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Speaker Dialogue
Steven, riding atop Lion, views Beach City from the Lighthouse's hill.
Steven Good old Beach City, but so much has changed lately. I guess after all those abductions, everything couldn't just return to normal.
Steven and Lion walk about the town. They pass by Beach Citywalk Fries; nearby, Nanefua is informing citizens about an evacuation route.
Steven With Sadie rocking out and Lars in space, [Waves to Sadie, Buck, and Sour Cream] I can't even enjoy my regular snack at the Big Donut. What am I gonna do for breakfast now?! [Gloomily leans on Lion's mane] [Groans]
Lion drops Steven on the ground. Steven hears a bell ring, turns toward the Big Donut, and observes two customer leaving with food.
Steven Wait a minute. Big Donut is still open? [Enters Big Donut] [Gasps]
Garnet [Standing behind counter in a Big Donut uniform] Hello. Welcome to the Big Donut.
Steven Garnet? [Walks to the counter] I have so many questions.
Garnet Just one moment. You'll have to wait your turn. [Completes transaction with first customer] [To Steven] Welcome to the Big Donut. Tell me how I may serve you.
Steven I never thought I'd see you working here. Have we fallen on hard times?
Garnet Oh, Steven. This isn't about making ends meet. This is about being random.
Steven Are you serious?
Garnet Oh, yes.
Steven I... don't understand.
Garnet pours coffee into a cup and then pours the coffee in the cup onto the counter.
Garnet My future vision allows me to see down the rivers of possibility, [Points at the streams of spilled coffee] granting me insight into the possible realities our actions move us towards. But that doesn't mean I can predict everything. What I'm interested in are these extremely unlikely realities, so disconnected from the natural course of events that I can't detect them. [Points at a pool disconnected from the rest of the spill] When we act in unnatural ways, we create new, unforeseen paths, and arrive at these pools of improbability. [Drags finger through spill, linking a stream with the pool]
Steven Oh, so you want to do stuff you usually don't just to see what happens?
Garnet [Smiles and gives thumbs up] I didn't foresee you understanding that.
Steven So, are we gonna clean up that coffee?
Garnet That's what we'd normally do. Let's see what happens to the world when we don't.
Steven and Garnet watch a drop of coffee fall off the counter onto the floor.
Garnet We are now dwelling in a totally new pool of improbability. My future vision is useless here.
Steven I'm scared... but intrigued.
Garnet That's the spirit! Let's get even more intriguing! [Flips over counter] I quit! [Enlarges muscles, bursting apart her uniform] Come, Steven!
Steven and Garnet exit the Big Donut, leaving the remaining customers puzzled.
Steven So, what now?
Garnet Hmm... Instead of selling food, let's order some.
Steven Like what?
Garnet Let's do... pizza.
Steven Now you're talking my language! [Pulls out phone] Ordering now.
Steven calls Fish Stew Pizza; Kiki answers the phone at the restaurant.
Kiki Fish Stew Pizza.
Steven Uh, I want to order a pizza.
Garnet 10 pizzas!
Steven No, 20 pizzas! Toppings? Um... [Smiles] Surprise me.
Garnet [Smiles and gives thumbs up] Now you're getting it!
Steven I guess deliver it to the Temple. No... [Squints suspiciously] That's just what they'll be expecting.
Garnet Go weirder!
Steven Deliver it to the ocean. No, no, no! To Kansas! No, to the moon!
Kiki I don't think that's within our delivery radius.
Garnet Remember. Improbable, not impossible.
Steven Where's the last place they'd expect to deliver a pizza? Oh! Deliver it to... Fish Stew Pizza.
Kiki So, like, this is for pick-up?
In front of Beach Citywalk Fries.
Steven and Garnet are walking along the boardwalk, each carrying several boxes of pizza.
Garnet Now think, Steven, about what you typically do when you obtain pizza.
Steven Hmm... Eat it?
Garnet In this timeline, we do the opposite of that. Hey, you! Have a pizza! [Throws a pizza box at a passerby]
Man [Grunts] [Falls over catching pizza] Hey, thanks!
Steven and Garnet give out pizza to various people, such as Peedee and Mr. Smiley, and seagulls.
Near Onion's House.
Garnet One more pizza to deliver.
Steven Hey, Vidalia's house is around here. Let's bring her the last pie.
Garnet Now, that would be nice. She must be upset that her son was taken into space by those Homeworld Gems.
Steven You mean Onion? He isn't in space. He's right over there. [Points]
Onion, with a large sack slung over his shoulder, jumps over a fence.
Garnet Sorry, I -- I must be thinking of a different timeline.
Steven Okay... Well, I'm sure Vidalia would still like some pizza even if her kid is still on Earth. Let's go swing by.
Steven and Garnet arrive at Vidalia's front door.
Garnet [Knocks] Mother Onion! Open up!
Vidalia In the garage!
Garnet [Kicks aside garage curtain, rolls in, poses] Get excited for pizza!
Steven [Rolls into Garnet, stands up] We got pepper flakes, and we're not afraid to use 'em!
Vidalia [Hides behind the painting she is holding] Ahh! Wait a minute. Steven? What are you guys doing here? Trying to scare me to death?
Steven Oh, sorry. We were just trying to bring you a pizza in the most unlikely way possible. Want a slice?
Garnet [Opens pizza box]
Vidalia Sure, I could use a break. I've been working on this still life of a stepstool, but I just don't feel inspired.
Garnet [Closes the box, hands it to Steven, poses on the stepstool] Paint me like one of your Amethysts.
Steven [Poses by Garnet] Paint me, too!
Vidalia So you wanna be my muse, eh?
Steven If it's not too much trouble. [Changes pose] I promise to be very inspiring.
Vidalia Hmm... Yeah, I think this is just what I needed. [Picks up pencil] Strike a pose!
Steven and Garnet strike a new pose.
Garnet It's struck.
Vidalia Okay, don't move. I need to capture your essence.
Vidalia draws for some time.
Steven [Groaning] [Sweating] Garnet? How long do you see me holding still?
Garnet Who knows? The odds of us being here are so slim, I can't even --
A clanging noise is heard. Garnet notices a one-eyed cat sifting through a fallen garbage can outside.
Steven Uh, Garnet?
Garnet Steven, look.
Steven notices the cat, who sees them and runs away.
Steven Ba-ba-b-b--baby kitten? Is it possible that we chase that sweet cat?
Garnet It -- it's up to you, Steven.
Steven Yes?
Garnet [Sweating] Don't ask me. Tell me.
Steven Yes!
Garnet tosses Steven on her head and dashes outside.
Steven Whoa!
Vidalia Huh?
Steven Sorry, Vidalia! Maybe next time!
Vidalia But wait! Your essence!
Steven and Garnet catch up to the cat. It notices them and runs ahead, prompting the two Crystal Gems to sprint after it. They arrive near the edge of the forest where the cat slips through some shrubs.
Steven That's one fast kitten. You think we can catch it?
Garnet If we don't lose sight of it.
Steven and Garnet crawl after the cat. The cat and the Gems emerge in a clearing where the cat jumps into another bush. Steven and Garnet part the bush and see the kitten along with another four kittens.
Steven Aww... There's more of them. Aww, and they have no food. Aww, and they have no one to take care of them! Garnet, we got to help these kittens. [Picks up kittens and hands them to Garnet] Look at you! You're just babies. Who knows what would've happened to them if we didn't find them? Everything's gonna be just fine. We've got you. Here's the last one. Or -- wait. [Picks up the one-eyed cat] All right. I think we got to stop being random and figure out what we can do for these kittens. Garnet, can you use your future vision? What should we do next? Garnet?
Garnet [Sweating] There's so many... cats. So many possibilities.
Steven It's too much? Okay, can you focus on one? [Holds up the one-eyed cat] What's this one's future?
Garnet I... I... I don't know! I don't know anything anymore!
Thunder is heard overhead as it begins to rain.
Steven Are you okay?
Garnet Steven, lately, I've felt so lost.
Steven Don't worry. I remember the way back to town.
Garnet Oh, it's not just that. It's you. You've made so many decisions I didn't expect -- giving yourself up to Homeworld, coming back through Lion's mane. The future that you created was so improbable that I didn't see it coming at all, and now I can't understand where this timeline is going. We're on the outskirts of the possible, following trickles to who knows where. Everyone's looking to me for answers. I can't stand it! It's so hard for me to just exist in the first place, Steven. I want to love being alive. I want to love that there are so many possibilities, but I'm the one with this ability, so I've got to be our guide. I thought, if I could use my future vision to jump into improbable futures, I could get out ahead of the next big, unexpected change, but I don't know what I'm doing here! I can't tell what's probable anymore! Anything could happen! Anything could happen to these cats!
Steven That's true, but maybe instead of thinking of all the things that could happen, let's just pick the thing we want to happen and do that. [Smiling] So, what do you want to happen next?
Garnet I want to get these cats out of the rain.
Steven [Summons shield above them] And then what?
Garnet [Smiles]
Inside Vidalia's garage.
Steven is speaking with someone on the phone, Garnet is sitting by a box with the kittens, and Vidalia is standing nearby.
Steven Okay, sounds good. Thank you so much. [Hangs up] Great news. The shelter has a foster program. They said they can pick up the cats tomorrow.
Garnet Thank goodness.
Vidalia Whew. Glad to hear it! [Walks away]
Steven [To the cats in the box] How are you little guys holding up? Anyone need to use the bathroom? Make a phone call? [Lets a cats lick his hand] [Laughs] You guys are gonna be just fine.
Garnet [Smiles] I think I get it.
Steven Hm?
Garnet Why my future vision has been so off. I have to change the way I think about you.
Steven What?
Garnet I've been looking into probable futures where you act like a child. I keep expecting you to run from responsibility and to turn to me for help, but you don't do that anymore. Those futures aren't probable at all. There's nothing wrong with this timeline or my future vision. I just need to factor in that you've grown up. [Hands Steven the cat in her lap]
Steven [Laughs] [Puts cat in box] I guess I have, but it's only because I'm trying to be more like you. You always know what to do.
Garnet Not always.
The one-eyed cat jumps off a table and Garnet catches it.
Garnet Okay, most of the time. [Holds up the cat] I want to adopt this one. There's something about her.
Steven Really? Is that a probable future?
Garnet It is now. Besides, I've missed having someone cute and vulnerable to take care of. [Strokes cat] I think I'll call her "Steven."
Steven Isn't that gonna get confusing?
Garnet All right, then. Cat Steven.
Steven Oh, my gosh! Wow! Oh, okay. This is the best!
Vidalia [Returns with a painting] What, you're adopting one? Too bad I couldn't get her in your portrait, which I managed to finish, by the way.
Steven [Gasps] Really? What about our essence?
Vidalia Well, I fudged it, but I think I got it.
Vidalia shows them their portrait; they gasp in delight.
In the Beach House.
Cat Steven is sleeping atop the sleeping Lion in Steven's room. Steven and Garnet's portrait is leaning against the bed.
Episode ends.

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