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Hi! I'm Navy, a refugee from Homeworld! Just like you guys!

Ruby (Navy)

"Room for Ruby" is the 20th episode of the fourth season of Steven Universe and the 123rd episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven's Gem family continues to grow.[2]


Room for Ruby (16).png

One night at Steven's house, Steven and Garnet are making wishes on shooting stars, when one of them unexpectedly falls to Earth screaming. The two investigate and discover that the fallen body is actually Navy, one of the Rubies that the Gems had sent hurtling through space in "Back to the Moon". To their surprise, Navy does not attack but instead begs to stay on Earth with the Crystal Gems. Steven and Garnet are suspicious, but Navy explains to them that she wants to be free to find her identity, away from the other Rubies. Garnet is not wholly convinced, but Steven assures her that Navy was the nicest of the Ruby squad. He then goes on to draw a parallel to Crystal Gem Ruby's own fall to Earth, which convinces Garnet to give Steven a fair chance to redeem Navy.

Room for Ruby (72).png

The next morning, Steven takes Navy to the barn to meet Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Pumpkin. Peridot is eager to welcome Navy as a new resident of the barn, but Lapis is not quite so keen on the idea. Steven says that Navy wants a chance at a fresh start, just like Lapis herself, and so she reluctantly agrees to help Navy with the intense adjustment to life on Earth, with Peridot's help.

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The barn Gems prepare to give their first lesson, and Lapis warns Navy that the Earth lifestyle will not come easily, due to the hostile relations between Earth and Homeworld. However, Navy displays an unprecedented level of open-mindedness, showing great love for Earth's Sun, and Lapis' demonstration of rainy weather. Lapis begins to envy that Navy can adjust so much more quickly than herself.

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Inside the barn, Peridot offers Navy a corner of the barn as her living space, which excites her, and Steven insists that she look around and get to know the place. She then acknowledges their hammock, which prompts Lapis to teach Navy about sleep. Navy wants to try sleeping, and Lapis informs her that since sleeping is not a natural activity for Gems, it may take a long time to master; nevertheless, Navy gets the hang of it right away. Lapis' envy towards Navy grows.

Room for Ruby (196).png

Back at the farm, Peridot and Lapis introduce Navy to plant life, their planting system, and the crops they have grown. Lapis informs Navy that plants can be confusing at first and that she does not have to love everything right away, but lo and behold, the wayward Ruby instantly takes a shine to the plants. Lapis, quickly reaching her tolerance for Navy's enthusiasm, passive-aggressively challenges Navy to try to love Pumpkin; this backfires on Lapis as the little red Gem and the puppy-like fruit show immediate affection for one another.

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Desperate, Lapis aggressively introduces Navy to dirt in an attempt to find something she hates, yet it seems that Navy truly loves all things on Earth. At this point, Lapis can no longer tolerate the Homeworld Gem's chipperness and compels her to remember all the animosity she feels toward Earth and the Crystal Gems, but Navy shrugs it off, seemingly unable to hold onto past grudges. The water Gem flies off in a huff, and Steven and Peridot chase after her, leaving Navy behind.

Room for Ruby (238).png

Steven and Peridot track down Lapis, and she confesses that the reason for her unwelcoming attitude is due to her jealousy towards Navy; she had taken so long just to get used to Earth, and Navy embraced it all in the span of a day. She wonders if her inability to adapt means that something must be wrong with her. Navy walks in at this point and, having overheard Lapis, expresses guilt at having dredged up Lapis' insecurities, and wonders if she should leave. Lapis kindly assures Navy that it is not her fault, to which Navy is relieved to hear; she admits that she would not have any place to leave to, without the Roaming Eye. The mere memory of her spaceship makes her wistful, and she begins to cry. However, Steven informs Navy that they have her Roaming Eye on the farm, and invite her to demonstrate how to pilot it properly.

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Flying through the skies on the Roaming Eye, Steven is excited to finally have someone who knows how to pilot a modern Homeworld spacecraft expertly (Despite already having Pearl and Peridot as pilots for the Crystal Gems), and even Lapis is beginning to warm up to Navy. Navy invites Steven to push a large button at the back of the ship to demonstrate her flying skills. However, the button causes the hangar door to fly open! Steven, Lapis, and Peridot are sucked out of the craft, but they manage to hang on for dear life. Steven implores Navy to help them back in, but Navy merely sets up a force field to keep herself securely in place, as a cruel and mocking tone creeps into her voice.

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Navy reveals that it was all an act; she never had any desire to live on Earth or make friends with the Crystal Gems, she only used them to get her ship back. Confused, Steven wonders why Navy did not just steal it while their backs were turned. Navy replies that the reason she kept the act up this long was for the sheer sadistic pleasure of seeing the betrayed looks on her enemies' faces. Fueled by her rage at the backstabbing little creep, Lapis summons all her strength to climb Steven and back into the ship to deliver a righteous smackdown; but Navy promptly shakes the group off of the Roaming Eye and into the ocean below. Steven and friends resurface, none the worse for wear. As Navy escapes into space, Lapis breaks into a fit of laughter, satisfied that at least she was right to be suspicious of Navy all along.

Room for Ruby (320).png

Steven, Lapis, Peridot, and Pumpkin make their way back to shore, sopping wet, as Lapis finishes laughing. Garnet waits for them at the shore, with a "Welcome to the Party" balloon in one hand, and a "Sorry for your Loss" balloon in the other. Realizing that the less favorable outcome transpired, she pops the greeting balloon and consoles Steven for his efforts. As the view pans toward the sky, we see one last shot of Navy's smug little face laughing.






Instrumental Songs

  • TBA


  • As indicated by her "Welcome to the Party!" balloon, Garnet saw at least one future where Navy stayed on Earth.
  • When Steven observes Navy driving the Roaming Eye, he states that the Crystal Gems finally have a pilot, seemingly forgetting the fact that there are already two pilots: Pearl and Peridot.

Cultural References

  • Similar to Sardonyx, Navy has a noblewoman's laugh.
  • Navy's pose when she crash-landed onto the beach is strikingly similar to the death pose of Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z.
  • When Navy experiences rain for the first time, Steven exclaims, "She likes it! Navy likes it!" This is a reference to the character Little Mikey from a famous 1970's ad for Life cereal.


  • Steven mentions the events of the episodes "Hit the Diamond", "Back to the Moon", and "The Answer".
  • Garnet recalls the events of "Bubbled" when Eyeball tried to stab Steven, revealing that Steven told her at some point.
  • Peridot tells Navy that she can not talk to the corn, a reference to when she tried this in "Gem Harvest".
  • Navy did not know about rain, just like Peridot in "When It Rains", since it does not rain on Homeworld. She also learned that the Earth is always changing after they explained weather to her, just like Lapis learned this in "Same Old World".
  • Navy says "Bye, bye", similar to how she said it to Ruby when she walked back into the barn in "Hit the Diamond".
  • When Peridot and Lapis are teaching Navy how to be an Earthling, there are alien drawings on the chalkboard, continuing Peridot's alien motif. Aliens also appeared in "Log Date 7 15 2" and "Too Short to Ride".


  • Peridot sits in one of the chairs of the Roaming Eye ship, where there is a window behind her. However, when the scene changes to a front view, the hatch door is shown behind Peridot.
  • When Steven and Peridot are looking for Lapis, the barn is shown from a great distance, but the Roaming Eye is missing, despite being seen earlier on from the same distance.
  • Navy carries four carrots, but when she throws them, three more carrots appear.
  • When Pumpkin licks Navy, its tongue is the wrong shade of orange.
    • In the same scene, there is no clothing around Navy's neck, making it look like she is not wearing her top.
  • When Peridot says "I love talking!" her waist is completely black when it should be green where her legs end.


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