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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Beach House]
(Steven is standing on the stairs leading to his room.)
Steven All right, Mom.
(The camera pans, showing that Steven was looking at the painting of his Mom, Rose Quartz.)
Steven Where should you go?
(Steven places the painting above the door of the Gem's room.)
Steven Yeah! ... Hmm.
Steven How about...
(Steven places the painting onto a plant in the tower above the beach house.)
Steven Here? ... Hmm.
(Steven warps to the Temple Hand, and tries to see where he could place it.)
Steven [Growls]
(A montage plays as Steven places the painting on his bed, a high up place outside the Beach house, his bathroom and it's original location.)
Steven Perfect. ... Ugh!
Greg Yo, Schtu-ball!
(The camera pans, showing Greg and Amethyst have just entered the Beach House.)
Greg Still looking for a place to hang that painting of your mom?
Steven [Sighs] Yeah. After everything that's happened, I don't know if I still want her hanging over us, you know?
Amethyst I'm telling you, man, it's not the placement. It's the frame.
Greg Is it me, or is it getting kinda ominous outside?
Greg & Amethyst Woah!
Steven Oh-ho ho! Hey!
(Steven, Greg and Amethyst run outside to the front of the Beach House, revealing that The Human Zoo has made it's way to earth.)
(The camera heads to the tower above the beach house.)
Wy-Six Ste-van, greetings.
Steven Jay-Ten, Wy-Six, how'd you get your space station all the way here?
Wy-Six We took the Zoo's ship and made it a cruise ship.
(Greg and Amethyst walk into the room.)
Greg Oh hey, Jay-Ten... Wy-Six... I haven't seen ya'll since The Choosening.
Wy-Six You mean since you didn't choosen us?
(Jay-Ten looks away in shame and walks away.)
Wy-Six Don't you have some sound discs to listen to in your wheeled conveyance?
Greg Y-yes, I do...
(Greg backs away slowly as Wy-Six looks at him with an angry baby face.)
Wy-Six Now that he is gone, we'd love it if you came by for a visit.
Steven Sure thing. I-is it ok if Amethyst comes by to say hi to The Famethyst?
Wy-Six As long as she is not Ga-reg, She's welcome.
(Steven and Amethyst enter the Human Zoo, which has gotten a huge overhaul. The Famethyst and Zoomans are just chilling out, enjoying life.)
Wy-Six Ste-van, welcome to our ca-ruise!
Steven Wy-Six, it's so different here.
Wy-Six Humans have control of the ship now, while the Amethysts laze about like delinquents all day. Did I say that right, Holly Blue?
(The camera pans, showing that Holly Blue Agate has been doing the exact same thing she has been doing since Gem Heist.
Holly Blue Agate Stop relaxing and get back to your posts! Ugh! How can you stand this total lack of order?
An Amethyst Chill out, Holly Blue. You know you want to.
Holly Blue Agate I give up. No one answers to me, and I answer to no one. I'd give anything for an order from the Diamonds, but all they talk about is Steven, Steven, Steven -- Steven!
Steven Hi, Holly.
(Holly Blue Agate awkwardly Salutes to Steven whilst blushing and quickly walking away.)
Steven Bye, Holly.
(Holly Blue Agate awkwardly runs away while still blushing as the Famethyst laugh at her.)
Amethyst Yo! Famethyst!
(Amethyst starts charging up a Spindash.)
The Famethyst Amethyst!
(Amethyst rolls straight into the Famethyst as if they bowling pins, knocking them over.)
The Famethyst We missed you! Aw, yeah!
(The camera pans over to Steven, who has a face of happiness.)
Wy-Six Ste-van, I have some special friends who wish to meet you. Isn't that wonderful?
(The camera changes, showing Steven and Wy-Six walkiing through an Unknown Pink tunnel.)
Steven They want to meet me?
Wy-Six Yes. It was they who wanted us to visit Earth.
(The camera pans, showing the door to the room of the Bubbled Rose Quartzes.)
Wy-Six I cannot wait to see the look upon your face when you see their faces.
(Wy-Six opens the door, Revealing the Face of the Shy Rose Quartz, the camera then pans to Steven, who's face is in shock.)
Wy-Six Yes, this is the look I wished to see.
(The Superfan and Hippie Rose Quartzes rush out the door, the Superfan Rose Quartz is very excited to see Steven, while the Hippe Rose Quartz is just chill.)
Steven *Glances behind the Shy, Superfan and Hippie Roses* *Gasp*
(The camera pans, revealing that all of the Rose Quartzes had been Un-bubbled.)
Steven So... Many... Rose Quartzes.
(The door shuts behind the 3 Roses.)
Steven How did the --
Superfan Rose Oh, now that it's Era 3, we were all unbubbled, so now, we're making up for lost time. Hi! I'm Rose Quartz, and you, you're Steven! You are so much smaller than I imagined! Is it because you're half organic? Can you believe it, Rose Quartz!?
Hippie Rose It's like, we where bubbled, but now we're like, not bubbled.
Steven Th-It's really -- It's really great.
One of the Rose Quartz (Shy Rose) peaks from behind another, and Steven is distracted
Superfan Rose Oh, isn't Steven wonderful? He's just so supportive and kind and handsome and athletic and smart, and we haven't seen the Earth since we emerged, so what's it like, Steven?
Steven Huh? What?
Superfan Rose The Earth! We haven't seen the surface in forever. What's a typical day like for the legend?
Steven Uh, most days, I'm pretty busy. I get up kind of early and --
Hippie Rose What's your house like?
Steven Uh, it's nice. It's next to the ocean.
Superfan Rose I've never seen the ocean!
Hippie Rose I've never smelled the ocean.
Steven becomes more disturbed
Superfan Rose What's it like breathing?
Steven It's mostly nitrogen. Connie says that --
Hippie Rose I bet you sleep all the time.
Steven Huh, not all the time.
Superfan Rose What's it like eating food?
Steven Why -- why -- why don't you come to dinner and find out? [Chuckle] I mean, if -- if you want dinner.
The Famethyst parade around, going "da, da, da, da, da... DA!" on repeat.
Amethyst Yo, Steven! [shocked face]
Steven F-family reunion.
Transition: Beach House
Superfan Rose He's cutting one of those carrot beans again. Going... up... to... his... mouth! Ah, and it's gone! Wow! No one can eat a carrot bean like you.
Steven I've been doing this for 16 years, now. I'd hope --
Greg Hey, Schtu-ball. Any idea how long the zoomans are going to be around? I haven't had this many exes show up at once since --
Superfan Rose Hi! How are you?
Greg I can feel the rest of my hair falling out.
Steven Dad, wait. You want to join us for dinner?
Greg Nope! [Runs out the house]
Steven Uh...
Superfan Rose All right. Back to this eating thing. So, you take this food stuff, and you put it in your face hole like this!
Steven Yeah, you got it.
Hippie Rose You know, if I could have had a Pearl, I would've wanted her to be just like you. Have you tried this butter stuff?
Pearl Oh, it's okay, but thank you, Ro-o-o-se.
Shy Rose Excuse me, Pearl. Are you feeling okay?
Pearl [Sighs] I'm going to the bathroom! [Walks off]
Hippie Rose Hey, you're looking kind of tense. How about I give you a nice, relaxing massage while we talk?
Garnet I'm also going to the bathroom.
Superfan Rose Okay, Steven. I totally got this eating thing down! Here, open your face hole. [Steven eats] Oh, wow, good job!
Steven Mm, thank you. I should, uh, probably see how they're doing in there.
Superfan Rose We'll come with you.
Steven Uh, that's -- that's okay. You guys wait here. I'll be right back.
Hippie Rose Let's check it out when they're done.
Steven [Holds bathroom door handle] They're not her. It's not weird. [Opens] How are you guys doing?
Pearl Steven, isn't this super weird?
Garnet Pearl, of course it's super weird.
Steven Come on. We can't be like this. They were bubbled just because they look like Mom. Now, they're finally free, and we're ditching them to whisper in the bathroom for the same reason?
Garnet I know it's wrong, but I'm overwhelmed.
Pearl They don't just look like her. They are like her. She made them. I thought I'd be more ready for this.
Steven Okay. Fine. Stay here, but I'm going back out there to make sure they have a good time. [Exits sighing, but bumps into Superfan Rose unexpectedly] Aah!
Superfan Rose [Squeals] Hello, Steven!
Steven [Chuckles] Sorry. You surprised me. But, uh, it's fine.
Steven bumps into Shy Rose. Eyes dart to the Rose Quartz portrait, and Shy Rose seems to understand.
Shy Rose Maybe, we should get back. We don't want to wear out our welcome.
Hippie Rose But we're having so much fun.
Superfan Rose Do you not want us here?
Steven What? No! You're -- you're totally welcome here. You -- you should stay over!
Superfan Rose For the night?
Steven Mm, slumber party! We should have an Earth-style slumber party!
Hippie Rose Cool. What is slumber?
Superfan Rose This is so great! I'm dying! I'm dying! I am dead! I am dead Rose Quartz!
Steven [Chuckles nervously]
Transition: Steven's Bedroom
Superfan Rose Wow, so that's a movie? Let's watch another.
Steven Take your pick.
Superfan Rose How about this one?
Hippie Rose This is, like, so chill.
Steven [Chuckles] I know, right?
Rose Quartz (TV) Steven, we can't both exist. I'm -- [Steven: Aah!] going to become half --
Steven [Turns off TV] Time for bed!
zzz Sleep time zzz
Steven Is everyone comfortable?
Superfan Rose Yep.
Hippie Rose Me too.
Steven Good. I'm also very comfortable.
Superfan Rose So, how do you sleep?
Steven You just lay down, close your eyes, and don't say anything.
Superfan Rose It's a shame we're leaving tomorrow.
Steven Yeah, I wish you could just stay here forever.
Superfan Rose Do you mean it?
Hippie Rose Of course, he means it. Why would he say it if he didn't mean it?
Superfan Rose Then yes! The answer is yes! We would love to live with you!
Steven Aah! I mean, you c-c-c-could, but then, uh, L-Lion might get mad. He can be very territorial and, uh --
Shy Rose Can't you guys take a hint? He doesn't want us to be here. He doesn't like us.
Hippie Rose What?
Superfan Rose There's no way that's true, right, Steven? [Gasp] your face!
Steven It's not that I don't like you. It's -- It's j-just...
Superfan Rose Wow, he really does hate us.
Shy Rose I'm going back to the ship. Sorry for bothering you, Steven.
Hippie Rose Man, this is such a bummer.
Superfan Rose [Sniffles] Never meet your heroes. [Sobs away]
Steven Aw, wait!
Transition: Glass dome warp-pad room
Hippie Rose Let's get out of here.
Superfan Rose I'm trying! I-I just got to get this sleepy sack off!
Steven Wait! Please, please don't leave like this! I -- I'm really sorry. It's not like I don't like you or don't want you here. It's just that you look so much like her, like my mom. I thought I was ready to move on and not have her hanging over me anymore, but I can barely be in a room with you because I still feel all twisted up about her. I've been pretending that I'm fine because it's not your fault, but I'm not fine.
Shy Rose We've been pretending, too.
Steven Huh?
Shy Rose To be fine.
Superfan Rose We're not pretending! We're having so much fun!
Hippie Rose Come on. Let's give it a rest.
Superfan Rose Fine.
Shy Rose Your mom created us, too, and got us all bubbled just for being Rose Quartzes.
Hippie Rose But, you know, it's cool. It's whatever.
Shy Rose It's not whatever. I don't expect you to understand. I swore I wouldn't talk about this.
Steven But I do understand. Ah, man, if anyone can understand how you feel, it's me. I've been thinking about you guys like my mom times three, but we're really more like siblings.
Superfan Rose Siblings? What's that?
Steven Well, Mom created all of us, and we've all been living in her shadow. We'll always be related to her, but that means we'll always be related to each other.
Superfan Rose That's pretty awesome!
Hippie Rose I'm so glad we're related.
Superfan Rose Yeah! Siblings forever! [Giggles]
Steven So, wait. Do you all still want to live here?
Superfan Rose Oh, gosh, no. I don't know why I said that.
Steven Well, feel free to visit if you want. N-no pressure.
Shy Rose Thanks, Steven.
Steven Later, Rose Quartz.
The Roses teleport away, replaced by Amethyst
Amethyst Famethyst for life! What'd I miss?

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