Steven Universe Future

It's like, we were bubbled, but now we're like, not bubbled.

—"Rose Buds"

I've never smelled the ocean.

—"Rose Buds"

You know, if I could have had a Pearl, I would've wanted her to be just like you. Have you tried this "butter" stuff?

—"Rose Buds"

Hey, you're looking kind of tense. How about I give you a nice, relaxing massage while we talk?

—"Rose Buds"

Cool. What is slumber?

—"Rose Buds"

This is like, so chill.

—"Rose Buds"

Of course, he means it. Why would he say it if he didn't mean it?

—"Rose Buds"

Shy Rose: Your mom created us, too, and got us all bubbled, just for being Rose Quartzes.
But, you know, it's cool. It's whatever.

—"Rose Buds"

I'm so glad we're related.

—"Rose Buds"
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