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The Secret Team was a group of Crystal Gems who accidentally let the Gem shards out of a Gem bubble.

Its members consisted of Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl.

The team first appeared in the episode of the same name and disbanded within the course of the episode.


The Secret Team is formed when Amethyst and Pearl accidentally let some Gem shards out of a Gem bubble and didn't want Garnet to know. Steven was the main proponent of the team's creation - their first goal was to collect the escaped Gem fragments. As they collected the shards, Steven became happier when seeing Amethyst and Pearl finally getting along. They disbanded after Garnet found out about the team and helped collect the rest of the Gem shards. As Amethyst put it, "Secret Team is over!".


  • Pearl accidentally called it "The Secret Club".
  • Their official card is a pizza coupon, VIP(IZZA), from Fish Stew Pizza. Pearl and Amethyst both ripped theirs, while Garnet ripped hers at the end when she was declaring that they were all on the same team.
    • After this, Steven realized that with their four coupons, they could have gotten a whole pizza.
  • Steven wanted the team to break into the Big Donut to "retrieve" his fedora.
  • Steven knew Secret Team "was wrong" but enjoyed seeing Pearl and Amethyst working together and acting like friends.