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Sounds typical, but it's a good reminder. This is no easy path we've chosen here, there are... sacrifices. Look at them all down there, Steven. It's our duty to let those simple people live out their simple lives, without ever knowing the burden of being friends with us.

—"Full Disclosure"
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Ronaldo Fryman is a character in Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future and a resident of Beach City. He first appeared in "Frybo", as a cameo, and had his first speaking role in "Cat Fingers". He is Peedee Fryman's older brother and Mr. Fryman's son.

Ronaldo works the deep fryer at Beach Citywalk Fries and manages a blog entitled Keep Beach City Weird. Ronaldo serves as Beach City's resident conspiracy theorist, as he is one of the few citizens to take note of the strange events taking place there due to Gem activities. He briefly tried to serve as a member of the Crystal Gems after taking admiration in their cause, going by the Gem name Bloodstone, but left after misunderstanding what it meant to be a Crystal Gem. Despite this, Ronaldo continued to spread good word about the Crystal Gems and occasionally assists them when he's able.


Ronaldo is moderately tall, has a thick build, and has a fair complexion similar to that of Steven. Like the other members of the Fryman family, he has long, blond, "fry-like" hair that resembles curly fries. At work, he wears an apron. Underneath this, he wears a burgundy collared shirt with orange and yellow flames covered by his apron, that he leaves untucked and tan cargo shorts that reach his knees.

Additionally, he wears gray wrap-around sandals and glasses. In "Steven's Lion", he wore a white shirt under his burgundy one, complete with a lot of colorful badges buttoned in it, written "KBCW" (Keep Beach City Weird). He also wore a brown fedora with silver and black headphones in the same episode.

He has also been shown wearing a dark red top with flames at the bottom. In "Keep Beach City Weird" he wore a navy-green cap, a navy-green short tahari coat, a digital camouflage sweater, and black gloves and boots.

Also, he has been shown with a green katana, which he says he got at DelmarvaCon.


Ronaldo is good-natured but can be slightly pathetic, especially when dealing with supernatural phenomena and secret activities, like Beach City Underground Wrestling. He keeps a blog about such things called Keep Beach City Weird. He is always interested when Steven has something unusual to show people. He readily believes in things with little to no supporting evidence, such as in "Steven's Lion", when he assumes Steven's magical lion was invisible instead of nonexistent, and he momentarily believed Steven was pregnant. At heart, Ronaldo is a kind person and is quick to apologize and beg for forgiveness if he accidentally offends someone.

Ronaldo is prone to being overly-enthusiastic in his research endeavors. He is always eager to share his findings with his friends, followers, and really anyone who will listen. He reveals his deepest findings with Steven the moment he asks permission to join him. It is revealed in "Keep Beach City Weird" that while he finds Steven and the Crystal Gems cool, his greatest interest is in uncovering conspiracies and revealing the hidden truth. Pearl inadvertently suggests that this may be done out of a desire to feel more significant than he really is, and Ronaldo's reaction when his findings turn out to be unrelated seems to confirm this. He routinely asks his younger, more responsible brother Peedee, to cover for him at work when he believes he's found a new lead. His enthusiasm for conspiracies and the paranormal have also led him to be a bit paranoid and/or belligerent, such as when Ronaldo took hostile action against Steven under the impression he is a snake-person. Ronaldo's obsession with the paranormal has also been shown to override with his sanity and was even seen to be okay with sacrificing Lars to save Sadie from a being whom he believed was a spirit.

At times, Ronaldo can unintentionally be rude to other people. When he becomes an ally to the Crystal Gems in "Rocknaldo", Ronaldo acted very selfishly. He becomes so infatuated with his role as "Bloodstone" that he didn't realize the effect he has on Steven such as disturbing his sleep and acting maliciously manipulative. Thankfully, however, after finally passing out from lack of sleep, three weeks later, Ronaldo came to the realization that he went too far with his attitude to Steven. He explained that he was only acting rude out of jealousy and concluded that his place was not truly among the Crystal Gems and should remain an outsider. He created pamphlets to show the Beach City citizens how they can support the Crystal Gems, showing he still supports their cause.



Ronaldo can be seen in the fry shop on his phone.

"Cat Fingers"

Ronaldo becomes fascinated when he spots Steven's cat fingers, and he snaps a photo of them on his phone to upload it to Keep Beach City Weird.

"Tiger Millionaire"

Ronaldo assumes the identity of the Loch Ness Bloggster in the Beach City Underground Wrestling Tournament. He nervously charges at the Purple Puma and is on the ground by a single block. Purple Puma then steps on his chest and throws him at the crowd.

"Steven's Lion"

Ronaldo believed Steven was pregnant at Fish Stew Pizza when he said that he was ordering for two. Ronaldo also believed Steven when he said that he had a pet Lion outside the shop because there are a lot of weird things that happen in Beach City according to him. Even when Lion is not outside the shop, Ronaldo thought that he was just invisible. Ronaldo is disappointed when Steven reveals that Lion is pink, thinking he had been lied to.

"Secret Team"

Ronaldo compliments Steven's fedora while he wears a similar one.

"Keep Beach City Weird"

Ronaldo stops Steven in his tracks when he is about to enter a "restricted zone". After observing him, Ronaldo gives Steven special clearance to enter upon request. Ronaldo gives Steven clear bags to put over his hands before they investigate the numerous amount of holes on the side of the cliff. Ronaldo believes it is more than a coincidence that each of the holes have the same exact pattern. He also tells Steven that he keeps a blog where he documents all of the weird things that happen in Beach City. He states that he is out hunting the "TRUTH". Peedee runs over to tell Ronaldo that their dad needs him back at the shop. Ronaldo replies by stating it is "WEIRD" time and asks Peedee to cover for him, which apparently has happened numerous times before. Sometime later, Ronaldo uses a strange device he created called the "Weirdometer" to pick up a quantum flux which leads him to something weird. Ronaldo finds red, jagged rocks which he tells Steven that he believes grew up from the ground. Steven then points out a garbage bin covered with flower petals. Ronaldo reads a page from an online encyclopedia, which he points out that he is an editor of, and tells Steven that the species of plant is not indigenous to Beach City or their dimension.

Later that day, Ronaldo tells Steven that he believes Steven is like him, and somebody that he can trust, so he shows him his office in the Lighthouse. Ronaldo tells Steven that he believes the cause of Beach City's weirdness is Snake People or "sneople" for short. Ronaldo explains that Sneople control the government. He picks up a dollar bill, where he analyzes the symbols on the back of it. "The snake represents their hold on our country. The diamond represents their underground mines or their sharp teeth... the details are not important. They pit us mammals against each other with elections, sports, and anime message boards. We spend so much time fighting over "dubs" or "subs" that we miss the big picture!" Later that day, Steven finds Ronaldo analyzing a crater in the ground, which he believes was left by the Snake People. Ronaldo asks Steven if he is having doubts when the latter asks him if he is sure about the Snake People theory. After Steven explains that everything they found was caused by the Crystal Gems, he becomes depressed and believes to be "nothing". Steven dresses up as a Snake Person, which causes Ronaldo to knock him out with a potato. In the lighthouse, Ronaldo ties Steven up and uses a flashlight to analyze his eyes, which he believes are "typical for a twelfth-dimensional being of this size." Ronaldo offers Peedee a potato in case "the amphibanoids turn [his] body into a host vessel!" The Gems break through the wall, where Ronaldo states that Steven has nothing to do with his interrogation. After being attacked by them, Steven frees himself and reveals that he was pretending. Initially upset that Steven fooled him, Ronaldo becomes ecstatic again when Peedee points something out to him. He creates his newest theory which consists of polymorphic sentient rocks coming to Earth to hollow it out, which is part of the Great Diamond Authority.

"Watermelon Steven"

Ronaldo checks out Steven's watermelon stand and purchases a Watermelon Steven from him. Back at the fry shop, he starts a live stream on Weirdstar.Stream, where he plans on performing an autopsy on the watermelon. Steven breaks in, telling him to stop. Ronaldo lashes out at Steven because he believes he will ruin his "websclusive". Ronaldo hits Steven's hand with a spatula when the latter reaches for the watermelon, making all of the other Watermelon Stevens attack Ronaldo. Ronaldo is happy that his live stream is getting all of the footage.

"Alone Together"

Ronaldo shows up to Sour Cream's rave. His free-style dancing causes Kevin to cringe.

"Steven and the Stevens"

Ronaldo is seen dancing in the crowd next to Kiki while the Gems sing "Steven and the Crystal Gems" at Beach-a-Palooza.

"Mirror Gem"

Ronaldo stands with his father and brother as they listen to Mayor Dewey's speech about the summer.

"Ocean Gem"

Ronaldo appears to be shocked by the disappearance of the ocean and takes a picture of the scene with his phone. Once the ocean returns, Ronaldo is seen cheering on Steven and Connie. He lets Connie sit on his shoulders.

"Horror Club"

Ronaldo hosts a spooky movie party one night and invites Steven and some friends for it. When Steven, Sadie, and Lars arrive at the lighthouse, Ronaldo welcomes them all to his "Horror Club". Ronaldo notices Lars and becomes embarrassed, allowing them all to come in politely. Lars scares Ronaldo by jumping out of nowhere before they enter the lighthouse. Before Steven goes in, Ronaldo whispers and asks if he is friends with Lars. When Steven confirms it, Ronaldo states "oh boy". The first film Ronaldo introduces is "Evil Bear 2: Bearly Alive". Lars mocks the CG Bear in the film, leading Ronaldo to reply "CG?! Blasphemer! You saw the remake! I have the original. A true fan would accept nothing less." When the power goes out in the lighthouse, Ronaldo believes that it is a ghost. Ronaldo tries to make contact with a spirit that he believes haunts the lighthouse. Things begin to go out of control in the lighthouse: cabinets open up and close, things smash, leading Ronaldo to ask the spirit to take it down a little. At the front door of the lighthouse, Ronaldo is shocked to find that the door will not budge. He apologizes to the others, not knowing that there would be a violent presence. Ronaldo was impressed by Sadie's abilities during the poltergeist upstairs, so he asks her to come back to investigate with him once they get out of the lighthouse. Ronaldo and Sadie work together to close the lighthouse door once it swings open and scarecrows walk towards the door. Ronaldo states that the lighthouse is under a poltergeist and states "they're usually attracted to the terrifying inner world of the emotionally disturbed", and then shines his flashlight onto Lars. A mouth in the wall takes engulfs Sadie. Believing Lars is the cause of the attack, Ronaldo picks him up and throws him into the mouth as well. After Steven discovers the source of the problem, which is the Lighthouse Gem Monster, the Gem projects a past event, where younger versions of Ronaldo and Lars get into a fight. Ronaldo and Lars then talk things out but do not remain as friends.

"Shirt Club"

Steven shoots a Guitar Dad T-shirt at Ronaldo, which knocks his hat off. Ronaldo believes Guitar Dad is some kind of extraterrestrial space guitar dad that finally made contact with him, and demands to know where he is.

"Political Power"

The day after the power goes out, Mr. Fryman tells Mayor Dewey that although Peedee is fine, Ronaldo can not take care of himself without his electronics. When the power does not return later on as Mayor Dewey promised, Ronaldo is seen among the crowd of angry Beach City citizens, and he throws glow-sticks at the mayor. After hearing Steven's speech, Ronaldo is seen being happy with his family even if the power does not come back.

"The Return"

Mr. Fryman asks Ronaldo to help him with Peedee during the Beach City evacuation. Ronaldo is later seen with all of the other families to make sure that Steven is okay when he flies out of Greg's Van.

"Full Disclosure"

Ronaldo walks to the top of the cliff where he finds Steven. Ronaldo tells him that Mayor Dewey is letting everyone back into the city. When Steven does not answer, Ronaldo assumes that he broods while looking down at the city like he does. Ronaldo tells him "as an aficionado of the weird yourself, you've probably noticed ordinary people fear the cold, leaded anchor of the truth. The abyss is no Sunday swan drive... This is no easy path we've chosen here. There are... sacrifices. Look at them all down there, Steven. It's our duty to let those simple people live out their simple lives, without ever knowing the burden of being friends with us." When Ronaldo sees the Gem Warship laying down on the beach, he leaves Steven, exclaiming that he has to get some info for his blog. He is later seen taking a piece from the ship.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Ronaldo narrates a documentary he films throughout Beach City titled Rising Tides, Crashing Skies. He begins by stating how Beach City seems like an average town, but if you look more closely you will find the weirdness. Ronaldo goes on to say that he has been running a blog for years titled "Keep Beach City Weird" with the mission of keeping the town weird. Ronaldo shows footage he filmed during the events of "The Return" where he exclaims that an invasion is going on. Ronaldo asks the rhetorical question: "Beach City needed to be saved, but from what?", followed by a picture of the Crystal Gems. The documentary then cuts to Ronaldo interviewing Nanefua, and later explains that he is recording for a "web-slusive" on his blog. Ronaldo then interviews Peedee, and asks if he was scared. He shows footage of Peedee crying and hanging on to the shop when they had to evacuate Beach City. When Peedee becomes embarrassed, Ronaldo walks up to him and comforts him, telling the viewer "you can't make up drama this good" when Peedee tells him to let him go. Ronaldo informs the viewer that just as mysteriously as the Gem Warship appeared, it exploded. In the footage Ronaldo shows, he sounds frustrated that he missed recording the explosion. Instead, Ronaldo creates a reenactment of the explosion by slamming his finger onto a board in the sand, causing the sand to rise up. A crab then grabs his finger, so he cuts the tape in pain.

Ronaldo then proposes the question of who saved Beach City from the space hand. At the Big Donut, Ronaldo asks Sadie who she thought saved Beach City. When she replied Steven's family, the documentary cuts to Kiki who recalls the events of "Beach Party" to Ronaldo. At the Mayor's Office, Ronaldo asks who he thought saved Beach City. Mayor Dewey does not state the Crystal Gems at first, so Ronaldo asks about them, telling him that he is covering them for his documentary. However, once Ronaldo states "covering" Mayor Dewey believes Ronaldo is asking him about a cover-up and calls security on him. With Peedee filming, Ronaldo decides to go to the Crystal Gems himself where he sits down to ask Steven questions. Steven tells him that the Gem Warship was coming to get him and the Crystal Gems, causing Ronaldo to ask "so the hand wasn't here to snatch up humans for a human zoo?" He asks Steven that if the Gems were not there, the spaceship would have come, to which Steven replies "definitely not". Ronaldo then comes to the conclusion that the Crystal Gems were not saving them, but instead putting the town in danger. Ronaldo tells various Beach City citizens about how the Crystal Gems caused the invasion. After nobody shows fear, Ronaldo states that everyone is too afraid to realize that they are afraid. At night, Ronaldo and Peedee witness the Gems fighting Bixbite. After the battle, Ronaldo confronts Steven and explains to him that the Gems draw the monsters to the town, putting everyone in danger. Ronaldo announces "mission accomplished" once Garnet states that they will leave. Later on, Peedee points out that now Ronaldo will not have a blog because, with the Gems gone, there will not be any more weird stuff happening in Beach City. This causes Ronaldo to sprint to the Temple out of regret. He bangs on the door, begging the Gems to stay. Ronaldo sobs and thanks Garnet when she agrees that the Gems will stay. Ronaldo concludes that the Gems actually do a good job at protecting the town, and he thanks Peedee for being the cameraman before the documentary ends.

"Historical Friction"

Before the play starts, Ronaldo is seen on his phone. Ronaldo watches Jamie's play and cheers on Mayor Dewey when it is over.

"Sadie's Song"

At the annual Beach-a-Palooza, Ronaldo enters the show with a chalkboard drawing titled "A Lecture on Rock People: Identification and Defense". The drawing Ronaldo creates has the Diamond Authority symbol, an object resembling an Injector, and a human figure equaling a person who appears to resemble Peridot.

"Steven Floats"

Steven imagines that Ronaldo will buy a donut that he thinks is mutant when the doors to the Big Donut opens at 7:00.

"Drop Beat Dad"

At the Guacola announcement "celebration", Ronaldo is seen in the crowd. Marty throws a can of the soda at Ronaldo which hits him in the stomach and causes him to fall over. Ronaldo pours Guacola on a bowl of chips and eats it, claiming that the soda does not even taste good on chips.

"Beach City Drift"

Ronaldo appears at the bottom of the hill with his scooter, standing next to a few other Beach City citizens. Stevonnie shows up with their Dondai Supremo, causing Ronaldo to become very excited. He asks if it is a '96 model of the car, and then asks if Stevonnie knows the true power of the Supremo. Ronaldo watches Stevonnie race Kevin with his binoculars, stating that he and the other bystanders are about to witness the true power of the Supremo. When Kevin wins, Ronaldo boos him.

"Restaurant Wars"

When the fry shop begins serving pizza products, Ronaldo comments on how he can not connect to Fish Stew Pizza's wifi. Mr. Fryman tasks Ronaldo with doing deliveries. Ronaldo uses his wheelie shoes as transportation during deliveries. At the Temple, with the other children of the competing families, Ronaldo asks Steven if he realizes how much blogging he has not been able to do ever since the war began with the Frymans and Pizzas. When Steven proposes the idea that Ronaldo and Kiki should pretend to be dating to bring the family together, Ronaldo initially refuses because he has a girlfriend. On the boardwalk, Ronaldo holds flowers next to Kiki, stating he loves her with all his blog. Ronaldo tells his dad that ever since the war began, he lost precious time with his "beloved Kiki", and pretends that they have been together for some time. Just then, Ronaldo's girlfriend, Jane, comes to Beach City to return his "Koala Princess" DVDs and breaks up with him after thinking he cheated on her. Ronaldo tries to explain the situation to her, but she leaves, leaving him devastated. Later at Steven's restaurant, Ronaldo tells Pearl that he is full of sadness when she asks what he would like to eat. When the war is officially over, Ronaldo gives a thumbs up but continues to cry.

"Future Boy Zoltron"

Ronaldo asks Zoltron (Steven) for his fortune. Steven tells him that deep down, his father really loves him, causing Ronaldo to hug his father and brother.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Connie finds Ronaldo looking around with his binoculars, and then he turns around and looks at her. The next day, Ronaldo is seen at It's a Wash with his scooter. Ronaldo takes pictures of Peridot and Lapis using their abilities to wash cars.


Ronaldo hands out pamphlets to the residents of Beach City to warn them about "Rock People". Steven reads it and explains to him that he is actually describing the Crystal Gems, and is being offensive. After realizing his mistake, Ronaldo apologizes to Steven and uploads a video to his blog, where he decides to join the Crystal Gems. He creates his persona "Bloodstone", and during his stay, he becomes selfish due to the fact that he feels the Crystal Gems are not accepting him as a member of the group. Also, Ronaldo attempts to act like Gems by staying up all night for a week, attempting to use and practice with the sword that he bought from Delmarva Con. After seeing Connie also use a sword, Ronaldo becomes jealous and tells Steven that Connie isn't as dedicated to the Crystal Gems as he is since he practically lives at Steven's House. After Steven calls him out on his selfishness, he faints from the exhaustion. Three weeks later, Ronaldo decides to become a lone-wolf again but this time sharing pamphlets about how to help the Crystal Gems.

"Dewey Wins"

Ronaldo is seen listening to Steven explain to Beach City residents in front of Beach Citywalk Fries Mayor Dewey's inaction during the recent abductions. He later attends the mayoral debate between Nanefua and Mayor Dewey.


Ronaldo appears throughout the episode texting Steven and asks if he has watched an anime he has lent him. It's revealed at the end of the episode through a text message that Ronaldo broke into Steven's house to retrieve it.

"Letters to Lars"

In a flashback scene, Ronaldo arrives outside of The Big Donut and complains about how it is closed due to Sadie quitting and Lars being absent. Steven reveals Lars is stuck in space which angers Ronaldo due to the fact that he wishes something interesting happened to him. Ronaldo appears again at a town meeting in Fish Stew Pizza; he volunteers to act as the town's lookout after Greg offers to buy a telescope.

"Can't Go Back"

Ronaldo summons Steven to the Lighthouse to reveal something he saw on the moon. After Steven tells him it is the Moon Base, and while Ronaldo acts shocked about Steven having a Moon Base, it is revealed that he was talking about the Barn.


Ronaldo can be seen talking to Bismuth during the reception. After The Cluster emerges, Ronaldo draws his katana and advances towards it, only to be dragged back to safety by Peedee.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Ronaldo took a picture of Pink Diamond's ship as it flew over Beach City to the Crystal Temple.

"Change Your Mind"

Ronaldo was present at a local concert for Sadie Killer and the Suspects. As a song concluded, the Diamond Mech Ship arrived which had Ronaldo gaping in awe. During the song, Ronaldo appears to be complaining to Lars about his cape, while Lars looks embarrassed.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Ronaldo is seen outside the Funland Arcade, getting distracted by seeing the reformed Amethyst and Spinel. He’s later seen with the other townspeople, subsequently being saved by the Crystal Gems and Alexandrite.


He is seen at Bluebird Azurite’s welcome party, and he’s also seen talking with Orange Spodumene.

"A Very Special Episode"

He’s seen eating at Fish Stew Pizza, being interrupted by multiple Gems.

"Little Graduation"

Ronaldo is shown talking with Jenny Pizza and Rhodonite.

"Growing Pains"

As Steven recalls tramuatic experiences from his childhood, he remembers being kidnapped by Ronaldo, which occurred in "Keep Beach City Weird". He also remembers Ronaldo almost sacrificing Lars to the Lighthouse Gem Monster, which occurred in "Horror Club".

"The Future"

Along with many of the residents of Beach City, Ronaldo is seen waving goodbye to Steven.


Steven Universe

Full Disclosure 054

Ronaldo talking to Steven.

Ronaldo usually gets along very well with Steven, and vice-versa. While Ronaldo tends to fool himself into thinking that he lives in a weirder and more mysterious world than he actually does, Steven does live in such a world - and this gives the two a kind of odd connection.

However, despite this, he has been shown to be quick to turn on Steven such as in "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies" where he seemingly did not mind that forcing the Crystal Gems to leave Beach City would mean he would force Steven to leave as well.

Also in "Rocknaldo", when he temporarily joins the Crystal Gems, he starts to annoy Steven by expressing jealousy over Steven's life and the benefits given to allies like Connie. Ronaldo would also tell Steven to rethink his role as a Crystal Gem member, which results in Ronaldo being called out for his selfishness and having him revert to a lone-wolf outsider where bonds are partially recovered. However, it is important to note that he was sleep-deprived and not in his right mind.

The Crystal Gems


Ronaldo confronting The Crystal Gems.

Like with Steven, Ronaldo usually gets along well with the other members of the Crystal Gems - this is due to them being the largest source of "weird" in Beach City (if not the only source). However, this means that they usually get involved in his conspiracy-fueled antics whether they want it or not such as when they have to rescue Steven from a paranoid Ronaldo in "Keep Beach City Weird" or when he tries to drive them out of town in "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies".

The latter episode reveals a new twist in their relationship: the events of "The Return" and "Jail Break" terrified Ronaldo to the point where he went so far as to create a documentary online to "expose" the Crystal Gems and drive them out of town. After he is apparently successful in his endeavor (which is all a ruse by Garnet to have him stop bothering them) he comes to the horrible realization that if the Gems leave, there would be nothing "weird" left for him to blog about. As such he rushes to the Beach House and begs them to stay instead.

In "Rocknaldo", he joins the Crystal Gems after issuing a confession video about his mistakes and defamation of the Crystal Gems. His membership did not last long and was not fleshed out much since he was new, an organic human being, and is not a Gem, which caused Ronaldo to express jealousy over the humble method of the Gems showing off their class. After leaving the Crystal Gems, he confirms his allegiance but prefers the life of a lone wolf.

In "Reunited", he attended Ruby and Sapphire's wedding, and during the reception met and talked to Bismuth. What they talked about is unknown, though Bismuth seemed utterly bewildered by whatever Ronaldo was saying.

Lars Barriga

Horror Club 230

Young Ronaldo and Lars fighting.

When Ronaldo and Lars were kids, they were friends. They both decided that the Beach City lighthouse was the perfect place for the "Beach City Explorer Club" to be located. One day, Lars carved his name into the wall, to mark the place as theirs. The possessed wall struck Lars in retaliation, and Ronaldo took a picture.

Seeing the opportunity to report this paranormal event, Ronaldo suggested they put the image on TV for the world to see. Embarrassed, Lars ripped himself out of the picture, effectively ruining the photo. This devastated Ronaldo since that was the one chance for the "Beach City Explorer Club" to become known.

Lars tried to explain that he ripped the paper so that nobody else would see it. A heated argument between Lars and Ronaldo followed. The argument ended with Lars leaving the Lighthouse, marking the end of their friendship.

It is not until the events of "Horror Club" that Ronaldo decides to make up with Lars upon seeing how concerned he is with Sadie, and shortly after tells him to take it down a notch after showing clear signs of embarrassment.

Later in "Change Your Mind" as Lars returned home with his friends the Off Colors by using the Sun Incinerator, Ronaldo was shocked that Lars was wearing a cape that he's a space pirate which makes him embarrassing.

Sadie Miller

Steven convinces Sadie to go with him to Ronaldo's horror movie showing in "Horror Club". While Sadie seems to recognize Ronaldo as "Steven's friend," they do not seem to have known each other any deeper prior to the episode. The two get along very well to the point it is flattering, much to Lars' annoyance, and to the point where he gets visibly jealous of Ronaldo.


Ronaldo and Peedee share a typical older brother, younger brother relationship with a twist; Peedee is much more mature and responsible than his older brother. While Ronaldo's apparent lack of maturity and responsibility annoys Peedee, he is deeply concerned about him when Ronaldo gets "broken" in "Keep Beach City Weird". He also helps him out as a cameraman in "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies".

Mr. Fryman

Like Peedee, Ronaldo's father finds his irresponsible and goofy nature annoying at best and aggravating at worst. Despite this, however, they seem to be able to maintain a fully-functional father-son relationship with each other.


Ronaldo and Jane dated for quite some time, but when Jane came to fry shack to return Ronaldo's DVD she saw Ronaldo pretending to be in love with Kiki and thought it was real. She broke up with him on the spot, leaving Ronaldo devastated. This affected his blog quite a bit as that day and the next four days afterward were him begging Jane to take him back, before revealing to have gotten back together with Jane after fully explaining the circumstances in "Restaurant Wars" with references from "Koala Princess". However, she likes a post on his Keep Beach City Weird Tumblr, hinting that she still loves him.

Episode Appearances


Keep Beach City Weird Profile Pic

Keep Beach City Weird profile picture.

  • His blog exists in real life and is lead by the show's staff. Keep Beach City Weird on Tumblr
  • It is highly likely that Peedee and Ronaldo's names are wordplays on the real-world restaurant McDonald's' mascots, Peedee being a wordplay of Speedee, and Ronaldo of Ronald McDonald.
  • According to his blog, the fridge once fell on him.[1]
  • Ronaldo once pursued Garnet in the comics, determined that she is a model in one of the old Fashion Magazines he had found, looking much like her but with let-down hair and slightly different apparel. This could be a reference to Garnet's appearance in the pilot episode.
  • He puts Old Bay seasoning on as many foods as he can.[2]
  • He uses Bitcoin.[3]
  • He is part of a community called "Planties" (somewhat similar to "furries"), where he dresses up as a Ficus.[4]
  • He dips his fries in wasabi mayo and has been trying to get his dad to carry it in the shop.[5]
  • Ronaldo is an Otaku, as shown by the anime review on his blog.
  • According to his blog, he has or had a tattoo. He listed it as one of his top 5 regrets.[6]
  • He once mistook Peedee for a Gray and attempted to perform an alien autopsy on him.[6]
  • He is an activist against the use of glow sticks, stating that they are filled with ghost blood.[7]
  • The only kind of Jazz Ronaldo appreciates comes from Korea.[8]
  • Ronaldo is a fan of the No Home Boys series but, unlike Steven, does not dislike the No Home Boys Graphic Novel Adaptation, giving it a C+ on his blog.[9]
  • It is revealed in "Horror Club" that he used to be childhood friends with Lars.
    • He is also unaware that Steven is friends with Lars and blames him for the "haunting" of the lighthouse. Ronaldo states the spirit should have taken him instead of Sadie.
  • In the comics, Ronaldo and his brother Peedee form a musical duo called "Frying Saucer Landing". They both play Theremin.
  • His dad says that he can not take care of himself. This is probably because he is quite easily distracted by his interests, rather than what others, like his father, wish him to focus on, and because of his tendency to believe things that others find outlandish.
  • On Ronaldo's blog Keep Beach City Weird, he rants about a crossover between the Crying Breakfast Friends! and Interdimensional Family Friend. Using this as a fictional example of the real Steven Universe - Uncle Grandpa crossover, Ronaldo's reactions match many of those of the community including skepticism at the announcement and events within the episode. The Interdimensional Family Friend character is a reference to Uncle Grandpa, the uncle and grandpa of everyone on Earth.[10]
  • After the events of "Love Letters" Ronaldo mentions on his blog Keep Beach City Weird, that he received a wet letter (unbeknownst to Ronaldo, Jamie's fault). The contents of the letter reveal that the writer reads "Keep Beach City Weird" every week, and finds something or someone, possibly Ronaldo or his blog (unknown due to the letter's wetness) to be the "CUTEST [...] EVER!" In addition, the writer has knowledge of the Loch Ness Bloggster costume, and so was probably present at the Beach City Underground Wrestling tournament that took place in "Tiger Millionaire". While most of the letter is soaked beyond recognition, some keywords and phrases stand alone such as "MURDER" and "KILL SOMEONE".[11]
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Ronaldo's webcast

  • As revealed in "Watermelon Steven", Ronaldo also has a webcast on Weirdstar.Stream in addition to his blog. His username is "KeepBeachCityWeird".
  • Ronaldo spent 36 hours straight producing his websclusive documentary about the Crystal Gems, Rising Tides/Crashing Skies.[12]
    • The video was taken off of Tubetube due to Ronaldo using copyrighted music, to which he feels skeptical of.[1]
      Full Disclosure 185

      Ronaldo dragging a piece of the Gem Warship away

  • In "Full Disclosure", Ronaldo is seen dragging a piece of the wrecked Gem Warship away, most likely for examination.
  • According to Matt Burnett, Lars, Sadie, Ronaldo, and the Cool Kids are a mix of various ages, ranging from early teens to young adult.[13]
  • When Peridot's distress signal interrupted everyone's TV, Ronaldo mistook her for an eco-terrorist whose mission to free zoo animals failed.[14]
    • Ronaldo shows more concern for the exotic animals in zoos, especially the koalas.
  • It is revealed in "Keep Beach City Weird" that Ronaldo is an online editor/user of an online encyclopedia.
Tumblr inline n29iwhAEdC1rgr4hr

Ronaldo with an oboe.

  • He thinks Stevonnie was "a specially fabricated bodysuit built by the Illuminati for the purposes of international espionage."[15]
    • In the same entry, he reveals that it was the first time he went to a rave party.[15]
  • Ronaldo has an app that is similar to the real-life app, Snapchat.
  • Ronaldo can be seen with an oboe in his blog, whether he plays it or was just using it for cosplay has yet to be confirmed.
  • Ronaldo's predictions regarding the Gems are similar to the mythological seer Cassandra, who also made predictions that nobody believed but were ultimately correct.
  • Ronaldo ships Pepe and Pear, and wrote a fanfiction on his blog.
  • Ronaldo appears to be an auto enthusiast, as he was able to identify Greg's new car as a 1996 Dondai Supremo and recognized that it drove better than most expected.
  • In Steven Universe: The Movie, Ronaldo is shown to unlock his phone with the pin number 98967989.


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