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Season 3 is the third season of Steven Universe.[1] There are 25 episodes in the season which began airing on May 12, 2016, with "Super Watermelon Island"[2] as a part of the "In Too Deep" event.[3]

After a short hiatus, "Summer of Steven" started airing on July 18, 2016, and concluded on August 12, 2016.[4] This was a special event that lasted four weeks. The season concluded on August 10, 2016 with the episode "Bubbled".


No. In Series No. In Season Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
79 1 Super Watermelon Island 000.png "Super Watermelon Island" May 12, 2016 1031-080
Steven finds out what happened to all those sentient watermelons he created.[5]
80 2 Gem Drill 000.png "Gem Drill" May 12, 2016 1031-081
Steven takes a journey deep underground.[6]
81 3 Same Old World 000.png "Same Old World" May 19, 2016 1031-083
Steven flies around the world.[7]
82 4 Barn Mates 000.png "Barn Mates" May 21, 2016 (FR)
May 26, 2016 (USA)
Steven helps two friends get along at the barn.[8]
83 5 Hit the Diamond 000.png "Hit the Diamond" May 21, 2016 (FR)
June 2, 2016 (USA)
Steven and the Gems play an old fashioned game of baseball.[9]
84 6 Steven Floats 000.png "Steven Floats" May 22, 2016 (FR)

July 18, 2016 (USA)

Steven is so excited to be back home that he jumps for joy and jumps way too high.[10]
85 7 Drop Beat Dad 000.png "Drop Beat Dad" July 18, 2016 1031-087
Steven helps Sour Cream put on a show, even though Sour Cream's stepdad doesn't approve of DJs.[11]
86 8 Mr. Greg 000.png "Mr. Greg" July 19, 2016 1031-088
Steven, Greg and Pearl take a trip to Empire City to live the good life.[12]
87 9 Too Short to Ride 000.png "Too Short to Ride" July 20, 2016 1031-086
Steven and Amethyst take a trip to Funland but run into trouble when their friend is too short to ride the rollercoasters.[13]
88 10 The New Lars 000.png "The New Lars" July 21, 2016 1031-089
Steven gets a new look into Lars' life.[14]
89 11 Beach City Drift 000.png "Beach City Drift" July 22, 2016 1031-090
Steven and Connie get into a high-speed car race with their biggest foe.[15]
90 12 Restaurant Wars 000.png "Restaurant Wars" July 25, 2016 1031-091
Steven must help the Frymans and the Pizzas settle a reignited rivalry between their restaurants.[16]
91 13 Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service 000.png "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service" July 26, 2016 1031-092
Steven saves Kiki from some delicious nightmares.[17]
92 14 Monster Reunion 000.png "Monster Reunion" July 27, 2016 1031-093
Steven reunites with an old friend.[18]
93 15 Alone at Sea 000.png "Alone at Sea" July 28, 2016 1031-094
Steven and Greg take a boat trip out to sea and find themselves in dangerous water.[19]
94 16 Greg the Babysitter 000.png "Greg the Babysitter" July 29, 2016 1031-095
Steven learns the tale of how Greg came to work at the car wash.[20]
95 17 Gem Hunt 000.png "Gem Hunt" August 1, 2016 1031-096
Steven and Connie track a Gem monster through the wilderness but its tracks lead them to mystery.[21]
96 18 Crack the Whip 000.png "Crack the Whip" August 2, 2016 1031-097
Amethyst is left in charge of Steven and Connie, and there will be no training while she's around![22]
97 19 Steven vs. Amethyst 000.png "Steven vs. Amethyst" August 3, 2016 1031-098
Steven and Amethyst get competitive while training with Pearl.[23]
98/99 20/21 Bismuth 000.png "Bismuth" August 4, 2016 1031-099 / 1031-100
Steven discovers something the Gems thought was lost to the past inside of Lion's mane.[24]
100 22 Beta 000.png "Beta" August 5, 2016 (CA)

August 8, 2016 (USA)

Steven and Amethyst visit some friends in the country but Amethyst isn't being herself.[25]
101 23 Earthlings 000.png "Earthlings" August 8, 2016 1031-102
Amethyst tries to exact revenge with a showdown in the Kindergarten.[26]
102 24 Back to the Moon 000.png "Back to the Moon" August 9, 2016 1031-103
Steven and the Gems revisit the Moon Base.[27]
103 25 Bubbled 000.png "Bubbled" August 10, 2016 1031-104
Steven gets marooned in his bubble.[28]


  • "Super Watermelon Island": Steven sees the awakening of Malachite through a Watermelon Steven, and the Crystal Gems, excluding Steven and Peridot, set out for Mask Island to take them down.
  • "Gem Drill": Steven and Peridot drill to the core to stop the Cluster from forming.
  • "Same Old World": Steven helps Lapis find a new home.
  • "Barn Mates": Steven helps Lapis and Peridot bond together so they can handle their company with each other as they live on the Barn.
  • "Hit the Diamond": The Ruby Squad considers searching the barn for the leader of the Earth mission, but to do so, they will have to beat the Crystal Gems and Lapis in a game of baseball.
  • "Steven Floats": Steven discovers he can float but does not know how to get back to the ground.
  • "Drop Beat Dad" Steven helps kickstart Sour Cream's career as a DJ. However, Marty discovers Sour Cream and helps Sour Cream set out to become a DJ superstar.
  • "Mr. Greg": Steven and Greg capitalize on the latter's new wealth and set out to Empire City for a musical night, bringing Pearl along for the ride.
  • "Too Short to Ride" Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot attend Beach City Funland, only for the latter to discover her limitations after some awkward endeavors.
  • "The New Lars": Steven possesses Lars' inadvertently and decides to experiment, raising the Beach City citizen's eyebrows in delight.
  • "Beach City Drift": Steven and Connie, after witnessing Kevin and his narcissism, set out to put him in his place as Stevonnie by beating him in a race.
  • "Restaurant Wars" A dispute turned to war, Beach Citywalk Fries and Fish Stew Pizza wage a battle of restaurant economics and canvassing to overpower one another.
  • "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service": Steven witnesses Kiki Pizza's recurring nightmares, and the two agree on combating them for Kiki's wellbeing.
  • "Monster Reunion" The Crystal Gems partially recover Centipeetle into a semi-corrupted state, and Steven attempts to complete the recovery through calm conversation.
  • "Alone at Sea": Steven, Greg, and Lapis venture into the sea on a newly bought boat to go fishing. However, the destination being the ocean has Lapis recollect her history as Malachite.
  • "Greg the Babysitter": Greg tells the tale on how he babysit baby Sour Cream, nearly got him killed, and came to work at It's a Wash.
  • "Gem Hunt" Steven and Connie set out on their first mission together to find a new sighting of corrupted Gems. Along the way, they encounter a familiar but terrifying face.
  • "Crack the Whip": Garnet and Pearl search for Jasper after hearing Steven and Connie's encounter with them last episode. Amethyst is told to watch the two and keep them safe, only to learn after a surprise visit her previously underestimated limitations.
  • "Steven vs. Amethyst": Amethyst, grieving over her limitations compared to even the likes of Steven, considers herself unneeded. Steven disagrees and challenges her to a match to prove who the worst Gem is.
  • "Bismuth": Steven explores Lion's Dimension and encounters a long-lost Crystal Gem member named Bismuth.
  • "Beta": Amethyst, Steven, and Peridot visit the Beta Kindergarten to learn more about Jasper's origins.
  • "Earthlings": Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot have a showdown against Jasper who tries desperately not to lose, especially against another fusion, by using her incarcerated corrupted Gems as subjects to fusion.
  • "Back to the Moon": Amethyst goes undercover with the Ruby squad who incarcerates the Crystal Gem members. The group learns of a dark secret.
  • "Bubbled": Steven floats through space in his bubble with Eyeball on the outside.


  • Season 2 and Season 3 were originally formatted as a single 52-episode season. However, for unknown reasons, Cartoon Network re-labelled the second half of the second season as Season 3 and then split the original third season into Season 4 and Season 5.
  • Season 3 effectively has 25 episodes. This is due to all of the digital shorts being counted as a whole episode, and the double-length episode "Bismuth" being counted as two separate episodes.
  • Season 3 took the shortest amount of time to air, only airing within the span of three months.


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