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No one can ever find out we did this. I never want to look back.

—"A Single Pale Rose"
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Pink Diamond was a Homeworld Gem and a member of the Great Diamond Authority that continued to rule over the Gem race in her absence.

Originally in charge of Earth's colonization, she took the form of a Rose Quartz after her fellow Diamonds refused to allow her to abandon the colony and spare life found on the planet. As her plans escalated into an all-out war, Pink faked her own shattering in an effort to finally drive Homeworld away from Earth, taking on Rose's appearance as her default form afterwards, and gave up her physical form to give birth to her son Steven, who inherited her gemstone thus making her part of him.

She was first depicted in her original form as a mural in "It Could've Been Great" and as a reflection during Stevonnie's dream sequence in "Jungle Moon". She made her official debut in "A Single Pale Rose".


Pink Diamond had bubblegum pink skin, deep pink eyes with diamond-shaped pupils, and pale pink hair. Her hair was styled in a voluminous, fluffy bob around her face. Her lips were accentuated with hot-pink that emulated lipstick. Her gemstone was located on her torso where a human navel would be and appeared in the shape of a convex pentagon (being an inverted-side view of a round-cut diamond). Her physical form's projection was significantly smaller than the other Diamonds but she still towered over lower-ranking Gems.

Pink Diamond wore a cerise half-skirted leotard that displayed her midriff and gem in a pentagon-shaped opening. She had pink-and-white puffy sleeves and wore elbow-length cerise gloves. Her half-skirt was also pink-and-white atop cerise un-paned breeches with white pantyhose. Her shoes were pink ballet slippers with floating white pom poms. Her outfit resembled a ballet dancer and harlequin.

Regeneration (Debut)

After being poofed by Pearl during the climax of the Rebellion, Pink Diamond chose to reform as her rebel alias, permanently adopting the name and identity "Rose Quartz".[2] This was the only time Pink Diamond regenerated with a different form.


When a Gem is made, it's for a reason. They burst out of the ground already knowing what they're supposed to be and then that's what they are, forever. But you, you're suppose to change! You're never the same, even moment to moment. You're allowed and expected to invent who you are! What an incredible power! The ability to grow up...

—Rose Quartz, "Greg the Babysitter"

Pink Diamond evidently appeared to be bubbly and over-friendly, possessing a worldview much like that of her human son Steven's. She had a bright, positive and adventurous personality that wanted nothing more than to explore and have fun with her fellow Gems. Her growing love for the life on Earth and efforts to save it from the other Diamonds seemingly matured her, even fighting against Homeworld and gathering the Crystal Gems. As seen when she fought as Rose Quartz she was courageous, fighting on the front lines of the war which unfortunately caused heated arguments between her and Pearl.

Now We're Only Falling Apart (132)

Unlike the other Diamonds and even before rebelling, Pink rejected the Gem hierarchy and was extremely informal with her servants. She treated everyone equally, being somewhat exasperated at Pearl's overly formal nature and instead acting as her friend. She wanted to greet and play around with her Gems emerging on Earth, saying how happy she was to be "fitting in" with the Prime Kindergarten Amethysts without them gesturing through the Gem salute while she posed as a Rose Quartz. As seen in her discussion with Pearl in "A Single Pale Rose", Pink was excited and happy about leaving her life as a Diamond behind, living rather happily with her friends after the war for thousands of years in which she told a younger Greg Universe she never missed her previous home or life.

Your Mother and Mine (168)

When the stories about how she first ruled over Earth as a colony were told, Pink was portrayed by former rebels as being a mercilessly cruel tyrant who callously laughed at Rose Quartz's pleas to spare her colony from eventual destruction, yet a surprisingly massive coward as she immediately called for help from the other Diamonds when faced with outright conflict. It could be implied this would've been true had she gone down a much darker path, though she may have spread these stories herself. As Rose Quartz, she hid her true nature from everyone except Pearl, the one who originally suggested she take on the form of a Quartz to begin with. She later made her swear to secrecy so none of her other allies and not a single one of her enemies knew of her real identity. This continued for thousands of years after the war until Pearl revealed the truth about her fake shattering.

Change Your Mind 036

Though she was playful towards them and wished for their happiness as mentioned in "Change Your Mind", Pink seemed to have a dim and jaded view on how her kin White, Yellow and Blue Diamond viewed her. This might've come from their frequent scoldings, her feelings of never fitting in with Homeworld, constant punishments for little acts such as letting alien worms loose in the Diamonds' Palace and how her pleas to spare Earth always fell on deaf ears. In consequence, Pink assumed her fellow Diamonds didn't care for her so she wouldn't be missed if she was gone; something which led to her faking her shattering but inadvertently the corruption of many Earthbound gems.

In spite of her optimism, centuries of repressed trauma had left Pink with the capacity to be short-tempered, immature, shortsighted, and over-emotional, often to the point of inadvertently causing destructive tantrums and even shunning her previous relationships to cover up her own past. This was shown when she angrily punched a glass panel of Yellow Diamond's jungle moon base, damaged her first Pearl by screaming, abandoned Spinel for several millennia in her garden, and left her human son Steven to deal with the fallout of her mistakes 6,000 years later. In spite of her selfishness, she cared for both her friends and Earth, the very reasons she fought for both. Overall, her kindness and fascination with humanity's ability to grow and change stems from her desire to change from the angry and selfish being she was.


Ancient History

Pink Diamond was created at an unknown point millennia ago. She was part of a quartet of Diamonds known as the Diamond Authority who ruled all of Gemkind with a strict caste system.

In her early days, she wasn't allowed to carry out the typical duties of an actual Diamond, instead, she hosted balls and parties to celebrate the other Diamonds' accomplishments.

Pink had a very close relationship with the other Diamonds, at times playing a game in which she would sink below the water and sing while White, Yellow, and Blue would stay above the surface trying to guess the song's name. She was even allowed to name a batch of Pyrite "Fool's Gold," making White furious. However, their relationship was strained by the duties the Diamonds had kept in place of their assumed roles, something that hurt Pink and Blue deeply.

At one juncture, Pink watched Yellow send out a fleet of Gems to begin colonizing an inhabited planet at the Moon Base orbiting said planet. Pink was fascinated by the duties of a Diamond but frustrated at the same time because Yellow had numerous colonies and she couldn't have one of her own. After Pink demanded a colony, the two argued. The exchange ended with Pink walking away and angrily smashing one of the Moon Base's windows out of frustration.

On another occasion, Pink accompanied Blue to the Kyanite colony and begged her to let her keep the organic worms that lived on the planet, which Blue allowed. However, the worms began infesting the palaces of Homeworld and chased the Pearls around. Because of this, Blue was forced to throw Pink into the Prison Tower and scold her for misbehaving. As revealed in "Change Your Mind", Pink was locked away in the Prison Tower numerous times by Blue over her repeated misdemeanors.

8,000 Years Ago

Tired of repeated rejections from Yellow and Blue, Pink directly petitioned White Diamond for a colony of her own. However, White also denied her request, alleging that Pink "wasn't fit to run one."[3] Furious, Pink threw a destructive tantrum that cracked Pink Pearl's gem and traumatized her so severely that when her gem was restored her physical form still manifested with a permanent, large crack over her left eye.

Her physical form shows damage but her pearl is perfectly fine. This injury must have been so impactful that it continues to manifest despite the fact that her pearl has been repaired.

—Shell, "Volleyball"

As Blue had previously warned, Pink Diamond's Pearl was taken away by White Diamond and was eventually replaced by a new, "default"[4] Pearl and a pink Spinel who would act as her personal assistant and "best friend" respectively. Pink's original Pearl was placed under the control of White Diamond using her gem-controlling power and would go on to serve as a false "White" Pearl to White Diamond for the next 8,000 years.

Having felt guilty over losing her original Pearl, Pink restrained herself from further destructive and emotional outbursts.[5] She attempted to be less informal with her new Pearl and allowed Spinel to entertain her, to comply with the intended purpose of each Gem and her own expected behavior as a Diamond.

At some point Pink was granted a large, private garden full of flowers and organic plants where she often played games with Spinel.

Over 6,000 Years Ago

An excited Spinel

Likely due to her efforts to curb her behavior, after two millennia Yellow and Blue Diamond finally conceded and granted Pink Diamond her request for a colony. Calling via a communication device while Pink was visiting her garden with Spinel, the Diamonds informed Pink that she would be given the planet Earth to develop and rule.

During the call Pink was very cognizant of Spinel's childlike excitement at the news and was upset and embarrassed by Spinel's bouncy actions in front of Yellow and Blue. When Pink attempted to exit the garden shortly after the call, Spinel followed, expecting to go with Pink to Earth. However, fearing Spinel's focus on fun and games would jeopardize her chance to seriously run the colony, Pink told Spinel to stay in the garden. Told by Pink that the order was a game, Spinel would be left in Pink's garden, abandoned, for the following 6,000 years.

In the early stages of Earth's colonization, Pink was put in charge of all structures built on Earth as well as Gem production in its Kindergartens. She monitored all progress at her local Moon Base with her Pearl, eventually growing bored at the mindless task of waiting for the colony's development.

Could you imagine that running a colony would be this dull?

—Pink Diamond, "Now We're Only Falling Apart"

When attempts at casual conversation with her Pearl failed to produce results, Pink eventually asked her to check the status of the Prime Kindergarten. When Pearl reported the first Quartz soldiers were emerging, Pink excitedly hopped down to the second floor where Pearl activated the Observation Orb and transformed the room into a real-time projection of the Kindergarten. Initially Pink was ecstatic at the idea that they were "creating life from nothing" but soon wished she could actually be there in person to interact with the newly-emerged Gems. Though Pearl offered to transport her down to the planet's surface, Pink exclaimed that she would get reprimanded by Yellow and Blue and reluctantly declined.

In an attempt to satisfy Pink's desire without getting her in trouble, Pearl proposed the idea of shapeshifting to look like a Quartz soldier so that Pink could mingle without being recognized. Enthralled by the clever concept, Pink quickly shapeshifted to resemble a Rose Quartz Gem, changing the position of her gemstone to expose the bottom instead of the front. Now appearing near-identical to a common Quartz soldier, Pink Diamond and Pearl traveled to the Kindergarten and soon after, again at Pearl's suggestion, began exploring the planet's wild areas. Pink became enthralled by the organic life on Earth and soon came to realize that her colony was not creating life, but rather "taking life, and leaving nothing behind."

Upon returning to the Moon Base Pink pleaded with the other Diamonds to cease Gem production on Earth in order to preserve the organic life. When she told the other Diamonds she didn't want to go through with the colony, they told her to finish what she started. When she told them she wanted to preserve life on Earth, they created the Zoo and threw a handful of humans [and flora native to Earth] in.[6] Despite her status as a Diamond, her requests did not sway Yellow or Blue who ultimately dismissed her repeated pleas.

Upon her final dismissal Pink decided to make a stand as someone they couldn't ignore[7] and began regularly shape-shifting into her Quartz soldier disguise, adopting the alias "Rose Quartz" in an effort to disrupt Gem production and large-scale colonization of the planet. She and Pearl began appearing in Gem-controlled areas on the planet's surface, attacking Gems and announcing themselves as the "Crystal Gems."

Over 5,750 Years Ago

Pink Diamond's original plan was "to scare every gem off the planet"[8] but after witnessing Garnet's first formation as a different-gem fusion Pink decided to recruit other gems to her cause. She aimed to make Earth a sanctuary for not only the native organic life but also for the downtrodden, discontent, and outcast gems in her own society. Changing tactics, she began gathering an army of gems dissatisfied with the rigid Homeworld caste system who would fight for the Earth and their own freedom.

Pink Diamond created a false origin story for her Rose Quartz persona to inspire gems to join her rebel cause and help mask her identity. Speaking as Rose Quartz, Pink alleged to be an Earth-grown, ordinary Quartz soldier who eventually became fascinated by the organic life on Earth and began questioning their mission to colonize the planet. In her fabricated story, "Rose" was eventually brought before Pink Diamond who proceeded to laugh at her desire to preserve the native inhabitants of Earth, alleging that such sentiment implied that organic life was equal to or superior than that of Gemkind. In her story, this response caused Rose to defect from her Diamond and begin the rebellion against Homeworld.

In Rose's false narrative, Pink Diamond is depicted as a spoiled, conceited, and cowardly ruler in contrast to the heroic and compassionate traits exhibited by Rose Quartz. The folktale served as a good cover for Pink who was either forbidden from visiting Earth or was rarely able to mingle amongst her subjects without suffering punishment from the other Diamonds. As Pink was raised on a pedestal by her subjects and overlooked by her fellow Diamonds, "Rose" could make claims about Pink Diamond without raising suspicion as the gems she was recruiting (the disenfranchised, working-class, and soldier gems) would rarely if ever get the chance to see Pink Diamond's true personality.


At some point, Blue Diamond, with Yellow present, scolded Pink and reprimanded her for excuses as to why the colony should not be completed. Blue listed Pink's claims of there being too many organic beings, great difficulty in dismantling their civilizations, and the growing Gem Rebellion.

You must understand: you are a Diamond. Everyone on this planet is looking to you. You don't even have to do anything! Just smile and wave. Show everyone you are unfazed by this little..."uprising." Your gems will fall into line and these Crystal Gems will be no more. As long as you are there to rule, this colony will be completed.

—Blue Diamond, "Can't Go Back (Part 1)"

With this statement, Blue inadvertently caused one of the most impactful events for Gem society in known Gem history and one of the most significant events in the Gem Rebellion: the idea for Pink to fake her own shattering.

5,300–5,050 Years Ago

Some time after receiving the idea from Blue Diamond, Pink concocted a plan with Pearl to fake her own shattering at the hands of a shape-shifted Pearl in the guise of Pink's own alter ego, Rose Quartz. Pink concluded that the best way to end the war once and for all was to remove herself, as a Diamond, from the equation. She took Blue's words to mean that the absence of Pink Diamond would cause Homeworld to abandon the planet as there would be no figurehead to fight for. Taking responsibility for the planet and all of its inhabitants, in the brief time before putting their plan into action she passionately informed Pearl that "If this is really my world, I want to give it to the Crystal Gems."

After sharing a touching moment with Pearl in her palanquin, Pink Diamond proceeded to create fake gemstone shards from dirt and swallowed them. This ensured an authentic display for when "Rose Quartz" ran Pink through with Rose's legendary sword; the "shattered remains of Pink Diamond" fell to the ground when Pink's physical form poofed and her real Gem was quickly tucked away in secret by the transformed Pearl. This display gave authenticity to the illusion of Pink's death before a crowd of witnesses including "Eyeball" and Jasper and altered the entire course of the Gem War on Earth as well as the fates of the Gems under Pink Diamond's control. After her "shattering," Gems serving Pink Diamond (such as Jasper and the Prime and Beta Kindergarten Quartz-es) were reassigned to other Diamonds. Most Gems who originally served under her still held loyalty to her and reverently referred to her as their Diamond even after the passage of many thousands of years.

Before exiting the palanquin as Pink Diamond, Pink's final act as a Diamond was to command Pearl to never speak of what transpired that day, ceremoniously having Pearl cover her own mouth with her hands and causing Pearl to be physically incapable of speaking about the entire event for several millennia.

21st Century

Despite having embraced her new identity as Rose Quartz after re-forming permanently after her "shattering" near the end of the Gem War, she would retain all memories and knowledge of her former life as Pink Diamond until the creation of her son, Steven Universe, in the modern day. She had a peaceful existence with the few remaining uncorrupted Crystal Gems on Earth, eventually settling down at the Gem Temple in Beach City where she would meet and fall in love with Greg Universe. Her conscious mind fully faded when Steven was born, though some memories persisted through strong emotion stored within her Gem as Steven later discovered through empathetic dreams when resting in physical locations where Pink Diamond had experienced strong emotions in the past.


Jasper mentioned that one of the reasons she had been fighting her whole life is because of what Rose did to Pink Diamond.

"Back to the Moon"

Back to the Moon 190

The Gems and Rubies revisited the Moon Base where "Eyeball" took a moment to pay her respects to Pink Diamond. "Eyeball" also revealed that the Moon Base belonged to Pink Diamond. After explaining how well the Earth colony was doing under Pink Diamond's supervision, "Eyeball" claimed she saw Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond herself.


Steven asked Garnet if Rose really shattered Pink Diamond and she confirmed it. Garnet said Rose had to shatter Pink Diamond for the Earth to be "free" and everyone to be who they were at that moment.

"Steven's Dream"

Blue Diamond visited Earth to pay her own respects to Pink Diamond for what she thought was one last time. It was revealed she was believed to have been shattered in present-day Korea where her palanquin lay abandoned. Rose's former partner, Greg, told Blue he could sympathize with her feelings of pain and loss, much to her shock. Ironically, they never realized they had mourned over the exact same being the entire time.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

Garnet mentioned that during Pink Diamond's reign on Earth she stole humans from their families as trophies of her conquest and put them in her Zoo. In truth, Pink didn't even come close to agreeing with the idea and although the Zoo was made under her name, it was actually Yellow and Blue themselves who presumably commanded members of their courts to take the humans in the first place.

"Gem Heist"

During the tour of Pink Diamond's Zoo, Holly Blue Agate revealed that each of the Quartzes stationed there originally belonged to Pink Diamond and that Blue Diamond took over the zoo to preserve Pink Diamond's legacy.

"That Will Be All"

Blue Diamond returned to Pink's Zoo where she was found and scolded by Yellow for still mourning Pink after thousands of years. It was also revealed Pink actually made the Rose Quartzes that served as the inspiration for her disguise and they were all bubbled because one of their kind was supposedly responsible for the Rebellion and her demise. While Yellow Diamond wished for their destruction, Blue Diamond wanted them kept in the bubbles.

"Storm in the Room"

Steven wondered aloud why Rose would bubble Bismuth for wanting to shatter Gems but then turn around and shatter Pink Diamond herself anyway.

"I Am My Mom"

Steven turned himself over to Aquamarine and Topaz claiming to be Rose Quartz, the Gem who shattered Pink Diamond.

"The Trial"

After Steven messed up the details surrounding Pink's last stand and fall, Blue Diamond stated Pink was shattered with Rose's sword. The defending Zircon remarked that Pink Diamond was shattered in front of her entire entourage but was puzzled by how that could be the case. To defend Steven in a trial against the Diamonds, Zircon states how it is doubtful that Rose Quartz was able to get past Pink Diamond's entourage full of soldiers, Agates, Sapphires, and her Pearl.

The defending Zircon came to the conclusion it was not Rose who had committed the crime, but rather someone who had a great amount of authority and Pink Diamond's trust which allowed them to get past her attendants. She accused the Diamonds of being capable of such a thing, which only shocked Steven and Blue Diamond and made Yellow Diamond furious.


Garnet explained that 5,750 years ago Pink Diamond was "ravaging" the Earth and began to tell a flashback story only to get rudely cut off by Steven, who said he already knew what happened.

"Jungle Moon"

Pink punching window

An infuriated Pink Diamond destroys the glass.

Stevonnie ended up on a moon that was formerly the base of operations for a past colonization effort led by Yellow Diamond. During a dream, they recalled one of Pink and Yellow Diamond's interactions in which Yellow Diamond (envisioned as Connie's mother) stated "Pink" did not act as a Diamond should. Pink Diamond (represented as Stevonnie) stormed off in anger. The true appearance of Pink Diamond then appears as Stevonnie's reflection right before they punch a windowpane in the base in frustration.

"Your Mother and Mine"

Your Mother and Mine (246)

Pink Diamond appears in a flashback told by Garnet. When word came across to Pink Diamond of a Rose Quartz asking questions to her fellow Gems about the life on the Earth, Pink summoned Rose at once. Pink Diamond asked Rose what she had been saying to the other Gems and when Rose pleaded with Pink to spare the life on the planet she simply gave a wicked and empty laugh, scoffing at the very notion. Pink Diamond told Rose to return to her post but then discovered that her message was resonating with other Gems. In return, an enraged Pink Diamond called for her Diamond allies Yellow and Blue. After the war took a turn for the worst against the Crystal Gems, Rose Quartz was seen reluctantly shattering Pink Diamond, her silhouette showing a collapsing pose and shattering into multiple pieces.

"Can't Go Back"

Steven has a dream of a past conversation between Pink and Blue Diamond at the Moon Base. As the two Diamonds walked away, Steven saw Pearl with Rose's sword, unsheathing it behind Pink Diamond and then suddenly glaring back at him.

"A Single Pale Rose"

After his dream in the Moon Base (which seemingly ended up scaring a shell shocked Lapis Lazuli away for good due to him being unable to explain the vision), Steven believed Pearl was the true culprit behind Pink Diamond's shattering. When he asked Pearl about it, she suddenly stuttered and covered her mouth. Some time afterward, Steven received a text from Pearl implying she wanted to tell him the real details surrounding Pink Diamond and her death but could not. Pearl revealed she somehow did not send it and when she proved incapable of retrieving her phone by herself, she sent Steven inside her gemstone to find it.

Tumblr pywhyze3KX1r1bz0wo1 540

Steven went through multiple phases of Pearl's past until he reached the moment after Rose Quartz supposedly shattered Pink Diamond. He found what he believed to be the shards from Pink Diamond's gemstone on the ground and approached "Rose". It was revealed that this figure was not Rose, but rather Pearl shapeshifted into her form. Steven was shocked but already under the impression that she was the mastermind behind it all. However, Pearl opened her hand to reveal Pink Diamond's unharmed gemstone. Confused, Steven was again sent further back into her memories - to the moment right before Pink Diamond was shattered.

ASinglePaleRose (558)

He found himself in Pink Diamond's palanquin and discovered the memory of Pearl and Rose discussing their plan to shatter Pink Diamond out in the open, as well as what they hoped to achieve by doing so. When Pearl was convinced it would be the right thing to do and given a final order by Pink Diamond to never directly say anything about it, Rose reverted to her original form as Pink to finally enact the plan.

After witnessing the events that transpired, Pearl's innermost self returned her outermost self's cellphone to Steven and he was sent back to the real world. Pearl told Steven she had wanted to tell him the truth about Pink Diamond for a very long time but simply could not due to being prevented from doing so by her former owner's last command. Steven then reiterated what he had learned, revealing the shocking truth to Garnet and Amethyst in the process.

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

In Pearl's story to an upset and defused Sapphire regarding why Pink Diamond adopted the identity of Rose Quartz, she was first seen alongside Pearl and remarked on how running a colony was "dull." She asked Pearl to check the pending status of the Prime Kindergarten and it turned out the first Quartzes were due to emerge soon. Excited, she went down to the Observation Orb and had it activated so it displayed the Kindergarten. There, she walked up to the spot where an Amethyst emerged and welcomed her to Earth. However, she simply phased through her due to it all just being a hologram.

Disappointed, Pink Diamond openly wished she could be down there. Pearl offered to escort her to the Kindergarten after using a Warp Pad but she rebuffed this, thinking about the other Diamonds' reactions even though she still wanted to go. Pearl then projected an image of her with some Amethysts, commenting on how she looked so happy. Pink stated her joy wouldn't last very long when Yellow and Blue found out, but Pearl said they would not find out if she took the form of a Quartz. Telling her that was a brilliant idea, Pink then shapeshifted into the form of Rose Quartz for the very first time.

Now We're Only Falling Apart (302)

After spending time on Earth, Pink Diamond realized the Kindergartens and the rest of her colonization were not creating life all from nothing; they were taking all the life and leaving nothing in its place instead. Pearl immediately apologized for exposing her to the apparent horrors but Pink bluntly stated "[she] needed to see [it]." She attempted to tell the other Diamonds she wanted to stop colonizing the planet, but they simply dismissed her and told her to finish what she had started time and time again, with Blue even creating a display for abducted human beings in an inflammatory effort to appease her. After numerous failures as a Diamond, she decided to give Homeworld a reason to leave Earth alone by being someone they could not bring themselves to ignore - Rose Quartz.

At the Cloud Arena, she and Pearl ended up witnessing the creation of Garnet for the first time before fleeing. In the forests below the Arena, she mused to herself and Pearl about how she had never really heard of different-Gem fusions.

"What's Your Problem?"

Amethyst tries to get Steven to open up about his feelings about Pink Diamond.

"The Question"

Greg says that he isn't affected by Rose Quartz actually being Pink Diamond, because he understands that they both had pasts that they would rather forget about.

"Made of Honor"

After Steven tells Bismuth about Rose Quartz's true identity, she plants her face into the Burning Room's lava while screaming and then remarks how everything makes sense now.


Steven expresses in the song "For Just One Day Let's Only Think About (Love)" that although a lot of tragic events have happened recently, he would rather the day be focused on Ruby and Sapphire's wedding instead of Pink Diamond.

Yellow and Blue Diamond eventually show up to Earth, and Blue lands on the beach in front of the Crystal Temple. She exits her ship, enraged, and asks Rose (Steven) to answer for Pink Diamond's "shattering". Steven begins to explain that he has Pink Diamond's Gem only to be struck by one of Blue's attacks.

When Yellow poofs Peridot, Steven frantically shouts that he is Pink Diamond only for Yellow to stomp on him. Steven is taken to an astral plane and is only able to convince the other Diamonds the truth after he unleashes Pink's aura. Steven then regains consciousness, where Blue is in shock that he is Pink.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Yellow and Blue constantly refer to Steven as "Pink". Yellow asks Steven, believing him to be Pink, why she let them believe she was shattered, and why is she doing a strange voice and disguise. Steven explains his existence to Yellow and expresses how he doesn't have any of Pink's memories, only for Yellow to say that she believes her memories are somewhere inside of him.

After witnessing Nephrite's corrupted form, Yellow asks Steven "How many perfectly adequate Gems did [Pink] have [them] ruin?". Blue then scolds Yellow, telling her that Pink has been punished enough, being stuck on Earth for thousands of years with Corrupted Gems.

In Pink Diamond's Ship, Blue tearily remarks how it has been so long since they have been together in Pink's ship.

On Homeworld, White Pearl states that Pink Diamond's "presence is required," and makes it clear that Pink has to come alone. She then transports Steven to White Diamond against his will. White, like Yellow and Blue, believes that Steven is Pink. She calls him "Starlight" and remarks how he (Pink) gave everyone a scare, and is thrilled to see him safe and sound. She refers to the Gem War as "this latest little game," and asks Steven if he had fun, and if he had got it all out of his system. White welcomes "Pink" home and then dismisses Steven to Pink Diamond's Palace.


Steven walks around the palace confused and unintentionally stumbles upon Pink's Pebbles. The Pebbles fear him at first, but then believe he is Pink when he thanks them for building what he requested. The Pebbles joyfully hop around and climb on Steven, excitedly cheering that Pink is back. One of the Pebbles even remarks that Pink is just playing one of her games when Steven claims to not know who the Pebbles are.

Pearl then enters the room and asks Steven if White had hurt him. Steven tells her that he doesn't think White knows he isn't Pink. Yellow Pearl arrives and tells "Pink" that Yellow has requested his presence in the Extraction Chamber. Upon arriving, Steven tells Yellow Pearl to call him by his name instead of Pink Diamond, but she is unable to fathom his request.

Inside the Extraction Chamber, a frustrated Yellow comments how White never lets anyone see her except Pink because her only colony was a failure. After Yellow leaves, Blue Pearl informs Steven that Blue has requested "Pink's" presence. At Blue's Pool Area, Blue comments how "Steven" is a silly and funny-sounding name, telling him "you're so creative Pink". Blue then asks Steven if he remembers the time he named a batch of Pyrite "Fool's Gold" to White's dismay, but Steven states that he doesn't recall any of Pink's past. Blue then wonders if Steven remembers the times they played games where Pink would stand under the water and sing while her, Yellow, and White attempted to guess the song. Blue later laments how none of the Diamonds ever wanted to come back to the pool after believing she was shattered, and that her death marked Era 2.

Familiar 274

Later at Pink's palace, Pearl tells Steven that Pink used the throw massive balls to celebrate the Diamond's achievements, events where every member of every court would "bask in the presence of all four Diamonds". When Pearl leaves, Steven asks the Pebbles who Pink was, and why the situation he is in feels so familiar. In the song "Familiar", Steven sings about how everyone wants him to be just like Rose and eventually comes to the realization that he used to be the runt of the Crystal Gems just like how Pink was the runt of the Diamonds. During the song, the Pebbles recreate Pink's attire to fit Steven's proportions.

"Together Alone"

In Steven's dream of the past, Pink Diamond is playing with her original Pearl, until Yellow shows up to check on what they are doing. After Yellow confirms that they aren't messing around, she happily leaves. Pink and her Pearl share a laugh until suddenly Pink Pearl fades into the darkness which is soon illuminated by White Diamond's presence.

After waking up, as he came to the throne room, Yellow and Blue agree to Steven's idea of throwing a ball because they believe having all four Diamonds together at an event would mark the beginning of Era 3.

Steven took his mother's throne as he took his place of the hybrid/Gem monarch of the Diamond Authority that she'll be very proud of her son as he must act like a Diamond. Later that night as the ball will start, four Jades arrive at Steven's throne, announcing "Pink Diamond" in awe, and telling him that they are honored to be in his presence and to compliment him on being "so radiant and sparkly" and "so radiant and exquisite".

After being disappointed that White Diamond didn't show up, Steven sits in his throne upset. Connie encourages him to dance with her and takes him onto the dance floor where everyone is staring at them. After Steven gets comfortable dancing, the two accidentally fuse into Stevonnie. Yellow and Blue scold "Pink," and Yellow tells Stevonnie that they have "gone too far," grabbing them throwing them into the Prison Tower.

"Change Your Mind"

Pink Diamond appears at the beginning of the episode in a dream Steven is having. After imprisoning her in the prison tower, Blue scolds her for letting caterpillar-like creatures from a Kyanite colony into the ball, which are now chasing the Pearls down the halls. After one of them shows up in Blue's hair, she throws it away and Pink holds it. Blue tells Pink that if she keeps this up, White will take away her Pearl, and Pink sadly understands.

Steven's Gem Reforms

After White pulls out Steven's gemstone, it morphs into Pink Diamond's form, then Rose Quartz's, and finally a pink version of Steven. When questioned on Pink Diamond's whereabouts, an enraged Steven tells White that she's "gone".

Steven Universe: The Movie

As the main catalyst for Spinel's revenge, Pink appears in a flashback to when the two played together in her private garden. The two are shown to have a lot of fun together, but ultimately begin to drift apart as she wishes to be taken seriously by her fellow diamonds. As Pink matures, she sees Spinel as a potential threat to her newer, more mature demeanor and ends up abandoning her in the gardens, asking her to remain still until she returns.

"Little Homeschool"

Jasper states that, though Steven has Pink Diamond's Gem, she will never listen to him.

"Rose Buds"

The Rose Quartz Gems from Pink Diamond's Zoo lament about how they were bubbled away for thousands of years simply because Homeworld believed a Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. However, they also make a new discovery; since Pink Diamond created Steven and the Rose Quartzes, they are all siblings in a sense.


In "Volleyball", it was revealed that the reason behind Pink Pearl's cracked right eye was not because of White Diamond, but because she had been standing too close to Pink Diamond during one of her explosive tantrums. This caused Steven to become more enraged by the horrible things Pink had done, and cause a pink outburst.

"Bismuth Casual"

When Patricia and Daniel ask about Stevonnie, Steven says that it's something he picked up from his mom's side of the family. Daniel remarks that the only thing he gets from his mom's side of the family is stressed out, to which Steven chuckles and understands.

"Growing Pains"

Recalling traumatic events from his childhood, Steven remembers the dream he had as Stevonnie on the Jungle Moon, specifically the moment where Pink Diamond punched the glass.

"Mr. Universe"

Greg reveals that the song "Mr. Universe", by Kerry Moonbeam, was the origin behind the last name "Universe," as well as his source of inspiration to get out and do things he'd never even dreamed of. This was also what eventually lead to his eventual meeting Pink Diamond (in the guise of Rose Quartz) and having Steven. This revelation upsets Steven, but not as much as his not growing up in an ordinary household with a nuclear family. When Greg tries to talk Steven out of this mindset, Steven remarks that Greg's parents couldn't have been as bad as the Diamonds, whom he'd had to go halfway across the galaxy for, and that Greg is just like Pink.

"I Am My Monster"

As everyone attempts to deduce the cause of Steven's suffering, White Diamond believes it all traces back to her; White Diamond caused Yellow, Blue, and Pink to suffer along with the rest of Homeworld for thousands of years, leading Pink to cause others to suffer as well, such as Spinel and Pink Pearl.


As a Diamond, Pink Diamond was one of the most powerful Gems in existence. She possessed standard Gem abilities: bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, gravity shifting, photokinesis, gem storage, and superhuman strength/durability. Her other abilities have been shown while she was in the form of Rose Quartz.

Unique Abilities

  • Aura Projection: The Diamonds can project an aura around them that they can control; either radiating it from their entire bodies or emit it from specific parts of their bodies like their hands. Pink's aura manifests itself as a solid pink outline emitting pink circular waves. Though not much is known of her aura, Steven was able to use it to convince Blue and Yellow Diamond that he was Pink Diamond reincarnated.
    • Corruption Induction: Though it could have been her hatred for the Diamonds talking, Bismuth initially believed Pink Diamond corrupted the remaining Gems on Earth, so it is possible that she had this power like the other Diamonds.
    • Corruption Reversal: It was revealed (through Steven) that Pink Diamond, along with the other Diamonds, could reverse the corruption of a Gem. The corruption was reversed on the water of her fountain in "Change Your Mind".
  • Gemstone Creation: Through using her breath and bare hands, Pink Diamond was able to create non-sentient gemstones and gemstone shards with dirt.[9] She utilized this ability to fake her death by making gemstone shards mimicking the appearance of her own, but in shattered form.
  • Pebble Animation: As implied in "Familiar", Pink Diamond's tears can bring inanimate stones to life.
  • Sonic Scream: Referred as one of her "destructive powers," according to Pink Pearl in "Volleyball", Pink Diamond had a "scream that could crack the walls," as well as cause permanent damage to a Gem's physical form, Pink Pearl being the prime example of this. A similar destructive scream is also demonstrated by Gem Steven against White Diamond and her mind-controlled Gems in "Change Your Mind", since Gem Steven's scream was able to crack the floor of White Diamond's Ship and take down all the present Gems.
  • Healing: Even though primarily shown in her alter ego form, in "Volleyball", Pearl said that Pink Diamond used her healing tears and powers even in her Diamond form.


  • Enhanced Regeneration: Although Gems can generally reform with minimum variations to their form, Pink Diamond was able to reform permanently with the appearance of a different Gem type without negative repercussions.
  • Spaceship Piloting: Pink Diamond had a spaceship only she was capable of controlling. According to Pearl, she wasn't a very graceful pilot, at least when it came to liftoff.
  • Juggling: In "Familiar", Pearl said that Pink Diamond used to throw "massive balls", and Steven believed that Pearl was being literal and that Pink Diamond was a juggler. Pearl denied this for a second until she restated that Pink actually did juggle balls. This was proven further in "Together Alone", when Steven had a dream where he was Pink Diamond and juggling bubbles of miscellaneous objects.
  • Party-Planning: Before Pink Diamond gained her colony, she used to throw balls, aka parties, in the Diamond Ballroom to mark the the many accomplishments of the Diamonds.


Earth was Pink Diamond's first and only colony. She had control over a court which included Agates, Sapphires, and her own personal Pearl. Many Gems were created on the planet, including Amethysts, Jaspers, and the new type of Quartzes: Rose Quartzes. Gems regarded Pink Diamond very highly, creating a mural of her at the Moon Base. After she expressed to them her desire to preserve Earth's lifeforms, the other Diamonds constructed a zoo for Pink to keep humans. Blue Diamond was involved in Earth's colonization, arriving on Earth to help fight the Rebellion when it was still only a small problem.

After Pink Diamond was believed to be shattered, the other Diamonds mourned her death in different ways; Blue Diamond fell into a deep depression and sought to preserve everything she could of Pink Diamond, while Yellow Diamond developed a simmering rage and sought to destroy all reminders of her in an unsuccessful attempt to feel better; White Diamond retreated inward, 'never leaving her head and never letting anyone else in'. Even thousands of years later many Gems still continue to grieve her loss; "Eyeball" states that what seemed to have happened to her was a tragedy and Jasper fought the Crystal Gems in the present day in her honor, even choosing to mutate rather than accept help from her supposed killer as a final act of loyalty. While the Diamonds and older Gems remembered Pink very well, it appeared that in the case of the former they tried to censor anything involving her and her death to Gemkind since newer Gems like "Leggy" and Peridot 5XG weren't really aware of Pink Diamond's existence, or by extension that of the Crystal Gems.

Pink Diamond's Zoo in the present day, now owned and operated by Blue Diamond, is the central hub for all things related to Pink. Most of the surviving Gems created on Earth, even the defective ones, help maintain and guard the facility and humans are still kept there under good conditions. In addition, every Rose Quartz gemstone was bubbled and placed in Pink Diamond's chamber inside the Zoo. Upon arriving on Homeworld, Steven Universe took up residence in Pink Diamond's old room. After learning that Pink Diamond used to throw parties for all Gems, including White Diamond, he adopted her outfit and decided to have a party of his own in order to reason about healing the Corrupted Gems on Earth with White.



I want to live here with human beings. I want to live here with you! We'll both finally be free.

—Pink Diamond as Rose Quartz, "A Single Pale Rose"
ASinglePaleRose (511)

Pink and Pearl about to fake the former's death.

Pearl was Pink Diamond's servant, though Pink Diamond was informal with her and treated her like an equal and friend. She took Pearl's suggestion to shapeshift into Rose Quartz for a day, showing she valued her opinion. She also complimented Pearl on her intelligence and good ideas. Pink Diamond appeared to be slightly exasperated at Pearl's overly formal nature as well.

In the early days of the Rebellion, Pearl asked Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz) to tell her to stop having her own imagination. Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz) told her to never stop, showing she wanted Pearl to have free will. This moment leads them to almost fuse into Rainbow Quartz. Later, in order to free both of them and live freely on Earth, Pink Diamond asked Pearl to help her stage her own death while making it look like "Rose Quartz" was the culprit.

Blue Diamond

Oh, Pink. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I should've done more. Yellow says it'll all be over soon. I wonder what you would think. This is your planet, after all. I still think it is.

—Blue Diamond, "Steven's Dream"
Now We're Only Falling Apart (300)

Pink pleading with Blue to spare the Earth.

Blue Diamond describes her relationship with Pink Diamond to be "very close" and continues to grieve her death even thousands of years later. During one of Steven's dreams, he observed a conversation between Pink and Blue, with Blue lecturing Pink about not putting excuses as to why Earth's colonization should cease, but also changed her tone and assured her that she should not worry about the Rebellion when Pink was visibly upset. One of Blue Diamond's goals is to preserve as much of Pink Diamond's legacy as possible, including maintaining her Zoo, keeping her "defective" Gems in service, and keeping every Rose Quartz Gem bubbled rather than shattering them, as Pink Diamond had made that type of Gem.

First there were too many organics, and then their cities were too difficult to dismantle, and- and now these Crystal Gems? We're tired of your excuses, Pink!

—Blue Diamond, "Can't Go Back"

Despite having a very close relationship, their relationship was shown to have an abusive side with Blue often reprimanding Pink for her repetitive impudence to White Diamond's standards: Pink was often locked up in a tower and Blue would then come back after a while to make her cry in "Change Your Mind". She was further frustrated that Blue showed little support for her desire to stop the colonization of Earth for the sake of the organic life that existed there. Blue's disregard for her wishes led Pink to believe that she didn't truly care about her and even if she was gone, which led to the rebellion and eventually faking her shattering.

Yellow Diamond

♫ Yes, of course, we still love her. And we're always thinking of her. Don't you know I miss her too? ♫

—Yellow Diamond, "That Will Be All"
Now We're Only Falling Apart (299)

Pink being disciplined by Yellow.

Yellow Diamond seems to view her relationship with Pink Diamond as very close since Yellow admits that she still loves and is always thinking about Pink despite her stern demeanor. As mentioned in "Familiar", Pink could always make Yellow laugh, but the latter also was envious of the former's relationship with White. Unlike Blue Diamond, Yellow would rather destroy all reminders of Pink and move on.

A small extract of Pink and Yellow Diamond's relationship was shown in "Jungle Moon": While Pink was excited about the colonization process of a new planet, her constant questioning and tantrums began to annoy Yellow, causing her to snap in frustration at Pink. In "Together Alone", Yellow was the one to manhandle Stevonnie and lock them in the tower, under the assumption that they were Pink, implying that this kind of procedure was not at all uncommon between them. Yellow eventually conceded entrusting the colonization of Earth to Pink Diamond and seeking to assist her during the Rebellion. Similarly with Blue, Pink believed Yellow never cared about her: Yellow would always command that all organic life on colonized planets be swept aside in the name of Gems' progress, whereas Pink developed a fondness for the life that already existed on Earth and rebelled against Homeworld for the sake of preserving it. Pink believed that Yellow wouldn't care if she was gone, leading to Pink faking her shattering.

White Diamond

Based on White Diamond's conversation with Steven, who she believed to be Pink, Pink's relationship with White is similar to a mother or grandmother, receiving the endearing nickname "Starlight". According to Blue Diamond, White became furious when she renamed a group of Pyrites "Fool's Gold". However, she doesn't take Pink seriously and treats her like a child, including her actions on Earth as one of her "games". In "Change Your Mind", White revealed that she sees Pink as her idea of imperfection, whereas she sees herself as perfect. She acts in a cruel manner stating that Pink "makes problems" and insists that she does not believe Pink fits her idea of perfection, but still wants Pink to "be herself". Despite this, White does express anguish at the revelation that releasing Steven's gem would never return Pink to her.

In "I Am My Monster", White Diamond expresses deep remorse for the way she hurt Pink, believing this is the cause of Pink going on to hurt others as well.


♫ And then she smiled, that's what I'm after. A smile in her eyes, the sound of her laughter. ♫

—Spinel, Steven Universe: The Movie

SU Movie 1341

Pink Diamond abandoning Spinel.

After losing her first Pearl, Spinel was given to Pink to act as her new best friend and keep her entertained. At first, Pink treasured her but as time went on, she gradually grew apart from the oblivious Spinel. After Pink was given the Earth, Spinel wanted to accompany her but Pink wanted to keep Spinel from following her out of the garden. To that end, Pink tricked her into playing a game where she must stand still and wait for her return. Spinel obeyed and remained there for over six thousand years, only to discover that Pink Diamond went on with her life without her. Spinel quickly came to despise Pink Diamond and anything related to her after she learned of how she was deceived.

Steven Universe

Steven is her son who she passed her gemstone to. He originally thought Pink Diamond was shattered by his mother "Rose Quartz," not knowing the two were the same individual. Steven was shown to be emotionally distraught over the thought that his mother would shatter someone and initially denied it. When he learns that his mother was Pink Diamond, he is relieved that she didn't shatter anyone, but now struggles to deal with the repercussions of her sometimes thoughtless previous actions.

Despite having made peace with being his own person and not his mother, Steven would still deal with seeing parallels to her in the worst possible ways: inadvertently causing destructive tantrums, shunning his inner circle of friends, and even repressing his own negative thoughts. Eventually Steven’s inner negativity spirals to the realization that he is similar if not even worse than her, viewing himself as a monster.


That fusion! We never should've left her there with Blue, who knows what sort of horrible punishment-.

—Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz), "Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Along with many other Gems, Garnet believed Rose's fabricated origin story and thought of Pink Diamond as cruel and a coward. Despite being Garnet's close friend, Rose never revealed to Garnet that she was secretly Pink Diamond. Upon discovering the truth, she was unable to handle the emotional stress from the revelation and unfused. "Now We're Only Falling Apart" shows that it was Garnet who inspired Pink Diamond to make the Earth a home for outcast Gems.

Amethyst and the Famethyst

Pink Diamond: Oh wow, look at you! Welcome to Earth.
Amethyst soldier: That is the first, and nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

—Pink Diamond (as Rose Quartz) and an Amethyst soldier, "Now We're Only Falling Apart"
Now We're Only Falling Apart (145)

Despite her eventual decision to put an end to Kindergarten activities on Earth, Pink Diamond cared deeply for every Gem that was created on it. She was excited to join them while they were going about their duties. When one Amethyst burst out of the ground, she walked up to her disguised as Rose Quartz and joyfully welcomed her to Earth. Her kindness was indeed appreciated, though the Quartz soldiers not knowing any better, would rudely push their disguised leader aside if she got in their way.

Long after the Rebellion ended and Homeworld was driven off of Earth, a single overcooked Amethyst emerged from the Prime Kindergarten and was eventually discovered by Rose and the remaining Crystal Gems. Despite her apparent defect, Rose welcomed her into their team and assured her that she was fine the way she is.

Pink Pearl

Oh, no. I know what a nickname is. It's just that it reminds me so much of Pink. She used to give silly little names to everything. She was so funny like that.

—Pink Pearl, "Volleyball"

Pink Pearl was Pink Diamond's original Pearl before the Crystal Gem's Pearl was given to her. Like with our Pearl, Pink Diamond was informal with her and treated her as a friend rather than a servant. After Pink was denied a colony by the other Diamonds, Pink threw a tantrum which resulted in Pink Pearl being badly hurt by accident and her physical form being permanently damaged. With some emotional support from Pearl, she decided that Pink was not good for her and caused her much pain, letting her begin to let go of the trauma and stress she faced for Pink.


Pink is implied to have had a very close relationship with the Pebbles, who were created through her tears. She also treated them well, as the Pebbles take Steven telling them "Thank you" as confirmation that he is Pink. It is also implied that she often joked with them, as one of the Pebbles said "Very funny, Pink" when Steven asks who they are, and another one states that she always played games.

Greg Universe

Well, I fell in love with Rose Quartz and she fell in love with Mr. Universe. Sure she never told me she used to be Pink Diamond, but...(chuckles) I never told her I used to be Gregory DeMayo.

—Greg, "The Question"

Greg Universe was the romantic partner of Pink Diamond when she was disguised as Rose Quartz. After Greg found out "Rose" was Pink Diamond in "The Question", he admitted that her former identity didn't change his feelings towards her. He says he fell in love with Rose Quartz, just like how she fell in love with Mr. Universe (not Gregory DeMayo).


I’ve been fighting since I broke free from the Earth’s crust! Because of what you did to my colony, because of what you did to my planet, because of what you did to my Diamond!

—Jasper, "Earthlings"

Jasper was one of Pink Diamond's subordinates and had remained devoted to avenging her thousands of years after her alleged shattering. Jasper was shown to clearly care for her, even shouting out her allegiance to her Diamond as she corrupts. After learning that Steven possesses Pink Diamond's gemstone, Jasper's opinion appears to be unchanged, saying she does not see Pink and Steven as the same. After Steven shatters her, Jasper is healed and sees Steven not as Pink herself, but someone else, her Diamond.


It was a tragedy what happened to her.

—"Eyeball", "Back to the Moon"

"Eyeball" was the most prominent eyewitness of Pink Diamond's apparent shattering and refers to it as a tragedy. She also is shown to have a respect and appreciation for her Diamond, due to fighting against the Crystal Gems and Rose Quartz so tenaciously.

Episode Appearances


  • Pink and White Diamonds' gemstones are very similar in appearance, excluding colors and orientations.
    • They are however differently shaped, with Pink Diamond's gemstone being more geometric and White Diamond's gemstone being slightly more rounded.
  • A gemstone in the same shape as Pink Diamond's is pictured on the currency in Beach City.
  • Her mural in the Moon Base showed her as having larger, more jagged hair instead of the smaller and fluffier hair she had in person.
    • She was also given more angular features, something likely done for design purposes.
  • She is the first known Gem to openly rebel against Homeworld.
  • She is the only known Diamond to have shapeshifted.
  • She is the only Gem shown to rotate their gemstone via shapeshifting.
    • She and her own Spinel are the only two Gems shown to have changed the rotation of their gemstones via regeneration.
  • When Steven's Gem was separated from his human body during "Change Your Mind", the first form his Gem displays during regeneration is that of Pink Diamond's original form, followed by Rose Quartz, and finally settling on Pink Steven. As Gems cycle through all iterations of their prior forms before regeneration,[10] this proved that Pink Diamond had only reformed once in her entire existence (not including Steven's birth).
  • The Moon Base was created for Pink Diamond.
  • Most of the ancient Gem ruins on Earth have the Pink Diamond symbol, such as the Ancient Sky Arena. In many cases they appear shattered or in bad condition, symbolizing her supposed violent death, though it is unknown whether this is coincidental symbolism or intentional vandalism.
  • In "Rose's Scabbard", Rose told Pearl that they could never go home if they win the Rebellion, despite Rose Quartzes being exclusively produced on Earth. According to Rebecca Sugar, it was intended to foreshadow her true identity as Pink Diamond.[11]
  • Pink Diamond is sometimes represented with pink flowers resembling those in the mallow family, such as a hibiscus or hollyhock, in some official posters. This includes the signing poster for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 is an example of an official poster where a pink flower represents her.
    • The national flower of South Korea, the location where Pink Diamond was supposedly shattered, is a pink mallow that bears a striking resemblance to the ones illustrated, named Rose of Sharon or Rose Mallow (Hibiscus syriacus).
    • A bush with pink flowers has grown around Pink Diamond's abandoned Palanquin, which has a flower-like structure.
    • Pink Diamond's Zoo has flower symbols on its walls.
    • The signing poster for San Diego Comic-Con 2016 shows one of those pink flowers (mallow) on Jasper's suit, representing her connection with Pink Diamond while the remaining characters appear with roses due to their connections with Rose Quartz.
  • Pink diamonds represent love, creativity, and romance.[12]


Image Description
Pink Diamond's gemstone is located on her navel. It is in the shape of an upside down, five-sided diamond similar in appearance to the side view of a Round Brilliant Diamond Cut.
A dark pink ring placed between the crown and the pavilion is visible only when poofed.


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Pink Diamond.

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Pink Diamond.


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