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Oh, thank goodness. I hope you weren't followed. You weren't, right? You double-checked?... You've been followed!

—"Off Colors"
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Rhodonite is the unaligned fusion of an unknown Ruby and Pearl[1] who made her debut in "Off Colors". Her components once belonged to a Morganite but were replaced after it was discovered that they enjoyed fusing. She would then travel through space on board the Sun Incinerator with the rest of the Off Colors, before landing in Beach City in the episode, "Change Your Mind". After the events of "Little Graduation", she and the rest of the Off Colors have returned to space.


Rhodonite has a build that somewhat resembles Garnet's, with raspberry pink skin and a long pointed nose that is slightly turned upward. She has wide, black, afro-style hair with dark lavender highlights. As a fusion, Rhodonite has four arms, a pair of which are thick, like a Ruby's, and a pair on her waist that are thin, like a Pearl's. She wears a black and mauve jumpsuit with a diamond-shaped cutout at the navel, revealing her Ruby gem, and mauve leggings, with one leg that covers her entire right leg and the other only covering part of her left thigh. She has a black ballet flat on her right foot and a mauve boot on her left. She also wears a sheer pale pink shawl over the Pearl gem on her chest and has deep burgundy gloves from the elbow-down on her lower set of arms. She also possesses four eyes that are reminiscent of Rainbow Quartz, with the top pair being wide and expressive and having dark pupils like a Ruby, and the bottom pair being more closed and reserved and having light-colored pupils like a Pearl.

Her outfit and hair design, looking like a mash-up of her constituent Gems' appearances rather than an even mix, are reminiscent of how Garnet looked when she first formed.


Rhodonite is shown to stress out a lot, and she is easily frightened. She is also extremely paranoid, possibly due to the eons spent hiding inside the underground Kindergarten on Homeworld. However, Rhodonite is also very kind and can be level headed at times.

Her panic and anxiety get in the way of her job as head of strategic operation in the Off Colors, as she'll more often than not discard options for being too risky. However, one can argue that this also has a silver lining, keeping a defensive look over the team.


Although not shown in the actual series itself, Rhodonite's origins were revealed in the artbook, End of an Era, as the plot of a scrapped episode for Steven Universe Future. Rhodonite's components acted as the personal Pearl and Ruby guard, respectively, to a artist gem named Morganite (who was responsible for designing the Diamond's palanquins). One day, the Pearl and Ruby realized they had feelings for one another and fused into Rhodonite for the first time. Morganite then discovered the fusion, and rejuvenated her components as a result, causing the two to forget the whole event. However, no matter how many times they were rejuvenated, each time the two Gems fell in love and fused with each other. After discovering Rhodonite on the 18th rejuvenation, Morganite finally had enough. Morganite replaced her original Pearl and Ruby and sentenced them to be shattered, causing them to flee into the abandoned Kindergarten under Homeworld, in order to escape punishment, and join the Off Colors, permanently fused as Rhodonite.

"Off Colors"

As the Rutile Twins were taking Steven and Lars to a secret area of the underground Kindergarten, Rhodonite appeared alongside Padparadscha and Fluorite, initially wary of the two strangers. When explaining how she is "Off Colored" to Steven and Lars, she explained how her component Gems once belonged to a Morganite, but as soon as the two fused for the first time, they were discovered by Morganite and got replaced as a result. Later in the episode, Rhodonite hides from the shattering robonoids, witnesses Lars' death and later resurrection.

"Lars' Head"

She witnesses Lars' transformation and aids in the Kindergarten's isolation. She is shocked when learning that Earth still exists and has not been decimated. She takes interest in traveling to Earth with Steven and Lars. She ends up staying at the Kindergarten with Lars and the other Off Colors in order to help Lars find a way to exit Homeworld.

"Lars of the Stars"

Rhodonite, along with the rest of the Off Colors and led by Lars Barriga, escape the Homeworld Kindergarten and go on the run. They steal an Emerald's personal shuttle before crashing it on the planet Upsilon 9, travel to various planets, "impersonate Imperial officers during a cosmic jubilee," and later sneak past sixty-seven elite Citrine guards to steal Emerald's fastest ship (the Sun Incinerator) from a docking bay on the planet Klavius 7. While Emerald contacts them through the ship, Rhodonite (now the 'head of strategic operations' under 'Captain Lars') informs Lars that everything is clear up ahead. After Emerald threatens them, Lars has the Rutile Twins pilot the ship into taking off in hyper-speed. Away from Emerald, she meets Connie and fills in Steven on Lars' shenanigans, along with the rest of the crew. However, she quickly detects a battleship coming their way, Emerald's Imperial warfare, and tries to get Captain Lars' input; however, he's distracted, and due to her nervousness, is unable to make a decision, until Lars intervenes and commands her to lower the ship's shields, which she does, reluctantly. This proves to be successful, as Emerald is too attached to the Sun Incinerator to attack it, and moves her line of attack onto its Nova Thrusters, to incapacitate the ship. This leaves the Off Colors the single solution of using the Star Skipper, Lars' personal shuttle, for an attack, which Rhodonite advises against. Nonetheless, Stevonnie ends up commanding the shuttle, fueling another of Rhodonite's panics.

"Your Mother and Mine"

She asked Lars to write the note log for Lars.

"Letters to Lars"

Rhodonite checks out one of the asteroids.

"Change Your Mind"

Rhodonite appears with the other Off Colors in the Sun Incinerator landing on Earth. However, she is immediately scared by the Diamonds being in front of her, prompting Steven to calm her down. When the Off Colors meet Sadie, Padparadscha gets excited, which is when Rhodonite tells her to "give 'em a moment." She is later seen having a conversation with Garnet.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Rhodonite serves as a background character along with the other Off Colors in the movie, appearing in several scenes with Lars. Rhodonite also appears hanging out with Lars together at the table with Garnet, then later at the concert in the movie.

"Little Graduation"

Rhodonite, alongside her fellow teammates and friends (excluding Lars) are the first class to graduate from Little Homeschool. She later says goodbye to Steven before leaving to go to space with Lars and the other Off Colors.


Rhodonite possesses standard Gem abilities and traits.


Steven Universe

Rhodonite is wary of Steven at first, but later befriends him. In "Lars Of The Stars" she shows no anxiety talking to him or Connie.

Lars Barriga

Rhodonite at first doesn't trust Lars, but after saving her from the Shattering Robonoids, she begins to like him. She is also very curious about him after Steven revived Lars in "Lars' Head". When Lars offered to send her to Earth, she acts awkwardly and goes for it only to be stopped by Fluorite and the Rutile Twins, who looked at her with slight disappointment.

During the Off Colors’ adventures through Homeworld, Rhodonite has come to respect Lars for the risks he takes for the Off Colors, notably slipping past security to steal ships and aiding their escape from Homeworld. Like the other Off Colors, Rhodonite regards Lars as her captain and faithfully carries out his orders.


Rhodonite seems to have a parental relationship with Padparadscha, due to Padparadscha's absent-minded nature. Rhodonite may be slightly annoyed by Padparadscha's late predictions.


Rhodonite treats Fluorite like a mother. Rhodonite is respectful of Fluorite's actions and is very accepting (although occasionally impatient) of aspects like her slow speech.

Rutile Twins

Rhodonite and the Rutile Twins have not interacted much yet, but from what was seen, they seem to have at least a mutual respect for each other.


Rhodonite (and her components) used to work for a Morganite until she caught them fusing and replaced them.

Connie Maheswaran

Rhodonite was introduced to Connie when Steven and Connie boarded the Sun Incinerator through Lars' head. She appears to like Connie, as she shows no anxiety towards meeting her.


When they first met, Rhodonite was shown to be embarrassed when she initially believed that Garnet was "making fun" of her and the other Off Colors. After listening to Garnet's story on the upbringing of Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Garnet's relationship has improved.

Sadie Miller

There she is! It's her!

—"Change Your Mind"

She heard stories of Sadie from Lars. In "Change Your Mind" she saw Sadie and was excited to meet her.

Episode Appearances


  • Due to her resembling Garnet after Ruby and Sapphire first fused, it is likely that Rhodonite's components have not reformed many times, if any, since their first formation.
  • Rhodonite has been confirmed to have a synth with a sputtering effect be the instrument that plays when she is on screen.[2]
  • The gemstone rhodonite is believed to help express confidence and lovingness.
  • Sketches of Rhodonite's components were shown in Steven Universe: End of an Era, as well as their former owner, Morganite.


Image Description
Rhodonite Pearl Gemstone By SaltyPearl.png
An unidentified component Pearl's gemstone on Rhodonite, located on her chest. It resembles a cabochon, a gemstone that has been polished, but not faceted. Its exact colors are unknown, due to being covered by a translucent shawl. Although not seen, it can be presumed to be identical in color to Rhodonite's Ruby gemstone, as per most fusions.

Rhodonite Ruby Gemstone By SaltyPearl.png
An unidentified component Ruby's gemstone on Rhodonite, located where her navel would be. It has a square facet. It is a decahedron, specifically a truncated tetragonal dipyramid.


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  1. "You must be Rhodonite - a Ruby and a Pearl?" - Garnet, "Your Mother and Mine"
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