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I am dead Rose Quartz!

—"Rose Buds"

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"Superfan" Rose Quartz is a Rose Quartz soldier who first appears in the episode "Rose Buds". Much like the other Rose Quartz Gems bubbled within the zoo, she was freed upon the breakdown of Era 2 and now resides within the zoo with her fellow Rose Quartzes.


"Superfan" Rose Quartz has long, medium-length pink messy hair similar to most Quartzes with a strand of hair poking out at the top. She has pink skin and plump lips, with pink lipstick. She has a standard quartz uniform with some unique details, such as a bright pink circle in the middle with pink stripes coming out of it, somewhat resembling a sunset. She wears pink boots that have a curved v shape indenting them from the top. Her gemstone is located on her left shoulder.


"Superfan" Rose Quartz takes an immediate liking to Steven, asking to see him when he visits and bombarding him with questions. She has a very excitable and hyperactive nature, being overly eager to try new Earth things, such as eating and sleeping. However, this was partly a farce; her own feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment cause her to overreact to certain situations and say things she does not mean. These inhibitions regarding Steven's feelings towards her similarity in appearance to Pink Diamond's previous form are soon cleared after she chats with him, and she resumes her excitable personality, apparently thrilled that she and Steven are somewhat related.


"Superfan", along with hundreds of the other Rose Quartzes were created by Pink Diamond on Earth. During the war, all Rose Quartzes were unfairly bubbled by the Diamonds for being the same Gem as the infamous Rose Quartz who started the rebellion against Homeworld and the Diamonds, and among these bubbled Gems was "Superfan". They were kept in Pink Diamond's Zoo and preserved by Blue Diamond as a way of remembering Pink.

Thousands of years later, after Steven worked with White Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Yellow Diamond to liberate the Gem Empire, the Rose Quartzes were all un-bubbled and given freedom.

"Rose Buds"

"Superfan" makes her debut in "Rose Buds" and appears alongside two other Rose Quartzes, "Shy" Rose Quartz, and "Hippie" Rose Quartz. Eager to meet Steven, she, "Hippie", and "Shy" go along with Steven to Earth to learn about his human culture, unknowingly making him, along with Pearl, Garnet, and Greg, uncomfortable due to looking so much like the Rose Quartz they all knew. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that "Superfan", "Hippie", and "Shy" were also pretending to be fine; crafting a relationship between them and Steven from their relating of Pink Diamond both making them and causing their problems.


"Superfan" Rose Quartz possesses standard Gem abilities, including bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman durability.

Episode Appearances


Steven Universe

Oh, isn't Steven wonderful? He's just so supportive and kind and handsome and athletic and smart, and we haven't seen the Earth since we emerged, so what's it like, Steven?

—"Superfan" Rose Quartz, "Rose Buds"
"Superfan" Rose Quartz is extremely fond of Steven, being ecstatic when first meeting him in "Rose Buds". She also somewhat idolizes him and refers to him as her hero, hence her nickname "superfan". Throughout the episode she curiously and excitedly asks Steven questions about Earth and human culture and appears to enjoy watching him perform mundane tasks such as eating carrots. At the end of the episode when she along with the two other Roses open up about their true feelings of pretending to be fine when they're not, they end up forming a sibling-like relationship with Steven.

"Shy" & "Hippie" Rose Quartz

Although there isn't much direct interaction between the three, it does seem as if they're close friends as she, "Shy", and "Hippie" form a group together.


  • "Superfan" is one of the first-ever Rose Quartzes seen aside from Pink Diamond's alias Rose Quartz.
  • In real life, rose quartzes are associated with healing, true love, and living life from your heart.
    • This fits in with the Rose Quartzes' personalities (including Pink Diamond's alter ego).


Image Description
"Superfan" Rose Quartz's gemstone is located on her left shoulder. It is a circular gemstone with a pentagonal facet.


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