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"Snow Day" is the 7th episode of Steven Universe Future and the 7th episode overall.

Official Synopsis

Steven and the Crystal Gems get a chance to catch up when they're all snowed in together.


Snow Day 008

The episode starts with Steven waking up after his phone alarm goes off. Still tired, Steven smiles as he gets out of bed and gets ready for the day. As he fills his protein shake, Amethyst pops in and "cracks" a joke with eggs on her eyes while asking if Steven was really gonna start the day without breakfast. Steven shoots her down, as he claims that the protein shake is enough. As he prepares to leave, Garnet hands him his Cheeseburger Backpack along with Cat Steven inside it. Steven again objects, stating he doesn't really use it anymore and that he has already packed his own bag. He is then kept from leaving again, this time by Pearl, who layers him in clothes to keep him warm. Before finally leaving, Steven is patted on the head by all the Crystal Gems.

When Steven returns from his errands, the Gems surprise him with a movie, masks and pepperoni pizza. Steven refuses these offers as well, due to the movie being for younger ages, him being a vegetarian and already having a skincare routine. He heads off to bed, leaving the Gems rather disappointed that Steven's grown out of so many things he used to love.

The next day, the Gems try to surprise Steven by making a Together Breakfast for him. Steven once again turns them down and prepares to leave to go work at Little Homeschool. He is kept from leaving, however, as the snow has blocked the front door and the Warp Pads. The Gems see this as an opportunity to hang out with Steven, just like the good old days, but Steven is wanting to fix the schedules for Little Homeschool.

As Steven prepares to work on the calendar, Amethyst makes small talk with him on how dull he's become since establishing Era 3 with the Diamonds and how he was more exciting to hang out with beforehand. Steven ignores her and continues to work. Then Amethyst gets excited as she remembers a game they haven't played in a long time: Steven Tag! She then shapeshifts into 14-year-old or "Classic" Steven and claims that if he is tagged by her or any other participants she's been able to tag, he will have to do the same. Steven, scared by this, seeks shelter in the bathroom until Amethyst leaves.

Snow Day 105

Once gone, Steven leaves and notices Garnet looking under the Living room table for Cat Steven. She tells him to go look in the cabinets. He then realizes that he has fallen into a trap as Garnet is holding and petting Cat Steven. He is able to get out of the way as Amethyst jumps out at him, however, she tags Garnet. The latter then shapeshifts into Classic Steven as well and joins Amethyst in trying to tag the real one. As they try to get the jump on him, Steven quickly shields himself with his bubble and forces them into rolling into Rose Quartz's room and traps them there. As he attempts to get back to work, Garnet escapes by running into the empty Burning Room and into the house and continues her and Amethyst's pursuit to tag him.

After a bit more running around, Pearl warps back from presumably attempting to shovel through the roads of Little Homeworld and is tagged by Garnet. Steven thinks he is safe, seeing that Pearl doesn't like to shapeshift. His plan is however foiled when Pearl shapeshifts into Classic Steven as well. Garnet and Amethyst are overjoyed by this and they congratulate her. Steven feels happy for her as well until he realizes that he is up against three Gems and he runs around the house with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl on his tail.

Snow Day 198

Steven then jumps out of the window and into the snowy beach. He plans on staying hidden until the Gems can't hold their Steven forms anymore until the snow around him is swept away by a flail swung by Sugilite, who is also in the form of Classic Steven. As Steven attempts to escape again, he finds himself dodging snowballs thrown by Sardonyx, who has shapeshifted into Steven as well. After being knocked off balance and thrown into the snow, Opal, who as well has shapeshifted into Steven, fires Garnet at what appears to be Steven but is really just his jacket filled with snow.

Snow Day 223

Steven, who is very cold, is still determined to remain untagged. Then he is found by none other than Alexandrite, who even herself has now shapeshifted into Steven. Steven finally gives in and is ready to play, making Alexandrite happy. After jumping around, Steven attempts to retreat to the lighthouse, but Alexandrite beats him to it and unfuses into Amethyst, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire, who are all still Steven. Everyone but Sapphire moves in on Steven and he is able to take them out one by one as he lands on top of the lighthouse. As Steven lowers his guard, Sapphire puts her hand on his chest and says "tag". Defeated, Steven falls backward and floats down to everyone else. As Sapphire joins up with them, Ruby congratulates her and they fuse back into Steven-Garnet.

Snow Day 287

Steven, reluctantly, shapeshifts back to his 14-year-old self, making everyone else happy. Steven is not, however, and is upset by the fact that no matter how hard he tries to be mature and grownup, they still see him as a little kid. He then claims that he wants them to see him, not as a kid, but rather as who he is now as he shapeshifts back to normal. The Gems then hug him and apologize and they exclaim that they missed the time they used to spend together. Steven then tells them that he has also missed the fun that they used to have as Amethyst hands him his jacket. The Gems let Steven know that they are proud of who he has become. Instead of returning to work, Steven continues to play Steven Tag with everyone and he tags Garnet, making her turn into Current Steven and they chase Amethyst and Pearl.

Snow Day 291

The episode ends when Steven's alarm wakes him up the next morning and he gets into his car then drives off to work with the Gems.







  • The episode was accidentally released on Google Play prior to its television debut but was taken down shortly after.
  • This episode reveals that Steven is now a vegetarian and has been for a month prior. He also has his own skin-care routine.
  • Sugilite, Sardonyx, Opal, Alexandrite, Ruby, and Sapphire are shown shapeshifting for the first time. 
  • Steven shapeshifts to look 14 again, showing a big difference in how he's physically grown.
  • It is observed that Cat Steven has grown physically older during the time skip.
  • In this episode you can see that Steven no longer does the same things we saw in the original series:
    • He rarely uses his Cheeseburger Backpack.
    • He didn't want to eat Together Breakfast because it has too much sugar.
    • He is disinterested in "Pupcopter" despite his interest in Dogcopter in the original series.
    • He does not eat pepperoni due to him being vegetarian for a month. 
    • He no longer uses his Cookie Cat alarm clock, using the alarm on his phone instead. 
  • As shown when he was throwing them on the floor of his room, Steven has kept his signature red shirts from the original series (or at the very least, he has gotten bigger sizes of them).
  • So far, "Snow Day" is the only episode of Steven Universe Future to not introduce or debut a new Gem or fusion.

Cultural References

  • When Steven falls from the lighthouse and lands on the snow, Amethyst points and laughs at him in a manner similar to Nelson Muntz's signature mocking laugh in The Simpsons.
  • The title cards introducing new opponents in Steven Tag are similar to those seen in Super Smash Bros. games.


  • Pearl shapeshifts for the first time in thousands of years since "A Single Pale Rose". It is revealed that Pearl doesn't normally shapeshift, with "Steven Tag" being the exception.
  • The moment when Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet put their hand on Steven's head is a reference to the second opening of Steven Universe.
  • Steven Tag is played for the first time since "Keep Beach City Weird".
  • Sugilite makes her first appearance since "Cry for Help". 
  • With Steven Universe: The Movie taking place in May, Steven is now 17 years old.


Snow Day 110

Steven’s right arm and the chair phasing through each other.

Snow Day 123

Pearl’s two overlapping mouths.

Snow Day 105

Remaining Gems found in The Burning Room.

  • When Garnet and Amethyst congratulate Pearl for shapeshifting into Steven, first they are facing the door, but in the next scene, they are facing the other side.
  • In one frame after Steven asked, "How'd you get out so fast?!", his right elbow is phasing through a chair.
  • Steven hides from Sugilite by staying behind a large rock. When Alexandrite appears, no debris can be seen.
  • In one frame when Pearl is saying, "Well, I'm sure they --", she has two overlapping mouths.
  • When Garnet gets out of The Burning Room, we can see some Gems still in bubbles, despite the room being cleared out at the end of "Change Your Mind".
  • During the montage of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl chasing Steven, Garnet's gemstones are missing for a few frames.



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