This article is about the Gem type and its members. You may be looking for the Crystal Gem Peridot or the video game character "Squaridot".
Peridots were low ranking technological Gems that were mostly used as kindergarteners. All known Peridots have been voiced by Shelby Rabara.


Warp Tour (242)

Peridot examining the Galaxy Warp.

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Peridots served mainly as technicians and kindergarteners, sometimes performing field assignments on other planets such as the Peridot who befriended Steven and joined the Crystal Gems. Being workers, Peridots had a low rank, only being allowed into elite Homeworld areas if a job was needed to be done there.[1]

Era-2 Peridots were given Limb Enhancers to compensate for the lack of strength and unique abilities, save for enhanced durability, older Gems had due to the depletion of resources on Homeworld. One Peridot so far was shown to have ferrokinetic abilities.

Physical Characteristics

Peridots tend to have green skin and yellow or green hair that comes in a variety of shapes. While the exact appearance of an Era 1 Peridot (if any different) is unknown, it is known that they possessed abilities which made technological enhancements unnecessary for them to perform their duties.

Main Peridots

  • Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG – A former Yellow Diamond subordinate assigned to report on the status of Earth and now part of the Crystal Gems.
  • "Squaridot" - A subordinate of Hessonite nicknamed for her hair, temporarily bubbled by the Crystal Gems but last observed heading through hyperspace.

Other Peridots

Steven Universe: The Movie

A Peridot wearing a non-uniform style is seen watching a single transmission panel. She appears to be somewhat of an outcast or an atypically-working Peridot. Her gem placement is completely unknown, as is much of her appearance.

In the shot of Homeworld with several more transmission panels, several, more uniformed Peridots can be seen with a large group.

Unleash the Light

Multiple Era 2 Peridots appear in Unleash the Light.

Image Gemstone Physical Information Other Info
Peri Pal (Chest) by RylerGamerDBS

Peridot’s gemstone is located on her chest.
Peridot has bright cool green skin, dull cool green eyes, and light chartreuse hair. She also wears bright dandelion Limb Enhancers. She is an Era 2 Peridot seen in Unleash the Light
Peri Pal (Left Arm) by RylerGamerDBS

Peridot’s gemstone is located on her left shoulder.
Peridot has bright green skin, deep green eyes, and light dandelion hair. She also wears bright dandelion Limb Enhancers. She is an Era 2 Peridot seen in Unleash the Light.
Peri Pal (Left Arm 2) by RylerGamerDBS

Peridot’s gemstone is located on her left shoulder.
Peridot has dull green skin, dull green eyes, and very light yellow hair. She also wears bright dandelion Limb Enhancers. She is an Era 2 Peridot seen in Unleash the Light.
Peri Pal (Chest 2) by RylerGamerDBS

Peridot’s gemstone is located on her chest.
Peridot has light mint green skin, dark green eyes, and dark green hair. She also wears bright dandelion Limb Enhancers. She is an Era 2 Peridot seen in Unleash the Light.

"Homeworld Bound"

A Peridot appears, partaking in Aubergine Pearl's tour of Homeworld.


  • The Peridot in "Homeworld Bound" is the Peridot with different hair in the show.
    • She is also the second Peridot with square hair overall.


  1. Rebecca Sugar in
    Q: "So...with this whole ball thing. We've seen that Gems do know what music is, and what singing is. So why didn't Peridot know what singing is?"
    A: "She would never have been in the palace unless she was there for a job. She's essentially a maintenance worker."
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