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I like to think of it like a bunker.

Sadie in "Sadie's Song"

Sadie's Room is a location that made its first appearance in the episode "Sadie's Song".


Sadie's room is located in the basement of the Miller Residence. The walls are purple, and her bed is in the corner, forward and right from the stairs that are leading to the rest of the house. The TV is located near the bed, and in the center of the room, there is a large, rectangular, multi-colored rug. There is a closet built into the wall that the stairs move towards. Over by her closet is a nightstand with a cactus and watering can. There is a large pile of stuffed animals by the stairs. There is also a bean-bag placed next to her bed.


"Sadie's Song"

Sadie and Steven go to Sadie's room after she decides to perform in Beach-a-Palooza. They leave after Barb discovers this, and decides to help out.

"The New Lars"

Steven, in Lars' body, hangs out with Sadie in her room. She kicks him out after he upsets her.

"Sadie Killer"

Steven, Sour Cream, Buck Dewey, and Jenny Pizza take their band practice to Sadie's room so she can watch them.

"The Big Show"

Sadie Killer and the Suspects practice their music in Sadie's room, and also put on a performance for Greg Universe.

"Letters to Lars"

Sadie Killer and the Suspects once again practice in Sadie's room, this time in the company of Bill Dewey.


  • Gunter from Adventure Time can be seen in the pile of stuffed animals.
    • This is a reference/homage to Rebecca Sugar's time spent as a part of the staff on the show.
  • On the left side of the bed, there is an Evil Bear 2 poster, a reference to "Horror Club", where Sadie, Lars, Ronaldo, and Steven watched Evil Bear 2.
  • The Robocat poster to the right of the bed appears to be a parody of the original Robocop theatrical release poster.


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