The Pyramid Temple is an ancient Gem structure the Crystal Gems visited in "Serious Steven". Since the floor of the temple has the new Great Diamond Authority symbol, the Pyramid Temple was created after Pink Diamond was supposedly shattered.


The Pyramid Temple is an old structure situated point-side down in the Gem Battlefield. The entrance is a door-like object with a hole which needs a small pyramid to be inserted for the entrance to shapeshift into an open set of stairs leading to a large room.

The large room has a pedestal with a small floating pyramid. On the ceiling are carved images of Gem battles and murals on the walls appear to depict the booby-trapped corridors within the pyramid. Turning the pyramid on the pedestal so that it points upwards will reverse gravity and cause visitors to fall through an open hole in the ceiling, which leads to the central chamber before the hole closes up.

The central chamber contains entrances to booby-trapped corridors. The rooms spin within the pyramid; temple visitors are always returned to their initial position in the central chamber regardless of what corridors and rooms they enter. The central chamber has torches that light themselves when visitors arrive, and its floor bears a symbol. The symbol is in the same monochromatic style as the rest of the structure and resembles the one found on the floor of the Gem Warship.

The temple is powered by a corrupted Gem located in the Obelisk beneath the central chamber.


"Serious Steven"

The Crystal Gems travel to the temple to retrieve a corrupted gemstone.[1] Garnet unlocks the entrance with a small pyramid that she summons and slots into the Temple. When Steven figures out that the rooms spin them around to end up in the same room, Garnet smashes the floor, revealing the gem powering the spinning mechanism. Garnet throws Steven to retrieve the gemstone, and as he does, the Obelisk turns and shows a side of a face that seems to be smiling when Steven takes out the gemstone.

After the gemstone is removed, the spinning pyramids stop moving and degenerate with a yellow glow that flows into the gemstone. The temple fires a yellow beam into the sky before it explodes. All of the Gems are unhurt by the explosion and Pearl bubbles the gemstone, completing their mission.

"Buddy's Book"

While traveling around the world, Buddy Buddwick travels to the Temple at some point and names it "The Great Inverted Pyramid" while drawing it in his journal.


Mural Gems

Within the Temple are five (three visible) sections of a mural. The middle section depicts Rose Quartz and her troops battling a Gem.

The other two visible sections display other unknown Gems. The mural most likely depicts the war that occurred on Earth when Rose Quartz rebelled against the Homeworld's destruction of the planet. Underneath Rose Quartz are small figures in different trials. After each trial, none survive. These are the same trials Steven and the Crystal Gems encounter.


Image Description
The Pyramid Temple's gemstone is located in the center of the Temple.


  • The "Inverted Pyramid" Temple is also a Delta; sacred geometry symbolizing a woman's pelvic triangle, which relates to the show's frequent Diamond shapes that on a deeper level also represent the womb.
  • The design of this temple is inspired by ancient South American pyramids and the art on/in them.
  • The image in the centre of the visible portion of the mural depicts a Gem battling Rose Quartz with diamond-shaped projectiles, which could be a reference to the matter-generating capabilities of the corrupted Gem contained in the center of the pyramid.
  • There are images of Tanit on the mural and this ancient Carthage goddess image is repeated on the walls throughout the temple as well as within the swinging axe blades.



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