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=== Music ===
=== Music ===
* "[[Steven's Restaurant]]"
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== Trivia ==

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Years ago, my dad and Kofi signed an agreement to not steal each other's business. But when I fried up those mozarella sticks, I reignited the hot oil of war.

Peedee Fryman

"Restaurant Wars" is the 12th episode of the third season of Steven Universe and the 90th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven must help the Frymans and the Pizzas settle a reignited rivalry between their restaurants.[3]


While at the Fry Shack, Steven is about to order his regular choice of fry bits; however, he decides he wants a change, he orders off menu. This is much to Peedee's annoyance, but he later comes out with a plate of Mozzarella sticks, which Steven happily accepts. As Steven munches on his new snack, he walks by Fish Stew Pizza, where Kofi goes into a rage upon seeing the Mozzarella sticks. Kofi declares the sticks have the same ingredients as pizza and thinks Fryman is infringing upon his business. This leads to Kofi putting up a sign saying, "Now serving fries". Fryman sees the sign, and he and Kofi both agree to a new restaurant war.

The next day, Steven is on the boardwalk and sees massive amounts of discarded food. He learns from Peedee that when he served Steven Mozzarella sticks, he broke a food treaty that his father and Kofi signed years ago. Steven then tries to make Peedee feel less guilty by saying it was his fault for asking for something off menu, to which Peedee agrees bitterly. Steven then goes to the Fryshack asking for fries, only to learn they are out and are serving only pizza bits. He then goes to Fish Stew Pizza attempting to order a pizza, only to run away from Kofi because he will only let him order if he lets him sign a contract and brand him with a VIP hot iron. At Steven's house, Steven and all the restaurant children discuss what to do. Steven then comes up with the idea for Ronaldo and Kiki to pretend to date, much to Ronaldo's horror because he has a girlfriend, which is much to the others' disbelief. The next day Kiki and Ronaldo pretend to be in love, presenting each other with a bouquet of flowers, to which Kofi and Fryman believe and take as a logical reason to stop the war. However, Ronaldo's girlfriend Jane appears with the intent to return Ronaldo's DVD and witnesses the scene, believing it to be real despite Ronaldo immediately revealing the plan. Jane runs away, causing Ronaldo to try to chase after her but immediately falls, bursting tears. Fryman and Kofi continue the war.

Later that night Jenny then tells Steven the only way the original Restaurant War ended was when Kofi and Mr. Fryman teamed up to take on a more successful restaurant. This prompts Steven to make his own restaurant in his own room featuring gourmet french fries and pizza. While both seem skeptical at first, but upon eating Steven's dishes they find them both so delicious that they decide to join together and plead Steven to close down his restaurant. Steven accepts only on the condition that they stop the restaurant war, which they agree to, ending the war.




  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Fries
  • Pizza




  • This episode's name is first revealed in the episode listing on the Cartoon Network website.[4]
  • This episode reveals that Ronaldo had a girlfriend named Jane whom was first seen in "Lion 2: The Movie"
  • This episode reveals that Mr. Fryman and Kofi Pizza signed a treaty not to ripoff each other's products.
  • This episode reveals that Suitcase Sam's used to be a restaurant called the Everything Buffet.
  • Ian Jones-Quartey makes a cameo in this episode.

Cultural References

  • Steven's idea of Ronaldo and Kiki pretending to be in love to end a family feud references William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet".
    • Steven's comment that they should date because they were "sitting next to each other" may be a jab at "fan shipping", where fans pair characters based on arbitrary things like close physical proximity.
  • Ronaldo's shoes with wheels on them are a clear reference to the "Heelys" brand of shoes.
  • The stage of "Hearts and Minds" was also a strategy used by the US government during the Vietnam war to try and convince Vietnam forces to withdraw from combat.
  • Kofi's quote "When pizza's on a bagel, you can eat pizza any time!" is a reference to the slogan of the frozen pizza snack bagels, Bagel Bites[1].
  • The Hynes brand ketchup is a reference to the popular ketchup brand, "Heinz".
  • When Jane breaks up with Ronaldo, he calls her "ohime-sama", which is Japanese for "princess".
  • The scene Mr. Fryman eating fries is similar to the fried lobster battle in Chūka Ichiban! (Cooking Master Boy) ep.25, including a fried lobster with sauce in it and the "bite and shock" effect.


  • VIP(IZZA) from "Secret Team" is possibly referenced when Kofi wants to give Steven VIP access by putting "VIP" on his skin with a branding iron.


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