Template:Peridot "Peridot" is a Gem who made her first appearance in "Warp Tour." She is a recurring antagonist of the series.


Peridot has light green skin and neon green eyes. Her fingers are not directly attached to her body, but instead float around where her palm would be. Peridot's hair is yellowish green, and styled into a tetrahedron shape. A light green visor covers half of her face. She wears a V-neck body suit that covers all of her body, except for her upper arms and neck. Her body suit is mainly composed of dark green and has a black diamond outline around the cut out of their neck area; meeting together to a light green diamond in front, with the lower half of her suit being black and dark green around her upper legs. Peridot's sleeves and boots are mostly composed of green and black as well. She has light green, diamond-shaped knees and elbow pads. Her gem is located on her forehead and is shaped like an inverted triangle with rounded edges.


Thus far, Peridot has been shown to be cold and ruthless. She appears to be some sort of scout or technician, and takes her work seriously, crushing one of her Robonoids when it was damaged in her first appearance in "Warp Tour". In "Marble Madness", she shows herself to be slightly arrogant and does not have a high opinion of humans, and attempts to crush Steven with a giant hand after briefly interrogating him. She is also somewhat like Pearl, in that they're both very intelligent and become easily flustered when their plans fail.

Despite her cold nature, Peridot is easily flustered. She also seems to be rather childish when things do not go her way. When Peridot realized that the Crystal Gems were the ones that have been destroying her equipment, she quickly lost her temper and asked "Why do you keep destroying my things!?". She also complains to herself when Jasper disregards their mission directives and instead chooses to return to the homeworld.

Peridot also seems to be very naive when it comes to Earth, especially when the information is not important to the mission, such as assuming that Steven's Crying Breakfast Friends! sticker was a sign to show that the Galaxy Warp had been compromised. She also believed that, while interrogating Steven, there were a species called "Stevens", just because he addressed himself by his name.


All Gems can shape-shift, summon a weapon, and retreat to their gemstone to regenerate. In addition to the aforementioned abilities, she is also shown to be intelligent enough to use and manipulate advanced Gem technology to reactivate the Kindergarten, fight the Crystal Gems, and control the features and weapons of the Gem Warship. Her hand to hand combat abilities however are questionable, as while she was shown being beaten by Amethyst, she could have also been outnumbered.

Unique Abilities

  • Escape Pod Generation: In "Jail Break", Peridot created an escape pod to flee from the Gem Warship by slamming her gem against the floor. It is unknown if this is one of her unique abilities or simply a function of the spaceship, as she was seen to move to a certain spot in order to generate it. However, her movement could simply be a tactic to escape the reach of the Crystal Gems before launching, as Amethyst was almost able to capture her regardless.
Warp Tour (30)

Peridot using her finger screen.

  • Interface Creation: Peridot is able to detach her fingers from her arms and project a holographic touchscreen from them, in which she can control and connect to different forms of Gem technology.
  • Advanced Intellect: Peridot has a knowledge of things both common to their planet and foreign (such as Earth).

Additional Tools

Gem Destabilizer: Like Jasper, Peridot has a Gem Destabilizer; An extremely potent, non-lethal tool used to subdue enemy Gems. When activated, a Gem Destabilizer generates an energy field which destabilizes and destroys a Gem's physical form, forcing the victim to retreat into their gem to regenerate. If used on a Fusion Gem, the Destabilizer causes them to break apart into their component Gems. The only one who seems to be immune to its effects is Steven, due to his half-human physiology.

Robonoids: Peridot can create different types of spherical robots, known as Robonoids. There are 2 types of known Robonoids: Flask and Plug. They can perform functions such as healing a warp pad and activating the Gem Kindergarten.


Crystal Gems

At first, the Crystal Gems didn't know who Peridot was. But they all (except Steven) seemed to be afraid of her (as shown when they hid from her in "Warp Tour" and "Marble Madness"), though it might've been out of the fact that none of them knew what she was capable of. Likewise, Peridot wasn't aware that any Gems remained on Earth, much less the Crystal Gems, as she was quite shocked to find them still alive. In "The Message", Lapis Lazuli told the Crystal Gems that a gem with advanced technology (whom Pearl assumes to be Peridot) would be bringing an army to Earth and that they should surrender, as it would be much easier. In "Joy Ride", Garnet does seem to have a bitter resentment after the events of "Jail Break", as she and the other Crystal Gems relentlessly attacked and beat her escape pod when they thought she was inside.

Steven Universe

Peridot has a ruthless attitude toward Steven, viewing him as less than a threat. When Peridot first saw Steven in "Marble Madness" she thought there was an infestation of "Stevens" in the Kindergarten. Peridot then briefly questioned Steven before attempting to crush him with a giant fist. In "The Return," she continued to demonstrate little regard for Steven, who was believed to only be a human until it was revealed that he was actually Rose Quartz (or so she and Jasper believed). In "Jail Break," Peridot attempted to use her Gem Destabilizer to subdue Steven and was surprised by his apparent immunity to the effects of the device.


Though the extent of their relationship is unknown, Jasper seems to be Peridot's former employer or someone of a higher authority than her, as Peridot calls her for back-up. She was irritated with Jasper, when the latter dismissed her complaints and treated her issues as trivial. It is very clear that Jasper thinks less of her.

Episode appearances


  • Peridot is right-handed, if not ambidextrous.
  • Peridot is the only known Gem to not have physically attached body parts, in this case, her fingers.
  • Peridot is the second non-fused and non-Crystal Gem to be discovered after Lapis Lazuli.
  • Peridot and Pearl both have their gems on their foreheads.
    • However, Pearl's gem is located higher on her forehead.
    • This possibly indicates their heightened intelligence.
  • She seems to have limited knowledge of Earth, as shown when she retreated from Earth when thinks that the Galaxy Warp was "compromised" after discovering a sticker on the warp pad.
    • She has no prior knowledge of events that occurred on Earth in the past 6000 years.
    • Due to her lack of knowledge, Peridot is probably not a veteran of Gem Civil War, either she was never sent to fight on Earth or it took place prior to her creation, similar to Amethyst.
    • She was also under the impression that Steven was the name of his species rather than an individual.
  • Like Lapis Lazuli and Jasper, Peridot has a diamond instead of a star on her uniform.
    • This trend appears to occur on Gems that are not part of the Crystal Gems, who all have a star on their uniform.
    • This may hint a dispute between Gems with stars and Gems with diamonds. This is bolstered by the murals in the main room of the pyramid in "Serious Steven," where Rose Quartz (star on clothing) is depicted opposing another Gem with a diamond-like symbol on their clothing.
    • Although Pearl had a diamond on her space uniform in "Space Race," this has yet to be explained.
    • It might be that a diamond is a symbol of authority among the Gem Homeworld.
  • Based off of the loud pounding of her footsteps, it can be assumed that she has an unusually large mass, possibly due to her bio-technological getup.
  • Peridot almost managed to reactivate the Kindergarten, but was foiled by the Crystal Gems.
  • She appears to have an almost limitless supply and variety of Flask Robonoids. She was able to deploy as many as she wanted and at any size to Earth from space.
  • Her final words before her screen faded out in Marble Madness were "I'm reporting this!" implying that she has a supervisor. It also implies that other Gems besides her, the Crystal Gems, and Lapis Lazuli are still out there and she will return.
    • In "The Message", Lapis Lazuli confirmed Peridot's threat when she warned the Crystal Gems that Peridot was leading a number of other Gems to Earth.
    • Her supervisor may be Yellow Diamond, who was mentioned by Jasper in "The Return."
  • It is possible that the Gem De-stabilizer and possibly the Flask Robonoids are Peridot's "weapons", and she has yet to show a personal weapon if she has one.
  • Lapis Lazuli seems to be afraid of her, implying that Peridot is an extremely dangerous gem. It could also be that Lapis was referring to Jasper, Peridot's companion.
  • The peridot gemstone is one of the oldest known and dates back thousands of years. Peridot, in her second appearance, tried to kill Steven because she thought he was a pest. She also fled from the warp pads in her first appearance when she discovered the 'crying waffle sticker' left by Steven because she thought the site had been compromised and destroyed the Robonoids to cover her tracks.
  • In "Jail Break," Peridot was forced to flee the exploding prison ship in an escape pod which was later revealed, in "Joy Ride," to have crash-landed only a few miles outside of Beach City.
    • Among the fanbase, it was previously believed that the escape pod had landed somewhere in Canada.
    • Her exact current location and whereabouts are still unknown.
  • She mentioned that the primary goal of going to Earth was to check on "the Cluster" in "Jail Break."
  • It is possible to save things or images that she has seen in record by only observing them once. This is seen in "Marble Madness" when she displays on her finger screen the Sad Waffle. She assumes this to be the logo of the Crystal Gems.
  • Peridot is the third gem to not have a facet, with the second being Lapis Lazuli, and the first being Pearl.


Learn about the peridot gemstone here.

  • Peridot is the gem-quality olivine mineral. The mineral, olivine, is a silicate, and its crystal structure is made up of single isolated tetrahedron crystals. This tetrahedron shape has the same shape as Peridot's hair.
  • Peridot is the birthstone of August, along with Sardonyx.
  • Peridot can be in, brownish, olive-green, and yellow-green colors.


Peridot's gemstone is located in the center of her forehead. It appears to be smooth without any facets or rings.


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