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Pink Diamond's insidious human zoo! During her reign on Earth, Pink Diamond stole humans from their families, as trophies of her conquests.

Garnet, "Adventures in Light Distortion"

Pink Diamond's zoo, or Pink Diamond's human zoo, is an orbital station built by Homeworld. The station was owned by Pink Diamond, and was first seen in "Adventures in Light Distortion". Blue Diamond built it after Pink Diamond expressed her intention of preserving life on Earth. It has been preserved by Blue Diamond in Pink Diamond's memory. Holly Blue Agate originally managed the zoo, and a group of Quartz Gems guards it (including members of the group known as the "Famethyst"). It has been moved to Earth.



The outside of the facility looks like a dagger with a large blade and a small hilt that is surrounded by a ring. A Red Eye is next to the facility and watches those who travel toward it, acting as a sentry. However, it appears to have left after the Crystal Gems leave.


  • Ship Hangar - When ships enter the zoo, they are led into a large pink hangar with a set of stairs leading to a doorway.
  • Zoo's Entrance - At the top of the stairs, Amethysts guard the door. Going through the door takes one to a hexagonal-shaped hallway with different pink and white patterns along the wall and a blue-tiled floor.

At the end of the hall, there is another door that requires an activation code to be opened. Along one of the walls in the next room, one can slide their fingers across it like a screen, which causes a part of the floor to become transparent, revealing the containment area. Before heading to the doorway to the containment area, there are four prison cells, the first ones on the left side has pink diamond symbol and on the right side has blue diamond symbol and the second ones on the left side has the blue diamond symbol and the right side has the pink diamond symbol on the floor. Continuing down another hallway shows an assortment of doorways on both the left and right sides.

This hallway leads to the Human Disposal Chute and a service door that allows direct access to the containment area. However, the service door requires a complex activation code to be opened. There appear to be two more hallways to the left and right of the service door, and the one to the right leads to the:

  • Assimilation Bay - When Steven was taken by two of the Amethyst Guards, he was taken to the assimilation bay where Steven would have to go through the assimilation process when he's on the treadmill. The assimilation bay's treadmill leads to the containment area.
  • Quartz Room/Guard Quarters – In an unknown quadrant of the zoo, there is a room for the Quartz guards to take breaks. The walls are lined with small and cramped cubbies for each Quartz to sit in.
  • Rose Quartz Bubble Room – By going down the hallway from the Quartz room, one enters a dimly lit pink room filled with bubbled Rose Quartz gemstones floating close to the ceiling. There are many pedestals, two stairways, a large pillow, and two exits: the large one for the Diamonds down the stairs and the small one up the stairs. Blue Diamond kept each of the Rose Quartz Gems because Pink Diamond created them until they were unbubbled following the start of Era 3.
  • Containment Area - The bottom half of the facility is devoted primarily to specimen containment which contains humans dubbed Zoomans. Until the capture of Greg, there had not been any human deliveries for millennia. The containment area is at the center of the station. As of "Rose Buds", the containment area has been turned into a tropical paradise.
  • Diamonds' Hallway - When Blue Diamond goes into the bubble room, she gets in through a hallway that's bigger in size. It looks like the hallway for the Diamonds.



After realizing that her colonization of Earth would destroy the life already living there, Pink Diamond attempted to halt the colonization by negotiating with the other Diamonds. In response to her stated desire to preserve humanity, Blue Diamond established the human zoo. Not being aware of the truth of Pink Diamond's views, most Gems, including the Crystal Gems, assumed that the zoo was an example of Pink Diamond's depravity.

After Pink Diamond's alleged shattering, Blue kept the zoo in operation, staffing it with Quartzes made for Pink on Earth, overseen by one of Blue's own Holly Blue Agates. It also became the prison for the remaining Rose Quartzes, bubbled in the zoo's throne room.

"Adventures in Light Distortion"

The Crystal Gems used the Roaming Eye to go to the zoo where Blue Diamond took Greg is. They arrived at the human zoo orbiting on the sixth planet Saturn.

"Gem Heist"

The Crystal Gems entered the zoo to rescue Greg. Two Amethyst Guards took Steven into the assimilation bay while he goes through the process on the treadmill. After that, the treadmill stops when two glass watertight doors close to fill up the water and open the small hole tunnel that leads to the containment area, he saw his father with two Zoomans.

"The Zoo"

Greg and Steven spent some time with the Zoomans before planning an escape, but they were caught by an Amethyst with a gem on her right cheek, who told them they were in big trouble.

"That Will Be All"

The Amethyst guard took Steven and Greg to the Quartz Room where the other Quartz guards are and found Amethyst inside. The Quartz guards then assist Steven, Greg and the Crystal Gems in escaping the zoo. While escaping, Steven and Greg encountered the Rose Quartz Bubble Room, where they found numerous bubbled Rose Quartz gems.

"The New Crystal Gems"

When the Roaming Eye arrives back on Earth, Greg states that the sand in the zoo was 'too fine' compared to the sand on Earth.

"Rose Buds"

Sometime later, the Zoomans and the Quartz guards had taken over control of the zoo and piloted it to Earth to visit Steven. Steven and Amethyst entered the zoo to hang out with the Famethysts and Zoomans. Wy-Six then showed Steven the Rose Quartz Bubble Room, where it is revealed all the Rose Quartz gems had been unbubbled and residing in the zoo as well.


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