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This is our home! Our planet! Our friends and family! We are the Crystal Gems!


"Reunited" is a 22-minute special episode. It takes up the production slots of the 23rd and 24th episodes of the fifth season of Steven Universe, and the 151st and 152nd episodes overall. It is the final episode of the seventh StevenBomb.

Official Synopsis

Steven brings everyone together for a special reunion.[2]


Reunited (133).png

The episode starts off with Steven singing "Let's Only Think About Love". Through this song, Steven expresses that the Crystal Gems continue to be plagued by painful emotions regarding the renewed threat of Homeworld and the Cluster, Lapis Lazuli's departure (in Peridot's case), and the tremendously startling revelation that Rose Quartz had been Pink Diamond all along. Though no one has truly gotten used to the dramatic turns their lives have recently taken, Steven encourages them to focus all their efforts into making the wedding day of Ruby and Sapphire a genuine celebration of love. He goes around helping everyone get ready for the wedding, which is held on the beach in front of the Temple, attended by the Crystal Gems and the humans of Beach City. After Steven makes his opening speech, Ruby and Sapphire say their vows. Ruby declares how happy she is being herself alongside Sapphire, and her determination not to let anyone come between them. Sapphire explains how Ruby saved her from her destiny and opened up new possibilities. They kiss and fuse back into Garnet.

Rupphire kiss and Garnet returns.gif

During the reception, Steven begins crying, at first believing it to be due to his emotions and later realizing it is the presence of Blue Diamond. The Diamonds come in their arm-ships and attack the ground above the Cluster, aiming to awaken it. Despite Steven's attempt to calm the Cluster telepathically while sleeping, the Cluster is unbubbled and takes the form of a giant arm above ground. However, it remains in control of itself and attacks Yellow Diamond's ship before giving Steven a giant thumbs-up.

Reunited (502).png

Meanwhile, Blue alights on the beach and is unswayed by Steven's attempts to talk to her. She attacks and subdues everyone with her aura of sadness except Connie and Lion (who are not Gems and are unaffected). Connie attacks Blue Diamond but Blue catches and snaps her sword, recognizing it as Rose Quartz's. Garnet marches forward despite the emotional assault and is able to distract Blue long enough for Lapis Lazuli, who has returned from the Moon, to slam the Barn onto Blue.

Reunited (634).png

Lapis officially joins the Crystal Gems; Peridot and Steven are overjoyed to see her. Blue recovers and restores her aura, but it has little effect on Lapis who has "felt worse". Lapis restrains Blue with water chains (much as she did as Malachite from within) and disables her aura again, allowing the assembled Crystal Gems to attack together and bring Blue to her knees. Yellow Diamond's ship is disabled in the struggle with the Cluster and thrown onto Blue's, which in turn falls on top of Blue (and the front of Steven's house). The Cluster, exhausted and glitching, retreats into its bubble. Unfortunately, the Diamonds regroup: Yellow Diamond exits her ship and frees Blue from the wreckage. Peridot taunts Yellow asking if the Diamond remembers her; Yellow scornfully denies it and instantly poofs Peridot with her lightning attack. As Steven tries to explain to the Diamonds, Yellow runs up and stomps him into the ground, knocking Steven unconscious.

Reunited (981).png

Steven awakens outside his body on an abstract psychic plane. He realizes that while disembodied he can interact with people's thoughts, and watches as Lapis is also poofed. After giving his friends encouragement he attempts to contact the Diamonds, but still believing him to be an enemy, they attack him psychically. Steven resists and is able to create Pink Diamond's aura, which convinces the Diamonds that she is still alive.

It's you.gif

Steven reawakens with the Crystal Gems, including Greg and except for Peridot and Lapis, and the Diamonds standing over him in surprise, as Blue expresses in tears, "It's you... Pink!".







  • "Let's Only Think About Love"



  • This is the third half-hour episode to air in the series (with the first being "Bismuth" and the second being "Gem Harvest") and the first to feature a song.

Reunited promo.jpg

  • The promo art for this episode features Kelsey and J.P. from Craig of the Creek, another Cartoon Network series that has had several references to Steven Universe (including a reference to Li'l Butler existing within the former series).
  • The wedding takes place eight months after Steven's birthday, August 15, which means the wedding takes place in mid-April. Coincidentally, the birthstone for April is a diamond.
    • This also means the entirety of the events of the past three seasons has taken place over the course of eight months in-universe.
    • This also means that Steven is now 14 years and 8 months old, while Connie is 13 years and 5 months old.
  • This is the only episode where a fusion involving Garnet unfuses due to a disruption of stability that does not show Ruby and Sapphire's silhouettes.
  • This is the first episode in which both Blue and Yellow Diamond appear without their respective Pearls.
  • The episode's title refers to the reuniting of Ruby and Sapphire as Garnet, the reuniting of Lapis and Peridot, and the reuniting of the Diamonds with Pink (Steven).
  • The flowers in Ruby's hair are hydrangeas, based on the flowers a friend of Rebecca's was wearing in her hair at her wedding.[3]
    • The hydrangeas appear to be the cultivar of the species H. macrophylla named "Harlequin".
  • When Yellow Diamond is thinking to herself, she says "I knew Pink couldn't handle a colony, but I gave in, and now I'm to blame for her fate." This implies that it was Yellow who granted Pink Diamond the Earth and that it may have previously been stated to be one of her colonies.
    • This "giving in" may have been due to Pink Diamond pressuring Yellow Diamond such as the tantrum shown in "Jungle Moon".
  • This is the first episode to have the end card song, "Love Like You" changed once again. This time, Rebecca Sugar sings it slowly.
  • Bismuth is shown to have finally understood the Crystal Gems' way of bubbling Gems instead of shattering them, as shown when Blue Diamond arrives and she calls out to the others: "Come on you rocks, let's put her in a bubble!".
  • When the Crystal Gems attack Blue Diamond one after the other, only Steven and Lion did damage; Lion's concussive roar made her flinch, and Steven's spike bubble got her on her knees. This is most likely because Steven and Lion contain another Diamond's magic (Pink's).
  • That episode is nominated for the Creative Arts Short Form Animated Emmy Award 2019. Other nominated episodes are "The Witness" (Love, Death & Robots), "Why is it Wet?" (Robot Chicken), "Plankton Paranoia" (SpongeBob SquarePants) and "Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story" (Teen Titans Go!).

Cultural References

  • While preparing for the wedding, Sapphire and Ruby both cover their eyes around each other. This is a common superstition that bad luck will come if the bride is seen by her fiancé before their wedding.
  • When Sapphire shatters the ice forming around her feet from anxiety, this is a reference to the common symptom of a bride-to-be known as "cold feet".
    • It may also be related to the "breaking the glass" Jewish wedding tradition.
  • Lapis Lazuli's line, "I've only just begun to fight." bears resemblance to a quote of the American naval captain, John Paul Jones, stating "I have not yet begun to fight.".
  • When Steven is talking to Garnet in the psychic realm, she begins punching rapidly and grunting. This could be a reference to Star Platinum's famous “ORA ORA ORA” attack from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Her grunting even sounds like the quote.
  • When Blue Diamond grabbed Rose's Sword and smashed it with her bare hand, similarity as the beginning of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring that during Siege of Barad-dûr, the Dark Lord Sauron stomp on King Elendil's sword Narsil after Elendil's son Isildur took it and before he cut Sauron's fingers where the One Ring is.


  • This episode begins shortly after "Made of Honor", as the wedding invitations were just finished and the gems were preparing for the wedding the episode before.
  • Cat Steven appears for the first time since "Pool Hopping".
  • Ruby and Sapphire marry after their engagement in "The Question".
  • The Beach City evacuation plan is the same one the Crystal Gems and Nanefua Pizza organized in "Letter to Lars."
  • Blue Diamond recognizes Rose's Sword and shatters it; she first identified it as the alleged murder weapon during "The Trial".
  • While Steven is shaving, he uses the razor Garnet gave him in "Three Gems and a Baby".
    • The strand of facial hair he shaves off is the same one he started growing at the end of "Steven's Birthday".
  • Blue and Yellow Diamond now know Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond were the same person.
  • Blue Diamond does, in fact, remember Ruby and Sapphire from the events of "The Answer".
    • Conversely, Yellow Diamond claims not to remember Peridot just before poofing her, but used to before Peridot told her off in "Message Received".
  • Steven's rallying cry, "This is our home! Our planet! Our friends and family! We are the Crystal Gems!" somewhat echoes a line of his from "The Return" – "But this is my home! And you're all my family! And...I'm a Crystal Gem too!".
  • In her thoughts, Pearl mentions to "Do it for him/her!", referencing the song "Do It for Her".
    • When rousing her, Steven tells her to think of herself as well, as she previously used self-sacrifice in battle for Rose.
  • The Cluster's appearance of many hands reaching towards the sky while forming was foreshadowed in "The Zoo" when the Zoomans reached to the sky after Greg rejected their choice of him. A similar image is part of the mural inside the Pyramid Temple.
  • The enhancements given to the Crystal Gems' weapons in "Bismuth" return.
  • Steven, Greg and Pearl wear the tailor-made suits they first purchased and wore in "Mr. Greg".
  • The Together Breakfast makes an appearance as Garnet's wedding cake. A "bride and groom" figurine modeled after Ruby and Sapphire replaces the strawberry topper.
  • At one point in the song "Let's Only Think About Love", Steven does a pose similar to his pose at the beginning of the first opening.
    • One of the first lines in the song describes Pink/Rose seeing the Earth's "beauty and worth", echoing one of Pearl's lines in the extended second opening.
    • The last time Steven sings "There's an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of.", he holds the note, possibly referencing the end of "It's Over Isn't It".
  • Greg plays "Stronger Than You" on his guitar when the Gems are walking down the aisle until Ruby starts running toward Sapphire. Sour Cream also plays a chiptune remix during the reception. A small sample of the song can also be heard when Garnet is confronting Blue Diamond and reaffirming that she is "made of love".
  • In "Can't Go Back", Steven tells Lapis that she can drop the barn on the beach. She does precisely that in this episode.
  • When Garnet faces Blue Diamond, the latter asks "Who are you supposed to be?", which Jasper asked the same question to the newly formed Smoky Quartz in "Earthlings" after Steven and Amethyst fused.
  • Greg's attempt to use "the old Universe charm" on Blue Diamond when she first appears to Steven and the others, is a callback to "Steven's Dream" where Greg was able to console Blue Diamond over the supposed 'shattering' of Pink Diamond. He does not get the opportunity, however, as the others vehemently convince him it is a bad idea.
  • This episode features the destruction of both Rose's sword and the Barn.


  • When Steven is seen shaving his single facial hair in the mirror, the image is not mirrored as it should be.
  • When Steven shaves off his single facial hair, the shadow of his chin underneath his facial hair disappears.
  • When Peridot is first seen, her dress seems to be sticking out with no wind blowing it. This is corrected in the next shot when her dress and the surrounding grass is seen blowing with the wind.
  • When Steven warps in the house with Peridot, he's holding her left hand. In the next shot, he's holding her right hand.
  • At one point in "Let's Only Think About Love", Pearl's eyes are see-through.
  • When everyone is singing together near the end of the song, the bottom of Connie's dress is slightly cut off.
  • Near the very end of the song when everyone is outside singing, right before Steven jumps over to Sapphire, he can be heard singing but he is not animated while doing it.
  • When Steven descends at the end of the song, Sapphire's gem is missing.
  • During the wedding ceremony, after Steven acknowledges the presence of everyone and begins his speech, Nanefua is not visible in the crowd. However, she had been seen before the song finished.
  • Pumpkin is shown with hollowed-out eyes instead of having pumpkin seeds for eyes.
    • However, when zoomed out, Pumpkin's eyes are shown to be pumpkin seeds.
  • When Greg was walking by the guests while playing the guitar, his hand was not moving even though you could hear the guitar being played.
  • When Steven says, "Two of my favorite people," his bow tie is black. It turns white when he moves his hands while saying, "who combine into one of my other favorite people." In the next shot of Steven, it goes back to black.
  • When Ruby puts the ring on Sapphire's finger, Sapphire's gem is not oriented correctly.
  • After Ruby and Sapphire reunite, Garnet is seen wearing a wedding gown with puffed sleeves and a black bow tie with a pair of pants, but the next screenshot of Garnet in a distant, she is seen wearing a full wedding gown's bottom without pants to be seen.
  • When Garnet takes form after Ruby and Sapphire fuse with each other, her neck is missing.
    • This may just be due to the angle, as it seems like her back might be slightly arched.
    • In the same shot, Ruby's and Sapphire's gems swap places.
  • The Cluster smashes Yellow's ship into Blue's from above, however, in later shots, Yellow's ship is on the bottom.
  • When the Crystal Gems are squaring off against Blue Diamond just after Lapis drops the barn on her, Pearl's spear is summoned as a trident, then it turns into a regular spear, and then it turns back into a trident in the next shot where we can see it, with no throwing having been done between the three shots.
    • Also, when Lion and Connie jump on Blue Diamond, her eyes seem to have turned mint green instead of being their usual sky blue.
  • When the Gems fuse into Alexandrite she does not have any wedding attire yet all of the Gems are still wearing their attire for the wedding.
    • This might not be an error as the Gems' wedding attire could have been trapped inside Alexandrite's body, similar to how Topaz fused around the humans in "Are You My Dad?".
  • When Blue Diamond catches Connie in midair by Rose's sword, her hand clips through Connie in multiple places, as it can be noticed the hand is animated in two separate pieces.
  • When Blue Diamond sends out her radiated Pathokinesis a second time, Connie kneels in tears with the rest of the Gems, despite her not being affected by it the first time. She's also immune to it in the following episode.
    • In the same scene, Pearl was the only one of the team not to shed tears.
  • When Garnet clings to Blue Diamond's feet, Blue's sleeves cover her thumbs.
  • When Lapis drops the barn on Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond's ship is gone.
    • In the same shot, the cut of Blue Diamond's gem is incorrectly rounded like Lapis'. Even at the angle shown, it should still have its points.
  • Garnet's rings are missing during most of the fight against Blue Diamond, only showing up in a few shots. Most notable is when she grabs the bottom of Blue's dress, no ring is on her finger.
  • Lion's head appears to be missing in the first shot of when the Crystal Gems were positioned in Lapis's water ball.
  • When the Crystal Gems fly through the air to attack Blue Diamond, Garnet is seen before Connie and Lion, but Lion's attack hits Blue Diamond first.
  • When Blue Diamond launches her attack at all the Gems, before and after Steven puts his shield up, Lapis is nowhere to be seen.
    • However, right after, Lapis uses her water locks to stop Blue from attacking.
  • When Peridot runs towards Yellow Diamond and asks "Remember me?" and Yellow Diamond responds with "No", one of Yellow's eyelashes is not colored in.
  • Peridot's dress and shoes disappear when she gets poofed, even though they couldn't have been a shapeshifted outfit since she can't shapeshift.
  • When Steven tells Peridot and Lapis to "hang in there." after giving the Gems and Connie confidence, the ring on Lapis' gemstone doesn't appear.
  • When Yellow Diamond says "It must be a trick! Show yourself, foe!", you can not see Blue Diamond through Yellow Diamond's body and vice versa, even though both are translucent.

Reunited (566).png

  • When Garnet was saying "You couldn't stop me 5,750 years ago and you can't stop me now." while walking up to Blue Diamond, her mouth is placed behind her lips.
  • In one shot, Steven's unconscious body's mouth is open. Later, it is seen closed.
  • The font for Patti LuPone's name in the credits is not in the normal font style.
  • Ruby's name is incorrectly listed as 'Rudy' in the credits.
  • Nanefua's name is incorrectly listed as 'Nenefua' in the credits.


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