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I designed this sword for a fair fight. It can cut through a Gem's physical form in an instant! Destroying the body, but never the Gem.

—Bismuth, "Bismuth"

Rose's Sword was a weapon forged by Bismuth that formerly belonged to Rose Quartz. It was discovered by Steven and Connie in "Lion 2: The Movie". After its rediscovery, the sword was mainly wielded by Connie, as well as Stevonnie, and would usually be stored inside of Lion's pocket dimension with its scabbard. It was destroyed by Blue Diamond in "Reunited", with only the handle left intact, while the blade is given a new one for Connie to hold it. In Steven Universe Future, it can be seen on a stand on a high shelf.


Her sword! Your mother's sword! It's a straight bladed saber that's pink with a red handle. There are vines etched in the guard that connect to a rose-shaped pommel.

Pearl to Steven, "Rose's Scabbard"

The sword had a slightly dark pink with a hint of red pommel resembling a rosebud with rose quartz embedded in it. The guard and knuckle bow of the sword were pink with the guard having an image of a four-petaled white flower in the middle. The grip was a dark pink, and the grip, guard, and knuckle bow were inscribed with a twirling thorn design.

The sword's cupped hilt and broad blade with its tantō tip were reminiscent of a 17th-century military cutlass. This bright pink blade emitted a white aura when pulled from Lion's head. At the base of the blade, the rain guard was shaped like a pink rose with the two outer petals being dark pink.


At some point during the Rebellion, Bismuth forged the sword for Rose Quartz to wield in battle. Bismuth described it as her "finest piece of work", able to easily destroy the physical form of a Gem, but unable to shatter the gemstone itself.

Rose Quartz entrusted Pearl with the sword as part of their plan to stage Pink Diamond's shattering. Rose shapeshifted to her original form as Pink Diamond while Pearl shapeshifted into the form of Rose Quartz. Pearl then used the sword to impale Pink through the stomach, poofing her and causing fake Gem Shards to fall out of her body.

At the time when Rose Quartz gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven, the sword was stored in Lion's mane.

"Lion 2: The Movie"

Rose's Sword first appears in this episode. Steven asks Lion for help when he and Connie are attacked by the Robot Shooty Thing, so Lion responds with glowing mane and eyes while the hilt of the sword materializes on his head. Steven pulls out the glowing sword, and he and Connie volleyed the elemental blasts back using Connie's tennis skills (previously mentioned in the episode) at the Robot Shooty Thing to destroy it.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

In "Lion 3: Straight to Video", the sword is seen vertically standing in a pile of stones inside the pocket dimension in Lion's mane. The introduction of the pocket dimension and the revelation of the sword's location inside it indicates how Steven can pull the sword from Lion's head in "Lion 2: The Movie".

"Rose's Scabbard"

The sword appears once again in "Rose's Scabbard" after Lion finds the titular item on the Gem Battlefield. Pearl states that Steven should have the scabbard and that Steven now also owns the sword that it once sheathed. After an unsuccessful trip to Rose's secret armory in an attempt to find the sword, Pearl shows Steven an image of the sword using a hologram, after which he exclaimed that he knew where it was. Back at the Temple, Steven pulls the sword from Lion's pocket dimension, much to Pearl's surprise. Later at the battlefield, the sword is returned to Lion's pocket dimension, finally reunited with its scabbard.

"Sworn to the Sword"

The sword appears in Pearl's hologram flashback of the war fought on the Gem Battlefield. Rose is shown wielding her shield and the sword against an unknown Gem of the opposing faction during the war.

"Nightmare Hospital"

The sword is given to Connie by Steven so that she can practice her sword fighting at home. However, it is confiscated by Dr. Maheswaran upon discovery and is taken to the hospital that she works in, so Connie and Steven have to sneak in to get it back. Later on in the episode, Connie uses the sword to protect her mother and Steven from the Cluster Gem mutants, despite her mother's reluctance to let her use it in combat. In the end, Connie's mother took it upon herself to hold back some of the rules in hopes Connie would grow to trust her mother more.

"Gem Hunt"

Connie is seen wielding the sword when she, Steven, and Pearl go on a mission to find a Corrupted Gem. Later, when she encounters the Corrupted Gem, she prepares to strike her but ends up freezing in place.

"Crack the Whip"

Steven and Connie both practice with their weapons. Then, later on, they fight one of the Great North Monsters while Jasper is fighting Amethyst. After Stevonnie is formed, the fusion proceeds to use it to battle and drive off Jasper.


Bismuth reveals to have made Rose's Sword, and that it was her finest weapon ever created. Bismuth says that she designed the sword for a fair fight, making sure it can poof a Gem in a single swipe without shattering them. Ultimately, when Bismuth attacks Steven in a rage over him refusing to use the Breaking Point, he is forced to poof her by impaling her through the stomach with the sword in self-defense.


When Steven said that he was Rose Quartz and shows "Eyeball" his shield, she did not believe him and said that Rose's sword is what matters. Steven told her the sword is currently in Lion's mane.

"Mindful Education"

Connie and Steven use the sword to train as Stevonnie in their fusion training lesson. After Connie learns to finally accept her problems and confront them, she returns the next day feeling better. Steven is happy for her but suddenly sees the butterfly on the sword from the mindset they had been in while meditating. As Stevonnie is training, they use the sword to fight off the Holo-Pearls. When they stab the Holo-Pearl, a vision triggers of the Holo-Pearl being replaced by Bismuth, the exact time she was impaled by Steven.

"The New Crystal Gems"

Connie is shown to wield Rose's sword while she stays at Beach City to protect it. Throughout the episode, she is shown holding it and keeps it on her back.

"Storm in the Room"

Connie leaves the sword in the Beach House while waiting for Dr. Maheswaran to pick her up. She takes the sword with her when she goes home.

"Are You My Dad?"

Connie takes the sword with her while investigating with Steven. In Beach City Woods, Connie draws the sword when Topaz approaches, but Topaz manages to fuse around her, capturing Connie and the sword.

"I Am My Mom"

When Topaz captures Steven, the sword in its scabbard becomes visible as it is lodged in Topaz's body. After Steven unfuses Topaz with his bubble shield, Connie retrieves the sword and uses it to defend against Topaz's attacks.

"The Trial"

Both the defense Zircon and the prosecuting Zircon have the same image of Rose Quartz in their files, where she is shown wielding her sword and shield. During the trial, Blue Diamond claims Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond with a sword, likely referring to Rose's Sword.

"Lars' Head"

Connie has the sword with her when she finds Steven at the Beach House.

"Lars of the Stars"

Connie takes the sword with her on her and Steven's trip into space. Stevonnie maintains possession of the weapon after they are shot down in the Star Skipper and plummet toward a nearby Jungle Moon.

"Jungle Moon"

Stevonnie utilizes the sword to survive in the wilderness of the Jungle Moon.

"Your Mother and Mine"

The sword, wielded by Rose, can be seen in Garnet's story.

"Can't Go Back"

Steven falls asleep on the Moon Base. While dreaming, he sees a silhouette of Pearl who carries and draws Rose's Sword behind Pink Diamond.

"A Single Pale Rose"

Steven explores Pearl's memories inside her gemstone, and he learns Pearl used the sword to stage Pink Diamond's shattering.

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

It is briefly mentioned by Amethyst.


While the rest of the Crystal Gems are incapacitated by Blue Diamond's radiated sadness, Connie calls Lion and rushes in at an attempt to attack Blue Diamond with the rebel blade. Blue Diamond blocks the attack by grabbing the sword, recognizes it as the sword that "shattered" Pink Diamond, and then breaks it.

"Legs From Here to Homeworld"

Priyanka Maheswaran mentions the sword as one necessary thing for Connie to carry to Homeworld. Connie disagrees because the travel is to carry out a diplomatic mission, and violence isn't to be expected.

Steven Universe: The Movie

The sword's two broken pieces, never repaired, are displayed on a shelf in the front room of the Beach House just above and behind the couch.

"Little Homeschool"

Rose’s sword is seen in the background when Steven and Cherry Quartz leave the bathroom.

"Rose Buds"

It’s seen a few times in the background.


Rose’s sword can be seen in the background during Bluebird Azurite’s welcoming party.

"A Very Special Episode"

When Garnet teaches Ocean Jasper, Nephrite, the Heaven Beetle, and the Earth Beetle, her sword is seen.

"Snow Day"

The sword is seen when Steven is getting ready to go out in the snow.

"Prickly Pair"

As the Crystal Gems fight Cactus Steven, Rose’s sword can be seen in the background.

"In Dreams"

It is seen in the background when Peridot gives Steven the storyboards for her fan episode of the Camp Pining Hearts reboot.

"Together Forever"

It is seen in the background in the scene where Garnet unfuses into Ruby and Sapphire.

"Growing Pains"

It is seen in the background when Steven is face-timing Connie on the sofa.


It is seen in the background when Steven is accidentally destroying the house before running away to the woods.

"Homeworld Bound"

It is seen in the beginning when the Crystal Gems talk to Jasper and Steven.

"Everything's Fine"

It is seen in the scene before Steven turns into a monster.

"The Future"

It is seen in the background after the Crystal Gems try Steven's homemade Cookie Cats and again when Steven gives his gaming systems to Amethyst.



  • The second opening shows Connie wielding Rose's Sword as Greg's Van drives down the main road.
  • Rose's Sword is notable for being an iconic weapon of a Gem (Rose Quartz) that is not their natural weapon.
  • "The Trial" reveals that Homeworld records show that the sword was the weapon used to shatter Pink Diamond, revealing that Homeworld does not know of the sword's properties.
  • Despite its immense size and durability, the sword seems to be light enough that Connie can wield it with ease. This may be due to the fact that it was specifically designed to be incapable of shattering a gem and thus doesn't need to be as heavy as a typical sword.
  • Despite the sword being specifically designed for poofing Gems, the sword's straight bladed design allows it to function like a ninjatō (忍者刀) (a straight single edged sword) with a basket hilt. This design allows the sword to cut and thrust efficiently.
  • The way the sword's broken pieces are displayed in Steven Universe: The Movie is reminiscent to the way the broken shards of the sword Narsil are displayed at Rivendell after the Dark Lord Sauron stomps on and breaks it in the 2001 film The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.


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