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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Beach City Boardwalk]
(Another Beach-a-Palooza is being set up on the beach. Steven is seen handing out flyers for the music festival to the citizens of Beach City on the boardwalk. He then makes his way to the Big Donut, when Lars is just leaving the shop.)
Steven Here you are, s- my Lars. (Lars walks away, ignoring Steven.) Uh, I'll just leave it here for you! *places the flyer on the ground*
[Int. Big Donut]
(Steven enters the donut shop.)
Steven Sadie, my lady, I was wondering if I could hang one of these Beach-a-Palooza flyers in... *finds that Sadie is not at the counter* Sadie? Sadie?
(Steven hears music coming from the break room and peeks in to inspect. He then sees Sadie stacking boxes on shelves, dancing on a stool while singing along to "Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)" on a stereo.)
Sadie ♫ I can't help it if I make a scene, / Stepping out of my hot pink limousine. / I'm turning heads, and I'm stopping traffic, / When I pose, they scream, and when I joke, they laugh. ♫
(Steven is in awe at Sadie's performing capability.)
Sadie ♫ I've got a pair of eyes that they're getting lost in, / They're hypnotized by the way I'm walking, / I've got them dazzled like a stage magician, / When I point, they look, and when I talk, they listen, well ♫
(Steven bounces on the spot along to Sadie's singing.)
Sadie ♫ Everybody needs a friend, / And I've got you and you and you. / So many, I can't even name them, / Can you blame me? I'm too famous-
Steven Yeah, woo-hoo! *claps* Yeah, that was amazing! Woo-hoo-hoo, awesome!
Sadie *throws a box away, flustered* No, I- I was just- I wasn't, uh- *turns off the stereo* Ah!
Steven I didn't know you could sing!
Sadie Nobody does. *sweats anxiously* So, um, do you need something?
Steven Oh! I'm just going around helping Mr. Smiley hand out flyers for Beach-a-Palooza this year. *gasps* You should sign up!
Sadie Uhhh, why?
Steven Because your voice is beautiful!
Sadie Aw, anybody can sound fine singing along with that song. It's so cheesy, and dumb, and-and catchy, and... I know every single word.
Steven Perfect! Now you just need a routine. I can help you put one together!
Sadie Uh, really? You think people would want to hear me sing?
Steven Of course they would, you're great! Besides, everyone in town is doing something!
Sadie Yeah, you know what? Yeah! Who cares, right? What am I afraid of? This could be fun!
[Trans. Int. Sadie's Room]
(Sadie leads Steven to the basement of her house.)
Steven Your house is so cool.
Sadie Just down here.
Steven Woah! You sleep in a basement?
Sadie I like to think of it like a bunker.
Steven *sees at a huge pile of plush toys and gasps* Are these all yours?
Sadie Yeah, but, they're not really my thing. You can have one if you want.
Steven Err... I don't wanna break up a family!
Sadie So, now I have the CD, I guess I can practice singing.
Steven First we gotta figure out what you're going to wear.
Sadie Does it matter?
Steven Ever since my act two years ago, there's been a rule that you gotta wear clothes.
Sadie *chuckles* Well, I wasn't planning on going in my underwear.
Steven How about something, flashy, and sparkly, or wait, what do you think that should be your gimmick?
Sadie Woah, no no no, no gimmicks, the singing's already a stretch. Um, maybe this? Or maybe even... *pulls out a couple of outdoor wears*
Steven That one's pretty.
Sadie Uh, I think its a little much, I'll use something comfortable.
(A door slam is then heard on the background and Sadie gasps in horror.)
Steven What's that?
Sadie Maybe we'll do this another time!
(Barbara stomps over and barges into Sadie's room.)
Barbara Hey Sadie!
Sadie Hi Mom. *tosses the outfits away* You're home early.
Barbara I just had to rush home to show you this! Look at this little guy I got for you. *hands her a pink teddy bear* Ain't he the cutest?
Sadie Oh, thanks Mom. *tosses the bear onto the pile of plush toys*
Barbara Sadie, what are you doing hanging out with Greg's boy?
Steven Barb! I knew you delivered mail but I didn't know you delivered Sadie!
Sadie Yeah, my mom's the mailman.
Barbara That she is. Best dang mailman, woman, or animal on the force. *chuckles* At least until they catch me taking from the lost mail bin. But that's between us, eh? *playfully slaps Steven in his belly* So Steven, what are your intentions with my daughter?
Steven We're planning a stage show for- (Sadie tries to cover Steven's mouth.) Beach-a-Palooza.
(Barbara's expression becomes stunned as Steven's words repeats dramatically in her head.)
Barbara ... What was that?
Sadie *sighs* I'm... going to sing a song at Beach-a-Palooza.
Barbara What!? *grabs Sadie's hands in excitement* Oh-oh-oh-oh, Sadie, you're gonna sing!?
Sadie Yeah.
Barbara Then c'mon! We have to start planing now! *runs to Sadie's closet* Steven! Help me find an outfit!
Steven Okay!
Sadie Ahh, you know I can probably do this by myself.
Barbara It's no trouble. We'd love to help you out. Right, Steven?
Steven Right!
Barbara Oh! Look, its your old ballet outfit!
Steven You're a ballerina?
Sadie When I was like, 10.
Barbara *tosses the ballet outfit aside* Oh! It's your swimsuit! She used to be a competitive swimmer.
Sadie *starts blushing* For like a month, when I was 11.
Steven Barb, what's this?
Barbara Oh! Look! Look! *pulls out a sports attire* Remember when I used to drive you to your softball games?
Sadie I remember when you punched the umpire.
Barbara That's what he gets for trying to cheat MY daughter out of a double!
Sadie And then I wasn't really allowed in the league anymore.
Barbara Them's the breaks. So what we got planned so far for your show?
Sadie Nothing, I guess...
Barbara Well don't you worry, me and Steven will figure out the show for you. We'll make sure the world will hear your voice!
Sadie Well... let's just try to keep it simple?
Barbara What was that?
(A montage starts to play with "Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)" playing in the background. In the montage, Steven and Barbara assist each other in coming up with Sadie's dance routine, showing Sadie becoming less and less enthused with the process. The pair then also work on Sadie's makeup, and Sadie examines her makeup in a dresser mirror.)
Barbara I think we did an excellent job.
Steven We just need to tell Mr. Smiley to add our name to the flyer.
Sadie Uh, maybe don't put my name on it... ?
Barbara Yeah... what if she was a surprise!?
Steven That's a great idea! She'll be a mystery final act!
[Trans. Ext. Beach-a-Palooza Stage]
(Mr. Smiley is emceeing the festival on the stage as the crowd cheers.)
Mr. Smiley Thank you, Beach-a-Palooza! You get this next act from their day job, delivering pizza! But tonight, they're delivering jokes! ... That was a joke! Let me hear a big round of applause for Kiki and her ventriloquist dummy!
(Mr. Smiley reveals Kiki on stage, withNanefua sitting on her lap, pretending to be a ventriloquist puppet.)
Nanefua Kiki, that rude Mr. Smiley just called me a dummy!
Kiki That's just our act, Gunga. Why don't you show them your jokes?
Nanefua How does a pizza tie its shoes?
Kiki How?
Nanefua With a garlic knot! *chuckles*
(A rimshot is played, while the crowd starts laughing. Kiki and Nanefua then walks off the stage, while Ronaldo stands near the stage waiting with his chalkboard.)
Mr. Smiley Haha, alright! Well, we're gettin' closer to our mystery guest! Even I don't know who it is, and I'm the host! But first, Ronaldo Fryman with, "A Lecture on Rock People: Identification and Defense"!
(Ronaldo goes onstage with his chalkboard, while Steven and Barbara continue to prep with Sadie backstage.)
Steven I can't believe it, the flyers really worked! The whole town is here, plus some!
Barbara Oh, my Sadie, such a big star! Never even went to the prom, and look at you now!
Sadie ... Am I on yet?
Mr. Smiley Sadie Miller!? You're the mystery guest!? I never even would've recognized ya!
Sadie Oh, uh, hi Mr. Smiley. (Steven begins brushing her, but Sadie pushes him away.) Uh, um, mm, how uh, how are you?
Mr. Smiley ... I'm fine. But it looks like someone here has a case of... the "showbiz shakes". You know what a friend of mine told me once? A little smile never hurt anybody. *starts smiling widely*
(Steven and Barbara lean in, also smiling. Sadie cracks a nervous smile.)
Mr. Smiley Aww... lookin' good!
Steven & Barbara Thank you!
(Sadie stops smiling and sighs heavily. She then becomes agitated as Barbara starts showering her with glitter.)
Steven More sparkles!
Barbara Yes, sir!
Mr. Smiley Next up, ladies and gentlemen, your mailman and mime, *chuckles* Jamie!
(Jamie goes up on stage and starts encapsulating himself in an invisible box, while old-timey piano music starts playing.)
Jenny Oh, it's a box, he's... he's, he's doing a box.
Barbara *gasps* Uh-oh, no more glitter. I'll have to run and get the emergency supply from the car. Guard m'girl, Steven.
(Steven nods, only to find Sadie walking off to look at the crowd.)
Steven *gasps* Sadie, come back here!
(Sadie peers at the crowd and spots Lars hanging out with the cool kids.)
Jenny I can't wait for this mystery act! You think it's a juggler? Maybe they'll juggle something sharp. *hands a flyer to Lars* I'm gonna have my phone ready in case someone gets hurt.
(Sadie gasps and hides backstage.)
Steven Sadie!
Sadie Ugh, I - I can't breathe!
(Sadie runs and gets a drink of water from the water tank, gasping heavily.)
Steven Okay, okay, if you're not gonna come back and let me work on you, then let's work on the routine!
Sadie Okay... just let me-
Steven Oh, no! You ruined my lipstick! Never fear, Steven's here.
(Steven draws a crude smile over Sadie's frown. Sadie starts screaming, knocks the lid off of the water tank, and dunks her face into the water.)
Steven Sadie...? Why did you do that?
Sadie *pulls herself out of the tank* AGH! Because, you're just as bad as my mom!
(Sadie quickly covers her mouth, as Barbara appears with a bucket of glitter, which she drops after hearing Sadie's remark.)
Barbara What!?
Sadie *gets defensively* Please, Mom. Don't make me do this!
Barbara Make you!? You said you wanted to sing!
Sadie Yeah, I did! I did! I did, I did! Just like I say lots of things! Like, "Hey Mom, swimming looks fun," then bam, suddenly I'm anchoring a 400-meter relay for the Beach City Seals! "Hey Mom, I thought signing up for softball would be nice!" Six birthdays later, I'm still getting nothing but knee pads and batting helmets! "Hey Mom, I want to sing in this year's Beach-a-Palooza," and what do I get!? THIS! I just thought, for once, I'd get to do things my way, but you came in and took over everything like you always do!
Barbara I just wanted everyone to know how talented my daughter is!
Sadie This is not your daughter!
Barbara ... I'm sorry, I didn't-
Mr. Smiley Next up, the one you've all been waiting for, the one, the only, mystery guest!
Sadie Aggh! How did I let this happen!? I don't wanna do this!
Steven You never did. I-It was always me.
("Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)" starts playing.)
Mr. Smiley Give it up for...
(Steven runs onstage wearing Sadie's outfit and make-up.)
Kiki Looks like you called it, Gunga.
Nanefua That mystery guest bit had Steven written all over it.
(Steven starts singing the song and the crowd cheers him on, with the exception of Lars, who is on his phone. At the end of his act, Steven tosses the glitter in the bucket into the air. The scene then transitions into the Big Donut's break room, as some times passes, Sadie sings the last verse of the song while Steven plays his ukulele. The star iris then closes on Sadie's face, ending the episode.)

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