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One time, I went into her old room, and it was all pink and fluffy and full of clouds, and I made a cute tiny pink whale appear. The whale talked to me, and the room gave me whatever I asked for! But I think I need some practice to figure out how to make her room work right.

Steven, Guide to the Crystal Gems (Steven Universe)

Rose's Room is a room in the Crystal Temple. As the name implies, it once belonged to Rose Quartz. The room is rediscovered by Steven in the episode "Rose's Room".

The room is first seen briefly in "Together Breakfast" when Steven descended from the Crystal Heart to the Burning Room, but its first major appearance was in "Rose's Room".


Rose's Room is a virtually empty "room" with a bright atmosphere. The only things in the room are white and light-pink clouds, along with a pale-pinkish "sky". It has been made clear that Rose's Room is considerably vast, possibly infinite, but the exact size is, as of yet, unknown.

It should also be noted that the desires of the room's owner can alter the overall appearance of the room and create objects out of the clouds the room is composed of. (e.g. If the owner of the room were to say that they wanted a bed, a bed would appear in the room).

The entire room, including the cloud backdrop and the items created by the room, appear to be illusionary. Cameras do not pick up the room's creations, and only see the room as a black void.


There are various limitations and "rules" as to how the room can be manipulated and how objects are created.

  • The room's ability to fulfill desires is limited by the physical size of the desire in question. This limitation is shown at the end of "Rose's Room", as the room destabilizes when Steven inadvertently replicates Beach City.
  • While the room can replicate other humans and Gems, it may not accurately mimic their natural behavior.
    • Aside from mimicking her position, the simulation of Peridot in "Catch and Release" could only repeat what Peridot actually said before it "poofed" away.
    • The room's simulation of Greg is far more accurate compared to the other Beach City residents, likely because of Steven's higher knowledge of his personality, and/or the nature of Steven's wish to have someone explain things. It also may be possible that the room learned more about Greg when it was inhabited by Rose.
    • The simulation of Connie in "Open Book" replicates the real Connie so well that Steven thinks it is her until he realizes how often "Connie" is asking what he wants.
      • The first time the room simulates Connie, it is very obvious that she is not real. This change is possibly due to Steven getting to know more about Connie between the episodes "Rose's Room" and "Open Book".
  • Everything simulated by the room is made of cloud and dissolves when hit with enough force.
    • Because of this, the room does not have the ability to create real food.
  • Creations in Rose's Room can use the physical and mental attributes they were given to react to different situations around them.
    • The room itself has shown that it might have some level of sentience, as the Connie replica became rebellious and frustrated with Steven's wishes when he contradicted them.
    • The room may possess telepathy as well, as the Cloud Connie knew that Steven liked the original ending of the books, hounding him until he confessed this to the real Connie.
  • When destabilization occurs, all of the objects that have been wished for will be erased.
  • Only a Gem with the pink diamond gemstone can manipulate the room and create objects.
  • Nothing can be captured on a camera.


  • Whenever the room's creations act erratic, they skip and repeat and glitch their actions, much like a scratched CD or faulty hardware.
  • It is unknown whether or not a creation of the room can exist outside of the room.
  • The room itself could be based on the nursery in "The Veldt", a short story by Ray Bradbury. Both rooms can create the illusion of location and fictitious characters and/or creatures to a level where they appear real.
  • The room's powers are evocative of the effects of Maxwell's notebook in the "Scribblenauts" video game series. Like the room, Maxwell's notebook can create practically anything that is needed or wanted, and objects appear and disappear in a puff of clouds as needed.
    • Some objects made by Rose's room, such as the costume shop, closely resemble similar objects that can be made by Maxwell's notebook.
  • Unlike the other Crystal Gems' rooms, the theme of Rose's Room is not tied to the formation of the actual gem, rose quartz, or rather pink diamond.
  • The room is located in the stomach of the temple, just below the Crystal Heart where Rose's gem is on the temple.
  • The room's function of conjuring whatever its inhabitant asks for imitates Pink Diamond’s original room on Homeworld.


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