Very funny, Pink.

—Nosey, "Familiar"

Pebbles are tiny Gems who inhabit the walls and floor of Pink Diamond's Palace. They debuted in "Familiar". They live within the palace, having many jobs ranging from comforting and spending time with Pink Diamond to sewing and being seamstresses.


The Pebbles are miniature in size and have shades of gray skin and eyes which are black in color. The Pebbles vary greatly in appearance compared to other Gem types. The gemstones of the Pebbles are round and come in different shades of gray.


The Pebbles were shown to be good friends with Pink Diamond and, by extension, Steven. This friendship is demonstrated when the Pebbles are overjoyed upon "Pink Diamond"'s (Steven's) return to her palace.

The Pebbles acted timidly around the other Gems who entered Pink Diamond's room, running to hide for unknown reasons. Eventually, the Pebbles grew accustomed to the presence of Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, Connie, and even Blue Diamond. The Pebbles grew enough trust to obey directions beyond Pink Diamond when building furniture. In her short time with it, Fisto developed a fixation on Steven's phone.


The Pebbles seem to have standard Gem abilities.


  • Skilled Craftsmanship and Tailoring: The Pebbles are shown to be skilled builders and tailors. The Pebbles can make a functional outfit out of nearby materials with ease and impressive speed. One Pebble has demonstrated to build the entirety of a small house within Steven's mouth in a few seconds.
  • Shapeshifting: The Pebbles can shapeshift their hands into hammers, scissors, sewing needles, hooks, and blades. Such tools go beyond their appearance and seem to match their assumed durability, as well.



The Pebbles are seen for the first time, excitedly going up to Steven thinking he is Pink Diamond. They spend the episode with Steven, helping sew him a dress as he sings the song "Familiar".

"Together Alone"

They’re seen in the beginning of the episode as Steven and Connie wake up.


When Steven, as a Watermelon Steven, draws out a picture in the sand for Greg and Bismuth, the Pebbles can be seen.

"Change Your Mind"

Steven and Connie say goodbye to the Pebbles right before they leave with Blue Diamond.

"Homeworld Bound"



Image Gemstone Physical Information
Noggin pebble
Pebble Back Head Gemstone

Noggin's gemstone is located on the back of her head, resembling a hair bun. Her gem is the grayest of the Pebbles.
Noggin has grey skin, an oblong head, and wears a purple dress. She has the smallest/roundest torso of the Pebbles, and her ovoid hands stick out among the other Pebbles. She's also the only Pebble with pronounced cheeks.
Chesto Pebble
Pebble Chest Gemstone

Chesto's gemstone is located on her chest. It may also count as a neck, jugular cavity and navel gem, as her massive gem spans from her chin to nearly her waist.
Chesto has purple-grey skin, a boomerang-like head, and wears a light greenish-blue split dress with a lighter underside. Her feet are the flattest of the Pebbles, and her eyes are the largest.
Patch Pebble
Pebble Eye Gemstone

Patch's gemstone is located in place of her right eye. Her gem is notable for being the most protruding of eye-gem Gems, as it is large enough to protrude and induce wrinkles when she tries to emote with it.
Patch has lighter purple-grey skin, a boomerang-like head, and wears a yellow top with an orange skirt. She appears to be pudgy, and her top extends over her hands, and shapeshifts with her.
Footy Pebble
Pebble Foot Gemstone

Footy's gemstone is located in place of her right foot. It is hard enough to function as such, and is solid enough to withstand consistent collision with the floors and internal structures of Pink's palace room. This may also be because Footy herself is small and very light in weight, and as such the gemstone is barely clanking against the ground.
Footy has yellowish-grey skin, a round head, and wears a reddish-pink dress with a large pinkish-red bow on the front of her waist.
Brainy pebble
Pebble Head Gemstone

Brainy's gemstone is located on the top of her head. It may also be considered a hair gem, like Noggin's, and is obscured where the gem meets her head.
Brainy has grey skin, a large, oval-shaped head, and wears a light blue dress with a white apron-pocket and a small greenish-blue bow in the back. Her hands are more rounded in appearance than the others, save for Baby Pebble. She also has a catlike mouth when smiling or neutral. She also has the widest face out of all the Pebbles.
CrazyAllTheTime By TheOffColors
Pebble Nose Gemstone

Nosey's gemstone is located at the center of her face, resembling a nose. She appears to have the smallest gemstone of the Pebbles.
Nosey has grey skin, a boomerang-like head, a pink dress with a pinkish white underside, and a pink bow on the back of her dress. Her dress comes over her hands like Patch, and also shapeshifts with it over her hands.
Fisto Pebble
Pebble Hand Gemstone

Fisto's gemstone is located in place of her left hand, and is hard enough to use as a hammer. Animation errors put her gem in the wrong hand in certain shots.
Fisto has grey skin, a round head, wears a green coat with similarly-colored shoes and hat, and lime-green pants. Unlike the rest of the Pebbles, Fisto appears to possess an opposable thumb, causing her hand to resemble a mitten (while her other hand is replaced by her gem). (This Pebble is voiced by Zach Callison instead of Susan Egan, the reason for this is unknown.)
Baby Pebble
Unlike the other Pebbles, the Baby Pebble does not have a gemstone; that is, unless the stone she was created from can be considered her gem. If this is true, her stone is just under the surface of her skin, making her the only body Gem/Gem construct known.

The Baby Pebble was accidentally created when a drop of sweat fell from Steven's face onto a rock-like object. Her entire body looks like an actual pebble (with the addition of arms, legs, and a face). This is because, unlike the other Pebbles, she is not a Gem, but rather a rock that came to life (similar to how Watermelon Stevens are sentient watermelons). However, she still works alongside the other Pebbles.


Pebbles have the job of building and sewing things, such as beds and clothes. Like Bismuths, they are adept at shapeshifting their limbs into any tool they require.

Episode Appearances


  • In "Catch and Release", Peridot uses "pebble" as an insult against Steven. The term may be referencing the Pebbles and imply the Pebbles have a low status on Homeworld, even lower than a Pearl. Squaridot also commonly uses "pebble" as an insult in Save the Light.
    • This status appears to hold true, as the Pebbles only serve as construction and tailor workers that likely follow directions beyond Pink Diamond from those considered even low-class or abnormal (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Connie).
  • Baby is the youngest Gem in the series, being a few years old by Steven Universe Future.
  • The Pebbles creating a Pink Diamond outfit for Steven is a reference to the scene in Cinderella where her mouse friends help create a dress for her to wear at the ball.
  • The Pebbles are voiced by Susan Egan and Zach Callison, who are the same voice actors who voice Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond and Steven respectively.
  • Fisto (the Pebble voiced by Zach), is the first non-corrupted full gem to have a male voice actor.
  • Unlike the other Gems seen thus far, pebbles are not named after a type of mineral. The term "pebble" is used to denote grain size rather than type/composition. According to the Wentworth scale, different types of pebbles have a particle size ranging from 4 to 65 millimeters.
  • They are the smallest non-corrupted Gems to date.
  • It is implied during the song "Familiar" that Pink Diamond created some of the Pebbles to keep her company.
  • In the game KleptoCats Cartoon Network, a Pebble (specifically Brainy) is an item that can be acquired. Her flavor text, spoken by Pearl, states: "I'll let you in on a little secret, back in Homeworld, these Pebbles did a lot of the heavy lifting for Pearls." The canonicity of this is unknown.


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