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Prepare for humiliating defeat, you, you... PEBBLES!

Save the Light

Peridot, nicknamed "Squaridot" for her hair, is an Era 2 Homeworld Gem and boss in Save the Light and Unleash the Light.


"Squaridot" is almost completely identical to the Crystal Gem's Peridot. She has an olive-green complexion and chartreuse-yellow hair in the shape of a square. A white visor covers the top half of her face and her triangular gemstone replaces her left eye.

"Squaridot" wore a medium green and dark green Homeworld uniform with dark green spherical shoulder pads. The top half of her torso was medium green and the bottom half was dark green. Her uniform also included a pair of short dark green leggings. Her upper stomach and knees bore Yellow Diamond's insignia (with the upper stomach insignia being a triangle). Due to her being an Era 2 Peridot, she was equipped with limb enhancers on her arms and legs, before they were destroyed when she was poofed and bubbled.

After being released from her bubble by Peridot, "Squaridot", like most Gems, reformed with a new outfit. Since her limb enhancers were destroyed, she has, by extension, lost the height they gave her, forcing her true, short, stature to be displayed. Her suit is now mostly medium green, with dark green spherical shoulder pads and a yellow stripe on her torso featuring two triangles, one on her chest and one on her upper stomach (almost resembling a four-pointed star). She continues to wear short dark green leggings, but now wears medium green leggings as well, that cover her feet and feature yellow toes and yellow triangle-shaped insignias on her knees.


According to Rebecca Sugar she has a mindset similar to Peridot 5XG before she was stranded on Earth and joined the Crystal Gems.[2]

She is wholly devoted to her mission on Earth and sees anything that gets in her way as an obstacle to be crushed. Much like Peridot 5XG, she believes that Steven Universe represents an entire species sharing his name but never openly recants this. She is deeply loyal to her superiors and seems to hold Yellow Diamond in the highest regard possible as she fantasized about being praised by her as the most wonderful thing she could ever hope for.

Further reinforcing similarities to pre-stranding Peridot is her pride in running a smoothly efficient operation. When something interferes she exhibits a mixture of panic and frustration leading her to display erratic behavior. When she and Peridot got into an argument, their bickering devolved into a volley of insults, highlighting their mutual stubborn streaks and tempers.

Like Peridot, she prefers to rely on weaponry provided to her by Homeworld to make up for her lack of innate powers as an Era 2 Gem. In her case, she falls back on her vehicle and only pulls out the weapons of her limb enhancers when fed up with Peridot's insults.

Her beliefs run deeply close to those once held by Peridot in that she deems organic life inferior and believes Gems failing to adhere to Homeworld's Caste System are hopelessly defective. She mocked Peridot for losing her own limb enhancers and steadfastly refused to listen to her insistence that there was nothing wrong with abandoning Homeworld's beliefs.

However, in the following game, "Squaridot"'s beliefs were changed when the Crystal Gems came to her aid. "Squaridot" appreciated the gesture and promised that she would refrain from reporting their presence to Hessonite, as well as the Diamond Authority (whom she thought were still in control at the time), to show her gratitude. She is currently having difficulty processing Era 3, after learning about it from Steven, but other than that, she doesn't seem to have any major problems with the new Era, despite her former beliefs and loyalty to the Diamonds.


Save the Light

"Squaridot" was a Peridot assigned to Hessonite's command and came to Earth in order to help her track down one of the Light Prisms. When the Crystal Gems' search takes them to The Great North, they come across the Homeworld Peridot making a field report. Initially mistaking her for their Peridot, Steven then realizes she is actually a different Peridot. After spotting them, "Squaridot" (Steven's nickname for the Peridot, due to her shape of her hair) initially seems surprised to see other Gems on Earth, but quickly dismisses them as an evident obstacle that must be obliterated. Vowing to earn her superiors' praise "Squaridot" boards her attack pod and attacks the Crystal Gems. However, the Gems manage to overpower her, and destroys her attack pod in the process, defeating the Peridot.

After her defeat, "Squaridot" remains defiant, as the Crystal Gems capture her, swearing she'll never betray her superior. As this unfolds Steven realizes the situation is similar to when Peridot first arrived. As the Peridot he knew ended up joining the Crystal Gems, he then theorizes that "Squaridot" can also be convinced.

When they bring "Squaridot" to the barn, she meets Peridot and rudely comments on her lack of limb enhancers, all while snickering about how glad she is to not be her. When Peridot tries to tell "Squaridot" that she doesn't have to do anything Homeworld says, "Squaridot" refuses to listen, causing the two Peridots to argue over their ideals as the situation devolves into a shouting match until "Squaridot" accidentally tells the Crystal Gems about Hessonite's presence at the Gem Battlefield. Peridot then laughs at her mistake and, in response, "Squaridot" angrily activates her limb enhancers' energy weapons and aims them at Peridot. Upon hearing Steven's cry for help, Garnet, Amethyst or Pearl poofs "Squaridot" and destroys her limb enhancers in the process. Garnet then bubbles her gemstone for good measure.

Unleash the Light

In the first version of the game, "Squaridot" was heard, in the post-credits scene, laughing while piloting her damaged attack pod in space. Her pod then flew off at hyperspeed.

She is a boss in the second version of the game. Peridot decided to release her from her bubble, in an attempt to get her on the Crystal Gems' side. However, due to her ego, "Squaridot" refused Peridot's offer and ran off to retrieve her attack pod. Using her pod, and whatever tech she had left, she started searching for the whereabouts of Hessonite. Remembering that her commander's ship has an emergency protocol for locating her Prism, "Squaridot" assumed that would lead her to her. She then proceeded to board Hessonite's warship and activate the protocol. However, when she activated it, the ship took over and imprisoned "Squaridot" in a glass container full of fuchsia-colored fluid. While imprisoned, "Squaridot" had her mind extracted by the ship's computer, which created robotic copies of her, that sent out a transmission for Steven, commanding him to deliver the Prism to them.

The Crystal Gems later arrive on the warship and notice a singular robotic "Squaridot". Mistaking it for the real "Squaridot", they fight it and destroy it with ease. This causes the ship's malfunctioning computer to go haywire and fight off the Crystal Gems with even more robots. However, thanks to Peridot and her hacking abilities, she was able to shut down the ship's computer and release "Squaridot" from her captivity.

"Squaridot" explains what truly happened and, to show her gratitude towards the Crystal Gems for coming to her rescue, she tells them that she would refrain from reporting their presence to Hessonite, as well as the Diamond Authority, causing Peridot to realize that "Squaridot" is still unaware about Era 3, to which Steven helps explain it to her.

After being told all about Era 3, "Squaridot" shows difficulty processing it, to which Steven proposes that she comes along with them back to Beach City, and even offers her to show her Little Homeworld. She refuses Steven's offer, stating that she isn't ready for all that yet. He understands and tells her that if she ever changes her mind, she knows where to find them.


"Squaridot" presumably possesses the standard abilities of an Era 2 Peridot including bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman durability. It's unclear, however, whether she has the same potential for magnetic manipulation the way Peridot does.


  • Limb Enhancers: Mechanical body extensions compensating for "Squaridot"'s assumed lack of powers. While she isn't seen using them to the same extent as Peridot did her tools included the same digital computer and energy blaster.
  • Attack Pod: Manned combat vehicle that "Squaridot" may summon at will.


  • According to Grumpyface Studios, her limb enhancers were destroyed when she was poofed in Save the Light.[3]
  • "Squaridot" appears in Dreamland Arcade as an unlockable skin for Peridot.
  • Similarly to how Peridot calls people "clods", "Squaridot" calls people "pebbles".
    • However, like her Crystal Gem counterpart, she tends to say "clod" as well, as shown when fighting with said counterpart.
  • A Peridot is seen in "Homeworld Bound" resembles "Squaridot"; as this Peridot also has square-shaped hair.


Image Description
Squaridot Gemstone By TheOffColors.png
"Squaridot"'s gemstone is located where her left eye would otherwise be. It has facets around the edge but they are hidden behind her skin making it appear smooth-surfaced. Her gem also lacks a ring. It has a triangular shape.



  1. Den of Geek: "Hessonite is a pompous Homeworld commander who makes her way to Earth in order to retrieve the lost Prism and transform it back into a powerful weapon. She is the director of the previously announced Squaridot who is also making her debut within the game."
  2. ToonZone News: "She added that the new battle boss Squaridot came about because many Peridots exist, and obviously, the Peridot we know has changed and grown a lot since she was first introduced to the show. Squaridot has not changed whatsoever from pre-Earth Peridot, and Sugar said it was fun revisiting the old Peridot mindset who hasn't learned anything at all."
  3. To those wondering about the fate of Squaridot's limb enhancers: our intent was that they were destroyed during her poofing.
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