Season 1

I'm not fries!


When I told my dad I wanted to be part of the Fryman family business, I didn't think it meant being stuck in a sweaty old costume. Things used to be different, Steven, nothing to worry about back then except making myself dizzy on the old seahorse ride at Funland.


Let's go be kids!


This seahorse used to make me so happy. Now it's just giving me whiplash.


You pick up a job to buy a house, or raise kids, or to... impress your dad. You work away your life and what does it get you?
Steven: Smiles on faces?
No! You get cash. Cash that can't buy back what the job takes, not if you rode every seahorse in the world.


We didn't tell him to do that, did we tell him to do that?!


You are awful! I hate you, I've always hated you!


Steven, I take my job seriously, please use the actual menu.

—"Cat Fingers"

Steven, that is freakish.

—"Cat Fingers"

Oh, there you are! Dad wants you back at the shop! You're missing out on valuable frying time!

—"Keep Beach City Weird"

Yeah. He’s happy, you know?

—"Keep Beach City Weird"

My dad and I are restocking all the condiments. I get to clean the bottles. We're supposed to wash them twice, but I always wash them three times. Odd numbers just feel cleaner.

—"Maximum Capacity"

Greg: Wow. That's a lot of responsibility for a kid your age. Your dad must really trust you.
Don't patronize me, sir.

—"The Return"

When are we coming back?!

—"The Return"

Season 2

I was under a lot of stress at the time!

—"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Season 3

Years ago, my dad and Kofi signed an agreement to not steal each other's business, but when I fried up those mozzarella sticks, I re-ignited the hot oil of war.

—"Restaurant Wars"

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