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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Ext. Beach House, Night-time]
(Steven and Garnet are star-gazing on the porch, when a shooting star passes by.)
Steven Ooh! There's one! Garnet, you gotta make a wish!
Garnet All right.
Steven Close your eyes!
(Garnet seemingly closes her eyes under her visor.)
Steven All of them.
Garnet Ok, ok.
Steven Now make your wish. But don't tell me what it is. *pauses for a bit, and whispers* Garnet, what did you wish for?
Garnet I wished... for another shooting star so that you could make a wish.
Steven *blushes* Oh my gosh.
(Steven gasps as he spots a red shooting star in the sky.)
Steven Garnet! It worked!
(Distant screaming is then heard as the "star" nears.)
Steven Is that star... screaming?
(The screaming "star" crashes onto the beach in front of the beach house.)
Steven What's that?!
(Steven and Garnet quickly run down to the beach, and sees a Ruby lying in a crater.)
Steven It's "Navy"!
Garnet That's... a Ruby.
Steven Don't you remember? I gave them all names. This one's "Navy", 'cause her gem is on her navel.
Garnet Oh. I finally get it.
("Navy" climbs out of the crate and jumps towards Steven, who quickly summons his bubble shield.)
"Navy" Oh please! Oh please! Don't make me go back to Homeworld! Oh, I wanna stay here with you.
Garnet This... is a surprise.
Steven *pops his bubble* You... wanna live on Earth?
"Navy" Yeah. All the other Rubies are mean to me. I just want to be somewhere where I can be myself.
Steven You're not mad at us from before?
"Navy" What do you mean?
Steven You know, about tricking you into playing baseball?
"Navy" That was fun!
Steven Or, when Amethyst pretended to be Jasper?
"Navy" I've got to admit, that was pretty clever.
Steven Or when we blasted you all out into space and stole your ship so you'd be stranded forever?
"Navy" Well, we were fighting so it's understandable.
Garnet I don't know about this. She tried to stab you in space.
Steven That was "Eyeball". This is "Navy". She... always seemed really nice, actually.
"Navy" Hey thanks!
Steven And you know, a Ruby falling from the sky, discovering this beautiful world. Sounds a lot like a story you told me once.
Garnet *blushes* Oh stop!
Steven Let me take it from here! I know exactly where she'll fit in.
Garnet All right, Steven Universe. Go work your magic.
[Trans. Ext. The Barn, Sunrise]
(Steven pushes his way through the corn field to find Peridot and Lapis sitting on a tractor.)
Peridot Finally! There's a star to wish on. *points to the rising sun*
Steven Peridot! Lapis!
Lapis & Peridot Steven!
(Pumpkin runs up to Steven, barking excitedly.)
Steven And Pumpkin. Can't forget you.
Peridot Well well, back again. You should just move in with us at this point.
Steven Actually, maybe not me. But I know someone else who might be interested.
"Navy" *walks out of the corn field* Hi! I'm "Navy", a refugee from Homeworld. Just like you guys. *giggles*
(Peridot and Lapis stares at "Navy" in shock and revolt respectively.)
Peridot So uhh... when did you show up on Earth?
"Navy" Today.
Peridot *excitedly* New barnie!
Lapis What?! No! Hold on. Can we... talk about this first?
Peridot Yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah. Of course. I love talking.
(Lapis encases "Navy" in a water bubble and floats her away.)
Lapis Steven, this makes no sense. Why would she wanna live here? We've been awful to her. She must hate us.
Steven She doesn't, though. Give her a chance. She's on our side now.
Peridot Just like that? Wow.
Lapis There's no way!
Steven Well, you guys wanted to start a new life here too. It can totally happen.
Lapis Even if she wants to be here, she doesn't know what she's getting into. Life on Earth is really confusing. It took me a long time to get used to it. I'm still getting used to it.
Steven *thinking* Hmm...
Peridot But! We can show her the way. I mean, we've been through the wringer on all this stuff. It'd be cool to share what we've learned. And, you know, I think we'll be really good at it.
Lapis Ok... Ok. I'll give it a try. But we'll have to take it slow.
Peridot Yeah!
Steven This will be great! I just know it!
(Pumpkin barks at "Navy". Lapis snaps her fingers to dispel her water bubble and release "Navy".)
"Navy" Thank you!
[Time-Skip; Morning]
(Peridot begins lecturing "Navy", and Steven, using the chalkboard.)
Peridot So you're an Earthling. But what does that mean? Well, the answer is... (Lapis flips the board, revealing a drawing of a shrugging alien.) Who knows?! *chuckles* And that's the beauty of Earth. Nothing here makes sense, but that's why you have us now.
Lapis It might be hard to like Earth at first. It is where, a bunch of bad stuff happened.
"Navy" I love it! It's so... sunny.
Peridot Ah, yes! The sun! Ever burning. Until it's not.
Lapis This planet has weather, which can be confusing and alarming. It's sunny now, but it can always rain later.
"Navy" What is... rain?
Lapis It's like- Oh wait! I can just show you.
(Lapis controls a giant water bubble over the group and simulates rain with it.)
Lapis I know it's a bit strange, but-
"Navy" *squeeing* Oh ah ha ha, the sky is crying!
Steven She likes it! "Navy" likes it!
"Navy" Oh, a planet that's not always sunny. It's almost like, it's always... changing! Oh-ho-ho! It's so beautiful!
Steven Yeah! Exactly!
Peridot Wow! That's like... chapter ninety-seven of Earth stuff! *levitates an umbrella over her and Lapis* Looks like we have an advanced student on our hands.
Lapis *annoyed* Yeah. No kidding.
[Trans. Int. The Barn]
(Peridot and Lapis then show "Navy" in the interior of the barn.)
Peridot This is our... Gem Cave. Lapis hates it when I call it that. So I don't. The barn's pretty big so you can have one of the corners. *chuckles* Make it your own.
"Navy" That sounds so nice. Any corner would be lovely.
Steven You should have a look around.
("Navy" first inspects the toilets, and gets curious about the hammock.)
"Navy" Ooohh. What's this for?
Peridot That's a hammock. It's a bed you fall out of.
Lapis It's where I like to sleep. I don't have to do it, but I like to do it. You know, turn off for a bit and-
Peridot Snore! Like this! *pretends to sleep and snores loudly, and Lapis blushes* Snore!
"Navy" Wow! Sounds groovy! How do I start?
Lapis That one is really hard to explain. You lie down somewhere and close your eyes. And think about nothing, or everything. But it may take you a little while feel comfortable enough to-
("Navy" begins snoring, fast asleep on the floor.)
Lapis *annoyed* Looks like you've got it.
[Trans. Ext. The Barn]
(Peridot and Lapis begin showing "Navy" around the farmland.)
Peridot And here is our organic Earth farm. The ground around here is teeming with resources which feed the growing crops around us. Don't bother talking to the corn. It can't hear you.
Lapis Plants may seem strange to you at first. But don't worry, you don't have to love everything right away.
"Navy" I love plants! *throws carrots in the air* Ooohh.
Lapis *slightly irritated* Well, what about Pumpkin? Do you love Pumpkin too? *picks up Pumpkin*
"Navy" *cheery* I! Love! Pumpkin! *leaps over, and Pumpkin licks her face*
Steven Eww! Pumpkin kisses. *laughs*
Lapis *gets annoyed* Well, what about dirt? Do you love the dirt too?
"Navy" What's dirt?
(Lapis points to the ground.)
"Navy" Ah! I do love the dirt!
("Navy" begins rolling on the ground, laughing. Steven and Peridot joins in the rolling too.)
Lapis So, what about us? How do you feel about us?
"Navy" You guys are the best! Thank you, thank you. Thank you all for taking me in. *hugs Peridot and Steven* Oh, we're gonna be the best of friends.
Lapis But we were just enemies! Don't you remember? *gets flustered* Why don't you get mad?!
"Navy" I think even if I really tried, that's the one thing I can't do.
Lapis ...Oh come on! *flies away in anger*
"Navy" Did I do something?
Steven I think it might be more complicated than that. Why don't you stay here and admire more of the plants?
Peridot Lapis!
Steven Lapis!
(Peridot, Pumpkin and Steven run off to look for Lapis, as "Navy" sighs in dismay.)
(Steven, Peridot and Pumpkin try searching for Lapis around the barn.)
Peridot Lapis!
Steven Lapis! Where are you?
Lapis She's just... I-I-It's just like she's fine with us. Like, there's no problem.
(Steven, Peridot and Pumpkin spots Lapis on the back of the truck sticking out of the barn. Peridot then lifts herself, Pumpkin, and Steven on a trash can lid up to Lapis.)
Steven Lapis, are you ok?
Lapis No. Something is seriously wrong with me. It took me so long to learn to like this planet.
Peridot Hey, no one said there's a rush.
Lapis "Navy" just loves everyone and everything right away. She has no guard, no fear. I just don't get it. Why it is so easy for her when it was so hard for me?
(Everyone remain in silence as Lapis sulks at herself.)
"Navy" Oh no! I-I didn't to make anyone upset! Oh! Maybe I just should go!
Steven Ah... "Navy"!
Lapis No, no. It's my problem. I didn't mean to make you feel like you don't belong here.
Peridot Yeah. You should stay.
"Navy" Oh! You guys! I'm so glad! I don't know where I'd go anyway. Can't go anywhere without my ship. That's the only place I ever really belonged anyways. I miss it so much.
Steven "Navy"! We have your ship! It's right over there!
"Navy" You do?
("Navy" looks over at the Roaming Eye outside the barn, slightly decorated with Christmas lights and potter lights.)
"Navy" Wow! I didn't even notice it there!
Steven Maybe you could uh... show us the ropes?
"Navy" *gasps* I would love that.
[Trans. Int. the Roaming Eye]
("Navy" gives the others a ride in the ship through the sky.)
Steven This is perfect! The Crystal Gems finally have a pilot!
Peridot Things are going ok now, huh?
Lapis Yeah. Yeah they are.
"Navy" Hey Steven. Hit that button behind you and I'll show you what this baby can really do.
Steven Uh, you mean the one right here?
"Navy" Yeah, that's the one!
Steven I'm gonna press it!
(Steven presses the button and the lights in the ship go out. "Navy"'s seat is encased in a light tube and the hatch of the ship open up, causing everybody else fly out and hang onto the edge of the door.)
Steven "Navy"! Hello! "Navy"! I think something went wrong with the ship!
"Navy" The only thing wrong... is that you're still holding on. *laughs*
Steven Wait. This whole time, all you wanted was your ship? You could've just stolen it to begin with!
"Navy" I could have done that, but then I would've never have gotten to see the look on your face, when you were tricked by your favorite little Ruby! *laughs again*
Lapis What?!
Peridot Hey! I can't hear what's happening! Is "Navy" showing us the ocean? 'Cause this is a heck of a way to do it!
Lapis You dirty little-
("Navy" gasps as Lapis tries to climb back inside the ship. "Navy" then maneuvers the ship around the ocean to throw everybody off into the water.)
"Navy" Bye bye!
Steven What! Lapis, she's getting away!
Lapis *suddenly cracks up* I was right! No one could be that well-adjusted.
(Lapis keeps laughing hysterically as the Roaming Eye warps away into space. The group then swims their way back to the shore, where they are greeted by Garnet, holding two balloons.)
Steven Garnet!
Garnet pops the balloon reading "Welcome to the Party!" and keeps the one reading "Sorry for your Loss".
Garnet It was still worth a shot.
(Everybody looks up at the sky, as the star iris closes over an imaginative face of "Navy" in the sky, laughing aloud as the episode ends.)

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