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Speaker Dialogue
[Open. Int. Beach House in snowy day]
Steven *wakes up from alarm* All right, Little Homeschool. What's on the docket for today? *stretch* You can do it! *sighs*
(Steven gets some filtered water, but Amethyst comes in with raw eggs for eyes.)
Amethyst You really gonna skip the most egg-ssential meal of the day?
Steven Of course not. I've got all my morning nutrients in this protein shake.
Amethyst ... *pokes yolk to leak* Dude, you're making me sad.
Garnet Steven. I packed everything you're gonna need for today in your cheeseburger backpack.
Steven Uh, I don't really use that anymore. Besides, I packed my own bag.
Garnet At least pet this cat.
Cat Steven Meow.
Steven Why was I going to need... *sigh* Never mind. Got to go.
Pearl Hold it. According to my weather application, it's going to snow all day and overnight. You're going to freeze if you don't put on a puffer, a hat, and two scarves. Better make it three.
Steven *muffles in denial* Pearl, I need to get going!
Pearl But classes don't start for another couple of hours.
Garnet Wait for us. We can head over together.
Amethyst Why are you taking the old Dondai anyway? We have the warp technology. *slurps eggs off face*
Steven It's because I've got errands to run in town before classes start.
Garnet Of course. Go get 'em, champ. *places hand on Steven*
Amethyst & Pearl Yeah! *places hand as well* Go get 'em!
(Steven does his errands and returns home.)
Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl Surprise!
Amethyst We were sitting in the dark!
Steven Hey, guys.
Amethyst Guess what we've got lined up tonight. "Pupcopter's Sky-High Adventure"!
Pearl Sheet masks with cute animal faces!
Garnet And, most importantly, pizza.
Steven Uh, guys, I've been a vegetarian for, like, a month, and "Pupcopter" is for 6-year-olds, and I have my own skin care routine. Anyways, it's cool. I already ate. *walks upstairs*
Amethyst Oh well. We'll just watch the movie with Cat Steven.
Garnet My bad. I was sure we were in the pepperoni timeline.
(Steven wakes up to turn the alarm off but accidentally slides it to the ground. He rushes down the stairs to leave, preparing the usual protein shake.)
Pearl Look, Steven. Together Breakfast! Just like old times.
Steven Too much sugar for me, but thanks. *opens door* See you at work, guys.
(But Steven can't leave, for the door is flooded with snow.)
Steven Okay, just have to take the warp, then.
Garnet Steven, I wouldn't do that if I were you.
(Steven gets collapsed with more snow from the warp tunnel.)
Amethyst *laughs*
Steven Looks like we have to cancel Little Homeschool for the day. Pearl, can you send out a mass text?
Pearl On it.
Amethyst Hold up! Are you saying we have the day off?
Pearl Ooo, we can re-read No Home Boys.
Garnet And I'll do all the voices.
Steven No, I don't need you to read to me. I-if anything, I need to sit down with the calender. Snow-pocalyse is going to affect the third-quarter schedule.
(Steven gets out his notebook.)
Amethyst Man, you had a better work-life balance when the Diamonds were trying to destroy the planet.
Steven That was then. This is now.
Amethyst *groans* ... Hey, you know what we haven't done in a long time? *shapeshifts into Young Steven and jumps on table* STEVEN TAG!
Steven Aah! *rolls backwards* Amethyst, what the heck?!
Amethyst You know the rules, buster. You get tagged, you have to turn into Steven.
Steven But I'm already Steven!
Amethyst Nah, bro. Classic Steven.
Steven Classic Steven?! Aah!!
(Amethyst gives chase, ending in the bathroom.)
Amethyst *laughs* Ste-e-ve-en! Come out and Pla-a-ay! *laughs*
Steven I'm not playing.
Amethyst *tries entering* Aw, dang. He got me with the towel. Ugh, fine! It's not like we need you to play Steven Tag anyway.
(Cautiously, Steven opens the door and looks around. Suddenly, Garnet is spotted on the ground.)
Steven Hey, Garnet. Lose something?
Garnet It's Cat Steven. Haven't seen him all morning.
Steven Oh. Weird.
Garnet Steven, you should check the cabinets.
Steven Uh, okay. In here?
Garnet *pats Cat Steven* Yes.
Steven Huh- (Amethyst jumps out still in Young Steven's form.)
Amethyst Get ready for Steven Tag!
(Steven runs away, making Amethyst tag Garnet first.)
Garnet What an unforeseen turn of events.
Amethyst You know the rules.
(Garnet turns into Young Steven, staring with Amethyst at their true target tip-toeing away.)
Steven See ya!
(The chase begins. Steven trips on a pillow, and the two jump from above. Steven forms a bubble in time.)
Garnet You can't stay in there forever. *prepares a punch*
(Steven gets up and throws Garnet and Amethyst into Rose's room, and Steven exits.)
Steven That should keep you busy for a while. Maybe now, I can get these schedules done in peace. Huh?
(Unfortunately, Garnet and Amethyst make it out through the Burning Room)
Garnet Steven!
(Steven retreats behind the table.)
Steven How'd you get out so fast?! Whoa!
(Garnet jumps over, forcing Steven upstairs and hidden under his bedsheets.)
Amethyst Hiding under the covers, are we?
(Steven is startled out of bed and falls down the stairs. Pearl warps into the Beach House.)
Pearl Steven, what are you doing?
Steven Pearl!
Pearl Has cabin fever taken hold already?
Steven It's Amethyst and Garnet. They're playing Steven Tag to mess with me.
Pearl Steven Tag? Wow! That takes me back. Well, I'm sure they- *gasps*
Steven *gasps*
(A red electricity bolt appears behind Pearl and shocks her. Steven's eyes widen as Pearl drops her snow shovel. As it turns out, Garnet has *tagged* her. Pearl keels over.)
Steven ... Hah! Jokes on you! Pearl doesn't shapeshift! Huh?
(Contrary to Steven's expectations, Pearl shapeshifts into Young Steven. She couldn't suppress her compulsion to play.)
Pearl The power of Steven Tag compels me!
(Garnet and Amethyst giggle and cheer, proud of Pearl's development.)
Steven *laughs* Wow. Good for her.
(Eyes glint. They want to tag Steven badly. They chase Steven around the house until the garden dome room. Steven's rest is broken by Pearl's appearance out of a pot plant. Disguises continue to fool Steven into traps. He eventually stand on top of his clothes drawers, threatening to throw tidy clothes.)
Pearl Steven, no! I just folded those!
(Pearl is distracted, and Steven attempts to escape. However, Garnet and Amethyst already knew of Steven's plan and blocks his path. Steven had no choice but to jump outside and hide with the snow.)
Steven *sighs* They can't hold those forms forever. I'll just wait until-
(Something smashs the snow behind Steven as he looks up and sees a gigantic purple 4-armed creature wearing shades in the form of Young Steven. It's Sugilite, on top of a snowy rock.)
Steven What?! You fused?! *runs* Hey! This is dangerous!
(Steven summons his shield to ski across the snow. Snowballs rain down in response from Sardonyx who also looks like Young Steven.)
Steven I'm still not playing!
(Steven swerves to evade the continuing onslaught. He loses control and trips from flying off a nearby rock. Opal is in the prime position, in the body of 14-year-old Steven, too and using Garnet as the projectile to tag what seems to be Steven.)
Garnet Target acquired.
(Garnet crashes into the figure. However, her prediction is wrong. Steven is not under the jacket.)
Garnet It was a snowman... with Steven's jacket. Noooooooo!
(Steven has escaped but is shivering.)
Steven They'll never stop until they make me play.
(As Steven strike a pose, he gets startled as a shadow falls on him. He looks behind himself. It's Alexandrite, who has been shape-shifted into Young Steven as well.)
Steven Oh, geez.
(Alexandrite breathes a firey flame at Steven, who bubbles to protect himself.)
Steven I really didn't want to do this. But you leave me no choice. *poses and scowls* I JOIN THE GAME!!!
(Steven is finally convinced. He bounces off Alexandrite's head towards the Beach House. Alexandrite attempts to catch Steven landing on the Obsidian statue's hand but fails. Back and forth, he makes it to the slope of the hill and jumps to the Lighthouse peak.)
Steven There's no way she can catch me here... Aah?
(Alexandrite beats Steven on top of the lighthouse and unfuse to all separate gems including Garnet to Ruby and Sapphire who are both in Young Steven's form. Then they act as a bombardment for Steven to avoid except Sapphire.)
Steven *forms his bubble fists and glares at Amethyst, Ruby and Pearl* ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
(Steven blasts through the bombardment and lands successfully on the lighthouse's roof, staring down menacingly.)
Steven You shouldn't have messed with me. Huh? (And Steven is tagged by the unlikely Sapphire.)
Sapphire Tag.
(Everything shatters around Steven. He falls off the lighthouse.)
Steven Oh, no. Is this the end of my adult life?
(Crash landing. Steven Tag is finished.)
Amethyst Ha ha!
Ruby Sapphire, you did it! You're the best! *They fuse back into Garnet*
Garnet You've been tagged.
Amethyst You have to tuuurn into little Steeveeen!
Pearl Those are the rules!
Steven Hmph. No.
Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl Do it! Do it! Do it!
Cat Steven Meow.
Steven *sighs* Et tu, Cat Steven?
Cat Steven Meow.
Steven *groans* OKAY! I'll do it!
(Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl watch as Steven shape-shifts into his younger self.)
Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl He's so cute!
Steven No, I'm not! This is tough for me, you know? I-I feel like no matter how hard I try, you still see me like this!
Amethyst Buddy, we just want to spend time with you.
Pearl Yes, like we did when you were-
Steven A kid?
(The teen hero's multi-colored friends frown with concern.)
Steven I don't want to disappoint you, but this isn't me anymore. Please, I need you to see me...
(he shape-shifts back into his polite age.)
Steven ...for who I am now.
(Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl hug Steven.)
Garnet Please forgive us.
Amethyst We didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Pearl We just miss you, Steven.
(Steven's eyes well with tears and his lip quivers.)
Garnet, Amethyst & Pearl We're sorry.
Steven I've missed you, too, guys, and, you know, *sighs* it was actually pretty nice to spend time with y-y- Ah-choo!
(Amethyst receives Steven's jacket.)
Steven Thanks, Amethyst.
Garnet Steven, we're so proud of the person you've become.
Amethyst Yeah, that's why we wanna hang out with you so much!
Pearl But, if you need to get back to work now, we'll understand.
Steven Well, I can't because, tag, you're it!
Amethyst Ah ha! *laughs*
Garnet *chuckle* I guess, we have to update the game... *turns into Steven's current form* to this.
Steven Yeah! I love it!
Garnet Perfect. *she summons her gauntlets* Now, you all better run.
Steven Ha ha!
(And they all run down the hill, Steven rolling down one, and they played for the day. The next day, Steven wakes up refreshed, and this time, he travels with Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl (back in their normal forms) to their duties.)

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