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|Race = [[Gems|Gem]]
|Race = [[Gems|Gem]]
|Gender Pronoun = She/Her
|Gender Pronoun = She/Her
|Gender = Female
|Gender = Genderless
|Weapons =
|Weapons =
|Gemstone = Sapphire
|Gemstone = Sapphire

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I can see the path of fate as it stretches toward the horizon.

—"Keystone Motel"

"Sapphire" is a Gem and a member of the Crystal Gems that made her official debut in "Jail Break". She is currently fused with Ruby as Garnet. Before her introduction, she had a small cameo appearance in "Fusion Cuisine", when the Gems unfused from Alexandrite.


Sapphire - Head

Sapphire's one eye.

Sapphire has medium-blue skin and pale blue, wavy hair with bangs that cover the upper-half of her face, concealing her single eye. She lacks a nose and is slightly taller than Ruby. Her lips and facial structure resemble Garnet's. When her bangs are moved to the side, they reveal a large eye with a light blue iris and a visible pupil in the center of her face.

Sapphire wears a floor-length dress. It features white, circular puffed sleeves, a navy blue top, and a blue skirt. Her dress has a sky-blue pinafore over the top. The skirt has several frilly layers in several shades of sky-blue which resemble an open geode. She also wears long elbow-length white evening gloves.

Color palettes

Image Description
Sapphire - Model Sheet PNG
Color palette at day/regular color palette.

Image Description
Frozen Sapphire
Color palette in the frozen motel room.


Sapphire appears to be very compassionate, sweet, and level-headed on top of having a lot of patience. She balances out Ruby's more impulsive personality when they're fused as Garnet. She is shown to be quick to understand a puzzle or situation, as she came to the conclusion of Steven's immunity to the Gem proof field almost immediately.

She can, however, come across as a cold, distant, and even emotionless being. This is because she possesses future vision and with it being able to see the resolution of events after they have happened; the present is not as important to her. However, this is not to mean that she truly is emotionless and cold — when something affects her strongly enough in the present, she can become just as emotional, if not more-so, as her partner Ruby. Her blasé attitude to the present can make her appear somewhat passive-aggressive as well.


Sapphire possesses standard Gem abilities, including weapon-summoning, bubbling, shape-shifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness and superhuman strength/durability.


When fused with:

Unique Abilities

  • Future Vision: As confirmed by the creators, Ruby does not have future vision. Sapphire has this ability, this was hinted when she was able to find Ruby in a matter of seconds in "Jail Break". This was then confirmed in "Keystone Motel". Unlike Garnet, she seems to be much more open with using this power. Whereas Garnet only

    Sapphire's Thermo-regulation

    reveals future events to others when it is needed, Sapphire uses it to the point where she almost completely shuts out the events around her.
  • Thermo-regulation: As shown in "Keystone Motel", Sapphire can drastically lower the temperature of her surroundings, even forming ice on the walls and freezing water. This ability contrasts to Ruby's ability to raise the temperature.
  • Levitation: As shown in "Keystone Motel", Sapphire is able to hover in the

    Sapphire's super speed

    air at will.
  • Super Speed: Sapphire seems to have a higher degree of speed than most Gems, since she floats and doesn't walk on legs.



Ruby and Sapphire fusion 01

Sapphire kissing Ruby.

You know what's nice about being split up? I get to look at you.

—Ruby, in "Keystone Motel"

Sapphire and Ruby have a romantic relationship, with Sapphire giving a kiss onto Ruby's tear-filled cheeks when they were reunited. This has also been confirmed by one of the storyboard artists, Joe Johnston.[1] Garnet's dialogue in "Love Letters" reveals that their relationship developed over a period of time. In "Keystone Motel", because Ruby was mad at Pearl for lying to Garnet, they temporarily split up to (literally, in Ruby's case) burn off some steam. She seems to be the more stable member of the relationship, who is aware of and used to Ruby's outbursts.

The episode "Keystone Motel" reveals that their relationship can be strained at times due to Sapphire's Future Vision causing her to be preoccupied with the outcome of events, instead of the events as they happen. This puts her at odds with the passionate Ruby who very much lives "in the now". In said episode, Ruby was furious over Pearl's deception in "Cry for Help" and was unwilling to forgive her, while Sapphire's more measured demeanor left open that possibility (as her future vision showed her and Pearl's making up) — this greatly irritated Ruby, as she felt that Sapphire was acting cold, emotionless, distant and also uncaring apparent when Ruby told Steven, "It's like Sapphire doesn't even care!". Sapphire was aware of Ruby thinking this (possibly due to her future vision) and was emotionally shaken as she sobs, "No wonder you think I don't care!"


Sapphire made less of an intent to hide her identity from Steven than Ruby, but still didn't tell him she was part of Garnet, as her and Ruby's intent was to properly introduce themselves to Steven on his birthday. She, along with Ruby, cares for Steven greatly, and when Steven asked if he made a good first impression, Garnet assured him that both Ruby and Sapphire had already loved him. Sapphire does seem to not have any tolerance for Steven's ideas and doesn't humor his suggestions like the other gems might; due to her Future Vision. After Steven's episode however, in "Keystone Motel", she broke down in tears for making Steven feel like everyone's bad attitude was his fault.

Crystal Gems

Pearl and Amethyst have been aware of Garnet being a fusion for at least several thousand years. Their perception of the two while separated remains unknown, but given their good relationship with Garnet, it can be assumed it is a positive one.

The Cluster

Upon encountering the Cluster, Sapphire and Ruby were both disturbed to the point of almost unfusing. While Ruby reacted with verbal anger and outrage at what Gem Homeworld had done to their fallen friends from the Gem War, Sapphire reacted more quietly, with deep sadness at the sight. From their own comments, as well as that of Garnet herself, it can be assumed that they knew the individual members of The Cluster.


Not much is known about the relationship between Sapphire and Pearl, except during "Keystone Motel", where Sapphire wants to forgive Pearl, after she tricked Garnet to fuse with her by rebuilding the Communication Hub twice. Sapphire's opinion contrasted Ruby's opinion, who didn't want to forgive Pearl, even leading to them defusing.


Season 1

Season 2



  • In "Keystone Motel", Sapphire is confirmed to have only one eye, making her the only known Gem as for now to have a single eye (not counting the Centipeetle).
    • There is a hint of her having one eye right before the reveal as Sapphire's tears are seen running down to the middle of her lip.
    • Garnet's three eyes are a combination of one of Ruby's two eyes and Sapphire's one eye with the third being mixed between the colors of both of their eyes.
    • Sapphire's one eye could be a reference to Odin, the ruler of the Norse gods, who sacrificed one of his eyes for the ability to predict the future, or to the Greek mythological Cyclopes, who also did this.
  • She is known to sing, as displayed in "Jail Break".
    • The song that she sings from her jail cell has the same melody as "Stronger Than You".
    • The song she sings is the shortest in the series, being only roughly 5 seconds.
  • Outside of close-ups, Sapphire is the second unfused Gem to be drawn with both a visible pupil and a visible iris, the first being Jasper. (3rd and 2nd, counting Pearl's close-up in "Lars and the Cool Kids".)
  • Sapphire does appear to have legs, as depicted in artwork by Rebecca Sugar.[2] This is also indicated by the shape of Sapphire's dress when she goes down on her knees.
    • Matt Burnett confirmed this via Twitter.[3]
  • Sapphire, along with Ruby, does not have stars nor diamonds on their outfits.
  • Sapphire is the second Gem (after Rose Quartz) to wear a dress that obscures her legs.
  • During times of great conflict of opinion she and Ruby are able to talk to each other individually through Garnet as shown in "Keeping it Together" and "Keystone Motel".
  • Sapphire and Ruby are both named after varieties of corundum (crystalline aluminum oxide, chemical formula Al2O3).
  • In the extended theme song, Sapphire is gracefully holding her hands together, interlocking her fingers; this shows that she is calm, graceful and passionate, while Ruby is shown to be cracking or holding her knuckles, a sign of toughness, or that she is ready to fight. On the other hand, Ruby seems calmer than expected from her, and Sapphire more upbeat than usual, indicating that being Garnet brings balance to both of their personalities.
  • If Ruby and Sapphire are split Sapphire can still Fuse into Sardonyx if Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire all do a fusion dance together.
  • Sapphire is one of three Gems to have made the most fusions (four) (Garnet, Sugilite, Alexandrite and Sardonyx).
    • Ruby and Pearl are the other two Gems to have made four fusions.
  • Sapphire's thermo-regulation of lowering the temperature directly opposes Ruby's thermo-regulation of raising the temperature, which could represent hers and Ruby's polar opposite personalities.
    • Sapphire's attitude in "Keystone Motel" could be a reference to her Thermo-Regulation powers, for instance, she "freezes Ruby out" (literally), gives her "the cold shoulder", and acts cold and distant towards Ruby and Steven.
  • Sapphire is the first Gem seen to have some sort of floating or levitating ability.
  • Sapphire is also the only known non-fusion Gem that has her eye covered.
  • Sapphire, along with Peridot, is one of the few Gems who have not yet visually summoned their weapon.


Gemstone Information

  • Sapphire is the birthstone for those who are born in September. As for the zodiac, it is regarded as the stone for Virgo, as well as being a secondary birthstone for April and the zodiac sign Taurus.
  • Sapphire is typically very durable, and considered to be one of the hardest materials on earth.
  • Sapphire is a gemstone associated with clairvoyance, foreknowledge and wisdom---attributes that fit in perfectly with her and Garnet's ability of precognition. 
  • Throughout history, sapphire has symbolized truth, sincerity and loyalty.
  • Sapphire is a member of the corundum family and is closely related to ruby; the red to pink-red gem-quality variety of corundum.
  • Sapphire's chemical formula is Al2O3::(Ti, Fe), where the interaction of titanium and iron (impurities) makes sapphires take a blue color.
    • When the interaction is bigger the blue of the sapphire becomes deeper.


Image Description
Sapphire's gemstone is located on the palm of her right hand, featuring a triangular facet. As seen in "The Return"/"Jail Break", the front and back are symmetrical, and it has a light blue ring around it, which is usually hidden inside her body unless she's regenerating. It is an octahedron, specifically a truncated trigonal dipyramid.


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