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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Steven is seen looking in despair at a photo of Connie on the shelf in his room. He slumps against the wall and lies onto his bed, sighing in remorse.)
Steven She'll call when she's ready. For now, you just have to let go.
(Steven lifts himself up and keeps his phone. He then hops off his bed and glances at his ukulele by his bed.)
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Steven makes his way to the beach, dragging his ukulele across the sand. He approaches the hand statue sticking out in the sand and sits in the shade under it. He then look up into the sky and start strumming his ukulele.
Steven *sighs deeply* ♪ I wish I could tell you that I-
(Steven's phone suddenly starts buzzing, interrupting his song, and Steven, startled, screams as he fumbles to take his phone out of his pocket.)
Steven Okay, Universe. This is it! Connie's finally ready to talk. No expectations. Just let her say what she needs to say!
(Steven looks down at his phone, only to realize that it is actually Peridot who is video-calling him. Steven sighs in dismay and answers her call.)
Peridot Steven! *chuckles* It's us!
(Lapis comes into frame.)
Steven Oh, hi, Peridot. Hi, Lapis.
Peridot Don't forget Pumpkin!
(Peridot holds up Pumpkin and she barks excitedly.)
Steven *chuckles* Hi, Pumpkin!
Peridot *turns to Lapis* I told you he'd answer.
Lapis It's so good to see you. I'm glad you're okay.
Peridot Lapis was worried you lost your phone on Homeworld, but I said, "No way! He's probably just ignoring us."
Steven *blushes* Sorry, guys. There's been... a lot going on.
Peridot Like what? Tell us!
Steven Well, Connie's really mad at me-
Peridot No, no, no, no. Tell us about space!
Lapis And start from the beginning.
Steven Uhh, ok. I was trying to protect Beach City, so I surrendered myself to Homeworld, and I was put in a big, empty room, and I ended up on trial in front of the Diamonds!
Lapis On trial?!
Peridot What?
Lapis In front of the Diamonds?!
Steven Yeah, and...
Lapis You were in front of Blue Diamond?!
Steven And Yellow! But it's okay. I escaped in a palanquin and went underground and...
Lapis You ran from Blue and Yellow Diamond!?
Steven Yes.
Lapis Peridot, We have to leave Earth, now!
(Lapis quickly hangs up the video call.)
Steven Uh-oh...
[Trans. Ext. The Barn]
(Peridot, Lapis, and Pumpkin are seen standing outside the barn, while Pumpkin is barking frantically.)
Peridot Wait. We can't leave. What about all our crops?
(Steven comes running in towards Lapis and Peridot from behind.)
Steven Guys?
Lapis Ughh. The vegetables will have to deal.
Peridot Okay, okay, but, uhh... We're only half-way through our rewatch of "CPH" Season four. *chuckles nervosuly*
Lapis We'll bring the box set with us.
Peridot ...But, how are we gonna watch it without the TV?
Lapis We'll bring the TV.
Steven Uhh, Lapis?
Lapis Huh?
Steven Peridot?
Lapis Oh, Steven. Good. Let's go.
Steven Wait, what?
Lapis We'll find some remote spot in the universe to hide out in. The Diamonds will never find us.
Steven Lapis, don't worry. They're looking for me on Homeworld. They don't know I'm here. We're safe.
Peridot Yeah! Come on, we've gotten away with worse. They've never been able to hunt me down for my many crimes against them.
Lapis This is different! Steven is important, and our transgressions are piling up! *puts her hand on Peridot's shoulder* They're going to take their anger out on this planet, just like they did before. I can't. *grasps Peridot's shoulder tightly* I won't let myself get caught up in another war.
(Pumpkin hides behind Peridot, whimpering anxiously.)
Steven I don't want you to leave, but, I won't ask you guys to stay if you don't feel safe. If you have to go... I understand.
Lapis ...Right. Peridot, if you want the TV, levitate it over here.
Peridot Hey, umm-
(Peridot runs inside the barn and returns, struggling to carry a "meep morp" in her arms.)
Peridot What about our meep morps we've made? We can't leave them behind.
(Peridot loses her balance and drops the meep morp.)
Lapis We can bring them, too.
Peridot *gasps* But they're installations! They need the context of the barn! If- If-if we move them, they'll become... performance pieces.
Lapis There's no need to get so emotional!
(Peridot steps back in shock.)
Peridot You're right. I'm sorry.
Steven It's okay. Performance art isn't bad, just misunderstood.
Lapis Hmm... Maybe I can do something.
(Lapis walks out past Steven and Peridot and turns towards the barn. She begins using her water abilities to seemingly drain the water from the pool outside of the barn.)
Peridot Ga-hah! Our smaller-than-average lake! Guh!
(A water wall begins to emerge from the ground around the barn, as Lapis uses the water to separate the barn away from the ground and raises it in the air.)
Steven & Peridot Whoa.
Lapis There! Now we can bring our whole life with us: You, me, and all of our things!
Peridot Right... Right!
Lapis Well, let's get going.
Steven You're leaving right now? I thought that- I-I don't know what to say.
(Lapis' expression saddens and she walks towards Steven to give him a hug.)
Lapis Goodbye, Steven.
(Steven sniffles as he starts sobbing.)
Lapis Good luck. *turns to Peridot Peridot, don't you want to say bye?
Peridot Uhh...
(Peridot starts tearing up, and Steven whimpers in sadness.)
Peridot Umm... *gasps* Wait! Where's Pumpkin?
Lapis She's not inside?
Peridot She was just standing next to me! We have to find her.
(Lapis lowers the barn back onto the ground and refills the pool with water again.)
Lapis I'll check from above. Peridot, you search the ground. *flies off*
Steven I'll help, too!
(Steven and Peridot start running towards the farm field.)
Steven Pumpkin!?
Peridot Pumpkin?
Lapis Pumpkin! Pumpkin!
Peridot Pumpkin? Pumpkin!
Steven Pumpkin?
Peridot Pumpkin?
Steven Pumpkin?
Peridot *softly* Pumpkin.
(Steven walks slowly to the top of a hill.)
Steven Pumpkin! Where are you, buddy?
(Peridot runs frantically up the hill and passes Steven.)
Peridot Pumpkin!
(Peridot turns back to Steven, looking distressed. The pair then begins searching through a wooded area.)
Steven You know, I'm really gonna miss you guys when you're in space.
Peridot Well, that's a given. I'm a very precious Gem. Without me, you would've crumbled under The Cluster's destructive force or have been smushed by Jasper. I'm --
Steven Peridot, There!
(Steven points to an orange unidentified object on the ground and Peridot runs towards it.)
Peridot Pumpkin! *grumbles uncomfortably*
(Peridot picks up the object, but quickly realizes is a basketball.)
Steven Is she okay?
Peridot Umm...
(Peridot and Steven continue walking and searching for Pumpkin, while Steven dribbles the basketball.)
Peridot Pumpkin!
Steven Pumpkin!
Peridot Pumpkin!
Steven Pumpkin!
(As Peridot begins to speak, Steven stops dribbling the basketball.)
Peridot You know, I can probably still help you when I'm out in space. I'll just video-chat from my tablet!
Steven Uhh, t-there's no Wi-Fi in space.
Peridot ...Well, maybe it's best if we can't reach you. If the Diamonds do show up and destroy the planet, we'll never know!
(Peridot looks to Steven with uncertainty, as he looks back with unknowing concern.)
Peridot Lapis was very agitated when she heard you were on Homeworld. I was bending over backwards to make her feel better. Watch this.
(Peridot proceeds to literally bend over backwards in a very unnatural way.)
Steven *laughs* That is good.
Peridot Oh, yeah. She loves this. *groans uncomfortably*
(Steven and Peridot walks out of the woods.)
Peridot Maybe it's good that we'll be away from everything where nothing can change, no surprises or developments. She's been through so much. She needs consistency.
Steven *stops walking* But what about you?
(Peridot looks down, questioning in uncertainty, when she jumps and clings onto Steven, causing him to drop the basketball.)
Peridot *gasps in shock* Another Kindergartener!
(Steven notices a produce stand in front of them and reads the sign at the stand.)
Steven "Fresh produce"? Pumpkin is fresh produce!
(Peridot and Steven run towards the stand, breathing and gasping heavily in fear.)
Steven It's just... onions?
Peridot Pumpkin would never associate with this inferior sphere.
(Onion suddenly pops out from behind the stand, frightening Steven and Peridot as they scream loudly.)
Steven Uhh... Onion? What are y- Hey, is that my hat?
(Onion ducks back and hides behind the stand.)
[Trans. Ext. the Barn; Evening]
(Steven and Peridot returns back to the barn in disappointment.)
Steven Well, that was a bust.
Peridot We'll never find Pumpkin.
Steven Peridot...
(Rustling is suddenly heard from the cornfield, causing Peridot to look towards it, and she notices Pumpkin's tail sticking out from the corn stalks.)
Peridot Pumpkin?
(Pumpkin whimpers as she runs into the cornfield.)
Peridot Have you been here the whole time?!
Steven She was hiding?
Peridot Come on, Pumpkin. We need to leave.
(Pumpkin whimpers in response.)
Peridot Pumpkin! *runs into the cornfield* Don't you walk away while I'm talking to you!
(Pumpkin whimpers loudly as Peridot drags her out of the cornfield by her tail.)
Peridot *grunting loudly* Sometimes, you have to do things you don't want to do, like get jettisoned into space to live forever on a floating rock with a barn, and just us as for as long as time exists! Lapis needs us!
(Pumpkin whimpers and struggles to get away from Peridot.)
Steven Peridot, give her a second!
Peridot She's doing it to herself! Pumpkin, Do as you're told!
(Peridot loses grip of Pumpkin's tail and falls backwards onto the ground.)
Peridot Gah!
(Once freed, Pumpkin runs up to Steven and jumps into his arms whimpering.)
Steven Whoa, Peridot. It sounds like you don't really want to go.
(Peridot picks herself up off the ground and walks toward Steven and Pumpkin.)
Peridot I'm sorry, Pumpkin. I didn't mean to yank you around. It's just... *retrieves Pumpkin from Steven's hands* We don't have a choice in this.
Steven What do you mean you "don't have a choice"? Peridot, you should really talk to Lapis about this.
Peridot *kisses Pumpkin on the forehead* I can't.
(Peridot walks away and Steven follows after her.)
Steven What? Why not?
(Lapis flies back down from the sky and lands in front of Peridot and Steven.)
Lapis Oh, great! You found her!
Steven and Peridot both stare blankly at her.
Lapis Now, let's go!
(Lapis, Peridot, and Steven walk towards the barn as Lapis once again raises the barn into the air. Peridot turns to Steven and looks at him nervously, only to get a similar response from him in return. Peridot glances at Lapis and anxiously gathers up her thoughts.)
Peridot Wait... Lapis? Pumpkin doesn't want to go.
(Lapis turns her head back towards Peridot with a confused look on her face.)
Lapis Pumpkin doesn't know better. We do.
(Lapis turns her head back around and continues focusing on the barn.)
Peridot Actually, I... I don't want to go either.
Lapis What?!
(Paralyzed with shock, Lapis turns back towards Peridot and the barn crashes back onto the ground.)
Steven a& Peridot Aah!
Peridot Ooh-whoa!
(Pumpkin yelps in fright and runs to hide behind Steven. Steven looks concernedly back to Peridot and Lapis.
Lapis Peridot, what are you trying to say?
Peridot It's just, if something happens on Earth, I want to be here for it!
Lapis But- No! Why are you telling me this now ?!
Peridot Because... we're about to leave!
Lapis Isn't that the worst time?
(Peridot raises her index finger into the air with a static, blank expression.)
Peridot Yes.
(Steven looks to them with quiet fear in his eyes while mumbling nervously.)
Lapis Then why didn't you tell me sooner?
Peridot Well, there are many things I should say, but they would upset you, so in general, I don't say those things...?
Lapis Peridot, that's lying!
(Steven groans in increasing anxiety.)
Peridot Okay, then! The truth is... I think that we should stay, and if- and if the time comes, if the Diamonds do come to wipe this planet off the star maps, I think we should fight for this life we've built instead of tearing it up out of the ground! I think we can win. I think you can win! Earth is our home now. Isn't it worth fighting for?
(Peridot reaches her hand out to Lapis.)
Steven What do ya say, Lapis?
(Lapis lowers her head in sorrow and turns her back on Peridot, walking away towards the barn.)
Lapis I am not getting caught in the middle of another war.
(Lapis sprouts her water wings and begins to lift the barn into the air again for a final time.)
Peridot Wait! No! You're supposed to reward me for my emotional honesty!
(Lapis flies in the air as she lifts the barn higher, breaking it away from the plumbing. She looks back at Peridot, Steven, and Pumpkin's fretting faces, before taking off into the sky, taking the barn along with her. Steven walks up to Peridot as she stands frozen in place and places his hand on her back.)
Steven Come on. Let's go.
[Trans. Int. Steven's Bathroom, Night-time]
(Steven sets up a mattress in his bathtub for Peridot and Pumpkin, while Peridot sits in a daze on the toilet.)
Steven Okay. You're all set up, and you can stay here as long as you need.
(Peridot gets off the toilet and walks towards the mattress.)
Peridot Wow... *groans and climbs onto the mattress* Thanks...
(Steven and Pumpkin sit down next to the tub as Peridot lies face down on the mattress. Steven pulls out his phone and checks it. He sighs in remorse as he finds there is still no response from Connie.)
Peridot What do we do now?...
(Steven, Peridot, and Pumpkin gaze off in silence, as they sit together in the bathroom.)

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