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I used to feel like I wasn't much good, just one of me on my own, but when we're together, it feels like it's okay to just be me. So I wanna be me, with you, an-and not even the Diamonds will come between us. And if they try, we'll beat em up!

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Ruby is a member of the Crystal Gems who made her official debut in "Jail Break". Originally a Homeworld Gem soldier assigned to protect Sapphire during a mission on Earth, the two accidentally fused and were forced to flee to prevent Ruby from being shattered by Blue Diamond. Ruby later joined the Crystal Gems and remains together with Sapphire as their fusion, Garnet.


Ruby has bright scarlet skin, burgundy irises, and dark burgundy, dark red eyes, and square-shaped hair. She is shorter than Steven and has a thick build. Her gemstone is located in the palm of her left hand.

First Form

In "The Answer", which flashes back to the Rebellion and shows Ruby when she was still a soldier for Homeworld, Ruby's outfit is similar to her current one, except she has a maroon belt, she does not have a headband, and there is more brown than maroon on her tank top. This form reappears in Steven Universe: The Movie when The Crystal Gems are reset to their first forms from the Gem Rejuvenator.

Previous Regeneration

Before her and Sapphire's regeneration in "Jail Break", Ruby's top is similar to the one she wore as a Homeworld soldier. The top was black and maroon, and she still had her maroon headband and boots and brown shorts, as seen in "Three Gems and a Baby".

Pre-regeneration (debut)

Ruby wore a maroon and brown tank top and a matching maroon headband tied around her hair. Her ensemble also included mid-thigh burgundy shorts, and short, pointed maroon boots similar to Amethyst's.

Post-regeneration (current)

After her regeneration in "Change Your Mind", Ruby continues to wear a maroon tank top, but the top part of her tank top is now brown. Along with that, she wears long, brown pants and her headband is now golden-bronze and shiny.

Other Outfits

"Reunited" shows Ruby wearing a white wedding dress and walking down the aisle in the role as bride. “The Question” shows Ruby wearing a cowboy outfit in almost the entire episode, as she acts like a cowboy.


Ruby can't avoid the inevitable. She's just letting her emotions get out of hand.

—Sapphire, "Keystone Motel"

Ruby's rage outbursts.

​​​​​​According to Rebecca Sugar, Ruby "has no sense of what's going on around her" and "can only focus on one thing only at the expense of all things".[1] She appears to be a bad conversationalist, occasionally speaking in somewhat unintelligible mumbles, a trait which she carries onto Garnet. She is also seen to be bad at lying under pressure, giving the Rubies the idea to search the barn. Though Ruby can't focus on what's going on around her, she is thoughtful and introspective as seen in "The Question".

Ruby mainly embodies Garnet's strength and courage. She is extremely passionate and emotional, known to be very hot-headed and temperamental. She has violent ways of exhibiting her anger; this is best seen in "Keystone Motel", when she is infuriated to the point of using her thermokinesis and boiled the motel pool, even summoning her weapon at The Best Diner in the World. Despite her wild emotions, Ruby is still very willing to admit when she has taken her anger too far and will admit when she is in the wrong. When not angry, Ruby is a suave romantic, soft with words, and quite flirtatious towards Sapphire. When she channels her emotion on love rather than on rage, she can be affectionate and extremely caring, feeling the need to protect, and even cool down for those whom she truly loves. In "Hit the Diamond", Ruby is calmer and collected in terms of her anger than she had been in the past, but she seemed to get really nervous when she did not know what to do. Her romantic nature is also on full display when she spends most of the game flirting with Sapphire to the point it affects the Crystal Gems' chances of winning. It is only when Steven talks to her that she focuses on the game and pushes Sapphire to do the same. "Now We're Only Falling Apart" shows Ruby being the calm one after Garnet unfuses upon learning that Rose is Pink Diamond. She calmly pleads with a distraught Sapphire to talk about it, although she is left weeping after Sapphire warps away. She also showed enough forethought to write Sapphire a letter before leaving. Ruby places much value in trust and fusion, being absolutely outraged with Pearl when she learns she was tricked into fusing into Sardonyx. In "The Answer", it is seen that Ruby originally has very little sense of self-preservation or individuality, willing to take the blame for fusing with Sapphire and is content with her own inevitable destruction, arguing that there are "tons of her" in reference to the various identical Rubies found on Homeworld. She still possesses this to an extent as seen in "Jail Break" when she is only worried about Sapphire and said "Who cares?" when Sapphire asked if she is hurt. Moments of calm bring out the playful tease inside Ruby, which is for the most part trapped under her wild emotions. "The Question" reveals her more spontaneous and adventurous side and highlights her desire to find her own purpose and individuality without Sapphire though she later revealed she was sad that Sapphire wasn't there to share experiences with. This led to Ruby proposing to Sapphire.


Around 5,750 Years Ago

Ruby and Sapphire moments before fusing.

Approximately 5,750 years ago, Ruby lived on Homeworld as a common foot soldier. Homeworld was attempting to create a new colony on Earth, which was overseen by Blue Diamond. She was part of the diplomatic team sent to stop Rose's Rebellion on Earth, as one of the three Rubies assigned to guard Sapphire, an aristocratic Gem with prophetic vision, adamant for destroying the uprising in its crib. When the rebels attacked, the three Rubies fought back, attempting to fulfill their jobs, only for two of them to be poofed by Rose Quartz and Pearl before turning to Sapphire.

Before her imminent poofing, Sapphire thanked Ruby for her service, at which point Ruby realized Sapphire had already predicted this and that she knew her physical form would be destroyed. Unable to accept that she had failed in her mission of protecting her, Ruby tackled Sapphire to defend her from Pearl and caused them to accidentally form Garnet, changing the prophecy foretold by Sapphire. They immediately de-fused and were surrounded by an angry crowd. Furious that Ruby interfered with the outcome of the battle (and participating in an unsanctioned fusion with a member of her court), Blue Diamond ordered that she be shattered. However, Sapphire grabbed Ruby and jumped out of the Cloud Arena towards the Earth below, landing them softly with her levitation.

Ruby was distraught that she was unable to protect Sapphire. When it began to rain, she carried Sapphire to a cave for shelter, where she saw Sapphire's single eye for the first time. The two talked about their experience and feelings being fused as Garnet.

The Answer 203.jpg

Ruby and Sapphire grew closer and eventually decided to fuse again. Garnet was found by Pearl and Rose shortly after forming. Upon being met with acceptance and not revulsion, she began to bombard Rose with questions about the events and circumstances that allowed her to become Garnet, as well as her own feelings about existing as a fusion. Rose told her to "never question this", and said that she was already the answer to all her questions—love. This would be the beginning of Ruby's existence as part of Garnet for the next few millennia, fighting the Gem Homeworld with the Crystal Gems to protect Earth.

"The Return"

Garnet is poofed by Jasper and as a result Ruby and Sapphire reform separately after being kept as prisoners on the Gem Warship with the other Gems.

"Jail Break"

Ruby and Sapphire reuniting.

Steven lets Ruby out of her cell and she immediately begins to look for Sapphire. Ruby only wants to find Sapphire and does not care about any other Gems on the ship like Lapis Lazuli. She listens to Sapphire's singing and heads in her direction. After Steven frees her, Ruby and Sapphire reunite in the center of the ship. They make sure they are both okay before fusing once more into Garnet.

"Keeping It Together"

Ruby and Sapphire converse while they are Garnet after they see the Cluster Gems. Garnet almost unfuses, but Ruby and Sapphire find peace once again. Ruby becomes enraged and Sapphire tries to calm her down.

"Keystone Motel"

Ruby, arguing with Sapphire.

Garnet unfuses because Ruby and Sapphire have a conflict over Pearl's deception in "Cry For Help". Ruby believes that Pearl tricking Garnet into forming Sardonyx is an unforgivable act, while Sapphire is more open to Pearl redeeming herself. Ruby storms out of the hotel room and paces outside to vent her frustration. Ruby's rage manifests in giving off intense heat (her rage burns the carpet and makes the pool temperature rise until it eventually evaporates, in contrast to Sapphires "freezing").

Keystone Motel 348.png

The next day, at The Best Diner in the World, Ruby angrily shakes their table. Sapphire says that she will cool down eventually, causing Ruby to summon her gauntlet and smash the table onto its side. Steven leaves the diner, upset, and Ruby and Sapphire follow him out to see what is wrong. After realizing the effect of their conflict has on Steven, they make up and re-fuse into Garnet.

"Hit the Diamond"

Hit the Diamond HD 070.png

A Ruby squadron arrives at the Barn, leading Garnet to unfuse so Ruby can get them to leave. Ruby nervously sneaks over and blends in with the other Rubies. She gets information by asking what the plan is. After finding out they are looking for the leader of the Earth mission, whom Ruby believes is Peridot, she tells the others that she will search the Barn. Ruby returns to the others, who are hiding in the barn, very anxiously. Sapphire calms her down and helps her out by suggesting she go back and telling the other Rubies that the Barn is a human home. Steven goes with Ruby to prove that the Barn is nothing but a human facility. Ruby tries to get them to leave once more, but Doc orders the Rubies to double check the Barn. Steven compromises by saying the Rubies can search the barn if they beat the "humans" in a game of baseball.

Hit the Diamond HD 236.png

During the game, Ruby pretends to be an unskilled player so the Rubies can lose, and she also flirts with Sapphire, causing the latter to lose focus. At the end of the game, Ruby encourages Sapphire until she finally hits the ball and wins the game for the Humans. Out of pure joy and pride, Garnet is accidentally formed, blowing the Crystal Gems' cover.

"Mindful Education"

Mindful Education 184.png

When Garnet is teaching Stevonnie how to stay fused under stress, Ruby is shown to get frustrated, but then have Sapphire comfort her, teaching Steven and Connie that they have to work together to stay together.

"Three Gems and a Baby"

Fourteen years ago, Garnet de-fuses to show Steven, who she believes is a kind of fusion, how to unfuse, but Ruby and Sapphire re-fuse once baby Steven begins to cry due to missing Garnet.

"Gem Heist"

Gem Heist 072.png

Ruby goes along with Sapphire's plan to disguise themselves in order to enter Pink Diamond's Zoo undetected. Ruby pretends to be Sapphire's personal Ruby and is the one that holds Steven's hands behind his back when the Gems pretend he is an offering for the zoo. Ruby claims that she left the gravity engine on the Roaming Eye so that the Gems have time to try and open up the zoo door without being noticed. When Holly Blue Agate leaves the area after talking about how great Blue Diamond is, Ruby becomes outraged because Blue Diamond rejected fusion, which is essentially her and Sapphire's love. When trying to open the zoo door, Ruby screams wildly, runs on the door itself (which leaves burn marks) and scratches the door.

"That Will Be All"

Ruby continues traveling with Sapphire and Pearl after Steven is placed into the Zoo. Inside of the Rose Quartz Bubble Room, Ruby holds Sapphire's hand when she begins to freeze up in front of Blue Diamond. She fuses with Sapphire, later on, to stop Holly Blue Agate from harming Steven and Greg.

"Now We're Only Falling Apart"

Now We're Only Falling Apart (42).png

Garnet unfuses into Ruby and Sapphire upon hearing the revelation that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond. Sapphire, furious at Ruby for not knowing, leaves in a fit of rage. While Steven and Pearl chase after Sapphire, Ruby and Amethyst stay behind at the temple. Upon returning, Steven, Pearl, and Sapphire learn that Ruby had decided to run away and had left a note for Sapphire.

"What's Your Problem?"

Steven and Amethyst travel around Beach City in search of Ruby. They pass out missing flyers all around the city and soon find out that Ruby is with Greg on Brooding Hill.

"The Question"

The Question (247).png

Ruby travels with Steven, Greg, and Amethyst in pursuit of becoming a cowboy, due to wanting to be free from being fused with Sapphire as Garnet. Amethyst shapeshifts into a horse so Ruby may ride her across the plains as she experiences her newfound independence. After everyone is asleep, Steven explains to Ruby that he saw how much fun she had, and apologizes to her for insisting she fuse with Sapphire. Ruby then replies that she was having fun, but deeply misses Sapphire and wishes she was there with them. The episode later ends with Ruby proposing to Sapphire, wanting their relationship to be different, instead of being together purely by choice alone.

"Made of Honor"

Ruby and Sapphire organize their wedding, practicing where and how it's going to be carried out, inviting many of the citizens of Beach City and the Gems. Sapphire mentions that she would like to have been able to invite old members of the Crystal Gems, who are now either shattered, corrupted, or forced into fusions and now bubbled. That drives Steven to free Bismuth, who reunites with her fellow Gems and makes two rings for the couple (a copper one for Ruby and a tin one for Sapphire[2]).


Reunited (261).png

Before the wedding begins, Ruby tells Sapphire not to cheat on seeing her wedding dress. When the ceremony starts, Ruby dashes through the altar excitedly rather than walking. After the two say their vows, they exchange the rings Bismuth had made for them, and Steven pronounces them as Garnet. They begin to kiss, fusing again.

"Together Alone"

Ruby and Sapphire with determined looks before fusing.

Ruby and Sapphire are forced to split in order to attend the Era 3 Ball, so Ruby attends with the other Rubies, and Sapphire with the Sapphires. However, when Steven accidentally fuses with Connie, much to the outrage of the Diamonds, the two fuse again, becoming Garnet and defending Steven. They are immediately poofed by Yellow Diamond's electrokinesis.

"Change Your Mind"

Her gemstone was released by Steven from Yellow Diamond's bubble in her bubble chamber. She was later accidentally dropped into Homeworld's surface by Steven and picked back up by Rainbow Quartz 2.0 and fused for the first time with Steven and Sapphire's gemstone to form Sunstone.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Ruby and Sapphire, after having their forms reset.

She has a rather minor appearance. She gets brought back in System/BOOT.pearl final(3).Info and when Sapphire comes, they go offscreen. A few minutes later, Steven tries to cause a disaster, but Sapphire says he won't, and he doesn't. Instead, Spinel accidentally causes a disaster in which an anvil almost falls on Ruby; but Sapphire pushes her away, and they fuse. Ruby is not seen after that.

"Snow Day"

Ruby, in her Steven form.

Upon unfusing from Alexandrite, Ruby participates in Steven Tag, in an effort to persuade Steven into having fun again like he used to. Ruby congratulates Sapphire on winning Steven Tag, and they fuse back into Garnet, shapeshifted as younger Steven.

"Together Forever"

Ruby, showing Steven the "Proposal" badge.

Ruby and Sapphire split so they can teach separate classes for Little Homeworld. Ruby teaches scouting to Zebra Jasper, Onion, and Larimar, creating badges to award them for their endeavors. When Steven is conflicted about his feelings towards Connie, Ruby encourages Steven to propose to Connie, offering him a Proposal badge. Ruby and Sapphire are later described as "hopeless romantics" by Garnet, as they gave Steven bad advice.

"I Am My Monster"

Ruby and Sapphire motivated by Connie's speech.

Ruby briefly appears along with Sapphire when Steven, in his monstrous form, knocks them all back with a powerful roar that also causes Garnet to unfuse. When the Cluster attempts to hold Steven back, Ruby cries along with Sapphire from the thought of Steven staying as a monster forever if they can't reach out to him. After Connie lambastes the group and reminds them that Steven needs their help, Ruby and Sapphire regain hope and fuse into Garnet again.


Ruby possesses standard Gem abilities. According to Garnet at the end of "Hit the Diamond", Ruby is smarter than the average Ruby.


  • When fused with Sapphire, they form Garnet.
  • When fused with Sapphire and Amethyst, they form Sugilite.
  • When fused with Sapphire and Pearl, they form Sardonyx.
  • When fused with Sapphire, Pearl, and Amethyst, they form Alexandrite.
  • When fused with Sapphire, Pearl, Amethyst, and Rose Quartz, they form Obsidian.
  • When fused with two other Rubies, they form a larger Ruby.
  • When fused with Sapphire and Steven, they form the hybrid fusion Sunstone.
  • When fused with Sapphire, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven, they form the hybrid fusion Obsidian.


  • Gauntlet Proficiency: Through sheer anger and feeling the need to release it through violence, Ruby can summon a gauntlet[3] like Garnet's. Although only seen once, it is clear that Ruby possesses some knowledge of how to use it.

    Ruby's gauntlet.

  • Superhuman Strength: Ruby seems to possess great strength, as she was able to shake the walls of her prison with a single punch, lift Sapphire with little effort in "Jail Break", and flip a diner booth table with relative ease in "Keystone Motel". As seen in the same episode, Ruby is dense enough to walk underwater.
  • Superhuman Agility: In "The Question" she repeatedly proved to be extremely agile and acrobatic.
  • Musical Ability: Greg taught Ruby how to play the acoustic guitar in "The Question". Within ten minutes, she was skilled enough to improvise a song about her current experiences.
  • Shapeshifting: Ruby is capable of altering her physical form, like most other Gems. This is first showcased in "Snow Day", as she shapeshifts into "Classic" Steven during a game of Steven Tag.

Unique Abilities

  • Heat Generation/Pyrokinesis: Ruby can increase the temperature and generate heat. This is shown in "Keystone Motel" when her body gets so hot that it begins burning the carpet of the motel room and boils the pool to nothing but steam in a very short amount of time. It is shown to be related to Ruby's emotional state, as the ability manifested itself when she got furious in the aforementioned episode and when she felt infatuated in "The Answer", as she set the grass beneath her ablaze when Sapphire thanked her. When fused as Garnet, Ruby's pyrokinesis fuses with Sapphire's cryokinesis and forms Garnet's electrokinesis, as thunderstorms can result from the formation of masses of cold and warm air.
    • Pyrokinetic Touch: This ability allows Ruby to set fire to whatever she touches. As shown in "The Answer" and "Keystone Motel", she accidentally sets fire to the grass beneath her the minute she got flustered and the carpet when she became angry, respectively. The same occurred in "Reunited" when she excitedly walked down the stairs. In "The Question", Ruby proved she can use her pyrokinetic touch at will and while in a neutral state of mind to make a fire.
    • Fire Dash: Ruby can move at high speed by forming a fireball around herself, as shown during "Reunited".​​​​
    • Heat Resistance: Ruby has not demonstrated this ability, but it was confirmed that the only reason Garnet can swim in lava is by Ruby. She shares this power with Bismuth.



I used to feel like I wasn't much good just one of me on my own. But when we're together it feels like... it's okay to just be me. So I wanna be me... with you.

—Ruby, "Reunited"

According to Garnet in "The Answer", Ruby and Sapphire met 5,750 years ago. She and Sapphire helped each other adapt to Earth. Ruby and Sapphire's romantic relationship is based on Ian Jones-Quartey and Rebecca Sugar's relationship. Garnet's dialogue in "Love Letters" reveals that their relationship developed over a period of time. Ruby prioritizes Sapphire's safety above everything else. In "Jail Break", when she immediately panics when realizing that the two have been separated and becomes reckless trying to find her, trying to pass through the energy field (as hinted by the screams of pain heard at the beginning), running around without checking if Peridot and Jasper are around and loudly shouting for Sapphire whenever she stops singing. When she finds Sapphire, the two embrace and Sapphire kisses away Ruby's tears, showing their romantic relationship. She expressed deep concern for possible injury.

"Keystone Motel" reveals that their relationship can be strained at times due to Sapphire's precognition, causing her to be preoccupied with the outcome of events, instead of the events as they happen. This puts her at odds with the passionate Ruby, who very much lives "at the moment". In this episode, Ruby was furious over Pearl's deception in "Cry for Help", but Sapphire was not because she had seen that in the future they would all get along again. This greatly irritated Ruby, as she felt that Sapphire was acting cold, uncaring, emotionless and distant. By the end of the episode, she sees how much the ordeal affected Sapphire and, realizing that being furious is helping nobody, apologized for her behavior.

In "Hit the Diamond", the two unfused for a baseball game to protect Peridot. During the game, the two get distracted and start flirting, which causes them to almost lose. Steven tells the two to cut it out, which they begrudgingly do. When Sapphire states that all she wants to look at is Ruby, Ruby encourages Sapphire to focus on the ball, stating that she can look at her when she is running for home. When Sapphire gets a home run, she runs to hug Ruby and they accidentally fuse, despite being counter-intuitive to the plan of keeping Peridot and the Crystal Gems secret.

Ruby and Sapphire kiss and fuse back into Garnet.

After learning the truth about Rose Quartz in "A Single Pale Rose", Sapphire separates from Ruby in the following episode as she feels their relationship was built on lies. Ruby was hurt by Sapphire's outburst and went to Greg for comfort. In "The Question", she embraces the fact she is her own Gem for the first time and becomes a cowboy with Steven, Greg, and Amethyst. Ruby admits that while she did have fun, she thought of Sapphire the whole time, and decided to propose to her after being influenced by a page in a comic book shown to her by Steven. Ruby tells Sapphire that if they are married it will mean that for the first time they can form Garnet not because of someone else's influence, but because of their own choice, thus creating a brand-new context for Garnet and their relationship. The two are finally wed and are officially a married couple as of "Reunited".

Steven Universe

But I think they'd work it out if they'd just talk to each other!

—Steven, "Keystone Motel"

Steven trying to calm Ruby down.

At first, Ruby seems distant towards Steven, only focusing on finding and forming Garnet with Sapphire as soon as possible. In reality, Ruby cares deeply for Steven, as hinted when she tries to tell him not to put his hand through the force field for his own safety. Garnet also says that both Ruby and Sapphire already love Steven when he asks if he made a good first impression. She is also upset by the fact that their plan of revealing themselves on Steven's birthday had failed, apparent when she says to Steven, "Great! This is just perfect!" and "Don't look at me!" She cried along with Sapphire when they rescued Steven from suffocating in space in "Bubbled". In "Keystone Motel", Ruby obliges in Steven's attempts to calm her down, and upon seeing how Steven was affected by her and Sapphire fighting, Ruby and Sapphire both felt very guilty and made up. In "Hit the Diamond" when Steven tells Ruby to "stop being cute" to focus on the game, Ruby does so, showing she respects Steven enough to listen to him. "The Question" shows Ruby's trust in Steven as a confidant during their prairie adventure when she tells Steven how much she still misses Sapphire and Steven inspires her to ask Sapphire to marry her. "Made of Honor" shows how much she values Steven's opinion as he helps plan her and Sapphire's wedding.


I don't know. Maybe she'll come back. It's not my job to babysit her.

Amethyst, "What's Your Problem?"

Ruby riding Amethyst.

Amethyst is shown to not care that Ruby left, but would rather play video games with Steven. While searching for Ruby, she is shown to slack around and not focus on the task. But in the end, Amethyst expresses her feelings for Steven and helps him find Ruby. Afterward, in "The Question", she allows Ruby to ride on her back as a horse, stating that she still cares about her even when she's not Garnet.


I don't feel like forgiving Pearl!

—Ruby talking through Garnet, "Keystone Motel"

Ruby commanding Pearl to open the door.

During "Keystone Motel", Ruby is greatly angered by Pearl's trickery regarding the Communication Hub. In the episode "Hit the Diamond", Pearl seems delighted to see Ruby and Sapphire when they unfuse from Garnet. In "Gem Heist", Ruby commands Pearl to open the door, and Pearl responds by asking what else she's good for. In "Now We're Only Falling Apart", Pearl apologizes to Ruby for the disappearance of Sapphire, meaning that she cares about Ruby's feelings even if she is not fused as Garnet.

Lapis Lazuli

Oh, it's just you...

—"Jail Break"

Lapis Lazuli high fiving Ruby.

Not much is known of Ruby's specific opinion on Lapis Lazuli, however, if it is anything like Garnet's, she is rather indifferent about her and would possibly look at her as not much of an ally, but not much of an enemy either. Upon meeting her in "Jail Break", she says, "Oh, it's just you...", implying that she holds more of a negative attitude towards Lapis Lazuli. Although this could just be because she was primarily focused on finding Sapphire and not Lapis. However, Ruby's view of Lapis seems to have changed in "Hit the Diamond", where they seem to be getting along, shown by Ruby offering Lapis a high five, which she accepts. This is probably because of her experiences of her through Garnet.

Greg Universe

Whoa... tha-that's not our call to make! Ruby's gotta want that for herself! If that's not what Ruby wants, then it's not what Garnet wants, right?

—Greg, "The Question"

Ruby sitting with Greg.

Not much is known about her relationship with Greg, but Greg, at least, knew that she and Sapphire were the fusion components of Garnet, and considering most humans are not close enough to her to know this knowledge, this, at least, shows he knows her rather well. Their friendship is further displayed in "The Question", where Ruby goes to Greg for company after she unfuses from Sapphire due to the revelation of Rose's true identity as Pink Diamond. Greg orders pizza for the two of them, and helps Ruby overcome her heartbreak. He also accompanies her on her adventure as a cowboy.

Blue Diamond

I can't believe all that stuff about Blue Diamond being merciful! She's a shatterer! She yelled at Sapphire! She hates fusion! And love!

—Ruby, "Gem Heist"

In "The Answer", Blue Diamond is outraged at Ruby and Sapphire for fusing. She states that Ruby will be "broken" before Sapphire runs off with Ruby. Her negative opinions on Blue Diamond are further confirmed in "Gem Heist" when Ruby struggles to keep her identity a secret due to Holly Blue Agate's compliments towards the "merciful" Blue Diamond. Ruby, later on, claims these compliments to be false, calling Blue Diamond a "shatterer", who yelled at Sapphire and accusing her of hating fusion and love.

Cluster Gems

This is punishment for the rebellion!

—Ruby talking through Garnet, "Keeping It Together"

Ruby part of Garnet crying in horror over the sight of a Cluster Gem.

Upon encountering the Cluster Gems, Ruby and Sapphire are both disturbed to the point of almost unfusing. While Ruby reacted with the most verbal anger and outrage at what Gem Homeworld had done to their fallen friends, it is Garnet's right eye that started crying, indicating that Ruby is especially saddened.

Episode Appearances


Garnet fusion hint in "Fusion Cuisine".

We Are The Crystal Gems (136).png
Warp Tour (208).png
  • Although she is not formally introduced until "Jail Break", her first appearance is in "Fusion Cuisine".
    • When Alexandrite is separated, her silhouette, along with Sapphire's, is noticed. The left of "Garnet" is seen as Ruby, and the right of "Garnet" is seen as Sapphire.
  • When asked if Ruby is blind (after Ruby said "I can't see!" in "Jail Break"), Joe Johnston merely stated that she was "used to being fused with Sapphire, and so, used to having two types of vision."[4]
  • Ruby possibly has her own room in the Crystal Temple, as the Temple Gate has a red gemstone and a blue gemstone that Garnet opens simultaneously.
  • Most of Garnet's sensitive side seems to come from Ruby; whenever Garnet cries, her tears fall from her right eye (the red-colored one) that represents Ruby: Ruby cried when she and Sapphire met again in "Jail Break" while Sapphire herself appeared to remain calm in "Keeping It Together" after meeting the Cluster Gems.
  • Ruby is the birthstone of Rebecca Sugar.
  • During times of great conflict of opinion, she and Sapphire can talk to each other individually through Garnet, as shown in "Keeping It Together" and "Keystone Motel".
  • The first hint of Ruby along with Sapphire was in the episode "Together Breakfast" when Garnet opens the door to her room. This shows two red and blue stones resembling gems light up creating an entrance for Garnet.
  • In "We Are the Crystal Gems", Ruby is shown to be cracking or holding her knuckles, a sign of toughness, or that she is ready to fight while Sapphire is holding her hands together, interlocking her fingers. This shows that she is calm, graceful and passionate. On the other hand, Ruby seems calmer than expected from her, and Sapphire more upbeat than usual, possibly indicating that being Garnet brings balance to their personalities.
  • Ruby's thermoregulation of directly raising the temperature opposes Sapphire's thermoregulation of lowering the temperature, representing their polar opposite personalities.
    • Ruby's ability to raise the temperature is somewhat of a pun, being that in "Keystone Motel", where Ruby is quite literally letting off steam, and acting like a "hothead". This is also shown when Sapphire says, "She'll eventually just burn herself out."
  • Although Ruby's gemstone is in her left palm, she is shown summoning her gauntlet on her right hand.
  • Ruby's gemstone cut is a square while Sapphire's is a triangle. While triangles are self-sustaining in that each side of a triangle supports the other two, squares are not (i.e. a free-formed square can be changed into a rhombus without stretching or contracting sides). This could be a metaphor for Ruby being the hotheaded counterpart to Sapphire, as she is shown to "collapse" easily as well.
  • Ruby's instrument has been confirmed to be "a crude waveform in between a square and a saw wave."[5]
    • In addition, her instrument was reverse-engineered from Garnet's as seen in "Keystone Motel".

SU Season 4.png

  • Ruby's projection and gemstone design was the inspiration for the DVD cover of the Steven Universe Season 4 (Australian Set).
  • Ruby's gauntlet greatly resembles the anti-hero Hellboy's "Right Hand of Doom".
  • Currently, Ruby and Pearl have the most known fusions out of all the Crystal Gems, with a total of 8. In chronological order, these fusions include; a fusion with two other Rubies, Garnet, the original Obsidian, Sugilite, Alexandrite, Sardonyx, the hybrid Sunstone and the hybrid Obsidian.
  • "Hit the Diamond" marks Ruby's as well as Sapphire's first appearance outside of a StevenBomb.
  • Ruby's design is inspired by K.O.,[6] a character from Ian Jones Quartey's show, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, which also aired on Cartoon Network.
  • Despite the fact that she has been a Crystal Gem for 5,752 years, she is one of the only members (aside from the uncorrupted gems) that have not reformed with a star.
  • The ruby is closely associated with aspects such as vitality, life, passion, and fire, all of which can be symbolically linked to the color red.
    • This shows in Ruby's emotional temperaments and overall emotional/angry attitude as well as her strength.
    • It is said that rubies can over-stimulate people who are sensitive or irritable.


Image Description
Ruby Gemstone.png
Ruby has a rich red stone in her left palm. It has a square facet, the front and back are symmetrical, and it has a light pink ring around it, which is usually hidden within her left hand, except when regenerating. It is a decahedron, specifically a truncated tetragonal dipyramid.


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  1. Newsarama - New STEVEN UNIVERSE Episodes Beginning Of New Era For Show Says REBECCA SUGAR
    Lan Pitts, July 12, 2015
    Q: "I think we're almost out of time, so real quick if you were a Gem, what would you be and why?"
    A: "I would be a Ruby because, yeah, the way that she is sort of frantic and extremely neurotic, but also really excitable and Ruby is pretty based on me in that way. Ruby also has no sense of what's going on her around her [laughs] and she can only focus on one thing only at the expense of all things, which is how I function for better or for worse."
  6. "(for the record, Ruby's design is a reference to KO's, he was made first. Our shows share the same DNA)" - Ian Jones-Quartey on Twitter
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