[Open Int. Steven's House]

Steven: This is it, folks. TUFF sensation Steven Universe readies his last spoon full of Colonel Kernel's Classic Creamed Corn; As the crowd waits bated breath, one bite between him and destiny.

(Steven eats cream corn and puts the can in the counter.)

Steven: And he's done it! He's eaten four cans of cream corn!

(The Temple Gate opens and the Crystal Gems walk out of it.)

Pearl: Good Afternoon, Steven.

Steven: Guys, check this out!

Amethyst: Steven in the house! whatcha got? whatcha got?

Steven: I got four empty cans of Colonel Kernel's Classic Creamed Corn!

Garnet: Cool..

Steven: Yeah, and on the back are five dollar coupons for mini-golf. I ate four cans, so we all can go together.

Pearl: That's so thoughtful, Steven. Unfortunately though, uhh...

Amethyst: We gotta go in a mission...

Steven: What? Not again! But you guys promised we'd hang out!

Garnet: A dangerous artifact has appeared in the Northern Hemisphere, we need to go retrieve it.

Steven: But mini-golf is so much fun! There's castles, and windmills, and I like it, and- oh look what I brought!

(Steven heads towards the golf stuff.)

Steven: I pulled out my dad's old clubs and also found a pair of his old golf pants; They are a little big on me, but you can wear them Garnet!

(Pearl and Amethyst chuckle.)

Amethyst: See ya, buddy!

Pearl: We will bring you something back!

Steven: Well you're not the only ones with the dangerous adventures to tackle.

(Steven starts to play Mini Golf Quest and eat chips.)

Steven: Awww yeah! You recieved the Mythril Putter *imitates game sound*

Steven: *reads the character lines* Don't worry Professor. We're gonna sink 'em all! *chuckles*

Steven: Uh oh; *Windmill enemy appears* Oh windmill. Why must we always fight? Man, it would've been just like this!

(Steven keeps playing until the next day.)

Steven: I can't lose! I am the greatest golfer in the Universeeeeee *boom boom boom* *laughing* Alright! Secret ending!

Pearl: Hey, Steven! We're baaaack!

Steven: Hey.

Ace: Project F.L.O.G! That's golf backwards.

(Cryogenic capsule starts opening.)

Ace: What is this?

Amethyst: *Suddenly appears* HEY STEVEN. Wanna hear about where we've been?

Steven: Un -- Oh! Wait! Wait, hold on!

Ace: Two nine two thousand fourteen? But that was the date he disappeared!

Steven: *Amethyst lands front of Steven* HEY!

Garnet: Steven! Look at this.

(Ace keeps talking in the background.)

Amethyst: It's the Wailing Stone we found!

Garnet: The Wailing Stone I found.

Pearl: Isn't it neat? It uses high frequency sound as a message...

Steven: Guuuys!

Pearl: ...Between two points!

Amethyst: Look, you just have to push THIS!

(The Wailing Stone activates, interrupting Pearl and making the TV break.)

Pearl: *Pushes the button again* Amethyst, I told you not turn it on the house!

Amethyst: Hahaha, Chill out P, it's not like anyone got hurt, and Steven LOVED IT! - Steven?

Steven: THAT WAS THE SECRET ENDING! Now I have to replay the final dungeon all over again! It's not fair! I can't go mini-golfing, I can't play my game, I can't stop going into the bathroom because I ate all that Cream Corn, so much Corn...*sigh* I just wish I'd a place for myself.

(Steven's gem starts glowing.)

Steven: Huh? My gem!

(Rose's Symbol starts glowing in the Temple Gate.)

Pearl: Rose's door. Steven, is opening his mother's room.

(Rose's Door opens.)

Steven: *walking to the room* Woah...!

Pearl: Steven, wait!

Amethyst: Steven, wait!

Garnet: Steven, don't go in there!

Steven: It's never about what I wanna do! Is it? Well now we have a place where I'm going and YOU CAN'T COME!

Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet: STEVEN!

Steven: YES! *storms into room*

[Trans. Int. Rose's Room]

(The door puffs into pink clouds.)

Steven: Woah. So this is my mom's room? She must've liked clouds a lot.. But what kind of room doesn't even have a bed?

(A bed appears, knocking Steven up.)

Steven: Woooah, cool! Hm... This bed is pretty nice. But you know what would be really nice? Quadruple-bunk beds!

(The bed turns into a Quadruple Bunk Bed complex.)

Steven: *gasps* With a slide! *slide appears* WOOO-HOO! A parachute! *Parachute appears* Ehehehe. What next? Hmmmm... Ummmm... A Tiny Floating Whale?

(The Tiny Floating Whale appears, and makes whale sounds.)

Steven: *giggles* Wow! Here I can get anything I ask for! But you know what I really want? I wanna see the end of my game, without being interrupted!

(Golf Quest Mini pops-in; Steven and the Whale high five.)

Ace's father: *pod opens*--It's me, your father! After decades of cryostation, I'm finally free!

Ace: Saving the day is just par for the course. 

Steven: Awesome! *yawn* Hmm. I'm kinda hungry now.

(A donut appears.)

Steven: *laughs* Alright! *donut puffs when Steven tries to eat it* Wha...? Hey! I want a real donut!

(Another donut appears.)

Steven: *donut puffs again* What?! Can you believe this?

(The Tiny Floating Whale makes whale sounds.)

Steven: Now I have to go out for donuts!

(The Magical Door appears, and Steven "leaves" Rose's Room.)

Steven: Don't get excited, guys. I'm only back for a second. *Steven looks around* Well, Good! I didn't want to see you anyway.

(Steven goes to the Big Donut.)

Steven: Hey! How's my favorite fine food's franchise? So I'm thinking... Double chocolate cinnamon twist with sprinkles in the side. You know I like to dip.

(Sadie and Lars don't say anything, and keep looking and smiling.)

Steven: Uhhh... Steven to Sadie and Lars! Is this like a joke or something?

Sadie and Lars: Hello, Steven. What kinda donut would you like?

Steven: Uhh, I just said

Sadie and Lars: It's very nice to see you, Steven!

Steven: Well, it's very nice to see you, too!

Sadie and Lars: Here are your donuts!

Steven: Wait, you guys. I only ordered---

Sadie and Lars: Okay, love you, Steven! Bye bye, now!

Steven: Wait! where are you guys going? I still haven't paid for these! You guys, hold on a... sec.

(Steven looks around, confused.)

Steven: Huh? Hey, Onion! Have you seen Lars and Sadie? They should just been out here! Hey if you see them, let me know. Okay? Here, have a donut.

(Steven pokes Onion with the donut, but he doesn't move.)

Steven: I'll leave it here for you. See you later!

(Steven keeps searching for Lars and Sadie, and passes by Frybo.)

Steven: All the lights are on. But no one is here... *Steven walks backwards* Peedee?

(Frybo puts fry bits in the counter.)

Steven: Oh, fry bits. Usually I'm all about the bits. But I'm feeling kinda spooked right now.

(Frybo keeps putting fry bits plates in the same place.)

Steven: AGHA! Uh, you know what? I think I'm gonna look around some more. See you later, Frybo!

(Steven keeps walking around Beach City and looks around the Beach City Funland, then he stops in front of the arcade until the lights and games are turned on. It shocks Steven and he runs away.)

Steven: AAH! *breathing*

(then Steven stops by the beach, until he finds Connie on the beach.)

Steven: Connie! I can't believe it's you. When did you get back in town? Huh?

(The water keeps moving foward and backwards.)

Steven: AAH! The water! Connie, what's happening? Where is everyone?

Connie: He was incredible!

Steven: UH?

Connie: He was incredible!

(Steven looks around, and find the other Beach City's residents "doing nothing".)

Connie: He was incredible!

Steven: Wha... What?!

Connie: He was incredible!

Steven: Get me out of here!

(Connie keeps repeating "He was incredible!")

Steven: What's wrong with your faces? Lion, you too?!

Connie: *echo* He was incredible!

Steven: *gasps scarcely*

(Suddenly Steven appears to be waking in water.)

Steven: Can someone please explain THIS?!? Huh!

(Steven sinks in the water, and appears at It's A Wash.)

Steven: AAH!

Greg: Steven!

Steven: Dad? Is that you?

Greg: What? Of course! You doing alright? You look like you saw a ghost. Either that, or you stayed up all night playing a video game.

Steven: Dad, I'm freaking out! I feel like I'm stuck inside of some crazy dream.

Greg: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Why won't we share some of those donuts and you can tell me about this crazy nightmare you're having? *starts to eat a donut*

Steven: The gems were trying to tell me something about Mom's Room. But I was so mad that I didn't listen. They're always leaving me behind, and... I guess I wanted to do it to them, too.

Greg: That's not so bad. Everyone needs some alone time now and then *Greg simulates playing Guitar*

Steven: *laughing* Yeah. It was really fun for a while. But now, the whole city; everyone and everything is acting really weird.

Greg: Well the important thing is you told the truth.

Steven: Yeah, I... guess I did.

Greg: *Greg simulates playing Guitar*

Steven': Uh, dad? Your advice is making less sense than usual.

Greg: Well the important thing is family and friendship, honesty values and no one got arrested. *Greg simulates playing Guitar*

Steven: *Steven tries to eat the donut, but then it puffs clouds* AAH! I'm still on the room! All of this -- it's all a FAKE-A-ROO!

(Greg simulates playing Guitar then disappears, alongside with his van.)

Steven: *gasps* AAAAH! This is all wrong! Huh? AAH!

(The city starts to vanish.)

(Steven starts to run up to the hill, and watches everyone and everything disappear.)

Steven: *Steven is gasping, walking backwards slowly, and then falls in the void* UUH! AAAAAAAAH! I don't want this!

Tiny Floating Whale: What do you want, Steven?

Steven: I want to be back with the Gems! *Steven hugs the Whale, and she disappears)

[Trans. Int. Steven's House]

Steven: *falls on Garnet* Of! *gasp* GARNET! *Steven bits Garnet's arm*

Garnet: Ow.

Steven: *gasp* You're not clouds!

Amethyst: Alright, Steven! *Amethyst bites Pearl's arm*


Steven: Guys, it was awful! I was trapped in a messed up version of Beach City. Everyone was acting super weird and...

Amethyst: You let Rose's Room build a whole town?!

Pearl: *Pearl hits Amethyst's face with her elbow* IT CAN'T HANDLE A TASK LIKE THAT! Thank goodness you're okay!

Steven: *sigh* I'm sorry I got mad, guys. I get it now. Things can't always go exactly how I want.

Pearl: Oh Steven, we're sorry, too.

Amethyst: Mm-hmm.

Garnet: But guess what? We have time to hang out, now.

Steven: *gasps*

[Trans. Int. Mini Golf Course]

Steven: I always get what I want!

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