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The Snowbeast is a Gem monster that appeared in Issue 5 of the Steven Universe comic series. It was seen making it snow in Beach City.


The Snowbeast takes the form of a small bird made out of snow balls. Its design is based on a snowman having three small snowballs for a body. It has two sticks for legs/arms. It has two red with black pupils. It's beak appears to be made of two carrots. It's gemstone appears to be inside it's head as that was only remaining object after it was poofed and bubbled.


  • Frigokinesis: It has the ability to manipulate and create snow.


Issue 5

It was seen making it snow in Beach City during the month of July. The Crystal Gems then each hit one snowball on it to make it retreat to its gemstone. It was then bubbled by Garnet.


  • Its design appears to be based on a stereotypical snowman design, as it is made up of several snowballs, it has carrots that are meant to be its mouth and nose, and has sticks for limbs.


Image Description
The gem is colored pink and is badly damaged. It is located in the head of the Snowbeast.


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