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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Steven is sitting on the beach using his phone, while Greg and Pearl are seen fixing Greg's Van nearby. Steven's phone screen shows a picture of Sniffling Croissant.)
Steven Sniffling Croissant! *smiles* You really know me, Internet. Hey, guys!
Greg Yeah, Steven?
Steven You guys should take this online quiz I found. It tells you what... (Pearl walks next to Steven to pick up a wrench.) It tells you what character you are from "Crying Breakfast Friends!"
Pearl *confused* Uh, why?
Steven It's just fun to see yourself as a cartoon character, like Weeping Egg Cup, who is neurotic and uptight; or Pining Grapefruit, the sensitive older one who wishes he were a better role model.
(The two listed characters are implied to be Pearl and Greg, who stares uneasy at Steven.)
Greg Uh, maybe we can do that thing after we fix the van.
(Pearl and Greg turn back to the van's open hood.)
Steven *sighs* Okay, I'll go find someone else! *runs off*
Pearl *to Greg* Do you understand that cartoon show?
Greg *somberly* I don't understand anything anymore.
(Steven enters the Beach House, panting, and smiles when he sees Amethyst, browsing the refrigerator and holding a big pile of food items in her arm.)
Amethyst Hey Steven! Is there any more engine oil? *turns to Steven* I need it for the sandwich.
Steven I think that's for cars...
Amethyst Well... *kicks the refrigerator door shut* Is there any more of it?
Steven Dad's probably got some outside. Oh! But uh... you've gotta take this online quiz! *pulls out his phone* "Which Crying Breakfast Friend Are You?"
Amethyst That show's really weird. *sits at the kitchen counter and places her food on top* Who wants to watch a cartoon about people crying?
Steven *with watery eyes* I do!
Amethyst *rolls her eyes* Okay, okay! Uh, what's the first question?
Steven *reads from his phone* "Do you ever act without thinking?"
Amethyst Nope. *squeezes a mustard bottle until it explodes, covering the pile of food on mustard* Never.
Steven "Are you afraid of taking risks and trying new things?"
Amethyst *eats the whole pile of food in one bite, with her mouth full* Terrified! *cleans the mustard on her face with her tongue*
Steven *seemingly upset* Amethyst, are you taking this seriously?
Amethyst *rolls her eyes and rests her head on her hand* Of course I am.
Steven Okay. *taps the 'Yes' button his phone's screen, which reads "Are you taking this seriously?"* "Are you insecure about your relationships and how you are perceived by other people?"
Amethyst *visibly troubled and unsteady* No... yes? Eh... What's the right answer?
Steven There is no right answer. You're just supposed to answer honestly.
Amethyst Eh, I'm bored. *crosses her arms behind her back*
(Amethyst then walks towards the Temple Gate and activates it, while Steven follows her.)
Steven Oh wait, I have loads more probing personal questions to ask.
(The temple gate opens up to Amethyst's Room, revealing Garnet standing inside.)
Amethyst *upset* Garnet, wha— *enters the room with Steven* What are you doing in my room? (The door closes behind them.)
Garnet I saw a corrupted gem. *points upward toward a large gaping hole* I followed it through the tunnel it dug in the rock.
Amethyst *looking off doubtfully with arms crossed* Yeah right.
Steven Where did it come from?
Garnet It's similar to Pearl's description of the creature she saw slinking through the temple.
Steven *shocked and excited* You saw The Slinker!?
Amethyst I thought we agreed there was no Slinker, and we weren't going to call it- *air quotes* "The Slinker".
Garnet Yes we did, but now it's undeniable the creature exists, and that Steven's name stuck.
Steven *proudly holds up his fist* Yes!
Amethyst *defensively steps forward* Nooo! Look, why don't you just let me look for it?
Garnet Because you won't. *walks past Amethyst*
(Amethyst and Steven hurry after Garnet deeper into the room. Garnet lifts up a hunk of Amethyst's junk pile and reveals another large tunnel.)
Steven How long's this thing been in here?
Amethyst *excitedly squeals, picks up a gas mask and wears it* Ha ha, look, Steven! I'm a pachyderm! (Steven laughs.) Oh! And there's a prize inside! *pulls out a skull from the mask*
(Loud hissing noise is heard.)
Garnet Sshhhh, keep quiet.
(Amethyst rolls her eyes and groans while Steven nods obediently. The trio then move to another section of the room. Garnet puts the hunk of Amethyst's junk down on the side and continues walking forth.)
Steven *admiring Garnet* Oh Garnet, stern but practical, just like Spilled Milk.
Amethyst *visibly annoyed* You're still not on about that dumb cartoon are you?
Steven Oh right, the quiz! *pulls out his phone and starts walking toward Amethyst* "Do you get defensive when people ask you questions about the feelings you prefer to keep hidden?"
Amethyst *eyes widen and squints her eyes at Steven* Don't!- get all psych-o-logical on me, Steven.
Steven *backs up in surprise* Uhhh... sorry?
(The loud hissing is heard again.)
Steven & Amethyst Huh?
Garnet There!
(Garnet quickly tosses away the junk she is holding and takes a large leap forward, firing her gauntlets like rockets in the direction of the hissing. Her rocket gauntlets fly into a pile of junk and explode on contact. Garnet runs to the junk pile, smiling, but quickly frowns in disappointment.)
Amethyst WHOA MAMA! *runs up excitedly to Garnet* Did ya get it!?
Garnet No. *holds up her wrists as her gauntlets reappear*
Amethyst *looks disappointed, jumps into the junk pile and starts looking around* Aw man, I think my favorite round thing was in there.
Garnet *sigh* I'll get you a new round thing.
Amethyst Ugh, this is my stuff you're messing with! *starts throwing and kicking things around* If it's gonna get wrecked, I'm gonna be the one to wreck it!
(Some junks lands on a tentacle and it slithers away.)
Amethyst See, that's how it's d—
(Amethyst keeps kicking her junk, when the tentacle emerges from the junk pile and strangles her. Steven watches in shock as Amethyst gets pulled under and poofed, leaving behind her gem.)
Steven *gasps* Amethyst got "poofed!"
Garnet Slinker!
(Garnet hears the Slinker slither away as she tries to look around to find it. Steven picks up Amethyst's gem and walks up behind Garnet, looking sad.)
Steven *whimpers and holds up Amethyst's gem* Garnet?
Garnet *turns around* Steven, remember, our bodies are only an illusion. Amethyst will be fine.
Steven *tears up* B-b-but Pearl took two whole weeks to come back, and I already miss Amethyst so much!
Garnet *kneels down to Steven* Don't worry. She'll be back before you know it.
(Amethyst's gem then starts glowing and floats off of Steven's arms into the air.)
Garnet Literally.
(Steven watches happily as Amethyst quickly reforms in mid-air and drops onto the ground. Steven runs forth to give Amethyst a hug.)
Steven Amethyst's back! Amethyst's back!
Amethyst Ugh. *pushes Steven aside* Huh?
(Amethyst notices her hands are replaced with feet.)
Steven Looks like you... grew a few feet since the last time I saw you, nyuck-nyuck-nyuck! *nudges Amethyst playfully*
Garnet That was fast. Even for you.
Amethyst Eh, it's no big deal. *stands upside-down on her arm-legs* I didn't wanna keep my biggest fan waiting!
(Steven laughs until Amethyst puts her foot on his head, which he pushes it away looking mildly grossed out, and continues laughing.)
Garnet Hmm.
Amethyst Ok ok. We got a Slinker to slink! *cartwheels away*
(Steven then attempts to cartwheel too, but fails halfway through. Amethyst starts searching a different part of her room.)
Amethyst Hmm... Where would I go if I were a monster... *walks towards a large hole in the wall* Hey! Over here!
(The trio then walks together into the hole and into the tunnel.)
Steven Your new form is really interesting.
Amethyst Thanks, Steven.
Steven I didn't even know you could come back this different!
Amethyst *annoyed* Thanks, Steven.
Steven So... why'd you come back with four legs?
Amethyst *walks ahead, annoyed* 'Cause I like walking!
Steven Wow... I want four legs too!
Garnet No, you don't! Amethyst rushed her regeneration, she should've taken her time. (Amethyst rolls her eyes at Garnet's comment.)
Steven Like Pearl? (Amethyst stops walking, offended.)
Garnet Yes, Pearl put a bit more... thought into how she came back.
Amethyst Pearl! Pearl! Pearl! You know I can hear you! *reveals an oversized ear* I'm sorry I'm not like Pearl with her fancy form, and her clean room with no monsters in it!-
(The Slinker suddenly crashes through the tunnel, crashing onto of Amethyst and causing her to poof, and digs away into another hole. Steven and Garnet quickly runs up to and look down the hole.)
Steven Amethyst? (Garnet jumps down holding Steven, and they see the Amethyst's gem.) Amethyst's gem! *runs towards it* She got 'poofed' again!
Garnet This is a good opportunity for her, now she can make a better form.
(Amethyst's gem starts glowing and floating again.)
Steven *gasps* She's coming back!
Garnet *covering her shades* Hmm.
(Amethyst quickly reforms, taking on a form that looks like Pearl with a bigger and longer hairdo and loose socks.)
Amethyst Yeah right. *snickers* This is much better!
Steven *giggles and points* She's doing Pearl!
(Garnet facepalms and sighs. The trio exits the tunnel, as the Slinker disappears in the background. Garnet walks ahead, and Amethyst and Steven quickly catch up.)
Amethyst Hey Garnet, what do you think of my new look, Garnet? (Garnet ignores her.) I'm more like Pearl now! Isn't it wonderful? Ha! I feel... *mimics Pearl's twirl and hits Steven and Garnet with her hair* Practically perfect!~
Garnet We need to focus on listening for the creature.
Amethyst Oh, but I can't focus, all these rocks are different sizes, we'll have to organize them by shape and color. Didn't anyone tell nature how I want it to look? (Steven giggles in response.)
Garnet *to Steven* Don't encourage her. *walks off*
Amethyst But I need encouragement, Garnet! I need everyone's constant approval, I need to loquaciously converse so I can show off... how smart I am. *gets annoyed*
Steven Uh, you can converse with me. Let's finish that quiz! "Do you need to plan ahead before you act?"
Amethyst Oh, thoroughly!
Steven "Do you obsess over little details?"
Amethyst Completely entirely!
Steven Oh wow, you're so method. Next time, can you come back as me?
Garnet *pauses and turns to Amethyst* This is not a good choice for your form.
Amethyst Lighten up, Garnet. Can't you take a joke?
Garnet It's not funny, you made yourself ridiculous.
Amethyst RIDICULOUS?!?!
Garnet Keep your voice down; the creature.
Amethyst *growls* You wanted me to be more like Pearl, AND NOW I AM!!
Garnet *intense whispering* Pearl would've taken a regeneration seriously!
Garnet It's my business when it affects the strength of the team!
Amethyst So what, I'm not strong enough?
(The Slinker's tentacles suddenly wraps around Amethyst and pulls her away. Garnet and Steven quickly chase after.)
Steven Amethyst!
(The Slinker drags Amethyst in and poofs her. Her gem flings out and Steven catches it.)
Steven *whimpers* Is it weird I'm getting numb to this?
(Amethyst's gem quickly glows and floats into the air again, attempting to take form. It lands like a quivering light blob on the ground and Steven clings onto Garnet's leg, frightened. Amethyst then regenerates into a bulky-like figure, with only one bulky arm and leg, with unkempt hair.)
Amethyst Okay, you know I wasn't feeling this at first. But I think I might be... coming around! Ha! Yo Steven, my seams straight?
Steven *worried* Does that new form... hurt you?
Amethyst *looks upset* No...? *turns to Garnet smugly* Hey, Garnet, how'd you like to mix up with this? *chuckles* Just a little something I put together, you know.
Garnet *growls* This form isn't sustainable, Amethyst.
Amethyst *blushes* But... *looks down and shots at Garnet* You're the one who said I needed to be stronger! (Hissing is heard again and the trio look around. Amethyst pounds her fist on the ground.) Okay, if it's my monster then I'll deal with it!
(Amethyst runs toward a crystal pillar and punches it out of her way, shattering it. Steven and Garnet shield themselves from the debris and follow after her.)
Steven Amethyst!
(Steven and Garnet lose sight of Amethyst. Garnet then grabs Steven, leaps off in the direction of the hissing, and sets him down.)
Garnet Stay behind me! *runs through another tunnel and looks around* Amethyst!
(More debris are flung towards Garnet, who quickly shield herself with her gauntlets. Amethyst can then be seen fighting the Slinker hand-to-hand.)
Steven *gasps* Amethyst!
(Amethyst wrestles with the Slinker, laughing and slamming it against a crystal pillar with her bulk arm. The Slinker tries to retaliate by wrapping its tentacles around Amethyst.)
Garnet Let it go!
Amethyst No! You wanted me to be stronger, I'm doing it! I'm being what you want!
Garnet I don't want this!
(Amethyst's bulk arm is unable to be sustained and it deforms. Amethyst struggles to push back the Slinker.)
Amethyst Well, what do you want? Just tell me and I'll do that!
Garnet I can't tell you, Amethyst! You have to figure this out for yourself! (Amethyst grunts in pain.)
Steven She can't! She doesn't want to think about herself!
Amethyst WHAT?
(The Slinker eats the distracted Amethyst and poofs her. Garnet leaps in and punches the Slinker, causing it to spit out Amethyst's gem, and Steven catches it. Steven sighs as he holds it against his chest.)
Garnet Good catch.
[Trans Int. Beach House]
(Steven and Garnet are back in the house. Steven is lying on the couch, holding and staring at Amethyst' gem, while Garnet is talking with Pearl.)
Pearl I knew that thing was real! When Amethyst gets back we have to go find it! *walks over to Steven* How long has it been?
Steven 4 hours...
Pearl 4 hours?! She's never taken so long! What do you think she's doing in there?
Garnet *arms crossed* I'm not sure, I was too hard on her.
(Steven sighs, when Amethyst's gem starts glowing again.)
Steven Oh, oh, she's back! (Amethyst's gem floats off of Steven's hand and starts taking form.) All right, everyone be supportive.
(Amethyst's form continues to cycle until it sticks, and Amethyst returns with a new outfit. She lands on the table, yawns and stretches.)
Amethyst What?
Steven *slightly disappointed* Aw, you barely changed.
Pearl Steven!
(Garnet walks over to Amethyst, and they look at each other briefly.)
Garnet It's perfect.
Amethyst Eh, whatevs. It's just what feels right.
Garnet That's why it's perfect.
Pearl It is a marked improvement! You finally fixed that shoulder strap that's always bugged me!
Steven Welcome back! *hugs Amethyst*
Pearl Well done, Amethyst! *hugs Amethyst too*
Amethyst *blushes* Knock it off! Huegh! (Garnet hugs her too.) We gotta go find the Slinker!
Steven No, it's hug time.
Amethyst Ugh, this is so dumb.
(The star iris then closes on Amethyst, who smiles cutely and sighs in satisfaction, ending the episode.)

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