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Sadie Miller, better known simply as Sadie, is a human female resident of Beach City. She is the daughter of Barbara Miller.

Season 1

"Gem Glow"

Sadie tells Steven she is sorry after he discovers that Cookie Cats are being discontinued. She lets Steven take the freezer home with him to help make Steven feel better.

"Laser Light Cannon"

Sadie can be seen walking away from the Big Donut while staring at the incoming Red Eye.

"Cat Fingers"

Sadie is shocked to see one of Steven's fingers is a cat. She gently pets the cat, causing it to purr at her. When Steven's cat finger bites Lars, Sadie suggests that he just wants to play giving Steven the idea to make more cat fingers.

"Bubble Buddies"

Sadie tries to help Steven when he is trapped inside of his bubble with Connie by hitting it repeatedly with a hammer. When Lars starts presses his face against the bubble, pulling faces with his tongue, Sadie tells Lars to quit being a jerk, saying he is embarrassing Steven. Lars and Sadie get into an argument, which causes Sadie to push him. After the fight is over, Sadie runs inside the Big Donut to "try something else". Sadie comes out and runs toward the bubble screaming while holding up a stool and smashes it over the bubble to break it but only breaks the stool.

"Tiger Millionaire"

Sadie shows up to many of the Beach City Underground Wrestling shows with Lars. Sadie brings up how Tiger Millionaire looks like Steven, but Lars does not see it. Lars is seen being amazed by many of Tiger Millionaire's tricks, laughing at his opponents' failures. When Tiger Millionaire and Purple Puma save wrestling, Sadie doesn't know what just happened.

"So Many Birthdays"

Steven, aged into an older man, asks for two of the usual order he gets from the Big Donut. When the older man claims to be Steven, yelling that he is old, Sadie doesn't recognize him. When Steven realizes he has turned into an old man, Sadie puts her hand on Steven to comfort him, still unaware he is Steven Universe. Sadie gets angry when Steven asks for her and Lars to fit him in his birthday suit and chases him out the door with a stool.

"Rose's Room"

Sadie appears in the fake Beach City that Rose's Room creates for Steven. At the Big Donut, Lars stands smiling next to Lars. They both talk at the same time, saying the same things. They give Steven his donuts and leave the building through the back door without walking, saying they love Steven.

"Coach Steven"

At the Big Donut, Sadie showed concern over Steven wearing bandages but later laughs at him when she sees that Steven's "battle damage" is a tiny scratch. When Lars struggles to open a can of sardines, Sadie easily opens it for him, and punches him in the leg when he refuses to thank her. Sadie and Lars agree to join Steven's gym later. Sadie is seen jumping rope and doing sit-ups. The two later ask for Steven to join them in working out because, according to Lars, all Steven has been doing was singing some "dumb song". The ground starts to shake which concerns Sadie and sees Sugilite emerge and witnesses Pearl cause Sugilite to unfuse.

"Joking Victim"

After Steven ran into the Big Donut and washed his mouth with the soda dispenser, getting soda all over the floor, Sadie says its Lars turn since she cleaned the last five "Stevens". Sadie ends up cleaning it after Lars claims his back is too hurt to clean the soda and Sadie sends Lars home after he says his back is too messed up to keep working. Sadie just realizes she can't run the big Donut herself so Steven volunteers too help her and Sadie deputizes Steven as her "Lars of the day". Sadie shows Steven the break room, and reveals she and Lars watch TV together and sometimes Lars even covers for her so she does not miss her show. Sadie then shows Steven the instruction video featuring Harold Smiley singing Do or Do Nut. Sadie jokingly says that Steven should be Lars' replacement, but Steven takes her seriously and asks Sadie to fire him. Sadie tells Steven that despite his faults, she thinks Lars is a good guy once one gets to know him. She explains to Steven that when a video game Lars wanted had come out, Sadie stood in line for seven hours for him since he was banned from the store. However, when she got to his house, he cleaned up his room a little and got Sadie her favorite oyster crackers, and they spent the night together. Steven decides they should do something nice for Lars and both go over to his house with a box of donuts to make him feel better.

When the get to the front door and notice the Fish Stew Pizza car and hear Lars laughing in the back. Sadie and Steven see Lars invited the Cool Kids over to his house to play on his trampoline and faked his back injury, which makes Sadie breakdown into tears running away. Steven tries to make her feel better, but Sadie says Lars has done this before and she wishes she could "burn him back". This gives Steven an idea of how to burn Lars and the next day, Steven introduces Sadie to Fire Salt to prank Lars. Sadie is initially against it until Lars walks into the Big Donut, still faking the injury to try and get another day off. Sadie gives Lars a donut laced with Fire Salt, which causes his face to swell up and violent breathe a stream of fire. Lars panics and flees the store and looks for anything to cool his mouth down with while Sadie scrambles to put out the fires with a fire extinguisher. Lars becomes angry when Steven reveals that he was the one behind the prank. Sadie stops Lars, telling him she planned it in revenge for lying to her and making her think he was a good person since that night they played video games. When the fire finally stops, Lars struggles to speak. Steven gets the fire donut out of Lars' throat by pushing below his diaphragm. Ashamed, Lars approaches Sadie and wishes to help her clean up the mess that he caused. Sadie accepts, but suggests getting him some water and some new clothes after his old one got burnt.

"Steven and the Stevens"

Sadie is seen in the crowd with Lars watching the Crystal Gems perform.

"Mirror Gem"

Sadie and Lars set up tables outside of the Big Donut for the summer. Sadie says she is as excited as she can be "setting up extra seating for the summer rush" and mentions Lars has big plans. When Lars gets excited about the idea of getting a girl's number, Sadie mocks him by saying she may "meet a new friend". Sadie gets uncomfortable when Lars tells Steven that next time he sees him, it will be around the arm of a woman and asks him to stop talking about it.

"Ocean Gem"

Sadie and the other residents gather at the beach where they are surprised at the sudden disappearance of the ocean. When the ocean floods in at the end of the episode, Lars shouts "yes! Babe City, here we com-" before being pushed into the water by Sadie. Sadie later joins the townsfolk in cheering on Steven and Connie.

"Island Adventure"

Sadie works at the counter of the Big Donut while Lars sleeps. Sadie goes to get Steven a donut and accidentally falls onto Lars, causing him to wake up with a cranky attitude. Sadie warns Lars that he could get fired, but it does not bother him since he is sick of working, and wants to go somewhere new. This notion gives Steven the idea to take Sadie and Lars to Mask Island. Sadie encourages Lars to give the island a chance and says the island is beautiful while Lars is only more annoyed. Steven tells Lars that he was on the island to look for a Corrupted Gem, leading him to look for the exit, despite Sadie trying to convince him to stay saying it "could actually be fun". After the trio are not able to locate the Warp Pad to bring them back to Beach City, Sadie says there are worse places to be stranded. The next day, Lars is still walking around the island, looking for a cell phone signal. After being threatened by Sadie, Lars agrees to cook the fish she catches.

That night, Lars cooks the fish. The taste of the fish pleases Sadie, which makes Lars happy. Steven sings "Be Wherever You Are", which showcases a montage of the group's adventures while being stuck on the island. One day, a giant fish emerges from the ocean and bites Sadie's arm. Lars helps her out by grabbing onto her and pulling her towards the land. At night, Sadie is shown wrapping Lars's arm in material from his pant leg; the two seem happy together. When it is time for them to sleep, Lars hugs cuddles with Sadie and kicks Steven away when he gets close. One morning, Sadie finds Lars once more looking for a signal on his phone. Out of frustration, she throws his phone into the ocean. Sadie comforts Lars as he begins to breakdown; he wonders if they will ever make it off of the island. Sadie and Lars then share a kiss but are interrupted by Steven, who is revealed to have been watching them. When the Corrupted Gem appears, Lars is shown to be scared, and he goes to Sadie for protection. He cries hysterically, wishing to go home instead of facing the threat of an invisible monster. Sadie reveals that she hid the Warp Pad under leaves, which makes Lars livid. He yells at her for tricking him and making him go through all of that emotional pain. The two get into an argument, and Sadie slaps Lars into a pit of mud where the monster is. After Sadie poofs the monster, Lars admits that she did a good job fighting against it.

"Watermelon Steven"

Sadie runs into Steven as he sets up a stand to sell his Watermelon Stevens near the Funland entrance. Sadie asks how much he wants for one and Steven reveals his initial plan was to give them away for free. Sadie insists on buying one of the Watermelon Stevens for five dollars. Sadie is seen putting a donut on her Watermelon Steven at the Big Donut when Steven barges in and buys it back from her after realizing they are alive.

"Lion 3: Straight to Video"

Sadie is working patiently waiting for Steven to choose what he wants to eat. Sadie gently reminds Steven that she will be closing up soon so he needs to make a decision soon. When Steven sees a bunch of paper bags with Sadie's name on them, she explains that those are all lunches her mom packed for her. Steven says that is nice while Sadie says that she actually feels embarrassed by her mom still packing her lunches. Steven asks Sadie to try one of them and Sadie lets him, with a small warning that some of them are a few months old.

The next day, Sadie is unlocking the Big Donut when Steven asks to use the VCR in the break room to watch a VHS tape his mom left him. Sadie watches the video alongside Steven and both are brought to tears watching Rose Quartz’ emotional message to her son. The episode ends with Sadie calling her mom, asking her to continue making those lunches for her.

"Alone Together"

Sadie and Lars are having a conversation when Stevonnie enters the Big Donut. Not realizing that they are a fusion of Steven and Connie, Sadie is attracted to them, even blushing. When Stevonnie asks what they owe, Sadie quickly tells it is on the house with Lars agreeing.

"Future Vision"

When Garnet tells Steven that the most likely possibility Sadie will say hi back if Steven says hi, Steven does it and Garnet's prediction comes true.

"Horror Club"

The episode begins with Lars waiting outside the Big Donut for Sadie so that they can lock up for the night. Sadie finally comes outside where she and Steven are ready to attend Ronaldo's party which comes to a surprise to Lars. Lars immediately closes the Big Donut and quickly joins the two. At the Lighthouse Ronaldo greets everyone with a disguise, Sadie officially introduces herself and lets herself inside.

Ronaldo decides to play a horror flick, while everyone is watching the movie, the power goes off. Immediately, everyone starts to get more freaked out when objects around the house begin the float. While everyone is questioning the Lighthouse motives, Ronaldo begins to think that it is a poltergeist and that its haunting everyone because of Lars. Lars quickly starts to mock Ronaldo idea, while pleading with Sadie to ditch the rest thinking it is a game, elaborated by Steven and Ronaldo. The lighthouse somehow kidnaps Sadie, and the basement door opens.

Steven saves Sadie and Lars from the Lighthouse ghost, revealed to actually be a gem monster. The gem then produces a form of a flashback memory, showing Ronaldo and Lars back when they were friends. Both boys were part of a club called Beach City Explorer Club, but tension rose when Lars tried to carve his name into the Lighthouse gem, which retaliates by sending a board to hit Lars from across the room, which is captured on camera by Ronaldo. Afraid that his best friend wants to release an embarrassing picture of him, Lars rips up the photo. This action makes Ronaldo furious, which is what ruins their friendship. After the gem concludes the memory, it is bubbled by Steven. While everyone makes sure Sadie is okay, Steven tells Sadie he will walk her home while Ronaldo and Lars are left to clear things up.

"Shirt Club"

Sadie is seen working at the Big Donut while Steven is putting up flyers for his dad's guitar lessons. Sadie tells Steven that she will try to attend one of his dad's lessons. Buck walks into the Big Donut, Sadie welcomes him to the big Donut. Buck orders a Caprese salad, and when Sadie begins to tell Buck they only sell donuts, Lars' assures Buck that he will make Buck a salad and runs to the back. Sadie yells after Lars that they do not even have vegetables at the Big Donut.

Sadie is then seen at Mayor Dewey's bench commemoration. While there, Steven begins launching T-shirts at everyone with a design of a picture Buck made for his father when he was a child. This makes Lars, Jenny, and Sour Cream laugh.

"Political Power"

As Mayor Dewey and Steven drive through the city, they stop at the Big Donut--where Sadie and Lars are cleaning all the melted ice cream from the power outage. Later, Sadie is seen with the crowd of people forming a mob, blaming Mayor Dewey for his failure to bring back the power.

"The Return"

Sadie is seen evacuating the city with the rest of the Beach City residents.

Season 2

"Full Disclosure"

Sadie can be seen mopping outside the Big Donut while Lars is sleeping.

"Say Uncle"

Uncle Grandpa first releases a cannon at a ship that has Sadie and Lars on it.

"Rising Tides, Crashing Skies"

Ronaldo interviews Sadie for his documentary about the Crystal Gems for his blog. When Ronaldo asks Sadie who saved the city from the giant hand aircraft in the sky, Sadie nervously blushes seeing that Ronaldo is filming her. Sadie says "Steven’s family" saved them and about how they have magic powers which sounds unbelievable but she has seen some pretty unbelievable stuff.

"Historical Friction"

Sadie can be seen in the crowd with Lars, watching Mayor Dewey's play.

"Sadie's Song"

While Steven handing out flyers for Beach-a-Palooza he enters the Big Donut and catches Sadie singing along to "Haven't You Noticed" while stocking shelves. Steven cheers her on at the end, embarrassing Sadie and quickly turns off the boombox. Sadie and Steven go to her house to help her prepare for the show in her basement/room. Sadie tells Steven that she just wants to wear something comfortable for the show when Sadie's mom Barb walks down to the basement. Barb hands Sadie a plush doll for her and talks with Steven about what they are doing. Sadie tries covering Steven's mouth but Steven tells Barb about Sadie's Beach-a-Palooza performance.

Barb and Steven eventually take over Sadie's performance, her dress, her make-up, her routine and the way she is introduced to the crowd making Sadie uncomfortable. While getting ready backstage, Sadie reluctantly takes Mr. Smiley's advice to smile to help her with her stage fright. Sadie looks into the crow and notices Lars and The Cool Kids watching and waiting for someone to mess up, making Sadie super nervous she looks into the crowd. Sadie begins to feel uncomfortable and gets a cup of water to help calm her nerves. Steven notices she accidentally washed her lipstick off and sloppily reapplies it, pushing Sadie past her limit. Sadie screams and dunks her head in the water cooler, washing all her make-up of and yelling that Steven is just as bad as her mom. Barb overhears and Sadie explains how sick she is that Barbara always goes overboard with her over enthusiasm, never letting Sadie do things her way. Barbara and Steven both apologize to Sadie, realizing they both wanted Sadie to do things she didn't and Steven takes her place as the mystery guest when Sadie no longer wants to go on. Sadie and her mom talk while Steven sings and work through through their issues. The episode ends with Sadie singing her song in the break room of the Big Donut with Steven playing his ukulele in accompaniment.

Season 3

"Steven Floats"

As Sadie is closing up the Big Donut, she notices Steven running up to her and greets him mentioning she hasn't seen him in a while and “missed all the earthquakes”. Steven begs Sadie to reopen the store so he can have a donut but she says she already set the alarm. Sadie suggests going to Fish Stew Pizza since it is still open but Steven doesn't know if he is "hungry enough for a meal". To cheer Steve up and get him excited for tomorrow, Sadie tells him they started making their own donuts after a workplace safety lawsuit was dropped. She goes on to say Steven can have the very first fresh donut of the day if he arrives when the shop opens and leaves.

In Steven's fantasy where he does not get his donut, he imagines Sadie giving one to Peedee, giving one meant for Steven to a dog, and saying she knew Steven well when his bones fall from the sky. Back in the real world, Sadie opens the store when she notices Steven floating by, literally. Steven asks Sadie why she is opening up now and Sadie reminds him they also open later on Sundays. Sadie treats him to their first fresh donut of the day, a "frosted donut with sprinkles", Steven's favorite. When Steven accidentally hits the ceiling in excitement, the episode ends with Sadie saying "oh".

"The New Lars"

Steven is at the Big Donut surveying Sadie and Lars, asking which animal would be the laziest between a koala and a sloth. Sadie asks Lars if he has plans for tomorrow since the store is closing, and she asks him to come over to her house to watch a movie. Lars denies her invitation instead of telling her he will see if Buck is doing anything.

Steven, in Lars' body, runs to Sadie's house, Sadie answers the door with annoyance and looks up at "Lars," who asks her if she still wants to hang out. Sadie at first seems annoyed but apologizes and lets Lars in to pick a horror flic, for which he chooses a movie called Fangs of Love. At the end of the film, Lars starts to get more emotional, and he and Sadie begin to share their feelings with one another, with Sadie wanting to know if how Lars feels about her. Lars admits that he loves Sadie which turns her off, making her think that he is playing with her feelings. As she throws Lars out of her house, Lars admits he is not Lars but Steven in Lars body. It takes some seconds for Sadie to believe in that because she knows Lars would never apologize, then the both question whether Lars is in Steven's body.

Steven-Lars and Sadie begin to run towards the Temple, be followed by The Cool Kids, and Lars parents. When they finally reach Stevens body, they start to wake him up by slapping him, in the process shocking everybody, and having both Steven and Lars switch back. Lars is shocked to find out that he and Steven had switched minds, and Lars yells in anger that he was acting weird all day and they liked it. Lars seems to calm down for a second but then yells.

The next day at the Big Donut, Sadie walks in, greeting Lars and Steven. Lars runs over to Sadie, and Sadie asks Lars if he thinks it was a weird day yesterday. Sadie says that it is nice to see the real him, and Lars invites Sadie over to his place for a movie, which Sadie accepts, and Steven smiles at them.

"Crack the Whip"

Sadie is working at the Big Donut when Amethyst walks in shape shifted into Lars with Steven and Connie. Amethyst pushes Sadie aside to grab a big supply of donuts for free, confusing Sadie. Steven apologizes to Sadie and explains it is really Amethyst, Sadie says it is fine as long as it is just a few donuts. When she sees amethyst walking out with a lot of donuts in hand, Sadie changes her mind so Steven and Connie pay for the donuts.

Season 4

"Future Boy Zoltron"

Sadie and Lars both pass by Zoltron booth, contemplating whether or no they should skip work and watch movies at Sadie's house. They both decide to ask Zoltron (Steven in disguise). Zoltron tells them they should go to work because Lars likes to do a good job, and having people depend on him, which makes Lars blush. Zoltron continues, saying that even though Sadie likes to take charge, she will still be impressed with all of Lars' effort. Both Sadie and Lars begin to feel uncomfortable, questioning how Zoltron knows their names. They both leave, heading to the Big Donut.

"The New Crystal Gems"

While Connie is patrolling Beach City, she uses her binoculars to see Sadie and Lars both sitting on a bench. Sadie is then seen with Lars, waiting in line for the Crystal Temps to perform their car wash routine. Lapis Lazuli and Peridot start fighting over control, beginning to unleash a chaotic incident that chases Sadie and the others away.

"Tiger Philanthropist"

Sadie is cleaning when Steven goes inside the Big Donut to order. That evening, she can be seen watching wrestling with Lars at the abandoned warehouse. They both come to see the fight on the next day, however when Lars overacts about Tiger's defeat, Sadie keeps the warehouse door open for the security guard to escorts Lars outside the building.

"The Good Lars"

Sadie works at the counter of the Big Donut and hands Steven some pumpkin bread Lars made for him to try. When Steven says he likes it, Sadie tells Lars he is a good chef, but Lars dismisses this. When Buck Dewey comes in and invites Sadie, Lars, and Steven to a potluck at his house, Sadie says this is the perfect the opportunity to prove he is a good chef since he won't take their word for it. Lars says he isn't going, confusing Sadie as getting invites to a party at Sour Cream's house with the Cool kids is what he wanted more than anything and convinces him to go. Sadie and Steven go to Lars and help him cook the dish for the potluck. After Lars makes cake roll, Sadie and Steven try it and love it so much the eat the entire thing on the spot. Sadie heads home leaving Lars and Steven to make another one.

The next day, Sadie arrives at the party with paper plates and Steven introduces her to the Buck, Jenny and Sour Cream. Sour Cream thanks her for bringing the plates because now he won't have to do the dishes. Sadie sits on a bean bag chair waiting for Lars to arrive while Steven looks for him. While Sadie waits she sing to their song and the Cool Kids cheer her performance. Steven comes back and tells them Lars can't make it but Sadie stays to sing some more songs before leaving with Steven. Steven then shows Sadie Lars' cake roll, which implies Lars threw it in the trash and ran off. Sadie says its ironic that Lars wants to hang out the Cool Kids and that Sadie is the actual one doing it. Sadie and Steven go their separate ways home and two ominous shadows appear behind Sadie.

"Are You My Dad?"

Barb and Steven realize Sadie is missing and start to get worried, especially when more people disappear, including Lars, Onion and Jaime. Eventually, he finds out that two gems, Topaz and Aquamarine are behind the disappearances. Sadie is being held captive by Topaz in her fused body.

"I Am My Mom"

Steven and the Crystal Gems attempt to free the captured humans, but are outmatched by Topaz and Aquamarine. Steven eventually surrenders and convinces Aquamarine that he is Rose Quartz. He offers to go to Homeworld with her willingly if she lets the humans go. Aquamarine agrees and Sadie escapes with the others minus Lars, who was hiding in the corner of the ship.

Season 5

"Dewey Wins"

Steven visits Sadie at the Big Donut to inform her of Lars' situation, upsetting her greatly. She then goes to break the news to Lars' parents. She attends both of the speeches, and gets extremely angry at Mayor Dewey due to his brushing off Lars' kidnapping and saying that he will get a 'new Donut Boy'. In the second event she applauds both Dewey's and Nanefua's speeches, but presumably ends up voting for Nanefua.

"Sadie Killer"

Sadie is seen working at the Big Donut with dark circles around her eyes when Steven comes in placing a large order for himself and the cool kids. Sadie asks what Steven is doing and he tells her he is in a band with them, which Sadie thinks is very cool. Sadie tells Steven she worries about Lars and working all these shifts alone has been extremely hard with Lars gone. Steven invites Sadie to Sour Cream's house to hear them practice. Sadie arrives just as they decide to stop for the day and Sadie heads back home. The next day, Steven and the cool kids surprise Sadie at her front door and offer to bring the music to her. Sadie takes them downstairs and they begin to practice until Buck Dewey accidentally sits on her collection of classic horror movies and they all decide to take a break and watch one called "The Lurch". While they watch they borrow the sound of the background music and use it to write new song and Sadie starts singing one about her job. They all love Sadie's song and decide that it is the new sound they are looking for and ask Sadie to join their band at their gig tomorrow. While flattered, Sadie says she can't because of her job at the big Donut and asks them to leave so she can get ready for work tomorrow. Steven visits Sadie at work for tips on how to write a song like she did and to ask her to join them. Sadie says she can't but gives him some more stuff about her job and Steven leaves. Sadie later runs toward them while in Jenny's Pizza car and says she can do the show now because she decided to quit her job in order to become part of the band.

"Lars of the Stars"

Sadie is seen in several photos with Steven and the Cool Kids, which Steven shows to Lars.

"The Big Show"

Steven records the performance of "Sadie Killer and the Suspects" with Greg being their manager and Barb secretly watching the show in disguise.

"Change Your Mind"

Sadie sings "Let Me Drive Your Van into Your Heart" with her band at the beach, while also sporting green hair. She also reunites with Lars when he and the Off Colors finally make it to Earth.

Steven Universe: The Movie

Sadie appears alongside Lars at the conclusion of the film, singing "Finale" with the Crystal Gems and the rest of the Beach City residents.

Steven Universe Future

"Little Homeschool"

It is told by Steven that Sadie has been touring with The Suspects, promoting their new album.

"Little Graduation"

Steven arrives at Spacetries in time to see Sadie arrives and get her mooncakes. Lars then asks her about things going on with Shep, to which Sadie answers that everything is going on well. However, this makes Steven worries.

At the graduation party, Steven meets Sadie along with Shep. As he fails to be cool at the conversation, they both walk away for cakes. Later, the two perform a song for the audience, and eventually stuck inside the dome Steven accidentally created to prevent Lars from leaving. Steven puts the blame on Lars, but Sadie explains that they just grew apart and could not reconnect. She informs that Steven needs to let them live their own life, and they will still be his friends. The dome then collapses and Sadie says goodbye to Steven before leaving with Shep.

"Prickly Pair"

Sadie is the name Steven gives to one of his plants.


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