"Don't worry, bro. None of this is canon."
This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in Steven Universe.

Ruckus Room is a flash game for Steven Universe. The objective of the game is to cross the platforms and collect objects.

It has been removed from the official Cartoon Network website and as such is no longer playable.


Have fun with a great new Steven Universe game in which you have to use all your skills to calculate your jumps to collect coins and items while avoiding obstacles. The secret to being the champion of this new challenge is to jump precisely because if you are off by a few centimeters, you will not be able to help Steven in his quest.


  • Mouse = Hold down to jump.



Shop Objects

  • Cookie Cat (Buy for 150 pts- Lasts 5 jumps)
  • Magnet (Buy for 170 pts- Draws objects towards you)
  • Lion (Buy for 210 pts- Increases bonus duration)
  • Steven's Shield (Buy for 250 pts- Starts the game with 4 lives)




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