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Speaker Dialogue
The episode begins at daytime with a panning from the Lighthouse to Steven Universe entering the Big Donut. Sadie Miller farewells the previous customers tiredly.
Sadie Thanks for coming.
Sadie, almost unconsciously, begins to mop the floor.
Steven Hey, Sadie!
Sadie Hey, Steven. What'll it be?
Steven Sorry to be a pain, but I got kind of a long order. I hope it's not too much trouble.
Sadie What trouble? [Chuckles] I'm a professional donut girl.
Steven Okay... I'll have one jelly donut with powdered sugar on the side, three chocolate frosted, one frosted chocolate, two chocolate-frosted chocolate, one dog-nut -- medium well -- one coffee with milk and sugar, hold the coffee. I also have several methods of payment I'd like you to split this order across evenly.
Sadie Uh, what's all this for?
Steven Band practice.
Sadie You're in a band?!
Steven Kinda. I started jamming with Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream!
Sadie Whoa! That's so cool! Aw, man! I bet you guys sound amazing!
Steven We're still trying to figure out our sound, but it's been fun just playing music with other people. It's also nice to have an outlet that doesn't involve space and Gem stuff and everything else going on. Um... You doing okay?
Sadie Well, I worry about Lars being in space, and I hope he's safe and all, but... [Sighs] Working all these shifts by myself has been a huge drag. I'm totally used to doing his work, but I'm used to at least having him here to talk to. Now, I gotta do that myself, too. Oh, come on, Sadie, you missed a spot! Oh, no, sorry.
Steven Well, we'll all be practicing at Sour Cream's place tonight. Feel free to stop by if you have time.
Sadie I'll try! Hopefully, I can finish restocking napkins early. We're always running out for some reason.
Steven Hmm, weird. Well, see ya, Sadie!
Sadie Bye, Steven.
At Sour Cream's house with Steven, Jenny, and Sour Cream during the day
Sour Cream experiments with his Launchpad.
Steven What do ya call that style?
Sour Cream Beachcore.
Buck arrives.
Buck Hey.
Jenny What's up, Buck?
Buck Guess who's got a gig at Delmarva's number-two music and seafood festival this weekend?!
Jenny Chugi and the Woo Woos?
Sour Cream Jack and the Frosted Tips?
Steven 7-Force?
Buck No, us!
Steven We don't even have a name yet!
Jenny Or a set list!
Sour Cream Or even one single song to put on a set list!
Jenny [Sighs] Guess we got a lot of work to do.
At night
Sour Cream What if we went for a more of a rap-a-billy style?
Jenny No, thanks.
Steven How about something like... ♪ Here we are. Our hearts combining. Music and Friends. Our souls aligning. ♪
Buck Hold on, Steven. You got a really cool sentiment going on that can resonate with a wide audience. I just feel like this seafood festival needs to hear something challenging and provocative. Check this out. [Strumming] ♪ Doo-doo [Strumming] ♪ Butt [Strumming] ♪ The government [Strumming] ♪ Corrupts
Jenny Hold on there, Bucky D. I'm all for being socially conscious and waking people up inside, but people are gonna be at this seafood fest to have fun! Let's give them something they can dance to! Sour Cream, give me a beat!
Sour Cream A what?
Jenny A beat!
With her voice captured, Sour Cream uses the Launchpad to create a beat with Jenny's voice.
Jenny Oh, yeah! Let's spice it up!
Jenny plays a funky riff.
Steven Cool.
Sour Cream Yeah! And then how about some...
Sour Cream makes the Launchpad play screeching tones.
Jenny What the heck, Sour Cream?!
Sour Cream What? Can't let your audience get too comfortable.
Steven Maybe, we should just call it a night and try again tomorrow.
Jenny Agreed.
Sadie Oh, hey, guys! Sorry, I'm so late. Took longer to close up than I thought it would. Ya'll still practicing?
Jenny Oh, sorry, Sadie, we just wrapped up. We were getting nowhere.
Sadie Aw, shoot! I really wanted to hear you guys. Well, let me know if you have another band practice when I'm not working. See ya, guys.
Bye, Sadie!
Sour Cream Later.
Jenny See ya, girl.
Steven looks on with pity.
At the Miller Residence during the afternoon sunset
Sadie walks up to the residence and is about to enter.
Steven Hi, Sadie!
Sour Cream Hey, how's it goin'?
Buck S'up?
Jenny Hey, girl.
Sadie Whoa! Hey, guys! I just got home from work. [Chuckles]
Steven We know. We followed you. Sorry if that's weird.
Buck We know how busy your schedule is, so we decided to bring the jam to you.
Sadie Aw, shucks, guys! But... [Groans nervously] My room is such a mess right now. Okay, ah, okay, just give me a moment to tidy up!
In Sadie's room
Jenny Dang, Sadie! You've got so much space in here!
Sour Cream Yo, Sadie, do you have any free outlets to plug into?
Sadie Oh, yeah, check over by the TV.
Jenny Let's get serious now. The show is this weekend!
Buck Wait... I can't really feel the music in this cramped spot.
Buck walks over to Sadie's bed.
Buck This looks comfy.
Sadie No, wait!
A crunch sound is made.
Buck Aw, doo-doo. I think I broke your bed.
Sadie pushes Buck off and lifts the sheets to see if her video casettes are okay.
Sour Cream Whoa! Scary movies! Hey, Sadie, you've got a dark side.
Sadie It's more of a dork side.
Jenny Hey, is that "The Lurch"?
Sadie You know this one?
Jenny Yeah! It's a classic! I can't believe you have a copy! Guys, we have to watch this.
Lights off and the TV glowing, gray zombies approach a man and woman huddled in fear.
Zombie Brains [Groans]
Woman [Screams]
Sadie I can't believe you like this one. Not everyone appreciates Bulgarian horror.
Steven Uh, guys, don't we need to find our sound?
Sour Cream I kinda like this sound.
Sour Cream adds a dark electronic beat to the eerie music coming from the TV.
Jenny Ooh. I like that.
Jenny adds the rhythmic bass.
Steven And then, we can do this.
Steven adds the guitar strums.
Buck Now, we just need some provocative lyrics.
Sadie ♪ Tired... from work.
Buck Nice.
Sadie [Chuckles] ♪ Hate... my job.
Mini-solo by Buck's acoustic
Sadie ♪ I really oughta be in mourning. But I've got another shift this morning. Every day feels like it's never-ending. What's the point of all this time I'm spending here... at this dead-end job! Ooh! We are the Working Dead. And we lurch for minimum wage. But I'd really rather be eating your brain!
Sadie starts to roam the room more intensely.
Sadie ♪ [To Buck] Look at you; You seem so bright and healthy. [To Steven and Jenny] And your minds are full of joy and wonder. Stay a thousand miles from the condition that I've got from all the stress I'm under. [To Sour Cream] Don't come near me or you might encourage all these terrifying sudden urges. ♪
Sadie searches her closet, the others looking on anxiously.
Sadie ♪ Seeing you makes skipping work so tempting. Don't you know that in the night, I'm temping here... at this dead-end job!
Sadie quickly puts on blood-colored makeup and a jacket
Sadie ♪ Ooh! We are the Working Dead. And we lurch for minimum wage. But I'd really rather be eating your brain!
Sadie chomps into a donut, red jelly coloring her silhouette, as a woman screams in terror.
Sour Cream
Steven Sadie, that was awesome!
Jenny Yeah, girl, yeah!
Sour Cream That was so rad!
Buck You're not Sadie Miller. You're Sadie Killer.
Jenny This is it! This is our sound! Sadie, you should be our frontman!
Sadie Really?! [Chuckling] Wow, I... Uh, wait, no, I can't. Ugh, I've got to work tomorrow. Actually, you guys should probably pack up. I got to get some rest before my shift.
Buck Aw, doo-doo.
At the Big Donut during daytime and Sadie's shift
Steven enters and idles excitedly.
Sadie Hey. What're you doing here?
Steven I was just wondering if I could get some advice. We've been trying to write some more spooky songs without you, but... they sound so phony coming from me. Rawr, I'm a bad, bad boy! Yeesh. I don't know. I can't do it like you. You got any tips?
Sadie Let's see. First, lose your youth to your boring job. Then, lose the only person you've ever felt truly close to. And then, lose your mind working all his shifts.
Steven I don't think I can do all that before the show tomorrow. [Chuckles nervously] Are you sure you can't come?
Sadie I'm the only employee at the shop. I can't just leave. Singing is fun, and-and being in the band would be really fun -- like the most fun ever. But -- but a lot of things could be a lot of things. This job is a drag, but at least I know it's a drag. It's normal. There's something nice about that, you know? Hanging out, singing and stuff, it feels so not normal. It's like -- you ever feel so bad that you feel good? Like, when you get so cold that it burns. Sometimes, I just want to scream my guts out. Well, no, not my guts, but whatever thing is squirming in my guts.
Steven [Finishes notes] Wow! That -- that's poetry! You're such a natural at this! All right, I'll try my best. How's this? ♪ Hate my job! Hate my job! Obligations! No vacations! Kinda sa-a-a-d! ♪
Sadie Do I really sound like that?
Steven No, no, y-you sing it like it's really a problem for you. Don't worry, I'll get it, I promise. ♪ Squirming in my guts, "I got to sell donuts." Big Donut! ♪ [Humming]
At the parking lot behind Fish Stew Pizza during dusk
Sour Cream I can't believe your car can hold all these amps.
Steven Hey, guys.
Buck Hey, it's Steven Universe. Is that the scariest jacket you could find?
Steven Mm-hmm. Hope it doesn't scare anyone too much.
Jenny So, no Sadie Killer, huh?
Steven 'Fraid not. She's just... too busy with work.
Jenny Aw, man!
Sour Cream This gig won't be the same without her.
Buck All right, Steven, you're gonna have to up your scary game to fill Sadie's shoes.
Steven Got it! Rawr!
Buck You can't help being cute, no more than I can help being cool. Let's go.
Steven Okay.
The band members begin to drive off.
Jenny Buckle up, ya'll.
Sour Cream Hope the seafood at this thing is good.
Jenny So, where is this place exactly?
Buck I gave you the directions.
Jenny Oh, that tiny piece of paper? Where'd I put it?
Steven Did it fall under the seat?
Sour Cream I don't see it back here.
Buck Yo, what if this... was all a dream?
Jenny [Groans] This is not --
Sadie Hey!
Sadie runs up to the car.
Sadie Wait up! [Panting]
Sadie [Panting] I can do it! I can do the show! I can come!
Jenny All right! Yeah!
Steven Oh, thank goodness!
Sadie And I can come to practice, and I can come to the next show, and the show after that!
Steven But, Sadie, don't you have work?
Sadie Ha!
Sadie takes off her work uniform.
Sadie I quit!
End episode

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