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Pearls were servants on Homeworld, acting as custom-made Gems with the purpose of serving their owner. All Pearls shown, with the exception of Pink Pearl and Pearl under White Diamond's control, have been voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall.


Yellow and Blue Pearl announcing their Diamonds.

Main article: Caste System

In the strictly regimented Homeworld hierarchical system, Pearls function as attendants to high-ranking Gems. They combine the duties of a variety of different service roles, such as a lady-in-waiting (tending to and making requests on behalf of her master), footman (opening doors and announcing their master's arrival), and secretary (carrying out clerical tasks). While not primarily an entertainer like a Spinel, Pearls do nonetheless act as companions and provide simple luxuries such as singing, dancing, and projecting visual entertainment via holograms. One of their most unique functions is their ability to hold and store inside their Gem a seemingly limitless number of their owner's belongings.

Pearls are seen as status symbols of the Gems who own them. While Peridot describes them as "someone's shiny toy" and also mentions that there are hundreds of them on Homeworld, it is nevertheless implied that they're reserved only for noteworthy Gems of high social standing such as the Diamonds and aristocrats like Sapphires. She underlies this by commenting that the idea of a Peridot owning a Pearl is unprecedented. Pearls may also be earned by committing a significant act of merit, as "Eyeball" believed she would be rewarded with her very own Pearl for capturing Rose Quartz.

Gems that are worthy of a Pearl could be Gems that have served great purposes or are rare such as Sapphires, Morganites, Aquamarines, and of course, Diamonds. All Gems with a high status are allowed to have Pearls.

Pearls live to serve and their identity is fundamentally tied to their owner. They are expected to be utterly submissive and obedient, simply waiting on their owners and not acting independently in any way. Yellow Pearl even claims that her feelings "are irrelevant" when Steven asks her what she likes to do. When formed for the first time, their Gem emerges from a holographic oyster after they learn their superior’s preferred name. They are expected to consistently exhibit subservience by remaining silent unless spoken to and remaining a few paces behind their superior when walking with them. It is physically impossible for a Pearl to disobey a direct order from their owner,[1] and are normally dismissed with the phrase "that will be all" generally followed by the owner clapping her hands twice when they are no longer needed. There are exceptions to these rules depending on who the Pearl belongs to, such as those of the Diamonds. Yellow Pearl is able to get away with talking down to Gems higher in the caste system whenever she feels they would disturb Yellow Diamond, and clearly relishes the opportunity to do so. White Pearl was seen (and feared) as an extension of White Diamond's will, making even the other Diamonds tread lightly in her presence.

Pearls were made and repaired in The Reef, which also served as a boutique and trinket shop of sorts where their owners could obtain things for them to use and wear.

Physical Characteristics

Physically, all Pearls appear to have a slender, androgynous form and a beak-like nose. They can also be "customized" by owners in color and appearance, allowing them to have very noticeable differences from each other, unlike most other types of Gems who would normally wear near identical uniforms and have very similar, if not exact, colors. If a Pearl is left uncustomized, they would have an ivory complexion and light cyan eyes.

A default setting Pearl would wear a dress resembling Pink Diamond's. The top half has puffy blue shoulders, an amber-colored top with a V neck, a diamond-shaped cutout at the bottom, and a light yellow trim along the bottom. The bottom half has a pink skirt with transparent drapes over it and pale blue ballet flats.

Most Homeworld Pearls tend to wear some form of skin-tight, balletic clothing, such as a singlet or body suit, with a flowy sheer material attached to reflect a certain element of their owner's clothing. The position of their gemstone also matches that of their owner, but there can be exceptions like Pink's second Pearl.

Notable Pearls

  • Pearl- A renegade Pearl and the sole confidant of Pink Diamond, later known as Rose Quartz. She, along with Rose, founded the Crystal Gems.
  • Blue Pearl - A quiet Pearl who served Blue Diamond.
  • Yellow Pearl - A sassy Pearl who served Yellow Diamond.
  • Pink Pearl, AKA Volleyball - Pink Diamond's first Pearl, who was taken away and mind controlled by White Diamond when Pink "misbehaved" one too many times.

Other Pearls

Rhodonite's component Pearl - One of Rhodonite's component Gems, who previously belonged to a Morganite before deciding to remain permanently fused with her owner's Ruby bodyguard. Her gemstone is on her chest.

Same Old World

Possible cameo of Yellow Pearl in "The Same Old World"

In the Flashback of Lapis Lazuli in "The Same Old World" the silhouette of a Gem that appears to be a Pearl with hair similar to Yellow Pearl. It is most likely Yellow Pearl as her silhouette is almost identical and she would have been on Earth at this time, but it has yet to be confirmed.

Steven Universe: The Movie

A Pearl can be seen from behind in an unknown gem city watching Steven's message.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Unknown Pearl.png
Pearl’s gemstone is located in an unknown place. Pearl has very light green skin, unknown colored eyes, and ivory hair. She was seen in the beginning of Steven Universe: The Movie.


Holograms of several Pearls modeling various outfits are seen at The Reef. It is unclear if these holograms were based on actual Pearls, or if they're merely examples of what a Pearl can look like.

Image Gemstone Physical Information

Her gemstone is located on her navel. It is oval.

She has short thick pixie cut hair. She wears a bodysuit with short puffy sleeves and a diamond-shaped cut out at her navel. A short sheer skirt is attached to the bodysuit.

Her gemstone is located on her chest. It is oval.

She has a bob cut hairstyle and wears a simple sleeveless crop top with a skirt that fans out into large sheer ruffles.
Her gemstone placement is unknown. She has long thick hair with two diamond-shaped bows. She wears a sleeveless one strapped bodysuit with a knee-length sheer skirt attached at the abdomen.

Her gemstone placement is on her navel. It is oval.

Her hair is very short with a sheer veil-like accessory at the back of her head. She wears a sleeveless, three quarter length bodysuit with a diamond insignia on her stomach. A short sheer skirt is attached around her waist.
Her gemstone placement is unknown.

She has pixie style hair cut with long bangs covering one of her eyes.

She wears a wide-rimmed pointed hat and a sleeveless bodysuit with a short sheer skirt attached to her waist.


Her gemstone is located on her sternum. It is oval.

She has a very angular bob cut hairstyle with bangs covering her forehead. she wears a short dress with long sheer sleeves and a belt.

"Homeworld Bound"

Aubergine Pearl - A type of Pearl who acts as a tour guide ever since the dismantling of the empire. In her debut episode, she can be seen leading a tour group comprised of Topaz, two corruption-scarred Nephrites, a Sapphire from the Era 3 ball, and a Peridot with square-shaped hair and bushy eyebrows.

Level 2 Canon

Level 2 Canon Section
This section contains informations on a subject that is considered "level 2 canon" and may be contradicted by the TV series.
  • Pearl - One of the three playable characters from Soundtrack Attack, having fled Homeworld because she was tired of taking orders.
  • Lonely Pearl - A Pearl that was accused of treason and left behind during The Rebellion. She was later Corrupted in the Diamonds' attack on Earth, becoming a moth-like creature.

Pearl Fusions

  • Mega Pearl - The fusion of Pearl and Pink Pearl, who debuted in the episode "Volleyball".


  • Pearls being seen as lesser and weaker Gems is likely a reference to the fact that pearls in real life aren’t minerals but mineraloids.
    • The fact that pearls are made in biological processes and are associated with organic life also supports this.
  • According to Ian Jones-Quartey, if Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl fuse together they would form a bigger Pearl with combined colors.[2] This was later seen with Mega Pearl.
  • As revealed in Steven Universe The Movie, when a Pearl is first formed, a holographic clamshell will surround their gemstone. In this state, someone can claim ownership of said Pearl by stating their name, as well as make customizations to them.
  • Although it is never stated within the show, Rebecca Sugar has gone on record to state "Our Pearl never belonged to White, but White is involved of Pearls in general, so there is a connection, and that’s all I can really say at the moment." at SDCC 2019. This implies that White Diamond is directly involved with the creation of Pearls.[3]


  1. Joe Johnston's Tumblr
    Q: "Sir, but how do we know everything Pearl did for Rose wasn't just that Pearl-caste-programming kicking in because in truth, Pearl knew Rose was infact her Diamond. Sure Pearl had feelings for her, but how do we know whether or not the servant mentality still didnt play a role in Pearl's allegiance with Rose."
    A: "I’ll put it this way, if Pink Diamond we're [sic] to say "Pearl, I ORDER you to do such and such..." because she's her Pearl, she would have to do it. Of course her servant mentality played a role in her allegiance to Rose, how could it not. BUT, that relationship clearly grew and changed as naturally as any relationship will, and it wasn't due to Pink Diamonds powers or influence..."
  2. "they would make a bigger pearl with combined colors" – ian jq on Twitter
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