Season 5

Don't worry, you're safe now. We're not gonna hurt you.

—"Off Colors"

How bizarre! What are they? They certainly don't look like Gems we've seen before.

—"Off Colors"

We're... just a Rutile that came out wrong. We survived because... all the other Rutiles ran away, when we emerged. We survived... because they were afraid of us.

—"Off Colors"

We couldn't just leave you there. We had to do something.

—"Off Colors"

We'll get to Earth another way. We'll find an alternate route.

—"Lars' Head"

Yes, captain! Right away, captain!

—"Lars of the Stars"

We are excited about your Beach City. I look forward to a planet of sand and water.

—"Lars of the Stars"

Captain Lars has taken so many risks on our behalf. We need him!

—"Lars of the Stars"

Our weapons and shields have been knocked offline, but otherwise... We're fine?

—"Lars of the Stars"

Right away, Captain! Yes, Captain!

—"Your Mother and Mine"

We were... made like this.

—"Your Mother and Mine"

We were all told different stories. But they all ended the same way.

—"Your Mother and Mine"
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