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The Pink Dimension is a pocket dimension that is accessible through Lion's mane and Lars' hair (as of "Lars' Head"). It first appears in "Lion 3: Straight to Video".


When a lifeform is brought back to life by Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz, their skin turns pink and their hair acts as a portal to the Pink Dimension. A tree also appears in the Pink Dimension, representing the revived individual. By walking towards an individual's tree and then exiting through the grass, a person will end up exiting through that individual's hair. 

The Pink Dimension was created when Rose Quartz brought Lion back to life. 


The Pink Dimension is a vast savannah with tall pink meadows that stretches to a tall pine taffy-colored tree that resembles an acacia tree, which is atop a grassy hill. Beneath and within the tree are Rose Quartz's most treasured possessions. The Dimension has no apparent end and goes as far as the horizon. While Gems are seen to be capable of traversing within the Dimension with no complication, there is no atmosphere in the Dimension, forcing organics such as Steven and Connie to hold their breath before entering the Dimension.

After the events of "Lars' Head", the Dimension now has an additional hill for Lars, with a tree that resembles a Narra tree growing on top of it.


"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Steven is first able to access the Pink Dimension when Lion sits on him as he sleeps at night. After finding Rose Quartz's Video Tape, Steven takes it from the Dimension to watch at the Big Donut.

"Rose's Scabbard"

Steven pulls Rose's Sword from Lion's mane after looking for it with Pearl. Immediately following this, he removes his bike from the Dimension to demonstrate how it works.Later, Steven and Pearl place the sword and Rose's Scabbard back into the Dimension together, and eventually pull out a magician hat, a handkerchief line, and Rose's Battle Flag.


After Lion misbehaves, Steven decides to hang up a shirt he keeps messing with on a branch within the Dimension. However, during this process, Steven accidentally pops the bubble containing Bismuth.

"Lion 4: Alternate Ending"

Steven attempts to use the key he found to open the chest, but it is too large.

"Lars' Head"

Reviving Lars creates an additional portal to the Pink Dimension through Lars' hair. By entering through Lars' portal and exiting from Lion's, Steven is able to return to Beach City from the Gem Homeworld and retrieve food for Lars.

"Lars of the Stars"

Steven and Connie Maheswaran travel through the Dimension to deliver a care package to Lars from his parents.

"Letters to Lars"

Steven uses the Pink Dimension to deliver and read aloud a letter to Lars.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Steven uses the Pink Dimension in the song "Happily Ever After" by going through Lion's mane and exiting through Lars' hair. Later, after his first fight with Spinel he tries to hide the Gem Rejuvenator. After failing, he annoyedly states "I can't store things in Lion's mane now!? That's like the easiest thing I do!".

"Rose Buds"

After Steven reconciles with the Rose Quartzes, he decides to keep the portrait of his mother inside Lion's section of the Pink Dimension.


This area houses some of Rose Quartz's coveted mementos, including a Rose's VHS tape for Steven, a treasure chest, a damaged flag with her symbol on it, her sword (which would later be in Connie's possession but, as of Reunited, is shattered), a photo of Greg and Rose, and an XXL Mr. Universe Shirt. This area also used to house Bismuth's bubbled gemstone (placed there by Rose Quartz) until it was first popped by Steven in the episode "Bismuth". The treasure chest is opened at some point prior to Steven Universe: The Movie. As of "Rose Buds", the portrait of Rose Quartz is kept inside, as well.

Steven now stores many of his possessions inside the Dimension, including his bike and helmet, a magician's hat, a long line of handkerchiefs, and a can of soda as seen in "Rose's Scabbard". In "Bismuth", Steven stores his Thunderbird shirt in the dimension after Lion refused to stop chewing on it.

Despite the existence of plant life, there is no oxygen in the Pink Dimension, which means that Steven has to hold his breath while inside. Because pure Gems have no need to undergo respiration, Rose would not experience any trouble inside this pocket dimension, which is a luxury Steven does not have due to being half-human.

When Steven revives Lars, a new hill and tree appear inside of the Dimension. This implies that any deceased creature Rose Quartz (or Steven) resurrects will have their own section of this pocket dimension.


  • From Steven's experience, one cannot exit the Dimension while on the hill as none of the tall grass grows on it.
    • The grass seems to resemble Lion's fur. This reinforces the fact that the dimension is only accessible through a kind of hair, such as Lion's mane or Lars' hair.
    • In the episode "Bismuth", Bismuth can walk in the grass without falling outside.
  • It is unknown if the Dimension has a day-night cycle since it always appears daytime when visited.
  • The dimension in Lion's mane somewhat resembles the Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, on which Skull Kid sits before the final battle, as both have a seemingly endless field with a single tree in the center. This is likely intentional, as Rebecca Sugar stated in an interview that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of her favorite games.[1]
  • Rose's sword can also be summoned through Lion's forehead, as seen in "Lion 2: The Movie".
    • However, this is only possible if the sword rests in the Dimension.
  • With Steven's help, other Gems can enter this dimension as well.
    • An example is Peridot, in "It Could've Been Great".
    • It is also shown that humans can also enter the dimension with Steven's help when Steven pulls Lars' hand through his hair.
  • Since "Lars' Head", the dimension works as a portal between the locations of Lion and Lars, allowing Steven to travel great distances in a matter of seconds when the two are apart.
  • Both trees in the Dimension are connected to the characters associated with them.
    • On Lion's hill in the dimension, a tree with a similar appearance to thorn tees is found atop it, likely since the trees typically grow in arid savannas where lions typically roam.
    • On Lars' hill in the dimension, a tree resembling the narra tree is located atop it, likely due to Lars' Filipino descent and the Narra Tree being the national tree of the Philippines.


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