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—Peridot in "Warp Tour"

"Peridot" is a Gem who made her first appearance in "Warp Tour".


Peridot has neon green skin and eyes. Her light green fingers are not directly attached to her body, but instead float around where her hand should be. Peridot's hair is short, yellowish green, and styled into a tetrahedron shape. A light green visor covers half of her face. She wears a V-neck body suit that covers all of her body, except for her upper arms. Her body suit is mainly composed of dark green and has a black diamond outline around the cut out of their neck area; meeting together to a light green diamond in front, with the lower half of their suit being black and dark green around her upper legs. Peridot's sleeves and boots are mostly composed of green and black as well. She has light green, diamond-shaped knees and elbow pads. Her gem is located on her forehead and is shaped like an inverted triangle with rounded edges.


Peridot's Gem

Peridot's gemstone.

Peridot seems to have a very Darwinian attitude towards her robots, as instead of helping a broken one, she merely crushed it without hesitation. She also seems to be very technological and intelligent, as demonstrated when she was using very advanced terms and clearly knew how to use her holographic touchscreen when performing a "maintenance check" on Earth.


All Gems can shape-shift, summon a weapon, and retreat to their gemstone to heal. As well as having aforementioned abilities, Peridot is also able to detach her fingers from her body and project a holographic touchscreen from them.


Crystal Gems

Apparently, the Crystal Gems don't know who Peridot is, but they all, except Steven, seem to be afraid of her, as shown when they hid when she first appeared.

External Information

Learn more about the peridot gemstone here.


  • Peridot is the second non-fused Gem to be discovered, and not previously established in earlier episodes. The first is Lapis Lazuli.
  • Peridot is the only gem shown so far to not have physical hands
  • Peridot shares the same gem location with Pearl, that being their foreheads.
    • This possibly indicates their heightened intelligence.
    • Ironically, she seems to have limited knowledge of Earth, as shown when she retreated from Earth when she discovers the sticker on the warp pad after thinking that the Galaxy Warp has been "compromised".
  • Peridot is the birthstone of August, along with Sardonyx.
  • Peridot is the gem-quality Olivine mineral. The mineral olivine is a silicate, and its crystal structure is made up of single isolated tetrahedron crystals. This tetrahedron shape has the same shape of Peridot's hair.
  • Peridot doesn't have a star on her uniform. Instead, she has a diamond.
    • Lapis Lazuli also follows this trend.
    • This trend appears to occur on Gems that are not part of the Crystal Gems, who all have a star on their uniform.
    • This could be a hint as to a different group of Gems, possibly "Homeworld Gems"
      • This may hint a dispute between Gems with stars and Gems with diamonds. This is bolstered by the murals in the main room of the pyramid in "Serious Steven", where Rose Quartz (star on clothing) is fighting another Gem with a diamond on their clothing.
        • Although, Pearl had a diamond on her space uniform in "Space Race", this has yet to be explained.
  • Based off of the loud pounding with each step she takes, it can be assumed that she has an unusually large mass, possibly due to their bio-technological getup.
  • It is hinted that the Crystal Gems either know Peridot, or know what she's affiliated with.
    • Based on their subsequent panic, it can be assumed that the Crystal Gems have a negative relationship with Peridot or her affiliates. This is further supported by Pearl, stating that she "can't go through this again" and Amethyst, quoting that they are in deep trouble as if Peridot's appearance forebode something sinister.
    • They panicked as if they've done something bad but can be disproven by the fact that the Gems told Steven they didn't.
      • Though it's possible they could have been lying, or they just didn't want to make Steven feel like they're bad role models.
  • It is possible that the EMP device and possibly the Flask Robonoids are Peridot's "weapons".
  • The Kindergarten, which Peridot was sent to re-activate, is revealed to be where Amethyst was created in the episode "On the Run".
    • This implies that Peridot might not a maintenance worker, but a scout or infiltrator dispatched to reactivate the "Old Gem Junk".
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