Season 5

Oh, thank goodness! I hope you weren't followed! You weren't, right? I hope, you double checked!

—"Off Colors"

Can we trust them?

—"Off Colors"

Don't tell me you tried to fight those things!

—"Off Colors"

Of course, you do, you can't just walk on the surface like that! You're off color, just like the rest of us here.

—"Off Colors"

And a fusion like me... is unforgivable. When my-our Morganite found out, let's just say... we were replaced.

—"Off Colors"

You were followed! They're gonna find us, and they're gonna break us!

—"Off Colors"

They're back! Those Shattering Robonoids are back!

—"Lars' Head

So what does pink mean? Is Lars gonna explode or something?

—"Lars' Head"

We'll see you on Earth, I hope. No, no, no. We will!

—"Lars' Head"

It’s not nice to make fun of us like that.

—"Your Mother And Mine"

Who would say nice things about gems like us? We’re completely inappropriate and so are you! We should all be ashamed!

—"Your Mother And Mine"
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