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Oh, give it up already! You can't take this away from me! I'm gonna be a legend! I'll go down in history!

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Ruby (specifically Ruby-1F4 Cut-4ND), nicknamed "Eyeball" by Steven, is a Homeworld Gem who made her debut in "Barn Mates". She fought in the Rebellion over 5,750 years ago against the Crystal Gems. She and the other Ruby troops were sent to Earth by Yellow Diamond to locate Jasper. She then returned to the Gem Homeworld as of the episode "The Trial", presumably being rescued by "Navy". She is currently a rogue Gem on the run with Aquamarine, her fusion partner, whom she has befriended in order to get revenge on Steven.


"Eyeball" has the standard appearance of a Ruby having boxy hair and a stout body. Her complexion is light red and she has a very dark red eye, a small nose, and undefined lips. Her hair is dark maroon and is shaped like a rounded cube. Her gemstone replaces her left eye and is red.

She wears a standard Homeworld uniform with a Yellow Diamond insignia.


She seems to be the most invested in the mission to track Jasper and is well-informed about her. She is stoic, rarely speaking before "Back to the Moon", though occasionally appearing anxious. She appears intimidating but is also quite polite when thanking the Crystal Gems for their cooperation. Despite her tough exterior, upon meeting her hero Jasper (really a disguised Amethyst) she was struck with awe and showed an almost fan girl-like zeal.

Like the other Rubies, "Eyeball" is not very perceptive in recognizing trickery, being easily fooled by disguises or lies. However, she is the only one to be suspicious of Ruby when Ruby kept interacting in a friendly manner with Sapphire during their baseball game, eyeing them with an uncomfortable expression. Humorously, she also suspected "Leggy", watching her when she was cheerfully standing next to Lapis Lazuli.

Even over her own captain, she is the most experienced in Gem history, the only one to remember the location of the Diamond base on the moon and explaining the history of the moon base and Pink Diamond. This is partially due to being the oldest of the Rubies and having fought in the war.

She seems to be insecure about her relationships, as shown when Ruby and Sapphire were talking to each other in "Hit The Diamond". As they chatted, "Eyeball" watched them with a sad look on her face. Another example was when Amethyst as Jasper placed "Doc" onto her lap when they were heading to the Moon Base, which nearly made her cry.



5,750 years ago, Ruby 1F4 Cut-4ND fought for Homeworld during the war for Earth. During this time she thought she saw Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond. Unbeknownst to her, it was faked by Pink Diamond herself, the real identity of Rose Quartz, and her Pearl.

"Barn Mates"

"Eyeball" is seen for the first time peeking out of the Roaming Eye, after it is crashed by Lapis Lazuli, shocking the Gems.

"Hit the Diamond"

"Eyeball" and the other Rubies descend upon Earth looking for Jasper. Upon discovering the barn, they are tricked by Ruby and Steven into believing that only humans live there. They are then told that they can only search the barn if they beat the 'humans' at baseball. After learning the 'humans' were, in fact, the Crystal Gems, "Eyeball", along with the other members of her squad, fuse together and demand to know where Jasper is. Upon being falsely told by Steven that Jasper was on Neptune, they defuse, and "Eyeball" thanks him.

"Back to the Moon"

The Rubies return to the barn, incredibly irate for being tricked about Jasper's location. When questioned by the Crystal Gems, "Eyeball" refuses to reveal any information. After much badgering about the subject, Amethyst shape-shifts into Jasper's appearance, which deceives the Rubies. It is "Eyeball" who first greets 'Jasper', sharing her serial number as well as that she originally fought in the war on Earth. She was also revealed to be a long time admirer of Jasper's military accomplishments. On the Rubies' ship, while Amethyst as Jasper talks to "Doc", another Ruby, "Eyeball" is visibly jealous. She believed the Gems' ruse all the way up until the Rubies' departure from the moon base, even feeling flattered that Amethyst-Jasper gave her an important mission, but ultimately "Eyeball" and the other Rubies saw Amethyst undisguised. The Rubies fused in an attempt to attack the Gems, but were almost instantly dispatched when Sardonyx knocked them out the airlock, opened by Steven. Before flying away, "Eyeball" pulls Steven out the airlock with her into the vacuum of space.


"Eyeball" manages to hang on to Steven's bubble as they drift through space. After a heated argument, "Eyeball" tells Steven that she initially could not believe that the Crystal Gems still existed, but grew to realize that it was true if the situation included Jasper and Rose Quartz. Steven tries to explain to "Eyeball" that he was the offspring of Rose and that he inherited her gemstone, showing her his gem and his shield, but "Eyeball" does not believe him. They drift into an asteroid field, which results in the cracking of "Eyeball"'s gemstone. Steven pulls her inside of his bubble and heals her, causing "Eyeball" to believe he was Rose after all. "Eyeball" then attacks Steven, because Rose had betrayed Homeworld and allegedly shattered Pink Diamond. "Eyeball" states that she hopes to be rewarded back on Homeworld, possibly with her own Pearl. This forces Steven to eject her from his bubble and send "Eyeball" spinning through space.

"Mindful Education"

While training at the Sky Arena, Stevonnie experiences a large hallucination of "Eyeball", with Steven expressing guilt from being forced to fight her and leaving her in space.

"Room for Ruby"

Garnet initially thought that "Navy" was "Eyeball", and tells Steven not to trust her because she tried to stab him in space, before Steven corrects her.

"The Trial"

"Eyeball" makes it back to Homeworld, much to Steven's pleasant surprise, after floating through space for so long (likely picked up by "Navy" who got their ship back). She tells the Diamonds what she knows about Rose Quartz (Steven), and appears as a witness during the trial. At the trial, "Eyeball" tells the court how Steven said he had Rose's shield and all of her other powers, and then throwing her into space, making Steven appear more guilty.

"A Single Pale Rose"

"Eyeball" briefly appears in a flashback from the episode "Back to the Moon" where she reveals that she witnessed Rose shatter Pink Diamond.

Steven Universe: The Movie

"Eyeball" briefly appears during Steven's part of the song "Happily Ever After" alongside "Doc" and several other Gem adversaries.


She comes to Steven as a fusion with Aquamarine called Bluebird Azurite, and attempts to infiltrate the Crystal Gems and get revenge on Steven. They fight Steven and the Crystal Gems find out, fusing into Alexandrite and defeating the two. After saying that they would be out there hating Steven forever, Aquamarine grabs "Eyeball" and flies off into the distance to escape, and their current whereabouts are unknown.


"Eyeball"'s chisel knife.

"Eyeball" possesses standard Gem abilities. She presumably has the standard abilities of a Ruby, such as thermokinesis, pyrokinetic touch, and heat resistance.


  • Chisel Knife Proficiency: In "Bubbled", "Eyeball" is seen to have a fuchsia chisel knife as a weapon. In the same episode, the weapon is debuted. She chases Steven inside of his bubble with it, trying to attack him and take his gemstone. In “Bluebird”, she uses it in an attempt to stab and kill Greg.

Natural Abilities

  • Photokinesis: In "Back to the Moon", she is shown projecting a red light from her gem. She shares this ability with Pearl, Garnet, Peridot, "Doc", and the Rutile Twins.



Other Rubies

"Eyeball" seems to hold a level of respect and camaraderie for the other rubies: "Leggy", "Doc", "Army", and "Navy", as she was shown playing baseball on their team and being part of the troop that was sent to locate Jasper. However, she expressed jealousy or sadness when Amethyst as Jasper sat with "Doc" instead of "Eyeball".


Bluebird 182.png

Sometime after the start of Era 3, she and Aquamarine formed an alliance and fused due to the both of them hating Steven. Despite this, they are sometimes not able to get along, often bickering and struggling to remain fused whenever they are not focusing on their extreme dislike for Steven. They do, however, maintain their alliance and flee together following their defeat. It is shown that they have much respect for one another, and can get along well if they are focused enough. Overall, their relationship's strains are partially caused by their opposing status' and personalities; Aquamarine is a high ranking and intelligent Gem, whilst "Eyeball" is a foot soldier with lower intelligence, a factor which has irritated Aquamarine on at least one occasion.

Steven Universe

"Eyeball" dislikes Steven, due to the fact that he had helped to trick the Rubies in both "Hit the Diamond" and "Back to the Moon", though she thanks him in the former episode upon believing his lies. This is explored more in "Bubbled", where "Eyeball" becomes irate at Steven for making the Rubies float away. She climbs onto Steven's bubble and says she will beat him up. Initially, Ruby refuses to believe that Steven is the son of Rose Quartz, then attacked him once Steven repairs her gem under the belief that he truly is Rose Quartz. She was celebrated on Homeworld for a short time for “taking down” the outlaw Rose Quartz, until Steven became beloved and she was cast out, increasing her hatred for Steven even more.

In "Bluebird", her hatred towards Steven is her motivation for fusing with Aquamarine, who also despises him. She takes somewhat of a petty and childish approach in dealing with her hatred of Steven, including telling him he smells.


In "Back to the Moon", Amethyst shapeshifts into Jasper to fool the Rubies again, and "Eyeball", admiring Jasper, falls for the trick easily. Amethyst, both acting like she believes Jasper would and being her usual joker self, makes the Rubies comfortable in her presence. They sympathize with her story of keeping the Crystal Gems prisoner, crying and clapping because of her apparent devotion. They also joke alongside with her when she pokes fun at Pearl for being talkative, kicks some earth rocks to demonstrate her animosity towards the planet or gives the Crystal Gems the silly nickname, "Crystal Germs". "Eyeball" herself is elated when Amethyst-Jasper shows her kindness by saying that she is trusted and is not put off by Amethyst's playful personality, though occasionally appearing surprised. When Amethyst exposes herself, "Eyeball" becomes angry, as she has been tricked and Amethyst is revealed to be a Crystal Gem.


As a popular icon on Homeworld, Jasper definitely leaves a good impression on "Eyeball". As soon as Ruby sees Amethyst's projection of Jasper in "Back to the Moon", she immediately introduces herself and expresses her admiration for Jasper's achievements. Through their trip through the Moon Base, she seems to brag about her knowledge of the war to impress "Jasper", and it is hinted that her feelings for her are deeper than simple admiration, as she cries when "Jasper" chooses to sit with "Doc" instead of her.

Rose Quartz

Although she dislikes Steven for himself, ever since she is learned he is the bearer of Rose Quartz's gem, and therefore an extension of her, she is taken an approach similar to Jasper's in fully believing that Steven is, in fact, Rose in disguise, revealing her deep hatred for the rebellion leader. While at first, it seems that "Eyeball" simply wants closure if she were to meet Rose, it is later revealed that the reasoning is so that "Eyeball" can poof her and achieve the status of a hero. Her feelings towards Rose are similar to many Homeworld gems, hating Rose for her rebellion and not understanding why she had protect the Earth. However, much like Jasper, "Eyeball" carries a more personal grudge since witnessing Rose shattering Pink Diamond.

Crystal Gems

"Eyeball", like the rest of the Homeworld Gems, expresses hatred for the Crystal Gems. Although she befriended the Crystal Gem Ruby during the baseball game, thinking she was a Homeworld Gem, she was shown to later despise her when Ruby and Sapphire fuse and expose their identities as Gems. She also enjoyed keeping the Gems prisoner on the ship. In "Bubbled", she shows a strong dislike for both Steven and Rose Quartz and wants to poof Rose for shattering Pink Diamond. In "Bluebird", the Crystal Gems fuse into Alexandrite and squish her and Aquamarine's fusion with her hand when it becomes clear they despise Steven and do not wish to turn over a new leaf.

Yellow Diamond

In the current times, she serves under Yellow Diamond's name and respects her rules to the fullest. It is hinted she has met Yellow Diamond in person, as she mentions filing a report personally in "Back to the Moon". Since she was alive before the division of the Diamonds, it is unknown if she always belonged to Yellow Diamond.

Pink Diamond

"Eyeball" was present during Pink Diamond's death and carries an overall good knowledge over her life, including her base and duties. She seems devoted to Pink Diamond as well as Yellow Diamond, expressing sadness over her death, referring to it as a tragedy, and treating her with the respect suited for a leader.

Like Jasper, it is unknown if her perception of Pink Diamond had been altered by the revelation that she is Rose and had faked her shattering.

Greg Universe

Like her cohort Aquamarine, she has no qualms about threatening Greg's life, even holding him hostage with her chisel knife to force Steven to comply with her demands.

Episode Appearances


  • "Eyeball" is the oldest of the five-Ruby squad, dating back to the rebellion. She even fought in the Gem War.
    • This was possibly hinted at due to her skin-tone, being the fairest, as the longer a gemstone is exposed to light, the lighter its complexion will be.
  • In "Back to the Moon", it is revealed that "Eyeball" witnessed the "shattering" of Pink Diamond, a former member of the Diamond Authority.
  • "Eyeball" has a desire to have her own Pearl and be remembered in Gem history, as evidenced when she tries to poof Steven thinking he is Rose.
  • "Eyeball" has had the most appearances of the Ruby Squad, with a total of eight.
  • The ruby is closely associated with aspects such as vitality, life, passion and fire, all of which can be symbolically linked to the color red.
    • This shows in "Eyeball"'s emotional temperaments and overall emotional/angry attitude as well as her strength.
    • It is said that rubies can over-stimulate people who are sensitive or irritable. This may be a retroactive nod to Aquamarine and Bluebird Azurite.


Image Description
"Eyeball" has a red stone where her left eye would be. It has a square aspect, the front and back are symmetrical, and it has a light pink ring around it, which is usually hidden inside her body, except when she is regenerating. It is a decahedron, specifically a truncated tetragonal dipyramid.


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