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Prepare for humiliating defeat!

Save the Light

Peridot, nicknamed Squaridot for her square hair, is an Era 2 Homeworld Gem and a boss in Save the Light.


Squaridot has an olive-green complexion (darker than the Crystal Gems' Peridot) and chartreuse-yellow hair in the shape of a rectangular prism. A white visor covers the top half of her face, and her triangular gemstone replaces her left eye.

Squaridot wears a green and black Homeworld uniform with a bulky upper torso and spherical shoulder pads. Her stomach and knees bear Yellow Diamond's insignia. She is equipped with limb enhancers on her arms and legs, indicating that she is an Era 2 Peridot.


According to Rebecca Sugar, Squaridot has a similar mindset to Peridot's from before she was stranded on Earth and joined the Crystal Gems.[2]

To elaborate, Squaridot is wholly devoted to her mission on Earth, and sees anything that gets in her way as an obstacle to be crushed. Much like Peridot, she believes that Steven represents an entire species that shares his name; she never seems to recant this belief. Finally, she is deeply loyal to her superiors, and seems to hold Yellow Diamond in the highest regard possible; as she fantasized of being praised by her as the most wonderful thing she could ever hope for.

Further reinforcing her similarities to pre-stranded Peridot is her pride in running a smooth and efficient operation. Whenever something happens to interfere with her plans, she exhibits a mixture of panic and frustration, leading her to display erratic behavior in combat. When she and Peridot got into an argument over their conflicting ideals, their bickering devolved into a volley of shouted insults, highlighting their mutual stubborn streak and temper issues.

Like Peridot, Squaridot also prefers to rely on the weapons provided to her by Homeworld to make up for her lack of innate powers as an Era 2 gem. In her case, she falls back on the assault pod she was piloting in her boss fight, and only pulls out the weapons of her limb enhancers when fed up with Peridot's insults.

Finally, Squaridot's beliefs run deeply close to those once held by Peridot, in that she deems organic life inherently inferior and believes that any gem that fails to adhere to Homeworld's rigid caste system is hopelessly defective. She mocked Peridot for losing her limb enhancers, and steadfastly refused to listen to the latter's insistence that there was nothing wrong with abandoning Homeworld's beliefs.


Save the Light

Squaridot was a Peridot assigned to Hessonite's command, and came to Earth with her in order to track down the Light Prism. When the Crystal Gems' search for answers takes them to The Great North, they come across Squaridot making a field report. Spotting them, the Homeworld Peridot seems initially surprised to see other Gems on Earth, but quickly dismisses them as an evident obstacle that must be obliterated. Vowing to earn her superiors' praise, Squaridot boards her Attack Pod and engages the Crystal Gems in battle.

After her defeat, Squaridot remains defiant as the Crystal Gems capture her, swearing that she'll never betray her superior. As this unfolds, Steven realizes that this situation is similar to when Peridot first arrived on Earth. As the Peridot he knows ended up joining the Crystal Gems, Steven theorizes that maybe Squaridot can also be convinced to join them like Peridot did.

When they bring Squaridot to the barn, she sees Peridot without her enhancers and comments how "naked" and "detatched" she is; and snickers under her breath about how she's glad that she's not Peridot. The two start arguing over their conflicting ideals, and the situation devolves into a shouting match until Squaridot activates her Limb Enhancers' energy weapon function and aims it at Peridot. At Steven's cry for help, Garnet, Amethyst or Pearl poofs Squaridot with one blow and Garnet bubbles her for good measure.

Unleash the Light

She is heard in the post-credits where she is piloting her damaged escape pod, laughing before going hyperspace.


Squaridot presumably possesses the standard abilities of an Era 2 Peridot, including bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman durability. It's unclear, however, whether she has the same potential for magnetic manipulation the way Peridot does.


  • Limb Enhancers: Mechanical body extensions that compensate for Squaridot's assumed lack of natural powers. While she isn't seen using them to the same extent as Peridot did, Squaridot's tools include the same digital computer and energy gun that were witnessed in Peridot's limb enhancers.
  • Attack Pod: Manned combat vehicle that Squaridot may summon at will.


  • When poofed in Save the Light, her limb enhancers don't appear to fall to the ground, implying that they may be able to poof with the gem.
  • Squaridot appears in the mobile game, "Dreamland Arcade", as an unlockable skin for Peridot.
  • Like Peridot calls people "Clods", Squaridot calls people "Pebbles".
    • However, like her Crystal Gem counterpart, she tends to say "Clod" as well, as shown when she is fighting with Peridot.
  • She is heard in the post-credits in Unleash the Light implying that she was unbubbled sometime after the events of Save the Light.


Image Description
Squaridot Gemstone By TheOffColors
Squaridot's gemstone is located where her left eye would otherwise be. It has facets around the edge, but they are hidden behind her skin, making it appear smooth surfaced. Her gem also lacks a ring. It has a triangular shape.



  1. Den of Geek: "Hessonite is a pompous Homeworld commander who makes her way to Earth in order to retrieve the lost Prism and transform it back into a powerful weapon. She is the director of the previously announced Squaridot who is also making her debut within the game."
  2. ToonZone News: "She added that the new battle boss Squaridot came about because many Peridots exist, and obviously, the Peridot we know has changed and grown a lot since she was first introduced to the show. Squaridot has not changed whatsoever from pre-Earth Peridot, and Sugar said it was fun revisiting the old Peridot mindset who hasn’t learned anything at all."
  3. To those wondering about the fate of Squaridot’s limb enhancers: our intent was that they were destroyed during her poofing.
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