team 211

When they both are grabbed by Garnet's hands, the one holding Pearl lets her go and Pearl admits that she never should have had the bubble. Garnet reveals that the hands were hers all along, and she shames Pearl and Amethyst. She says that they're all a team and they need to work together. Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven disband the Secret Team by dropping their ripped pizza coupons into the water.

"Island Adventure"

Pearl and the Gems look for a Corrupted Gem on Mask Island. Pearl asks Garnet if it is on the island, and Garnet says yes. When it's time to leave the island, Pearl agrees to let Steven warp them back to the Temple and congratulates him for getting them home. Amethyst shapeshifts her head into a fly, causing Steven to scream and faint. Pearl scolds Amethyst for frightening Steven. Pearl then states that they need to warp back out. Steven wants to go, but Pearl and Garnet explain that they'll be exploring the underwater. Pearl allows Steven to tell his friends that he is the warp master but Steven leaves before she can finish her sentence.

"Keep Beach City Weird"

Pearl rushes outside of the Beach House, with her spear, after hearing Steven call her name for help. Amethyst and Garnet, both shapeshifted as Steven, run around Pearl and Steven, making Pearl very confused. Steven tags Pearl, but all she wants to know is what is going on. Amethyst explains the rules of Steven Tag to her, but she seems uninterested.

Keep Beach City Weird (164)

Later that day, Steven rushes into the Beach House. Pearl scolds him not to slam the door and is confused when Steven says they need to snake-proof the house. Steven shows Pearl a picture of holes on the side of a cliff, claiming they're from a sneople attack, but Pearl says that those holes were made by the Drill Parasites they fought earlier. The last picture Steven shows is a flower on a garbage bin, and Pearl is excited to say that it's a flower from Rose's moss. Pearl confirms Steven's suspicion that all the weird stuff that happens in Beach City is due to the Gems.

When Steven comes home once more, Pearl asks him what's wrong, due to his gloomy expression. Pearl tries to cheer Steven up, after "breaking Ronaldo's heart" by stating "Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they're a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world's problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone's control". Pearl tells him not to worry because it wasn't like Ronaldo would've ever been right about anything.

Pearl and the Gems break into the The Lighthouse that night because Ronaldo is keeping Steven trapped inside. Pearl blocks one of Ronaldo's punches which ends up hurting his hand. When Steven is saved and Ronaldo begins to chant his theories, Steven rides on Pearl's back as they leave the Lighthouse.

"Fusion Cuisine"

Pearl is fine with the idea of spending time with Connie's parents, but she doesn't like the idea of going out to dinner because eating food is disgusting to her. Pearl is surprised by Steven's idea of herself, Amethyst, and Garnet fusing for a dinner party. She tells Steven that they only fuse in deadly situations.

Fusion Cuisine 133

However, the Gems do end up fusing into Alexandrite and attending dinner at The Crab Shack. Pearl's personality can be seen having an influence over the fusion when part of Alexandrite is disgusted by eating bread sticks. The three of them become uncontrollable and Alexandrite unfuses. Pearl crawls towards Steven, telling him she was horrified: "Eating food is so disgusting! You chew it into nasty mush, swallow that goop, and it comes out of you? What a completely horrid experience!".

Alexandrite forms once more to chase Steven and Connie off of a bus. Back at the Crab Shack, Pearl scolds Steven for running off with Connie, saying they have no choice but to punish him. Pearl also says that Steven will lose his TV privileges for 1,000 years.

"Watermelon Steven"

Pearl is surprised to see Steven's Watermelons. She states that Rose had the ability to grow sentient plant life to act as her defenders.

Watermelon Steven (239)

Later at the Beach House, Pearl is shocked when she finds out the Watermelon Stevens are attacking people. Pearl throws Steven into the Beach House as the Gems prepare to fight the watermelons. Pearl summons an energy blast from her spear which causing a group of Watermelon Stevens to explode. Later on, the watermelons overpower Pearl, as she struggles to get her spear back from a watermelon's grip. After the fight is over, Pearl, along with Amethyst, places her hand on Steven's shoulder, smiling. Pearl looks disturbed when Steven begins eating Baby Melon's remains.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Lion 3 Straight to Video (083)

Pearl is frightened when Lion sits on Steven's face, and she struggles to get him off. When Lion finally moves, Pearl asks Steven why Lion was sleeping on him. Steven later questions why Pearl was in his bedroom, and she admits that she likes to watch Steven sleep often. Pearl later is seen telling Garnet and Amethyst about how Lion keeps sleeping on Steven's face, but she can't do anything about it because Steven doesn't want her watching him anymore.

"Warp Tour"

Pearl and the Gems walk through the Flower Meadow after a battle. Pearl comments on the way Amethyst was circling around the enemy, saying it almost looked like strategy. Steven, suffering from allergies, sneezes on Garnet, leading Pearl to scold him. She tells Steven to sneeze in his antecubital fossa. Steven doesn't understand, so she points to her elbow, not knowing what it's called. In the Warp Pad, Steven begins to sneeze again and Pearl yells "your fossa". Pearl looks concerned as she watches Steven's head fly out of the warp stream. She pulls his head back in and tells him it's dangerous to stick his head out of the stream. Steven claims he saw something warping, but Pearl tells him that it's impossible, and asks if his vision is blurry from the pollen.

The next morning, Pearl taps Steven's face to wake him up, saying the Gems have a surprise for him. Steven becomes startled as he awakens and shoots Pearl's face with a water gun. Pearl asks Steven if this is about the thing he saw warping, and Steven claims he definitely saw something. Pearl explains that nothing can use the warps but the Gems, and then asks Steven to nod his head in agreement.

As the Gems warp to different locations to make Steven feel safe, Pearl comments on how the Geode is holding up nicely when they warp to it. At the Sky Spire, Pearl becomes annoyed because the Gems looked all over the place with no results. Pearl becomes offended when Steven tells her that she's wrong. She tells him that she doesn't appreciate his tone.

Warp Tour (134)

The Gems warp to the Galaxy Warp, where Pearl confidently tells Steven that if anything tried to come from Space it would be through the warps. But the Warp Pads are broken, marked inactive by Steven himself. Pearl and Garnet are glad they made Steven feel secure, but Steven becomes angry. He tells Pearl that he knows he saw something, and Pearl simply states that she knows he didn't. The two argue and become frustrated with each other.

After finding Steven adrift in Warp Space, Pearl is glad that he's safe after and asks what the device he is holding is. The Gems decide to follow the Robonoids, and Pearl is scared to see that they are repairing the Homeword warp. Garnet holds Pearl and the others as they hide off the edge of the Galaxy Warp. When Peridot appears, she questions who she is, and covers Steven's mouth when he speaks. Pearl is frightened that Homeworld is coming back once Peridot leaves.

"Alone Together"

Tumblr ni8u5jaQJQ1sr0k7ao3 400

Pearl and the Gems teach Steven different fusion dances. She becomes annoyed when Amethyst and Steven don't take the dances seriously and concerned when she accidentally knocks Steven on the ground. When Steven is disappointed with the results of his dance practice, Pearl reassures him that he'll get it eventually since nobody can perform a fusion dance right away. Pearl ponders if Steven is capable of fusion because he is half human.

Stevonnie later introduces themself to the Gems, leaving Pearl flabbergasted that he fused with Connie. Pearl doesn't understand since Gems were never able to fuse with humans. She believed it was impossible, "or at the very least, inappropriate". Pearl appears uncomfortable, telling Stevonnie to unfuse. Stevonnie questions if she is proud of Steven for performing a fusion, and Pearl tells them that she is. Pearl looks to Garnet, who tells Stevonnie to go have fun.

"The Test"

The Test 017

Pearl gets freezer burn while playing Citchen Calamity with Steven and other Gems, so she loses her fish sticks which she needed for her bachelor meal combo. Pearl looks over the rules and states that they make no sense. When Steven wins, Pearl comments on the fact that the game was very complicated. While looking for another game in his closet, Steven finds the Moon Goddess Statue and apologizes for losing it earlier. Pearl attempts to cheer Steven up by telling him the Lunar Sea Spire wasn't that important. She mentions that if it was, the Gems wouldn't have used it as a test.

After accidentally telling Steven the truth of the Sea Spire mission, Pearl tries to backtrack--stating that it wasn't really a test and that the Gems just wanted to see if Steven could go out on missions. Steven tells her that is what a test is, making Pearl nervous and speechless. Pearl tries to cheer Steven up by pointing out his successes during the test, stating if Steven didn't have the raft they would have had to swim home. She also points out that the spire was in bad shape, so it should have been easier, accidentally hurting Steven's feelings.

Steven asks for another test, so the Gems create one in the Temple. Pearl explains that by adjusting the metaphysical properties of the Temple, the Gems were able to create a customized dungeon for Steven. Steven says he won't let the Gems down, and Pearl encourages by saying "that's the spirit!". Pearl creates a musical puzzle for Steven where he has the jump on the flashing blocks and "dodge" blades that swing from side to side in the room.

The Test 231

When Steven doesn't complete the test after a while, Pearl wonders if he hurt himself. Pearl explains to Amethyst that Steven has come for far, being able to create bubbles, using Rose's Shield twice, but he has to gain his confidence back to regain his healing powers. When Steven completes the test, Pearl congratulates him and expresses how proud she is of him, hugging him as well.

"Future Vision"

Garnet assures Steven that Pearl and Amethyst are incapable of seeing the future. Later, Pearl briefly appears, telling Garnet it's time to go out on a mission.

"On the Run"

Pearl and the Gems return to the Beach House with Flask Robonoids. Pearl tells Steven they can't have them running around and repairing the Homeworld Warp. She becomes annoyed when Amethyst pops her Robonoid, sending goo all over them. Pearl begins to panic at the thought of Homeworld coming back, yelling that they must be stopped. Steven asks what the Homeworld Gems did, so Pearl vaguely explains that Homeworld Gems were doing something that would destroy the Earth if it continued. So herself, Rose, Garnet, and other Gems swore to never let the Earth be used for their purposes, even if it meant never going home.

On the Run 126

Garnet tells Pearl that she sees Amethyst and Steven in the Prime Kindergarten, though she is still shocked to find them there.. Pearl begins to reprimand Amethyst, asking her what she was thinking bringing Steven to the Kindergarten. Pearl becomes concerned when Steven finds out Amethyst was made there, and wants to know what else Amethyst told him. When Amethyst begins revealing information, Pearl becomes distressed and says that Steven isn't ready to learn any of it. Pearl tells Steven that she never wanted to see the Kindergarten because it's a horrible place.

Amethyst becomes fed up with Pearl, and the two duel. Pearl expresses how she doesn't want to fight Amethyst, but in self-defense, she fires energy blasts from her spear. As Pearl continues dodging Amethyst's attacks, she tells her that she can't beat her, sending Amethyst into rage. Amethyst ties Pearl up with her whip and sends fiery energy down it, causing it to explode when reaching Pearl and sending her flying into an Injector. Steven runs between Pearl and Amethyst, and as the injector above them begins to break apart, he manages to form a bubble around himself and Pearl.

On the Run 199

Finding Amethyst in her exit hole, Pearl comforts her. She tells Amethyst that even though she was made in the Kindergarten, none of what happened was her fault. Pearl apologizes to her, and tells her she's the one good thing that came out of the mess that is the Kindergarten. After stepping out of the exit hole, the two hug one another. Holding hands with each other, Pearl, Steven, and Amethyst warp out of the Kindergarten.

"Winter Forecast"

Winter Forecast 221

Pearl asks Steven and Connie if they're having a good time together. Later on, in one of Steven's visions, the Gems are sitting in a triangle around the Warp Pad, levitating the Shooting Star in the middle of themselves, attempting to send the artifact to the Galaxy Warp without accidentally warping themselves. Pearl comments on how risky it is, and that if it explodes mid-warp it could be lost in warp space forever. But if the Shooting Star makes it and destroys the Galaxy Warp, Homeworld Gems could still find a way to get to the Earth. Steven distracts Pearl, and causes the Shooting Star to touch the Warp Pad and explode.

"Maximum Capacity"

Maximum Capacity 275

Pearl puts on a sweater for the New Years celebration. Steven tells her that Greg will come later with Amethyst, and Pearl wonders if they're hanging out again, since, as she explains, they used to disappear for days watching Li'l Butler. When the fireworks go off, Pearl wishes Steven a happy New Year and hits her pan with her wooden spoon as instructed by Steven. Pearl helps Amethyst clean up Greg's U-Stor facility the next day.

"Marble Madness"

Pearl and the Gems run out of the house when they hear a large splash, caused by a Plug Robonoid crashing into the ocean. Pearl and Amethyst slam down on the Robonoid while Garnet holds it down. After it is destroyed, Pearl tells Steven how she believes it's one of Peridot's machines, though one that big never appeared before. Pearl tells Amethyst to be careful with the goo because they don't know what it is, and becomes scared when Amethyst hints at getting some of it on her. Pearl freaks out and runs away when Amethyst tries to hug her while covered in goo. Later, the Gems go to Mask Island after another Robonoid lands there. Pearl asks if the robot is looking around for a Warp Pad. The Gems easily destroy it and Pearl tells Steven they're not sure what the Robonoids are trying to do.

Frustrated, Pearl sits on the Robonoid that lands in the Desert and continuously stabs the top with her spear, yelling for it to stop coming back. Pearl is irritated that Robonoids keep coming and the Gems don't even know what they are. Pearl tells Steven "who knows what could go wrong" when he suggests following the Robonoid to see where it goes. When the Robonoid warps to the Kindergarten, Pearl assumes that it is up to no good and begins to summon her spear before being stopped by Garnet. She wonders what it wants in the Kindergarten and is clearly uncomfortable with the whole situation.

Marble Madness 187

In the Prime Kindergarten Control Room, Pearl becomes concerned when she realizes Peridot could be trying to reactivate the Kindergarten, which would destroy all life on Earth. When the Gems appear in front of Peridot, the latter comments on how the Red Eye didn't detect any Gems. Pearl confidently appears and tells her that's because the Crystal Gems destroyed it. Peridot becomes frustrated and demands to know why they keep destroyed her machines, causing Pearl to state that they are the Crystal Gems, who are still around and ready to defend Earth. The Crystal Gems manage to fight Peridot off.

"Rose's Scabbard"

Pearl tells Steven that the Gem Battlefield was the site of historic battle, where Gems from over 5,000 years ago used to wield the weapons that lay scattered around the field. Pearl personally would rather not disturb the weapons, but Garnet says they can't leave weapons lying around. Pearl tells Steven he needs to train Lion better when he doesn't listen to Steven. Lion digs up Rose's Scabbard which causes Pearl to gasp. She rips the scabbard out of Lion's mouth and shoos him away. Pearl then reveals that both herself and Rose fought on the battlefield. She is proud to announce that they won the war, where Rose led the Crystal Gems in battle while the odds were against them to make their stand against Homeworld.

Rose's Scabbard 059

Pearl later describes Rose to Steven as "courageous, and brilliant... and beautiful". She gives the scabbard to Steven and tells him that it used to hold Rose's Sword, and nothing else could fit so perfectly in the scabbard. Pearl believes she knows where Rose's Sword is, and tells Steven it would be a three-hour hike, and a vertical climb 90 degrees to get there. She is later shown climbing up the mountain with Steven strapped to her back, as she explains how she was Rose's sole confidant, where she would listen to all of Rose's secrets that Rose couldn't tell anyone else. She tells Steven that keeping so many secrets was the mark of a great leader, knowing what to keep hidden from everyone else to protect them.

Rose's Scabbard 097

They arrive at Rose's Secret Armory, which she is shocked to find out Steven has visited already. She believes Steven has mistaken since she is the only other Crystal Gem who has seen it. Pearl is even more surprised to find out Lion was the one who showed him. Pearl tries to show Steven how to access the artillery, but he already knows how. Pearl corrects Steven as he goes through the different weapons, naming the Axes of Ages, the Heretic's Anguish, the Quartizine Trio, and the Armor of the Fallen. She becomes frustrated when Steven incorrectly names Rose's weapons. Pearl shows Steven a hologram of Rose's Sword, and is confused when Steven states he recognizes it.

At the Beach House, Pearl wonders how the sword got inside of Lion. She questions if Lion has something to do with Rose. She denies that Rose had a Lion because if she did, Rose would have told her. Pearl tells the other Gems that they don't know how she feels because none of them had what her and Rose had. She becomes upset and slams the wall which almost breaks the Rose painting, causing her to run away to the battlefield.

Rose's Scabbard 184

Steven tries catching up to her with Lion but she tells her to get Lion away from her. When Steven reaches Pearl, she is crying on a floating rock. She tells him that her and Rose were on that same rock over 5,000 years ago. She then creates a hologram of Rose and acts out the conversation they had there. Rose made sure Pearl understood they could never go back to Homeworld and they risked shattering by continuing to fight. Pearl wonders what Rose would think of her now, without her guidance. Steven hugs her and tells her that he thinks she's pretty great. Steven helps Pearl put Rose's Sword back in Lion and even comes out of the animal with Rose's Battle Flag, making Pearl excited and joyful as the two ride home on Lion's back.

"Shirt Club"

Shirt Club (227)

Pearl tells Steven that he doesn't have to shout because herself and the Gems are right there next to him. The Gems look at a flyer Steven drew, and Pearl asks what the lightning bolts surrounding Greg are for. Later on, Steven tells the Gems that there is an emergency. Pearl asks if the shirts came to life and began possessing their users. Pearl then asks "Are the shirts destroying the wearer's will to continue on in this mortal coil, thereby shutting down Beach City?!". When Steven tells them that Buck Dewey is using his art in a way he doesn't agree with, Pearl tells him it sounds like a very abstract problem. Pearl agrees with Garnet that Steven needs to learn to solve problems by himself to become stronger.

"Story for Steven"

Story For Steven 092

Pearl appears in Greg's flashback, where she is surprised that a human made contact with Amethyst. However, she isn't very close to humans at this point, as she calls Greg an "it". When Greg reappears, Pearl grabs Amethyst and apologizes to him. Garnet returns to the Temple and asks Pearl and Amethyst what they are doing with a human. Pearl asks her what they should do with Greg. She tells Garnet that she doesn't know how to make Greg go away. After Garnet states she'll just throw Greg back over the fence, Pearl remarks that it's a good idea since humans should stay on the other side of the fence. When Rose arrives, Pearl is surprised that she knows Greg. Sounding jealous, Pearl tells Rose that she can sing as well when Rose tells the other Gems about Greg's music.

"The Message"

Pearl tells Steven that the Wailing Stone activated on its own. Pearl attempts to bubble it but the intense sound pops it. Pearl states she hasn't heard a Wailing Stone since they were used in the Rebellion. Pearl tells Garnet that they've rounded up all the Wailing Stones on Earth, and then asks Amethyst if she is pulling a prank. Steven asks if the noise is what a Gem sounds like, but Pearl tells him that they should be hearing a voice, and perhaps the signal is too advanced for the Wailing Stone to process.

Pearl seems uneasy when Steven suggests asking Greg for help. She questions if Greg's devices are compatible with an advanced signal. When it doesn't work, Pearl claims that she knew Greg's equipment wouldn't work with Ancient Gem-tech, and says "what a waste of time".

The Message 240

Greg returns to the Gems and begs for a second chance to figure out the noise, Pearl helps set up the video by working on the van's wiring. Lapis appears on screen, being the sender of the message, and Pearl is taken back. After the message is complete, Pearl believes the Gem Lapis described is Peridot. Pearl begins to freak out and is confused when Garnet remains calm.

"Political Power"

Political Power 002

Pearl sets a machine down on the beach and analyzes it. She then asks Amethyst for a Flask Robonoid, who kicks it to her. Pearl scolds Amethyst because she had just repaired the robonoid. Once everything is ready for her experiment, Pearl believes that Steven is fast asleep but then sees him. Amethyst tells Steven that Pearl got lonely so she made a robot friend which Pearl denies, stating her experiment should send out a localized energy blast which will knock out all of Peridot's robonoids. Pearl activates it which sends out a powerful signal, sending the Gems onto the ground and wiping out Beach City's power. Pearl becomes embarrassed and tells Steven that he needs to wear the same shirt for a while since she will be using spare parts from the washing machine to conduct another experiment

The next day, Steven calls Pearl outside to talk to Mayor Dewey. After the mayor begins to explain the scenario, Pearl catches on and tells him not to worry since the power will be back on that night, or as late as never. Pearl tries to calm Mayor Dewey down, telling he not to be over dramatic since humans went for millennia without power, as they used to hunt and gather.

Standing on the Beach House deck, the Gems discuss Lapis's message, where Pearl states who knows what sort of backup Peridot will bring with her. She says they won't have a chance against the advance Gem Tech which is why they need to knock it out. When Steven walks in, Pearl tells him that everything is okay after he asks. She goes along with Garnet's story that the Gems were just playing cards.

The following day, Pearl works on a machine and wishes she could concentrate when Steven talks to her. Steven tells the Gems he wants to talk about Peridot and Pearl tries to pretend that everything is okay. He assures the Gems that they can figure everything out together.

"The Return"

A Gem Warship appears in the sky. Pearl says that they have to assume it's Peridot and confirms that the Laser Light Cannons should be ready. Later that day, as the ship gets closer to the beach, Opal is formed and begins to fire a barrage of arrows at the ship, but does no damage.

The Return 205

Seeing Steven back on the beach during a dangerous situation causes Opal to unfuse, and Pearl yells at Steven to leave. When Jasper, Peridot, and Lapis appear, Pearl tells them that the Earth is not a Gem-controlled planet. She tightly grips her spear as the trio speaks. Following Jasper's orders, Peridot fires a blast near Pearl and Amethyst, almost injuring the two. Pearl becomes scared when she watches Garnet's physical form slowly deteriorate from Jasper's Gem Destabilizer. Pearl yells at Jasper to unhand Steven when she picks him up, and charges at the brute with Amethyst. Along with the other Crystal Gems and Lapis, Pearl is placed on the ship inside of a cell, where a Gem Containment Field prevents her from leaving.

"Jail Break"

Awakening in his cell, Steven calls out for Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet. After Garnet reforms, she's able to show Steven where Amethyst and Pearl are being held.

Jail Break 300

Steven frees Pearl from her cell and the two, along with Amethyst, head to the control room. There, Pearl sits in the pilot's chair and attempts to fly the ship back to Earth. She places her hands in the ship's control panel, where data runs across her eyes. After Garnet is victorious against Jasper, Pearl is shown to be relieved to see her.

On the beach following the ship crash, Pearl tells Steven that they were going to introduce Steven to Ruby and Sapphire later. Steven attempts to stop Lapis from fusing with Jasper, but Pearl and Amethyst stop him. Pearl is frightened by the formation of Malachite and her subsequent imprisonment under the ocean. She holds on to Garnet's arm as her shock wears off.

Season 2

"Full Disclosure"

The Crystal Gems are still staring at the ocean, where Malachite has just dragged herself. Pearl tells them that the events of the previous episode could have gone a lot worse. Pearl becomes uncomfortable when Amethyst hugs her tightly, so she tells her "that's enough celebrating".

Full Disclosure 111

At the Beach House, Pearl agrees with Garnet that they have to clean up the ship debris since Beach City's citizens are coming back to town. Pearl believes they should build another fence around the beach like they had a while ago, one with barbed wire. Amethyst tells her that she could be a crocodile, guarding the fence, but this just annoys Pearl since Amethyst always says that.

Pearl is surprised when Garnet says they won't build another fence, as Steven needs to have human connections. She's confused by Steven's ringtone, asking why his phone is making that noise. Steven states that he doesn't want to answer Connie's call, prompting Pearl to asking if he will just ignore her forever. Connie then knocks on the door, with Pearl answering. She goes along with Steven's plan and tells her that he isn't home, while he sneaks out of the window and down the stairs. Pearl explains to Connie that she doesn't understand human relationships and then closes the door on her.

"Joy Ride"

Pearl tells the Gems that they need to start looking for Peridot's Escape Pod, assuming she made it back to Earth.

Joy Ride 162

At night, the Gems see a flare in the sky which leads them to the Escape Pod, with Steven inside. Pearl and the Gems don't realize that Steven is inside, so Pearl announces that she'll save the humans, while throwing her spear at the pod, believing Peridot is controlling it. After they realize Steven is inside, Pearl is shocked. She scolds Steven for not getting the Gems immediately after finding the pod. Pearl is confused by Sour Cream's statement to just let Steven be a DJ. After the Cool Kids explain Steven's situation, Pearl realizes that they have been hard on him. At the end of the episode, Pearl participates in Jenny's photoshoot.


Reformed 005

Pearl is with Greg, fixing his van. She is confused when Steven tells her to take an online quiz to see which "Crying Breakfast Friends!" character she would be. When Steven leaves, Pearl asks Greg if he understands the cartoon show. While searching Amethyst's room, Garnet states that Pearl saw a creature slinking through the Temple.

When Amethyst poofs, Steven becomes worried, stating Pearl took two weeks to come back. Garnet later explains to Steven that Amethyst rushed her reformation, and Steven asks if she should have taken more time like Pearl did. When Garnet agrees, Amethyst becomes distracted and is once more poofed. Her next form is a copy of Pearl's, and she mimics her voice and actions.

At the end of the day, Pearl returns to the Temple and exclaims that she knew the Slinker was real. She is surprised that Amethyst has been poofed for four hours because she has never taken that long to reform. After Amethyst reforms, Pearl states that her new form is a marked improvement, because it fixes Amethyst's shoulder strap that always bothered her. She joins Steven in hugging Amethyst, congratulating her.

"Sworn to the Sword"

Pearl is taken back by Steven's request to teach Connie how to sword fight. Pearl comments how young Connie is to start sword fighting, but then realizes that she was only a few thousand years old when she began fighting alongside Rose. After Connie's speech about how she wants to be there to protect the Earth and not be a burden, Pearl is overjoyed by her enthusiasm and agrees to teach her.

At the Ancient Sky Arena, Pearl tells Connie that some of the first battles on Earth took place right where they stood. It was where Pearl became familiar with the human concept of being a knight, dedicated to a person and cause. Pearl tells Connie that she must become brave, selfless, and loyal to her liege, Steve). When Steven and Connie begin joking around, Pearl tells them that she hopes they are taking things seriously. Pearl begins the training by summoning Holo-Pearl, who Pearl introduces as Connie's first opponent. Pearl helps out Connie understand the basics of sword fighting while battling the Holo-Pearl and singing "Do It for Her".

Sworn to the Sword 005

In the song, Pearl teaches Connie a proper stance and how to move correctly when in combat. In the song, Pearl tells Connie "on the battlefield, when everything is chaos, and you have nothing but the way you feel, your strategy and a sword, you just think about the life you'll have together after the war." As time goes by, Connie shows fast improvement in her techniques and easily accepts the fact that she is prepared to die for Steven's safety after Pearl says so in the song.

Sworn to the Sword 230

Garnet tells Steven that Pearl took pride in risking her destruction for Rose: "She put Rose Quartz over everything; over logic, over consequence, over her own life." Pearl is shown telling Connie that in the heat of battle, Steven is what matters, and that she doesn't. She scolds Steven for interfering with Connie's training and even battles the two when they approach her. Pearl continues to attempt to teach Connie that Steven won't always be there for her, and becomes fed up with Steven, screaming "WHY WON'T YOU JUST LET ME DO THIS FOR YOU ROSE?!".

Sworn to the Sword 245

Sitting on the edge of the Ancient Sky Arena, Pearl tells the two that Rose made her feel like she was everything. She realizes that Steven and Connie really do work best together and announces they will both be great knights. Pearl is shown to be excited to train Steven and Connie.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"


Pearl and the other Gems are shown to be fighting a Crab Gem Monster. After listening to Garnet's command, Pearl fires the energy blasts from her spear at the monster's eye. When Ronaldo accuses the Gems of tarnishing Beach City's safety, Pearl tells him that they've been around long before the town existed. Garnet says that they'll leave, and Pearl becomes very surprised. Pearl later tells Garnet that they'll have to move all of the bubbles and Steven's belongings.

After watching Ronaldo's documentary, Pearl later understands that Garnet was only joking. She wonders how many other people actually watched the video.

"Keeping It Together"

While the Gems are folding Steven's laundry, Pearl reveals that she genuinely enjoys doing chores around the house. She asks Garnet if she believes Peridot will come looking for them, and even wonders if Peridot plans on reactivating the Prime Kindergarten. Steven asks what Injectors are, leading Pearl to explain that he's already seen them in their deactivated form, but if they were to be reactivated, they'll plant Gems into the Earth's crust where they'll incubate and suck the life out of the Earth. Before the Gems warp to the Kindergarten, Pearl questions if it is dangerous to bring Steven along on the mission.

Keeping It Together 108

At the Kindergarten, Pearl comments on how nothing looks activated, or even touched since the last time they were there. Pearl and Amethyst later spot Peridot, chasing her to a dead end. However, Peridot uses her wall-scaling abilities from her Limb Enhancers to climb up the wall vertically. Pearl summons her spear and chucks it at an Injector, causing it to fall down onto Peridot. When Peridot gets away, Pearl and Amethyst chase her down.

Pearl and Amethyst find Garnet and Steven in the Prime Kindergarten Control Room, where she tells Garnet that they lost Peridot. Pearl asks what the Cluster Gems are, and throws one out of her hand upon Garnet's request. She helps bubble them away.

"We Need to Talk"

We Need To Talk (091)

Pearl is seen in a flashback, looking jealous at Rose and Greg being happy together while the record "What Can I Do (For You)". She walks onto the stage and whispers something to Rose, leading the both of them to perform a fusion dance to form Rainbow Quartz. She dances around before unfusing. Rose tells Greg that Pearl thought a fusion would spice up his video, but it is implied that Pearl actually did it to make Greg jealous.

After the music video is finished, Pearl confidently tells Greg that he is just a phase and that he knows nothing about Rose. She says him that Rose sees him as a novelty because he is human, and humans can't even fuse, which is the ultimate connection between Gems. When Greg asks if the Gems have ever tried to fuse with a human, Pearl becomes flustered and concedes that they haven't. She becomes exasperated and retreats back into the Temple.

Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst later watche Rose and Greg dance and wonders what they're up to. After Rose and Greg's attempt to fuse didn't work, Pearl becomes jealous and asks why the two are still dancing. She admits that Greg might be Rose's favorite.

"Chille Tid"


Pearl assists the other Gems in finding Malachite, sitting on a raft in the middle of the ocean. She claims that Lapis and Jasper could be anywhere, even right under their noses. Pearl makes sure Steven is alright after he was left underwater for a good amount of time. She comments how it feels like they've been searching for light years, and is also sick of wearing a life jacket.

Back at the Beach House, Pearl tells the Gems that they should be searching for Malachite, not in the house. Garnet tells Pearl and Amethyst to stay with Steven to relax, leading Pearl to rebut by stating how Garnet can't possibly search the entire ocean for the fusion. When Garnet leaves, Pearl attempts to learn how to sleep, but it takes Steven to show her how to do it properly.


Steven drifts off to sleep, and in his dream, Pearl is a sitcom mother. She is excited that Steven is going to his first school dance with Connie, and scolds Amethyst for riding a skateboard in the house. Pearl checks up on Steven after he wakes up from the nightmare of seeing Lapis cry. Pearl tries to tell Steven how is dream couldn't be real since Malachite is at the bottom of the ocean, not realizing what dreams are.


In Steven's second dream, a giant Pearl head eats Steven and shoots him out of her mouth, making him go faster. When Steven wakes up, Amethyst points out how Pearl fell asleep and her dream is being shown through her holographic projection. In Pearl's dream, she hangs on to Rose, telling her to forget Greg and to travel the galaxy with her. Rose reveals her face to be Greg's, and he thanks Pearl for fixing his van, while a slice of pizza comes out of his mouth. Pearl wakes up in horror, allowing Steven to tell her about his second dream. Pearl tells Steven not to worry because, as he explained, dreams are just "mixed up movies". Pearl becomes serious once Steven explains that he was actually taking to Lapis in his dream. Steven tells Pearl to explain his dream to her so he can fall asleep fast, and as Pearl begins to explain, Steven already is asleep.

When Steven wakes up in fear, Pearl and Amethyst comfort him and listen to him talk about his dream. After Garnet falls on the floor to go to sleep, Pearl mentions she looks convincing.

"Cry for Help"

Small the4thboth

Pearl wonders where Peridot would be getting such a strong signal to broadcast a message on so many TVs. At the Communication Hub, Pearl comes to the realization that Peridot rebuilt it in order to create the message. Garnet asks Pearl to fuse with her in order to destroy the Communication Hub, realizing that Sugilite was out of control last time. Pearl stretches out because it has been so long since the two have fused. Garnet and Pearl then form Sardonyx, who introduces herself to Steven. Sardonyx forms a hammer using Pearl's spear and Garnet's gauntlets, which she then uses to carefully destroy the tower. Once Sardonyx unfuses, Pearl tells Garnet that they should fuse more often.

As Pearl enters the Beach House, Garnet tells her that the signal is back, leading the Gems to warp back to the Communication Hub. Sardonyx forms once again and destroys the tower.

Steven and Amethyst go on a stakeout to see if Peridot will repair the Communication Hub again. However, they end up finding Pearl, using Peridot's Escape Pod to fix the Communication Hub.

Amethyst and Steven try to figure out Pearl's motives and turn on the TV, rediscovering the signal. Pearl then walks up behind them, telling them how Peridot must have rebuilt the tower again. The Gems arrive at the Communication Hub once more, and Garnet and Pearl are ready to fuse. Amethyst and Steven reveal that they saw Pearl rebuilding the tower.

Cry for Help 311

Garnet drops Pearl on the ground after she tells her that it was a lot of fun being Sardonyx. Pearl tells Garnet that they needed a reason to fuse, since she just wanted a few more victories as Sardonyx. She watches Sugilite destroy the Communication Hub and is shown to be uncomfortable with Garnet ignoring her at the Beach House.

"Keystone Motel"

Keystone Motel 012

Pearl warps back to the Temple and tells Steven that she was looking for Peridot for days to prove herself to Garnet. Pearl accepts the fact that she disappointed everyone. Pearl tells Garnet that she was looking for Peridot, and asks if she has any ideas when Garnet walks into the house. Pearl apologizes when Garnet ignores her. Garnet agrees to go on a road trip with Steven and Greg, which makes Pearl also wish to join them. However, seeing how Garnet is still ignoring her, Pearl decides to stay at the Temple with Amethyst.

When Garnet returns to the Temple the next day, Pearl is shown to be sad. Pearl asks Garnet how she is doing, and is relieved that she said something to her, even if it was just "not now".

"Onion Friend"

When Steven asks Amethyst where Garnet and Pearl are, Amethyst suggests that they're somewhere not talking to each other.

"Historical Friction"

Historical Friction 103

Pearl is seen staring at the ceiling with a sad expression on her face when Steven returns to the Temple. Pearl asks if Steven needs anything and asks him how he knows who William Dewey is. After Steven explains to Pearl that, in the play, William Dewey is perfect and never makes mistakes, Pearl wishes the same for herself. Pearl looks over the script and comments on how it is historically inaccurate. Upon discovering that Mayor Dewey wrote the script, Pearl tells Steven that he wasn't there for the founding of Beach City, but she was. Pearl's first complaint with the script is William Dewey is described to be "ruggedly handsome", which she describes to be rather generous.

At the play, Pearl seems unimpressed when Mayor Dewey tells her that he wrote the play; she even gets up and leaves Mayor Dewey. From the audience, Pearl comments on how talented Steven looks and even calls him name. During the play, Pearl, depicted by Jamie, visits Captain Dewey as a messenger of Rose Quartz, telling him to turn his ship around because the land he will come across is too dangerous.

Historical Friction 262

At the end of the play, Steven tells Mayor Dewey that a lot of the credit should go to Pearl, and Pearl even states that she is a Gem with many talents. Pearl tells Steven that she doesn't remember a campaign slogan at the end of the play, to which he responds that sometimes, you just have to make an audience happy.

"Friend Ship"

Friend Ship 009

The Gems warp to the Galaxy Warp where they find Peridot, right where Pearl said she would be. Pearl is overjoyed to know that her plan to find Peridot worked, and she unintentionally cuts of Garnet and Amethyst when they speak. At a certain point, Pearl summons her spear and charges Peridot head on without the consent of her team, and ends up getting caught in Peridot's tractor beam, which immobilizes her. Helpless, Peridot easily launches Pearl back at the Gems, and knocks her into Steven. Pearl then appears to become oblivious to what is going on around her, and Steven has to nudge her to get her off of him. When Amethyst launches Peridot in the air, Pearl runs in the direction of Peridot with her arms out, ready to catch her, but without looking, accidentally collides with Garnet who is also trying to catch Peridot. Pearl immediately apologizes to Garnet when Peridot gets away.

At the Beach House, Pearl admits her faults in the battle, but points out that they can track Peridot's every movements with her Escape Pod, because whenever Peridot uses a Warp Pad, the Escape Pod shows where she is. After presenting the plan, Pearl tries to seek Garnet's approval, and is disappointed when ignored. The Escape Pod suddenly activates, and Pearl projects a globe from her Gem, which presents a map showing Peridot warping to an Ancient Gem Colony Ship.

Outside of the ship, Pearl believes that Peridot cornered herself, and that the Gems have her just where they want. Pearl explains to Steven that the ship is an interplanetary vessel used by Gems to travel through space and land on Earth before Warp Pads were built. But since the ships can't be functional anymore after being abandoned for so long, Pearl believes Peridot is running out of options. Pearl, once more, interrupts Garnet and the Gems enter the ship. A screen reveals Peridot's face, and Pearl tells her that she is dull as dirt if she believes she can fly the ship. When Peridot activates the ship's lasers, Pearl and the Gems are protected by Steven's shield.

The Gems manage to dodge spikes in the hallway and find a holographic projection of Peridot. Believing it's her, Pearl slices at the hologram with her spear, and even after it is obvious that she is only a hologram, Pearl continues slashing in frustration. Pearl believes that she has to do something, and walking into Peridot's trap was all her fault. The floor collapses beneath the group and Garnet and Pearl end up together in a cramped chamber.

Friend Ship 227

A ceiling then closes itself on top of Garnet and Pearl, trapping them, and suddenly, the walls begin to close in on themselves. Pearl apologizes to Garnet, and explains how she really wanted to catch Peridot to make up for the Sardonyx stunt she pulled earlier. She wanted to prove to Garnet that everything could go back to normal. When the walls begin quickly closing, Pearl asks how Garnet can forgive her. She later explains that she wanted to be Sardonyx so much because she is just a Pearl, who are useless on their own. Pearl believes that she needs someone to tell her what to do, and when they fuse, Pearl feels how strong Garnet is.

After the two talk things out, Sardonyx forms to get themselves out of the chamber. Immediately afterwards, Sardonyx unfuses. When the Gems catch Peridot, Pearl helps in keeping Peridot down on the ground. After Peridot shoots off her leg, Pearl tells Steven that they'll get the rest of her next time.

"Catch and Release"

The Gems find Steven at the Galaxy Warp, where Pearl immediately hugs Steven, and asks what happened. Pearl later sneaks up behind Peridot with her spear to distract her so Garnet is able to finally poof her. Pearl is surprised that Peridot's Limb Enhancers weren't actually a part of her body, and then directs Steven to the Warp Pad, glad that Peridot has been finally dealt with.

Catch And Release 254

When Peridot is freed and enters the kitchen, Pearl and the rest of the Gems immediately try to trap her. Pearl and Garnet block the front door, and Amethyst blocks the upstairs, leading Peridot to lock herself in the bathroom. Pearl wonders how Peridot got out because Garnet bubbled her. Pearl is shocked to hear that Steven unbubbled her.

After learning about the possible threat of the Cluster, Pearl admits that Peridot is valuable to the Gems. Pearl tells Steven that their only option is to leave Peridot in the bathroom, and then fantasizes on the idea of keeping Peridot outside on a leash. Pearl says that they have to keep her in custody, and wonders how big of a threat the Cluster is.

"When It Rains"

Pearl stands outside of the bathroom door with the other Gems and attempts to reason with Peridot. Pearl believes that Peridot will crack at any moment, and threatens her after being called a clod. When the Gems go out on a mission to investigate the Cluster, Pearl reassures Steven that Peridot is harmless without her Limb Enhancers.

At the Prime Kindergarten, Pearl and the other Crystal Gems show up and rescue Steven and Peridot from Cluster Gems, Pearl stabbing them with her spear. Pearl makes sure that Steven is okay and then asks what they were doing there. Peridot then decides to tell the Gems about the Cluster.

"Back to the Barn"

Pearl and the other Gems listen to Peridot's explanation of the Cluster. Pearl then comes up with a plan to stop it, by using a machine to go down to the center of the Earth, but is suddenly interrupted by Peridot. Peridot explains the same exact plan, which annoys Pearl. Pearl states that they can't waste any time, and that they must find parts for the machine immediately.

The Gems gather at the Barn to begin construction of their drill, where Pearl believes that they have enough materials to get started. She explains that they should start by planning the machine, and tells Steven that the machine won't look like what he drew up on the chalkboard. Peridot is fine with Pearl's plan, and then claps her hands for her to leave. Pearl is confused by this, and then realizes that Peridot is viewing Pearl as a servant, like she was on Homeworld.

Back to the Barn Number (064)

Pearl tells Peridot that she won't be leaving, and is annoyed when Peridot says that Pearls aren't made for building machines. Peridot asks who Pearl belongs to, and she yells at her, claiming that she doesn't belong to anyone. Pearl states "now listen here, you tiny twerp! In case you've forgotten, you're on our turf now! And I didn't fight a thousand-year war for this planet's independence to take orders from the likes of you!"

Pearl announces that she might be even better at building things than Peridot, and agrees to compete against Peridot in the Robolympics. Pearl and Peridot build robots that will be used to compete in a variety of tasks, and whoever wins the most tasks gets to spearhead the machine project. Pearl says that because her robot is taller, she wins. The tasks Pearl and Peridot participate in are balancing, crushing rocks, jumping, speed, and other things such as ballet, art, and rock-paper-scissors.


At the end of the competition, Pearl and Peridot are tied. Pearl agrees with Steven that they should both lead the project together and just move on. Due to Peridot's stubbornness, a fight breaks out between the two robots. After Peridot manages to pin Pearl, Pearl punches Peridot in the face, exclaiming that she is just a Pearl. The Peribot is able to defeat Pearl's robot, and ends up injuring Pearl in the process.

The Gems make sure Pearl is okay. Later that day, Peridot approaches Pearl and congratulates her for being a great technician. Pearl shows Peridot how to properly hold a power drill and tells her what wheels are.

"Too Far"

Too Far 023

Pearl finishes drawing blueprints for the drill head and questions why Steven gave Peridot a tape recorder. Later on, Pearl is seen using a blowtorch on an airplane part when Steven and Amethyst come up to her with supplies. Pearl analyzes the objects and rejects them, explaining that she needs the element tungsten. Pearl agrees with Peridot that she should go the Kindergarten to obtain a drill head. Pearl is fascinated by the irony that they would be using technology that was once harming the planet, to save it.

Pearl is annoyed when she finds the broken drill, but then cheers herself up by stating the Gems will rebuild the drill to be even stronger, and include seat belts.

"The Answer"

Pearl appears in a flashback alongside Rose Quartz during the Rebellion. She tells Blue Diamond that the colony will not be completed and poofs several Gems with her swords, including two of Sapphire's Ruby guards. When Garnet forms for the first time, Pearl begins to attack but is stopped by Rose. The two then flee while Blue Diamond's court is distracted.

The Answer 228

After Garnet accidentally falls into Rose's hideout, Pearl holds a sword to her. She's stopped once again by Rose and stands beside her as they welcome Garnet to the Rebellion.

"Steven's Birthday"

Pearl reassures Steven that Peridot will keep the Gems on schedule with the drill while they celebrate his birthday. She later joins the Gems, along with Connie and Greg, in surprising Steven, but they themselves are surprised by his new height. Pearl asks if Steven is feeling okay. During a badminton game, Pearl plays on Connie's team, and congratulates her when she hits the shuttlecock.

Steven's Birthday 094

A dance party occurs and Pearl can be seen dancing. Seeing Steven and Connie dance together, Pearl is happy that he's having fun. Steven accidentally turns into a baby, which makes Pearl both shocked and frightened. Amethyst hands baby Steven to Pearl, but she doesn't want to hold him. The next day, Pearl is excited to see that Steven has returned to his former age and has begun to grow facial hair, meaning he is aging.

"It Could've Been Great"

Pearl takes a break along with the other Gems after working hard on the drill. As time passes, Pearl is seen getting along with Peridot as they construct and repair the drill, eventually completing it. After Peridot realizes that the Gems need the Cluster's coordinates in order to drill, Pearl suggests that they go to the Moon Base.

Riding on Lion's back, Pearl and the Gems warp to the Moon Base. Pearl uses her gemstone as a flashlight and is surprised that they made it. After the Gems get the Cluster's coordinates using the control panel on the third floor, Pearl is joyful, exclaiming "mission accomplished!".

It Could've Been Great 180

Upon Steven's request, Peridot goes through the original colony plans stored on the computer and tells the Gems that the finished Earth colony could have been great. Pearl tells Peridot that Rose believed all life was precious and worth protecting, and is later seen glaring at her when she states how Rose did a lousy job defending the planet. As the Gems leave the base, Steven explains to Peridot that the Crystal Gems have been protecting the Earth for thousands of years.

"Message Received"

Message Received 104

Pearl states that they should do a few test runs with the drill before they use it for the mission. Steven later shows the Gems the Diamond Communicator that Peridot stole from the Moon Base, which Pearl immediately realizes is a direct line to the Diamonds. Pearl is glad that Steven took it away from Peridot before she could use it.

Peridot interrupts the Gems by breaking out of the barn and stealing the Communicator back. Pearl, Steven, and Garnet fly inside Amethyst (who is shapeshifted into a helicopter) to chase Peridot down and stop her from contacting Yellow Diamond. She tells Steven that he can feel bad for encouraging Peridot at the Temple.

Message Received 252

Once they reach Peridot, Pearl summons her spear and knocks the communicator out of her hands. Once Peridot activates the device and makes the call, Seeing Yellow Pearl, Steven asks Pearl if she knows her, to which Pearl tells Steven that not all Pearls know each other. She is fearful when Yellow Diamond appears onscreen, but is joyful when Peridot betrays Yellow Diamond and calls her a clod.

Mortified, Peridot informs the Gems that the communicator can be remotely detonated, so Pearl nervously hands it off to Amethyst. Garnet eventually punches it into the sky, where it explodes. Pearl and the rest of the Crystal Gems congratulate Peridot for joining them.

"Log Date 7 15 2"

Flashing back to the construction of the drill, Peridot is bitter that she has to clean instead of Pearl. When Peridot gets paint can shoes from Steven, she pretends to thank Pearl for noticing she got taller.

Log Date 7 15 2 197

Pearl sees Amethyst shape-shifted as Lion, and tells her that it is not the time to fool around. Amethyst makes a lion pun, which causes Pearl to chuckle. When Amethyst is shape-shifted into a chicken, Pearl jokingly tells Peridot that "at least she isn't lion around anymore". Peridot states that Pearl tries, and she can appreciate that.

One night, Pearl tells Amethyst that they can add support to the drill later on, but for now they have to pick it up and put it on top. They fuse into Opal in order to do that, after which Garnet suggests they take a break.

Season 3

"Super Watermelon Island"

Pearl is surprised to find out that the tremors are being caused by Malachite. She doesn't want to think about what an unstable fusion could potentially do if Jasper takes over, so herself, Amethyst, and Garnet warp to Mask Island where Malachite is said to be. There, the three fuse into Alexandrite in order to fight Malachite. Pearl's influence in the fusion can be seen when Alexandrite summons Opal's bow and Sardonyx's hammer, and when Alexandrite occasionally moves around agilely.

Super Watermelon Island 238

Once Malachite is defeated, Pearl laughs out of exhaustion and asks if the Watermelon Steven leader is Steven himself. Later on, when a crack in the ground is created by the Cluster slowly forming, Pearl fails to catch Jasper, who's unconscious body falls into the fissure. Pearl gives Steven encouragement, along with the other Gems, to drill to the Cluster while they are stuck on the island.

"Gem Drill"

Pearl and the Gems finally return from Mask Island. Pearl asks Steven if he destroyed the Cluster because of the happy look on his face. She is surprised and baffled upon learning that Steven bubbled it.

"Same Old World"

Pearl sits with the other Gems while Peridot explains what happened underground. In a flashback told by Lapis, Pearl is shown to be the one to find Lapis in the mirror, and she kept her in her possession.

"Barn Mates"

Pearl and the Gems arrive at the Barn after spotting the Roaming Eye, exclaiming that they got to the Barn as fast as they could.

"Hit the Diamond"

Hit the Diamond HD 095

Pearl agrees to play a game of baseball in order to drive the invading Rubies off of the Earth. In the game, she pretends to be a human, taking on the alias "Earl". During the game, Pearl is seen catching the ball, as well as pitching. She is concerned when she sees Ruby and Sapphire flirting instead of focusing on the game. Later when the Rubies reveal to the Gems that they are looking for Jasper, Pearl shakes her head at Peridot when she lies about knowing where she is.

"Steven Floats"

Pearl and the Gems warp back to the Temple after being at the Barn for so long. When she sees Steven floating in the air, Pearl becomes horrified and calls out to Steven that she will catch him. Pearl then runs around the beach with her arms out, panicking. The Gems call Steven on his cell phone, Pearl takes over the call and asks if he is okay, and then tells him to figure out a way to fall faster. Unable to do so, he asks them to keep him company as he falls.

Steven Floats (188,5)

Pearl plays a game with Steven by drawing a spear into the sand and having him guess what it is while looking down from the sky. When the Gems hear Steven freak out over the phone, Pearl concludes that Steven is very tired and eager to get some sleep after being in the air all night. Pearl then suggests that maybe they can weigh him down. When Steven finally lands, Pearl says that she would've liked a hug from him after he runs off to the Big Donut.

"Mr. Greg"

Greg shows Pearl and Steven the Pepe's Burgers commercial from which he is receiving royalties, and Pearl is confused that this is the song Greg sang that Rose first heard. He explains that it didn't used to be about burger but that Rose would probably like this version too, with which Pearl agrees.

As Greg and Steven finish singing a song, Steven suggests that they bring Pearl with them to Empire City. She tries to refuse, but she does end up going with them on their trip. At Le Hotel, Pearl is uncomfortable as the hotel employees sing "Mr. Greg and begin to escort them through the hotel. Pearl gets changed into a tuxedo and begins to sing along with Steven and Greg, but she abruptly stops when Greg tries to get her to dance with him.

Mr. Greg 180

That night, as Greg and Steven sleep, Pearl sings "It's Over Isn't It", in which she recounts the rebellion and her relationship with Rose. In the past, she found she was able to ignore the men Rose loved, but she's unsure what to do with herself now that Rose has chosen Greg and disappeared. As she finishes her song, Pearl realizes that both Steven and Greg are actually awake and heard her. She tries to explain herself to Greg, but he ends up leaving before she can do so. Pearl apologizes to Steven, who explains that he brought her along so that she could make up with Greg.

Pearl and Greg Laughing

Steven and Pearl find Greg sitting at the hotel bar, and he tries to get the two to speak to each other. Their demeanor is awkward, until Steven begins to sing "Both of You", which notes the similar situations the two of them are in. Greg and Pearl finally talk to each other, and Pearl admits to Greg that she never hated him. They reminisce on Rose before dancing with one another.

After finishing their dance, Greg is presented with the bill, which is higher than he expected. He begins to sing a reprise of "Don't Cost Nothing", during which Pearl chimes in about how their dancing and their time together didn't actually cost anything, and they probably could have done everything at home. On the way back to Beach City, Pearl sits in the passenger seat as Greg drives, the two laughing with each other.

"Restaurant Wars"

Steven tries to end the restaurant war going on between the Fryman family and the Pizza family by opening up his own restaurant. Pearl acts as a waitress, taking and delivering the orders as well as answering questions.

"Monster Reunion"

Monster Reunion 082

Pearl is shocked when Steven purposely breaks a plate in an attempt to demonstrate his regained healing powers. He takes the Gems to the Burning Room, where Pearl asks Garnet why she agreed to let Steven have another chance at curing one of the Corrupted Gems. Pearl urges Steven to be careful while he is handling Nephrite, and later asks if his healing spit had an affect on her. Pearl believes that it will take more than Steven's healing powers to heal damage from the Diamonds. Pearl tries to cheer Steven up when his plan doesn't work, explaining that Nephrite is corrupted, not cracked.

At the Ancient Gem Colony Ship, where Nephrite reunites with her crew, Pearl scolds Amethyst for being insensitive when she shape-shifts into one of the Nephrites. Steven asks Pearl if he can teach him how to write in Gem Glyph, but she warns him that it is very complicated and he won't have many uses for it.

"Greg the Babysitter"

Pearl is shown in a flashback, where she spots Greg at the Temple and then shoots Rose a concerned look. Later, Pearl ignores Greg's offer at a high-five when the Gems leave to go out on a mission.

"Gem Hunt"

Pearl and Steven escort Connie on her first Gem-related mission. Pearl explains to Connie that her sword fighting skills exceeded her expectations and, with her supervision, she believes Connie can handle retrieving a Corrupted Gem. Pearl asks Connie to tell her what there mission is, and is impressed when she can recite the whole thing.

Gem Hunt 043

The Corrupted Gem then shows up, and reminds Steven and Connie that they have to work together. Another similar Gem monster (Biggs Jasper) arrives, and Pearl orders Steven to use his bubble in order to protect themselves. When the monsters leave, Pearl comments on how there wasn't supposed to be two. Pearl also initially rejects Connie's idea to split up and look for the monsters because it is too risky. After being convinced by Steven and Connie, Pearl agrees to the idea of splitting up, but instructs the two to contact her immediately using the Cookie Cat Walkie-Talkie if they spot the monsters. Having the two restate their mission goal, Pearl leaves on her own to look for the monsters.

After a while, Pearl contacts Steven and Connie, telling them they might have to go back to the Temple and regroup since she can't find the monsters. However, after hearing how confident Connie is, Pearl allows them to carry on, reminding Connie how she should sword fight. Pearl calls back later to comment on how the cold the weather has gotten, and to inform them not to make any startling noises if they found the monsters. Pearl becomes concerned when neither Steven nor Connie answer. She is shocked to discover that they have found the monster, and reassures the two that she will be there shortly.

Gem Hunt 217

When Pearl arrives, she finds Jasper who has poofed the Corrupted Gems. She becomes frightened, holding her spear out to protect Steven and Connie. When Jasper calmly leaves, Pearl makes sure that Steven and Connie are okay, and tells them that she wouldn't have had them go on the mission if she knew Jasper was going to be there. Pearl tells Connie that the mission was a success because what they had to do was call her if they found the monster, which they did.

"Crack the Whip"

Pearl and Garnet go out to look for Jasper on their own. Connie arrives for her weekly training, which Pearl had forgotten. She apologizes and states that they can't have Jasper running around and attacking Corrupted Gems. Pearl tells Connie that they'll train next week without Jasper being a problem.

"Steven vs. Amethyst"

Pearl and Garnet return to the Crystal Temple after being unable to find Jasper, only to hear that Steven, Amethyst, and Connie encountered her on the beach. She's very proud when she finds out that Steven and Connie were able to hold their own against Jasper. She begins to comment on Amethyst's new form, but she stops her.

Later, Pearl hopes that Steven is ready for his weekly training. She explains to him that although he has had one victory, there will be more fights to come now that Jasper has returned. Steven invites Amethyst to come watch Pearl train him, which she agrees to.

Steven vs. Amethyst 036

At the Sky Arena, Pearl explains to Amethyst that Pearl Points are awarded to those who show "punctuality, perseverance, and positivity while training. Pearl says that getting the special points allows one to earn prizes from the Pearl prize pouch. Pearl is surprised that Amethyst wants in on the training. During the training, Pearl has Amethyst and Steven go through a speed exercise, where she summons Holo-Pearls(who has been programmed to be less lethal). When Amethyst loses, Pearl tells her that it is a good idea to build his confidence even though she didn't lose on purpose. The next exercise is agility. Pearl tells Amethyst not to go too easy on him when she loses again. The final exercise is an all-out battle against the Holo-Pearls, and Pearl congratulates Steven for winning the final Pearl point.

In the evening, after Steven and Amethyst battle, Pearl returns to the Sky Arena and scolds the two of them for ruining the ruins.


Pearl watches Steven play his video game along with the other Gems and is disappointed when he loses. Pearl and Garnet are later seen encouraging Amethyst when she plays the game, while Steven puts his t-shirt inside of Lion's mane. Pearl is shocked when Steven states that there is a Gem inside of Lion. She asks him what the Gem looks like, and realizes that it may be Bismuth when Steven describes her gemstone to be an innie.

Bismuth 090

When Steven brings Bismuth out of Lion and into the Beach House, Pearl runs into her arms out of excitement. The two joke around together while they catch up, and then Pearl asks where she was because Rose had said Bismuth was lost at the Battle of the Ziggurat. Pearl believed that Bismuth was either captured or shattered during the Rebellion. After Bismuth learns that Rose is no longer around and that she is a part of Steven, Pearl tells her that although it isn't easy to understand Rose's choices, the Gems have to stand behind them.

Pearl and the Gems take Bismuth to the Strawberry Battlefield, where Pearl explains to her that it's been about 5,300 years since the war, and that the Crystal Gems were victorious. Pearl becomes emotional, which prompts Bismuth and Garnet to comfort her. Pearl tells Bismuth that Rose was able to protect herself and Garnet, and that the Crystal Gems continue to thwart the Homeworld Gems' plans in the present day. When Pearl became nervous when thinking about how advanced Homeworld technology is, Bismuth reminds her about how Pearl once threw a Nephrite out of a drop ship during the war, which brings back Pearl's confidence.

Bismuth 268

Bismuth then takes the Gems to her Forge, which Pearl is excited to see her open. Bismuth upgrades Pearl's spear to become a trident, also providing upgrades for Amethyst and Garnet. The Gems then return to the beach, where they spar with Bismuth. Bismuth teases Pearl, saying she didn't ask her to bring her a spear, to which Pearl responds that she won't like how she gives it to her before shooting lasers at Bismuth.

When Bismuth tries to get Steven involved in the sparring, he explains to her that he has his own rituals. The Crystal Gems then proceed to play badminton and Go Fish, then they watch TV in Steven's room.

Late that night, Pearl is confused when Steven returns home with Bismuth bubbled. After Steven explained what happened, Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst put the bubbled Bismuth in the Burning Room. They join Steven on the porch of the Beach House, where they comfort him as they look up at the sky.


Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot return to the Barn to find Pearl among them Gems keeping the Ruby Squad captive.

"Back to the Moon"

Pearl glares at the Rubies as Lapis explains their reappearance, but becomes confused when Steven nicknames one "Leggy". She watches as Steven calls the Rubies down one by one. After "Doc" explains that they've returned to Earth to find Jasper, Amethyst shapeshifts into Jasper, which Pearl believes won't work. She's proven wrong, as the Rubies immediately believe that they're in the presence of Jasper.

Back to the Moon 117

When the Rubies try to get "Jasper" to come back to Homeworld with them to file a report, Amethyst tries to stay back by saying she has to watch her prisoners, the Crystal Gems. However, the Rubies still end up dragging the Crystal Gems to the Moon Base. On the way, Pearl is such a loud prisoner that one of the Rubies wants to throw her into space.

Back to the Moon 194

At the Moon Base, Pearl shakes and looks down at the ground with a horrified expression on her face when Eyeball announces that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Once the Rubies discover that they were tricked by Amethyst, they fuse, leading to Garnet and Pearl forming Sardonyx to combat their fusion. Sardonyx knocks the Rubies into space, but Eyeball grabs Steven and drags him out as well. Sardonyx looks on helplessly as Steven floats away into the void of space.


Bubbled 252

After figuring out how to pilot the Roaming Eye, the Crystal Gems are able to find Steven adrift in space. She hugs Steven and begins to cry when they find him. Pearl then flies the Roaming Eye back to Earth, now owning the ship.

Season 4

"Kindergarten Kid"

Pearl and the rest of the Crystal Gems work to clear the Beta Kindergarten of Jasper's Corrupted Gem army. She claims to be disturbed by how Jasper was keeping the Corrupted Gems in cages, but becomes defensive when Amethyst notes that it's similar to what they're doing. Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet fail to capture the Tongue Monster, so they decide to leave Steven and Peridot behind to take care of her.

After Peridot successfully captures the Tongue Monster, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl emerge from their hiding spots, revealing that they didn't really leave the Beta Kindergarten.

"Know Your Fusion"

Know Your Fusion 029

As Steven and Amethyst plot, Pearl begins to become suspicious of them. She asks Garnet to figure out what they're up to, but Garnet refuses. Steven and Amethyst call the two over to meet someone, and Garnet and Pearl are shocked and overjoyed to see them form Smoky Quartz. However, when Smoky's demonstration of their yo-yo begins to damage the Beach House, Garnet and Pearl form Sardonyx, who is able to catch all of their yo-yos. Sardonyx then decides to take Smoky into her room, where she believes they'll be able to get to know each other.

Sardonyx puts on a talk show, where she asks questions and plays games in order to determine Smoky's powers. When Smoky begins to tell self-deprecating jokes, Sardonyx realizes that she hijacked an important moment from Steven and Amethyst, defusing due to their distress. Sardonyx's room then begins to break apart due to her exit, and Pearl and Garnet attempt to refuse but are too far away. Smoky Quartz is able to save the two using their yo-yo and a rope, defusing as they fall out of the temple. Pearl congratulates Amethyst for being a good influence on Steven and is excited to hear about how they use their yo-yo and formed for the first time.

"Buddy's Book"

Buddy's Book 092

Buddy Buddwick reveals in his journal that he came across Pearl and Garnet at the Strawberry Battlefield around 200 years ago. Pearl tells Buddy to leave the battlefield because it is too dangerous, and she draws up specific places not to visit on Buddy's map.

"Mindful Education"

Mindful Education 031

Pearl and Garnet warp to the Beach House, where Pearl asks Steven and Connie if they are ready for their fusion training. At the Sky Arena, Pearl creates two Holo-Pearls that fuse together to fight Stevonnie. When Stevonnie dramatically unfuses during the battle, Pearl and Garnet make sure that they are okay. The next day, during the second fight, Pearl compliments Stevonnie on their techniques while they fight Holo-Pearl. Stevonnie begins to freak out again, prompting Pearl to ask Garnet what is happening to them. She is horrified after witnessing Stevonnie accidentally walk off the cliff.

"Last One Out of Beach City"

Pearl and Steven do a puzzle together on the couch. When she scolds Amethyst for bouncing around the house, Amethyst explains that Greg is taking her to a rock show that night. However, Greg shows up to the Beach House and reveals he promised Vidalia and Barb that he'd play cards with them. Seeing Amethyst's disappointment, Pearl offers to take Steven and go with her to the show. She believes that she's up to going to a concert where there is pushing and loud music because she herself used to be a rule breaker, taking on the Diamond Authority during the Rebellion to enjoy the Earth.

Last One Out of Beach City 089

Amethyst gives Pearl a short jacket and jeans to blend in with the crowd once they get to the concert. At the Big Donut, Pearl flips the jacket's collar to make it look "cooler". Pearl wishes to try drinking that night, so Steven hands her apple juice, which she struggles to open. She spits out her drink when a girl who bears a resemblance to Rose enters the store. Pearl blames her sudden shock on being unaware that humans can dye their hair pink. After being encouraged by Steven and Amethyst, Pearl nervously approaches her. She attempts to casually pick up a cup but ends up knocking all of the cups onto the floor in front of the girl, and embarrassingly tries to explain herself, but the girl leaves before she can.

In the Dondai Supremo, Pearl drives Steven and Amethyst to the concert. On the way there, she turns up the radio, telling the two that they are going to have the night of their lives. Steven brings up that the Mystery Girl looked like Rose, but Pearl tells him that she is done thinking about the past, and that tonight, she is all about the future. She tells Amethyst that she could have talked to Mystery Girl, but the timing was just wrong.

Mystery Girl appears on a motorcycle next to the car, leading Steven and Amethyst to encourage Pearl to do something. Once Amethyst gives her the signal, Pearl looks over at her. Mystery Girl smiles, which causes Pearl to blush. Mystery Girl is able to drive by before a red light, leaving Pearl and the others to be stopped. Determined, Pearl speeds through the red light to catch up to Mystery Girl. She begins to panic once the police start going after their car, and tells Steven that she doesn't have a license as she isn't a citizen. With a sudden confidence, Pearl turns up the music and speeds past Mystery Girl, making several sharp turns in an attempt to evade the cops. Without the cops seeing, Pearl goes behind a small sign and turns off the car's headlights, making the cops drive by without noticing. After trying and failing to restart the engine, Pearl reluctantly states that they are out of gas, so they continue to the concert on foot.

Last One Out of Beach City 269

Becoming frustrated, Pearl takes off the jacket and jeans in disbelief of what she was doing, stating that she should have stayed home with the puzzle. She believes that she lost her edge, but Amethyst and Steven remind her of all the cool things she did that night, and so she decides to continue forward. At the concert, Pearl goes up to Mystery Girl. The two talk about the latter's dyed hair. Pearl tells Mystery Girl that her body is a conscious manifestation of life, to which she responds "I know how that is". Pearl also reveals to Steven and Amethyst that she got Mystery Girl's phone number.

"Gem Harvest"

Pearl and the Gems arrive at the barn after hearing about Andy's return. She is surprised that Greg and Andy (who is a total stranger to the Gems at the time) know each other. Amethyst comments that she doesn't like how a "new Greg" showed up out of nowhere, leading Pearl to comment that their Greg is superior.

Once the Gems decide to have dinner with Andy, Pearl and Peridot create a stove to cook on using spare parts from around the barn. She calls it an "oven cooktop combo". After Andy goes on a rant about how he dislikes their creation because the parts they used was his parents' stuff, Pearl reassures Steven that Greg will fix things. Pearl, Peridot, Garnet, and Lapis later use Greg's van to go to the store and buy food items. Misunderstanding human holidays, the Gems come back from the store with items to celebrate a variety of holidays. Pearl tells Andy "We heard you like marriage, so we thought, why don't we all marry each other?! And if that's not human enough for you, we can throw a little being born and some dying!"

Gem Harvest 206

At dinner, Lapis hands Pearl a piece of cake. Pearl thanks Lapis for her manners and hands the plate of food off to Amethyst. When Amethyst remarks that she drank three bottles of cooking oil, Pearl realizes they forgot to buy more. Peridot and Lapis suggest they should have taken the shopping cart, as it would have been a nice decoration, but Pearl scolds them because it would have been stealing. Peridot says that they should be able to have everything on Earth as they saved the planet, to which Pearl respondsthat saving the Earth from Homeworld is itself a reward.

When everyone begins thanking each other, Pearl thanks Steven for cooking the vegetables, and Amethyst for putting out the grease fire. After Andy suddenly decides to leave, Pearl wonders if they did something wrong. Sheapologizes to him when he returns.

"Three Gems and a Baby"

Pearl appears in a flashback which takes place fourteen years ago. She arrives at Vidalia's house with the other Gems to deliver presents for the newborn Steven. Pearl appears to be uncomfortable in Greg's present, telling him that they are only over to drop off the gifts. Pearl's gift to Steven is a dictionary. When Steven's Gem glows, Pearl believes that it is Rose trying to communicate with them. While looking directly into Steven's gemstone, she asks "Rose" if she can hear her, telling her to glow twice for yes. The Gems later take baby Steven with them away from Greg. With Pearl driving, they drive off in his van. She later tries to remove Steven's gemstone, believing that she will be with Rose again, but stops herself because Rose wanted Steven. She states that humans aren't natural for Gems, and begins to tear up. After the flashback is told, Greg reveals that Pearl threw a jungle gym at Steven's babysitter, believing he was kidnapped.

"Steven's Dream"

Steven's Dream 071

Pearl and the Gems return to the Temple. Steven asks if she knows what the Palanquin is, as it is drawn in Buddy Buddwick's Journal. Pearl tries to avoid the subject, and appears upset when Steven brings up Pink Diamond and her shattering. She appears shocked when Steven becomes angry and lashes out at the Gems.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

Pearl apologizes for what happened earlier, and is taken back after hearing that Blue Diamond was on Earth. Pearl is even more horrified to find out that Blue Diamond took Greg. After Steven asks if Blue Diamond is going to put Greg in a zoo, Pearl believes that he might be right. Along with Garnet, the two recall Pink Diamond's Zoo. Pearl reveals that she saw it herself back when she served Homeworld, and described it to be a horrible place where humans were kept in captivity.

Crystal Gem Form 6

After checking with Peridot to make sure everything works, the Gems take the Roaming Eye out into Space towards the Zoo, with Pearl piloting. She navigates the ship through an asteroid field. Later, Pearl wonders what would happen to Steven's organic body if the ship's gravity engine flattens space-time. After Steven turns on the gravity engine, Pearl is horrified that the Gems' bodies have all turned Ruby-sized, since the ship was calibrated for Rubies. She explains "our bodies are made of light, and usually, they form a mass dependent on the air pressure and the level of gravity in the environment, but we're in a situation where the normal laws of physics don't apply." Steven attempts to fix their forms, but ends up distorting them more in the process. After distorting the Gems' bodies, Steven turns off the calibration, making the ship go so fast that the Gems' light composed bodies can't keep up. Pearl explains this when the calibration is turned back on.

"Gem Heist"

Gem Heist 168

Pearl is shocked to see that the Zoo is still around. After they enter, Pearl realizes that they can't enter as an owner-less Pearl, a fusion, and a human. She listens to Sapphire's plans, and pretends to be her Pearl. During the tour of the facility, Pearl walks next to Sapphire, which Holly Blue Agate points out to be unusual. Pearl explains that she'll walk behind them, causing Holly Blue Agate to call her chatty. Pearl opens the door upon Sapphire's request, annoyed with Holly Blue Agate for bossing her around. After Ruby gets Holly Blue to leave, Pearl tries to open the door which leads into the Zoo, where Greg is. However, she is unable to figure out how to open it.

"That Will Be All"

Crystal Gems to the rescue!

Pearl continues to walk around and open doors for Holly Blue Agate. She assists in sneaking Greg out, and also in defeating Holly Blue Agate. Upon hearing that Holly Blue Agate will report the Gems to the Diamonds, Pearl tells her "You're really gonna tell the Diamonds that you allowed a band of traitorous rebels to infiltrate a highly secure facility and escape from right under your careful watch? Doesn't sound like a wise thing to do, Holly Blue. So do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut. That will be all." Afterwards, Pearl pilots the ship on the way back to Earth.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Pearl is impressed when Connie states that she restocked the cereal and washed all of the towels. She listens to Connie's flashback, recalling the events of what happened while the Gems were in space.

"Storm in the Room"

Pearl helps the other Gems put up Greg's new car wash sign off-screen. She later arrives home, delivering pizza to Steven with Greg and the other Gems to celebrate their successes.


Pearl is initially amused by the idea of Ronaldo joining the Crystal Gems. When she realizes that Ronaldo was being serious, she tells him that he cannot live at their house, nor become a member of the Crystal Gems. But after being persuaded by Steven, Pearl agrees to let him stay to get to know the group. Pearl gives Ronaldo the nickname "Bloodfry" when he makes his Gem name "Bloodstone", and tells him that he cannot go out on missions because it is too dangerous for him. Later on, Pearl is amused by Amethyst's impression of Ronaldo.

"Are You My Dad?"

Pearl spends the morning on the beach outside the Crystal Temple w
Pearl distraught
ith Garnet, Amethyst and Steven. She was excited to show Steven and Amethyst the sand castle she built with Garnet for two crabs they found on the beach. After Steven gathers the Crystal Gems into the beach house to tell them about Aquamarine, Pearl draws a picture of Aquamarine and insists she 'can't even draw a circle'. After becoming frustrated with the drawing session, she demands they prepare for a fight against the Homeworld Gem Steven encountered.

"I Am My Mom"

Pearl, alarmed and confused to why Homeworld Gems are taking Humans from Beach City. She becomes even more alarmed after she learns of their identities. She rushes to Funland with the rest of the Crystal Gems. There they encounter Topaz and Aquamarine. The Crystal Gems engage a fight with the Homeworld Gems, Pearl attempts to stab Aquamarine with her spear, but is thrown into the air by Aquamarine's wand. After re-joining the fight, Steven offers himself to the Homeworld Gems as a part of his plan.

After Steven is taken on board of Aquamarine's ship, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst form Alexandrite in an attempt to catch the ship before it leaves Earth's atmosphere. After Alexandrite is forced to unfuse by Aquamarine's wand, Pearl pleads with Steven to come back and cries as he's taken by the Homeworld Gems back to Homeworld.

Season 5

"The Trial"

Pearl is briefly mentioned by the defending Zircon when she questions where Pink Diamond's Pearl was during her assassination. No one knew at the time that Pearl herself was the one performing the alleged shattering.

"Lars' Head"

Pearl, the Gems, Connie and Greg warp into the Crystal Temple. Pearl is explaining that they'd never get the drop ship to fly in time to rescue Steven. After realizing Steven was in front of her she begins to cry and rushes to hug him with the others.

"Dewey Wins"



Pearl, the Gems, Greg and Steven go to Cool Ranch for a vacation. While Steven is upset after his argument with Connie, Pearl goes to talk to Steven about his problem and Steven confesses that his relationship with Connie is over. Later, they leave Cool Ranch so Steven can get internet access so he can text Connie and Steven ends up getting Ronaldo's text instead.

"Your Mother and Mine"


"Letters to Lars"


"Can't Go Back"


"A Single Pale Rose"

ASinglePaleRose (498)

Pearl agreeing to help fake Pink Diamond's shattering.

Steven, after seeing a vision while with Lapis on the Moon, asks Pearl if she was the one who shattered Pink Diamond, immediately causing her to cover her mouth and try to change conversation as usual. While on the boardwalk, Steven receives a text on his phone from Pearl that leads him to confront her again back at the house, only to realize that she had misplaced her phone within her gem. Pearl suggests Steven go inside her gem to find her phone while she keeps his phone so that he can text her with her phone when he finds it. While within her Gem, Steven confronts many copies of Pearls: the first Pearl is sorting the various items Pearl keeps in her gem; within her gem is a sad Pearl crying over the discovery that Rose Quartz was pregnant with Steven; and then within her gem a devastated lonely Pearl within a battlefield during the Gem War. Within her gem, Steven finds himself within the scene when Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond, with the shards lying on the ground and Rose Quartz in tears. But as Steven gets closer to her, he discovers that she is in fact Pearl shapeshifted as Rose Quartz, holding Pink Diamond's gem in her hand. Now even more puzzled, he enters her gem and finds himself within Pink's Palanquin. He overhears Pearl and Rose Quartz plotting together of ending Pink Diamond's rule and allowing Rose Quartz, the Earth, and her Crystal Gems to finally be free from Homeworld. Pearl is unsure and concerned, but soon accepts the plan. Rose Quartz then shapeshifts back into her true form of Pink Diamond. She gathers some dirt from outside the Palanquin, along with a hollyhock that she gives to Pearl. She uses the dirt to make Gem shards that she then swallows. Before executing their plan, as her last order as a Diamond, Pink Diamond orders Pearl to never tell anyone of what happened here. With everything ready, the Pearl turns and gives Steven the phone, apologizing to him before shapeshifting into Rose Quartz. Steven texts Pearl and is brought out of her gem, seeing Pearl's history that he had seen earlier play out before him: How Pearl as Rose Quartz actually poofed Pink Diamond with Rose's sword, leaving the shards that Pink Diamond swallowed behind and holding her gem out of view in her hand, the Gem War, Rose being pregnant, and the three Crystal Gems all alone. When Steven comes out, Pearl in tears says that she wanted to tell him the truth for a long time. This causes not just Steven, but Garnet and Amethyst, who are in the room at the time, to be shocked by the twist that Steven's mom, Rose Quartz, was Pink Diamond all along.

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

As Pearl laments how she wanted to tell Steven that Rose was really Pink Diamond, Amethyst remains nonchalant about it, while Garnet splits; Sapphire yells at Ruby and runs away to Rose's Fountain, where she cries and makes the area snow. To cheer her up, Pearl decides to tell Steven and Sapphire the story of Pink Diamond's past. She had become bored of running her colony, due to the long period of time where nothing happened, but one day the Amethysts began to emerge. This caused Pink to become excited and wished to be there but couldn't due to her responsibilities, asking Pearl "could you imagine" in a rhetorical manner, but Pearl took this order literally and came up with a plan that involved Pink shapeshifting into a Quartz soldier, to which Pink quickly decided to do in her excitement. After witnessing the emerging soldiers the two then wondered off and witnessed the life on Earth first hand. This caused her to realize that the Diamonds were taking all life from the planet just to create more Gems and leave nothing behind. Sapphire questions why didn’t Pink stop all that since she’s a diamond, to which Pearl answers that she tried but couldn’t.

Convinced that the other Diamonds didn't respect her enough to cease the colonization of Earth, she decided to start the Rebellion using her alias, Rose Quartz.

Pearl explains that she wanted to scare all the Gems away at first but this changed after seeing Garnet accidentally formed for the first time. This leads to what happened after Pearl and Rose left the Cloud Arena. Rose was amazed by the fact that two different Gems fused together and wondered what it was like, only to be interrupted by Pearl picking her up in an adorable attempt at "traditional" fusion, but after failing, they shared a heartfelt moment where Pearl reveals that because Pink never told her to stop imagining things she never stopped, and she thought of many things included her own fake backstory about her running away and meeting Rose and how happy she makes despite not being hers. She admits she thinks the idea is ridiculous and begs her to tell her to stop only for Rose to tell her to never stop. This causes the two of them to nearly fuse for real. This makes Pearl worried about what would happen if anyone finds out that they nearly fused and makes Rose worried what happened to Garnet. It is then that they officially met Garnet after she fell to Earth. At first Rose was just fighting for earth, but after meeting Garnet, she was fighting for all Gems too. Sapphire returns to the house with Pearl and Steven, understanding that they didn't follow Rose; Rose followed them.

"What's Your Problem?"

Pearl is shown asking Amethyst where Ruby has went off to. She is then seen crying with Sapphire at the possibility of Ruby or Garnet not coming back.

"The Question"

Pearl is seen with Sapphire, having finally calmed down, serving her tea when Steven comes back to the Beach House. She is then smiling at Ruby's proposal to Sapphire, and gets initially spooked by Amethyst being a horse.

"Made of Honor"

Pearl is seen helping the others make Ruby and Sapphire's wedding invitations, practically liking the folding bone. She is later seen outside freaking out at Peridot over some chairs. When Steven and Bismuth return, she is shocked and later tackling Bismuth to the ground in a hug, really happy to see Bismuth back on the team and happy that the former is attending Ruby and Sapphire's wedding.


Pearl is seen on the couch wishing that she could've said something sooner about Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond. Later, at the wedding reception, she is seen talking to Kiki before the Diamonds arrives. When the Diamonds do arrive, she, alongside the other Crystal Gems (except Connie and Lion) though are briefly incapacitated by Blue Diamond's grief wave, fights her and Yellow Diamond. After Steven is knocked out, she along with Garnet, Amethyst and Bismuth continue to fight the two Diamonds, stating that she won't give up, reciting her "Do it for her/him" line. Steven, thanks to a new power, reminds her to fight for herself as well. She is later seen hovering over Steven as he wakes up after revealing that he has Pink Diamond's gemstone to the Diamonds.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Pearl is seen crying alongside the other Crystal Gems (except Lapis and Peridot who were poofed by Yellow Diamond) explaining to Connie that this is one of Blue Diamond's powers. She is later seen clearing her throat to remind Steven that almost everyone didn't know about the Rose being Pink Diamond reveal.

She later goes with the others when they witness Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Steven almost heal Nephrite. When Yellow brings up White Diamond, Pearl, while a bit frighten, tells Steven that White Diamond isn't like us or them (referring to the other two Diamonds), telling him that he has know idea what she's capable of.

Pearl is later seen telling Doug and Priyanka about Homeworld, with a breathable atmosphere and she'll be with Connie the whole time. Later, she tells Steven how to launch Pink Diamond's ship.

Once they reach Homeworld, Pearl watches as Steven is taken White Diamond's ship by White Pearl, much to her horror.


Pearl enters Pink Diamond's room and reunites with Steven, expressing concern of what White Diamond might have did to him. She is later seen with Steven as Yellow Pearl escorts them to the Extraction Chamber, informing Steven that he will be more comfortable in trunks than in jeans. Once they make it to the chamber's entrance, Pearl tells Steven to stop making Yellow Pearl call him by various names cause it'll break her. Later as Steven, Pearl and Blue Pearl go to Blue Diamond's chamber, Pearl then explains that when Yellow isn't overseeing gem production of her colonies, she's leading her army to take more colonies. Pearl informs Steven that Blue is just up the stairs and that she'll wait for him. As Steven goes to see Blue Diamond, Blue Pearl says "Welcome back." to Pearl before the camera cuts back to Steven. After Blue leaves, Steven calls for Pearl because he got water up his nose and Pearl, surprised, says 'Oh dear' and pulls the string to get Steven out.

Back in Pink Diamond's room, Pearl explains some of Pink's roles on Homeworld, specifically her being a juggler and party planner. After Steven sings the titular song "Familiar". Pearl returns with Garnet, Amethyst and Connie she stored in her gem.

"Together Alone"

Pearl is in Pink Diamond's room with Garnet, Amethyst, and Connie when Steven wakes up from his dream.

Later at Steven's Era 3 Ball, Pearl is beside Steven and Connie, complimenting and reprimanding the former on his manners towards the various Gems that greet him and introduce themselves during the festivities.

Later when Steven and Connie accidentally fuse in front the Diamonds, Pearl is shocked as everyone else. Pearl, alongside Ruby and Sapphire (who fused back into Garnet), Amethyst, and Lemon Jade all fuse to protect them, with Pearl fusing with Amethyst into Opal. However, she alongside the other fusions there (sans Stevonnie) are poofed by Yellow Diamond shortly afterwards.



"Change Your Mind"

Pearl's gemstone is inside one of Yellow Diamond's bubbles alongside Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire when Steven, Connie and Blue Diamond go to retrieve them.

After Yellow Diamond stops fighting Blue and White catches onto the escape attempt and White mind controls her fellow Diamonds and makes them drop Steven, Connie, Bismuth, Lapis, and Peridot (the latter have just arrived). When Steven accidentally drops the gems, Steven fuses with Amethyst into Smoky Quartz, Steven manages to reach Pearl's gem and fuses with her, forming Rainbow Quartz 2.0 in order save Ruby and Sapphire's gems before unfusing back into Steven and Pearl, the latter sporting a new jacket. Pearl hugs Steven in excitement that they fused.

When Sunstone is formed, Pearl is in awe.

Pearl then fuses with Steven, Garnet, and Amethyst into Obsidian to climb the Diamond Mech. Once inside, White Diamond takes control of Garnet and Amethyst. Pearl demands White to stop, only zapped and mind controlled as well.

Under White Diamond's control, Pearl is forced to fight, disarm, and capture the now arrived Connie. When Pink Steven emerged from Steven's gem, Pearl alongside the mind controlled Amethyst, Garnet, and Yellow and Blue Diamond and even White Diamond herself blasted the Pink Steven with no affect and was knocked down as a result.

Pearl is soon freed from White's control and reunites with everyone else. Afterwards, they return to Earth and help heal the corrupted Gems at Rose's fountain. Pearl hugs Garnet while crying as their corrupted comrades were healed at last.

Pearl is sitting with Garnet and Amethyst when Steven sings "Change Your Mind".

Steven Universe: The Movie


Steven Universe Future

"Little Homeschool"


"Rose Buds"






"A Very Special Episode"


"Snow Day"


"Little Graduation"


"Prickly Pair"


"In Dreams"


"Bismuth Casual"


"Growing Pains"




"Homeworld Bound"


"Everything's Fine"


"I Am My Monster"


"The Future"



  1. Joe Johnston on Tumblr: "BECAUSE our Pearl was made for Pink Diamond, she must follow her orders. Rose did not have this power or control over anyone else, and its ONLY because Pearl was made for her that Pink/Rose had this power over her."
  2. Joe Johnston on Tumblr: "BECAUSE our Pearl was made for Pink Diamond, she must follow her orders. Rose did not have this power or control over anyone else, and its ONLY because Pearl was made for her that Pink/Rose had this power over her."
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