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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Steven's Bathroom]
(Steven is seen standing alone, half-dressed, in a dark room, as he begins to sing "Let's Only Think About Love".)
Steven ♫ Mom was a Diamond who invaded Earth, saw its beauty, and its worth. Mom made an army and she fought herself. Did that even end up mattering when she faked her own shattering? ♫
(Steven walks up to the bathroom sink, applies shaving cream on his face and shaves off the single facial hair on his chin.)
Steven ♫ Mom lived in hiding by the name of Rose, with the friends she made and the form she chose. Now all that's left of her exists in me, and I think that we can all agree... ♫
(Steven washes his face and glances down sadly at his gemstone, before buttoning up his shirt.)
Steven ♫ That is a little bit upsetting. ♫ I'd rather think about... a wedding! ♫
(Steven slides out of the bathroom happily into the Beach House, where Greg and the Crystal Gems are preparing the wedding.)
Steven ♫ Let's think about cake. Let's think about flowers. Let's think about dressing up and dancing around for hours. There's an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of, but for just one day let's only think about love~ ♫
(Just then, Sapphire, sitting on Steven's bed, covers her eye with her hands, as Ruby walks in with her hands covering her eyes too.)
Ruby Okay, Sapphire. I gotta get dressed for our big day now, so no peeking! And no future vision either!
Sapphire *giggles* Okay!
Pearl Oh, Steven. I just wish I could've said some things sooner about Rose, and Pink.
Steven ♫ We could think about lies, that we told in the past. ♫
Pearl They took it so hard.
Steven ♫ You could think about hurt feelings and how long they can last. ♫
Pearl How can you move on?
Steven ♫ Or we could think about hope! ♫
Pearl Hope?
Steven ♫ You know I've been hoping! ♫
Pearl About what?
Steven ♫ That everything's better now everything's out in the open! ♫
(Steven places Pearl's top hat on her hat and smiles at her. He then steps outside the house to find Bismuth on the porch, wearing a suit of armor.)
Steven Bismuth, is that what you're wearing to the wedding?
Bismuth It's the nicest thing I own. *flexes, causing spikes to pop out of her shoulderplates*
Steven Lookin' sharp! ♫ We could think about flowers. We could think about cake. We could think about wonderful promises we have the power to make. There's an awful lot of awful things we could be thinkin' of. But for just one day, let's only think about love!~ ♫
(Steven walks down onto the beach to assist Amethyst in decorating the wedding altar with pink roses.)
Amethyst Maybe I shouldn't have picked up roses. Might be a little controversial.
Steven *looks at the roses sadly* ♫ We could all rethink, how we feel about Rose. When it comes to Pink and the things that she did in the past, I suppose. ♫
Amethyst Yeah.
Steven ♫ Or we could both feel better, 'cause we could think about how, we could think about us, and we could think about now! ♫
(Steven playfully punches Amethyst's shoulder and they dance together for a while.)
Amethyst Well, if we don't use these, we're gonna need something else.
Steven No worries! Peridot's gathering more flowers right now. I'll go get her.
(Steven warps to the Warp Pad near the barn)
Steven *humming* ♫ But for just one day let's only think about... ♫
(Steven walks up to Peridot as she stares down at the crater at the former site of the Barn.)
Steven Peridot?
Peridot What if Lapis was right? Sooner or later, the Diamonds are going to come for the Cluster. We're all gonna die here!
Steven *sweating* ♫ We could think about war, we could think about fighting. We could think about long lost friends we wish we were inviting. ♫
(Steven looks up to the sky, and Lapis is seen sitting on the roof of the Barn on the moon.)
Steven ♫ We could think about the broken gems on the Cluster at the planet's core. ♫
(Steven then looks down to the ground, and the Cluster is seen lying dormant at the Earth's core, still bubbled.)
Steven ♫ Or we could think about the bubble we made, so that they can't be hurt any, they can't be hurt anymore! We could think about joy! We could think about pain! We could think about sunshine! We could think about rain! ♫
(Steven pulls Peridot along and they warp back to the Temple, with Greg, Pearl, Amethyst, Bismuth, and Connie are all ready inside the house.)
Steven ♫ There's an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of~ but for just one day, let's only think about... ♫
(Steven walks out onto the porch, and the others join him outside. Various Beach City citizens are already seated at the wedding setting, and Sapphire, wearing a tuxedo, waves at the group from the wedding altar.)
Everyone Else ♫ Just one day, let's only think about... Just one day, let's only think about... ♫
Steven ♫ Loooooooooove!~ ♫
(Steven jumps off the porch and floats down to the wedding altar. He points a signal and the group begins walking towards the altar, while Greg plays an instrumental version of "Stronger Than You" on his guitar.)
Steven *to Sapphire* You nervous?
Sapphire I'm not.
(Steven and Sapphire glance down and spot ice crystals forming at the base of Sapphire's foot, which she quickly smashes away with her foot. As the group walks down the wedding aisle, Peridot begins throwing flowers all around.)
Peridot Flowers for you! Flowers for you! Flowers for you!
(Peridot throws the flowers so hard, a bundle hits Mr. Fryman on the face and knocks him off his chair, shocking Peedee.)
Peridot *walks up to the astonished Steven* Wedding commander, all flowers have been deployed!
Steven Thanks, Peridot.
(Greg sits and continues strumming his guitar, cuing Ruby to step out of the house, wearing a white wedding gown. Sapphire turns towards her and Ruby smiles widely. Ruby begins hurrying towards the wedding altar, leaving burned footsteps behind, causing to Greg to speed up his song. Gaining velocity, Ruby bursts into flames as she dashes up to the wedding altar, leaving fire behind in the wedding aisle. Amethyst tries to put out the fire by stepping on it, and Greg stops playing.)
Steven *clears his throat* Dearly beloved Gems, (Peridot, Amethyst and Bismuth are seen standing together.) humans, (Mr. and Dr. Maheswaran look at each other.) lions big and small, (Lion is seen slurping a Crystal Basilisk, with Cat Steven resting on his mane.) living gourds, (Pearl and Connie look at Pumpkin.) Onion, (Onion is seen eating Chaaaaps.) We are gathered here today to celebrate Ruby and Sapphire, two of my favorite people, who combine into one of my other favorite people. You all probably know her as Garnet. She's their love, given form. Now it's your turn to talk about that. *steps back a bit*
Ruby I know this is all kind of silly, I mean, we've been together for 5,750 years.
Sapphire And 8 months.
Ruby I used to feel like I wasn't much good, just one of me on my own. But when we're together, it feels like it's okay to just be me. So I wanna be me, with you, an-and, not even the Diamonds will come between us. And if they try, we'll beat em up!
(Ruby punches and kicks furiously into the air, and Sapphire giggles.)
Sapphire Ruby, my future used to look like one single, obvious stream, unbending 'til the end of time. In an instant, you pulled me from that destiny, and opened my eye to an explosion of infinite possible futures, streaking across space and time, altered and obliterated by the smallest force of will.
(Ruby and Steven gaze at Sapphire, awestruck by her vow.)
Sapphire What I mean is, you changed my life. And then, I changed your life. And now, we changed our lives.
Steven Bismuth, the rings.
Amethyst *gently bumps Bismuth with her elbow* Hey Bismuth, that's your cue.
(Bismuth is seen crying, touched by the couple's vows, and approaches them with the rings. Sapphire puts the copper ring on Ruby, and Ruby puts the tin ring on Sapphire.)
Steven Ruby, do you take this Gem to have and to hold, on this and every other planet in the universe!?
Ruby I DO!!
Steven And Sapphire, do you-
Sapphire Yes.
Steven *whispering* You didn't let me finish.
Sapphire I'm just very excited.
Steven Then by the power vested in me by the state of Delmarva, I now pronounce you... Garnet!
(Ruby and Sapphire kiss and hug each other. Ruby carries Sapphire up and begins twirling her around, as the couple fuses back into Garnet. The crowd cheers as a pair of red and blue flowers wash up ashore on the beach.)
[Time-Skip; Night-time]
(A wedding after-party is then held on a dance floor set up on the beach. Sadie, Connie, Jenny, and Kiki are seen behind Garnet, as she threw a bouquet of roses behind her. However, she throws it so high up, it disappears into the sky, leaving the four gazing up at the sky in bewilderment. Sour Cream is the DJ, and Buck and Jenny dance to his music. Garnet too is seen dancing and embracing herself, while a saddened Jamie watches her. A saddened Bill Dewey also watches Mayor Nanefua dancing with her bodyguards. Jamie and Bill, both frowning, turn to each other and begin dancing together in sorrow, shoving right past Greg, Mr. Fryman, Kofi Pizza, Yellowtail, and Andy having a conversation. The Gems also converse with the citizens in small groups, such as Pearl and Kiki, Amethyst, Vidalia, Peridot and Onion, and Bismuth and Ronaldo. Steven watches the lively scene by the punch bowl, when Garnet walks in to pick him up.)
Garnet Steven! *laughs*
Steven *laughs as well* Hey Garnet!
Steven & Garnet Thanks for everything *laughs again*. I needed this *laughs some more*.
Garnet What a wonderful idea. Humans found a way to make a moment's decision last forever. I won't need future vision to know I'll always remember this.
(Bismuth is seen talking with Pearl and Amethyst, when the bouquet Garnet hurled falls on her head and she catches it, causing Amethyst and Pearl to laugh in response.)
Steven I'm so glad! *starts tearing up*
Garnet Oh no! I'm sorry. Don't cry.
Steven *wipes off his tears* I guess seeing everyone together got me really choked up.
(Bigger beads of tears begin flowing out of Steven's eyes.)
Steven Wait a second. You don't think!?...
(Garnet takes off her visor and opens her third eye.)
Garnet Blue Diamond!
Steven She's here?!
Garnet And she's not alone.
(The sky quickly darkens and everyone look up to the sky, as Yellow Diamond's Ship and Blue Diamond's Ship approach from the sky.)
Steven Oh no... It's the Diamonds!
[Commercial Interlude]
(Everyone at the party begin running away, while Steven approaches Nanefua.)
Steven Nanefua, get on your Nane-phone! We've got a Code Blue, and a Code Yellow!
Garnet This is it.
(The Diamond ships approach towards the beach, but then fly overhead and towards some distant mountains.)
Peridot We're over here, you clods!
Pearl Wha- Where are they going?
Steven They're not here for us. They must be here for the Cluster!
(Yellow Diamond's ship slams onto the ground, causing a shockwave and rumbling the entire ground.)
Bismuth What's the Cluster?!
Steven It's a huge Earth-destroying geo-weapon that the Diamonds made out of a bajillion Gem shards.
(Yellow Diamond's ship slams onto the ground again, destroying the terrain near it.)
Steven I gotta keep it calm and in its bubble. I can use my mind to connect with it, but only when I'm asleep.
Bismuth Asleep?!
[Trans. Int. Steven's Room]
(Steven tries to fall asleep on his bed, while everyone is gathered inside the house, but is unable to, due to the loud noises Yellow Diamond is causing.)
Steven It's no use! How am I supposed to sleep through this?!
Greg Maybe a lullaby will help. *strums his guitar*
Connie *worryingly* Uhh... I'm not sure this is gonna-
(Steven, surprisingly and instantly, falls asleep and begins snoring.)
[Trans. Steven's Dreamscape]
(Steven quickly finds the Cluster going amok inside their bubble and gasps in shock.)
Steven The Cluster! Stay calm! Try to keep from forming!
(The Cluster struggles to contain themselves, but inevitably pops out of their bubble.)
Steven No, no, no, no, no, NO, NO, NOOO!!
[Trans. Int. Steven's Room]
(Steven quickly wakes up in horror.)
Steven It popped!
(Steven and the others run outside of the house as the ground begins to shake. The Diamond ships back away and the Cluster bursts out onto the planet surface, forming a giant hand the size of the Diamond ships. Steven and the others watch on, paralyzed in fear, as the Cluster adjusts their movement. In the city, loud alarms are played in the speakers.)
Mayor Nanefua Attention, citizens of Beach City. Everyone, head to your designated shelters. I repeat, this is not a drill! Get yourselves over to the shelters.
(Ronaldo pulls out his fake katana and aims it at the Cluster, but Peedee pulls him away. The Cluster begins to gain momentum, clutching their fist and throwing a punch at Yellow Diamond's ship, sending it flying away. The Cluster then approaches Steven and others, and gave a thumbs-up.)
Steven Alright! Looks like it's in control of itself, and it's on our side. *returns a thumbs-up*
(Yellow Diamond's ship tries to land a punch, but the Cluster quickly catches it. The two then begin to arm-wrestle on the ocean.)
Steven & Connie Go Cluster, go!
(Just then, Blue Diamond's ship flies in from above the temple. It turns to face Steven and the other, and slaps onto the ground. It slowly rises back up, until Blue Diamond is seen standing on the ground.
Garnet Blue Diamond.
Greg Guess it's time to work the old... Universe... charm...!
Crystal Gems No!
Greg Alright, I'll just... be in here. *goes inside the house*
Blue Diamond Rose Quartz. So you escaped Homeworld and crawled back here. *raises her veil, crying in grief* This is Pink's world! How dare you use it as your hiding place! Come! Answer for what you've done!
Peridot This is bad! This is bad! This is bad! This is bad!
Bismuth Come on, you rocks! Let's put her in a bubble! *shapeshifts her hand into a hammer*
Pearl, Amethyst & Garnet Right! *summons their respective weapons*
Steven Wait, there's no reason to fight. *adjusts his bowtie* Let me talk to her. *approaches Blue* Blue Diamond, please listen to me! I didn't shatter Pink Diamond! Pink Diamond's right here. It's pretty interesting when you think about it-
Blue Diamond Enough!
(Blue Diamond charges an energy blast and hurls it at Steven, knocking him back. He is then quickly caught in Alexandrite's hand, who roars loudly at Blue Diamond.)
Steven Wait!
Blue Diamond You cannot fathom how much I've mourned, what thousands of years of grief has done to me!
(Blue Diamond buries her face in her palms and emits a blue aura around the area. Alexandrite tears up from the aura and quickly unfuses. Steven and the Gems drop to their knees and begin crying as well. Only Connie seems to be unaffected.)
Connie What's going on? Guys?
(Seeing she still has control of herself, Connie whistles for Lion, who swiftly runs in and Connie jumps onto his back.)
Connie Hold on, guys!
Steven Connie!
(Connie and Lion charge towards Blue Diamond, and Connie unsheathes her sword from its scabbard. Lion leaps up and Connie lunges towards Blue Diamond, only for her sword to be caught by Blue Diamond. Connie then struggles to pull it back.
Blue Diamond I know this sword. This... is the sword... THAT SHATTERED HER!!!
(Blue Diamond shatters the sword in her hand, causing Connie to fall off, luckily saved by Lion in time. She looks at the broken handle of her sword and notices the Cluster beginning to falter against Yellow Diamond's ship, crying in a unison of voices from Blue Diamond's aura.)
Blue Diamond You deserve this! All of you!
Steven Stop... Please!
Amethyst Steven...!
Pearl What do we do?
Steven I don't know. She won't listen. She just wants to fight.
Garnet Blue Diamond! *stomping towards Blue*
Blue Diamond Who are you supposed to be?
Garnet I am the will of two Gems that care for each other. To protect each other from any threat. No matter how vast or how cruel. You couldn't stop me 5,750 years ago, and you can't stop me now.
Blue Diamond It's you! That Ruby and Sapphire that disrupted my court.
Garnet URRGGH!! *clings onto and punches Blue Diamond's cloak* This is supposed to be MY DAY!!
Blue Diamond You hoped to defeat me by... clinging to my feet?
Garnet I just needed to keep you from taking three steps to the right.
(Water droplets suddenly drip onto Blue Diamond's head. Blue Diamond and Steven look at the sky, finding Lapis flying in the sky together with the Barn. Lapis smirks and hurls the barn towards Blue Diamond.)
Blue Diamond What?!
(Garnet somersaults away as the Barn crashes onto Blue Diamond, causing her aura to fade away, and the Gems to stop crying.)
Peridot Lapis!? *runs towards Lapis* You're really here....!
Lapis Hey.
Steven Lapis! *hugs Lapis* You came back! Again!
Lapis I couldn't stay away. If they're gonna punish me like a Crystal Gem, I might as well be one, right? You got room for... one more?
Steven Of course!
Bismuth *separates Steven and Lapis* Save the hugs for after the fight! Look alive!
(Blue Diamond bursts out from the broken Barn, even more enraged.)
Blue Diamond A Lapis Lazuli? Does every Gem that comes in contact with this planet turn traitor?!
(Blue Diamond emits her blue pathokinesis aura again, causing everyone including Connie to fall to their knees crying. This time, only Lapis and Lion are unaffected.)
Blue Diamond *shocked* What?
Lapis *wipes a single tear from her eye* I've felt worse.
(Lapis uses her hydrokinesis powers to chain Blue Diamond's hands with water shackles, effectively ceasing her abilities again.)
Lapis Knock her off this beach!
Garnet Now's our chance!
(The Crystal Gems summon their respective weapons, preparing to attack the vunlerable Blue Diamond, struggling to move.)
Garnet With all our strength together, we can take her down.
Steven That's right! This is our home, our planet, our friends and family! We... are the Crystal Gems!
Blue Diamond Pathetic! *blasts Lapis' water shackles away* You are... nothing!
(Blue Diamond summons a huge energy blast that begins firing a massive laser barrage onto the Crystal Gems. Steven quickly summons a giant version of his shield to protect everyone from the laser blasts. Steven braces himself against the powerful laser, slowly hitting him backwards, until the other Crystal Gems one by one help him to keep hold of his shield. Once the barrage is over, Steven raises his shield and the Crystal Gems begin attacking Blue Diamond in quick succession. Connie and Lion first attack with Lion's concussive roar, followed by Amethyst's whip lash. Blue Diamond tries to attack, but is caught by Lapis, and Pearl fires a laser at her face. Lion warps onto her head, and Garnet and Bismuth hit Blue Diamond's side at the same time. Peridot then uses his metal abilities to fire eight tin cans at Blue Diamond, and starts taunting.)
Peridot Hey Blue Diamond, fight me!
Bismuth You got guts, tiny. Let me give you a hand!
(Bismuth picks Peridot up and hurls her screaming towards Blue Diamond, landing onto her face.)
Steven Everyone, group up!
(The Crystal Gems gather around Steven, and Lapis uses her hydrokinesis to put them in a water bubble, which is thrown towards Blue Diamond. Blue Diamond grabs Peridot off her face, as the Crystal Gems approach at great speed. The water bubble pops and the Crystal Gems attack again in quick succession. Blue Diamond blocks Bismuth's, Pearl's, Amethyst's and Lion's attacks. Garnet breaks Blue Diamond's guard with her giant gauntlets, and Steven slams into her with his spiked bubble, effectively knocking Blue Diamond down. Meanwhile, the Cluster is seen gaining an upper hand against Yellow Diamond's ship, as visible damage are sustained on the ship.)
Steven Uhh... Guys!?
(With great strength, the Cluster lifts up the Yellow Diamond's ship and prepares to slam it towards the ground.)
Steven Run for it!
(The Crystal Gems retreat as the Cluster wrecks Yellow Diamond's ship down onto Blue Diamond's ship.)
Blue Diamond AAHHH!
(Blue Diamond is crushed by her own ship, and debris from the Diamond ship are sent flying everywhere; one of which crushes into the house.)
Pearl The house!
Bismuth Don't worry, I can fix it!
Steven My Dad!
Bismuth Uh- Oh.
Greg *bursts out of the door, carrying Cat Steven* Alright, I'm sticking with you guys!
(The damaged Diamond ships submerge into the sea, as the Crystal Gems regroup near the house.)
Connie Did we do it?
(The Cluster grunts and approaches Steven, as their form begins to destabilize.)
Steven Cluster, you were amazing! Are you okay? Do you wanna go back in your bubble?
(The Cluster gives a thumbs-up and unfuses, retreating back into the Earth's core.)
Steven Okay, take it easy. You're the best!
Garnet So that is a wedding reception. Nice job, wedding planner.
Amethyst Did you see that?! She couldn't lay a finger on me!
Peridot Hmm... But did you notice how I perfectly managed my trajectory... right into her eyes!? I'll demonstrate. *jumps on Bismuth's arms* Launch me again!
Bismuth I like you, Peridot. You don't quit.
(Just then, heavy metal thumping is heard from Yellow Diamond's ship. Yellow Diamond punches right through the hull of her ship and emerges on top, enraged with electricity crackling around her. She jumps off her ship and lifts up Blue Diamond's ship, helping her to get out from underneath. Everyone watch on horrified, except for Peridot.
Peridot Ha, I told her off once, I can do it again. *jumps off of Bismuth's arms and approaches Yellow Diamond* HEY! YELLOW CLOD! REMEMBER ME?!
Yellow Diamond No.
(Yellow Diamond fires an electric blast from her hand at Peridot, causing her to destabilize and poofs back into her gem.)
Steven Stop! *runs forth* Don't do this! Listen to me! I'm the one you're missing! I'm Pink Diamond!
Yellow Diamond *shocked* You!
(Yellow Diamond charges towards Steven and he quickly summons his giant shield in front of him.)
Garnet Steven!
(Yellow Diamond stops in front of Steven and stomps hard onto his shield, plunging him into the ground and causing him to black out.)
[Commercial Interlude]
[Trans. Int. Astral Plane]
(Steven suddenly wakes up in a dark dimension, with Connie on top of him and crying out to him.)
Steven Huh!?
Connie Steven!
Steven Connie, what's wrong?
Connie Come on, please wake up! *tears up, and looks away*
Steven *gets up, from his body* I'm up, I'm up. What's going on? Connie, I'm right here.
Connie Come on, Steven. We need you.
(Steven sees his own body lying next to him and freaks out.)
Steven What the hoo-hah?! Huh. *waves his hand over his unconscious body* Well this is new. What is this place?
(Steven looks down and sees himself standing on top of Connie's head, representing her mind. The minds of the other Crystal Gems are also seen, as they are all engaged in battle against the Diamonds.)
Lapis What else have you got?! I've only just begun to fight!
(Lapis then gets zapped by Yellow Diamond's attack and poofs as well.)
Steven *gasps* Lapis!
(Lapis' body is retreated back into her gemstone in the dimension. Further down, the minds of Yellow and Blue Diamond's are also seen, surrounded by their respective auras; Yellow's being electrical and Blue's being water-like.)
Steven Connie, are you seeing this?
Connie Wake up, please!
Connie (Mind) We're supposed to be in this together, remember?
Steven Uh, Connie, I'm o- kay?
(Steven tries to hold Connie, but he phases right through her. Connie then instantly senses him.)
Connie Huh? Steven?
(Steven grabs hold of Connie's hand.)
Connie Huh?
Steven Connie, it's me!
Connie Wha- Where are you? How are you...?
Steven I'm not sure, but I think it's a classic psychic ghost type situation.
Connie Ah, of course! So, what's the plan?
Steven The Diamonds won't listen to me out there, but maybe I can get through to them here. They gotta know Pink Diamond wasn't shattered. Please protect my body while I'm gone.
Connie Got it. Good luck out there, Steven.
(Steven lets go of Connie's hand and proceeds to traverse across the minds towards the Diamond's. He first lands on Garnet's mind.)
Garnet (Mind) This is it. I've got to hold it together. I've got to hold everyone together!
Steven You can do it, Garnet! Remember: You're made of love!
(Steven jumps and phases through Garnet, who quickly senses his presence.)
Garnet Steven?
Garnet (Mind) Huh! Always full of surprises.
(Filled with determination, Garnet begins punching rapidly. Steven makes his way to Amethyst's mind.)
Amethyst (Mind) Don't get shattered, don't get shattered, don't get shattered!
Steven You can do this, Amethyst; I believe in you! *jumps through Amethyst*
Amethyst (Mind) Steven? I can do this, I can do this, I can do this!
(Amethyst begins whipping her flail harder. Steven lands on Pearl's mind, as she is shooting lasers from her trident.)
Pearl (Mind) I won't give up. Everything I do, I do it for her! I do it for him!
Steven Don't forget about yourself, Pearl! *jumps through Pearl*
Pearl (Mind) I do it for me!
(Pearl slices with her trident, as Steven jumps his way to Bismuth's mind.)
Bismuth (Mind) I just got my friends back, and now, I'm gonna lose 'em again?!
Steven We can do this! Together! *jumps through Bismuth*
Bismuth (Mind) What am I thinking? We haven't lost yet!
(Steven jumps and lands on Peridot's gemstone.)
Steven Hang in there, Peridot. *looks at Lapis' gemstone* You too, Lapis.
(Steven looks up at the Diamonds' towering minds and fly towards them. Yellow and Blue are seen sitting down, sulking in somber)
Yellow Diamond (Mind) How miserable. I knew Pink couldn't handle her own colony. But, I gave in. And now, I'm to blame for her fate.
(Steven attempts to fly towards Yellow Diamond, but he gets knocked back by Yellow's electrifying aura.)
Steven Ah! Her thoughts are too strong! *floats over to Blue Diamond*
Blue Diamond (Mind) What good will any of this do? The more I make these Gems suffer, the more I long to see you again, Pink.
(Steven get knocked back by Blue Diamond's deluging aura too, but he pushes on, as he swims towards her and manages to land on her head.)
Steven 'Almost! *touches Blue's head* Blue Diamond, please listen! Wa-Waahh!
(Steven gets knocked back by Blue Diamond's aura again, and she feels his presence this time.)
Blue Diamond I felt something. Someone...
Steven It worked. I gotta get through to them. *swims in Blue's aura and touches her head again, struggling* Pink isn't gone! I can explain everything if you just stopped this fighting! Wooaahh! *knocked back once more*
Blue Diamond There it is again.
Yellow Diamond What are you jabbering about?
Blue Diamond A presence! It feels like...
Yellow Diamond Please, Blue. You're being hysterical. More so than usual.
Steven *swims through Yellow's aura and touches her face* Listen, Yellow! Pink's fate is different than you think. She faked her shattering!
(Steven gets knocked back once more as Yellow finally feels his presence. She and Blue Diamond press their backs against each other in high alert.)
Blue Diamond This feeling. I know it!
Yellow Diamond It must be a trick! Show yourself, foe!
Steven I'm not your foe. Please just listen to me.
Yellow Diamond There!
(Yellow and Blue Diamond begin blasting surges of aura energy towards Steven. Steven braces himself and emits his own pink aura, enveloping both Diamonds and ceasing their attacks. The Diamonds look on in shock as Steven's gem begins to glow.)
Steven (Mind) Please, the fighting has to stop. We aren't enemies; we're family. Please listen to me. I need you to know... WHO I AM!
(Steven then blasts surges of pink energy towards the astonished Yellow and Blue Diamond.)
Blue Diamond Impossible!
Yellow Diamond This aura...
(Blue and Yellow Diamond hold their hands out as Steven floats down onto their hands. Steven's gem glows brightly and envelops the screen in white light.)
[Trans. Beach]
(Steven slowly wakes up back in reality. He looks up and gasps, as he sees the Crystal Gems, Greg, Yellow and Blue Diamond staring down at him in shock and surprise.)
Blue Diamond *in tears* It's you...! Pink!

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