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I can totally rave to this.

Lars and the Cool Kids
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Sour Cream is a minor character and resident of Beach City that made his debut in "Lars and the Cool Kids". He first appears in the episode "Frybo". He is one of "The Cool Kids". In "Joy Ride", it is hinted that his stepfather is Yellowtail, and in "Onion Friend", Sour Cream is revealed to be Onion's older maternal half-brother, Yellowtail's step-son, and Vidalia's son. In "Onion Friend" and "Drop Beat Dad", it's revealed Marty is Sour Cream's biological father.


Sour Cream is a young man, with platinum blonde hair styled into a point, ice blue eyes, and a long, angular face. He wears a grayish-blue hoodie over a light gray undershirt, orange phat pants, and bright sea-foam green tennis shoes. He is often shown with a concerned facial expression. His pants can convert to shorts when unzipped.


Sour Cream is soft-spoken and "chill" in most interactions. He enjoys dancing, "raving", listening to electronic music, and DJ-ing using Nintendo consoles for his "friends from the internet". In contrast to his usually chill nature, it's shown that his relationship with his step-dad, Yellowtail, makes him openly angry. He wants to become a DJ instead of a fisherman like his step-dad.


Jenny & Buck Dewey

Buck and Jenny are assumed to be Sour Cream's two best friends. They hang out with him as part of the "cool kids" group in town, and they show support for his aspirations to be a DJ.


Sour Cream is on good terms with Steven, and enjoys his company. He considers him his friend and they go with each other on rides. In "Joy Ride", when Steven told them about the Crystal Gems who blame him for his mother's "death" and the Homeworld Gems thinking he's his mom, Sour Cream said, "I'd rather be a fisherman than have to deal with tha(t)."


Though he is not incredibly close with Lars, he, with his group of friends, befriends him at the end of "Lars and the Cool Kids", and later hangs out with him in "Joking Victim", and "Sadie's Song".


In "Alone Together", while Stevonnie is sitting on the bench eating a donut, Sour Cream half blushes and invites them to a rave being held at a warehouse - the same place where they held a wrestling match in "Tiger Millionaire". This shows that he may find Stevonnie attractive.


In "Alone Together", he says, "Kevin is at the rave he is DJ-ing" implying Kevin is one of his "friends from the internet".


Yellowtail is Sour Cream's step-dad. Their relationship is strained due to Sour Cream's desire to be a DJ instead of a fisherman. He has a certain dislike towards him saying that his dad just doesn't understand him for him wanting to be a DJ. However, at the end of "Drop Beat Dad", Yellowtail delivers Sour Cream's DJ equipment to him, showing that he has become more supportive of Sour Cream's hobby.


Onion is Sour Cream's half-brother. Due to the few number of scenes where both of them appear, most of their personal relationship is a mystery.


Their relationship is a lot better than the one with his step-dad. His mother even encourages his love of being a DJ, despite Yellowtail's wishes. When he was still a baby, Vidalia is shown to care for Sour Cream's well-being and threatened to severely hurt Greg if anything happened to Baby Sour Cream while he was babysitting him.


There are not really any seen interactions with Sour Cream and Marty, but in the few that they have had, it is seen to be a negative one. In the episode "Drop Beat Dad", Sour Cream is shown to trust Marty, following every command and showing interest in bonding with him. However, when it is revealed that Marty tries to take advantage of Sour Cream to advertise Guacola, Sour Cream yells at him in Onion and Yellowtail's language and English.


In "Onion Friend", it is mentioned that Amethyst and his mother Vidalia hung out when Sour Cream was younger. While their relationship was never fully explored, Amethyst reminisced to when she "used to be bigger than him".

Rose Quartz

In "Greg the Babysitter", Rose met Sour Cream when he was still a baby when Greg was babysitting him while his mother was at work. It was during the time she spent with them, that she came to understand that Sour Cream was a baby human and helped her realize that humans are capable of growing up, an ability which fascinated her. However she misunderstood Greg when he told her to watch Sour Cream, as she watch Sour Cream wonder off and climb up the Ferris Wheel, failing to realize the danger he was in until Greg pointed it out.

Episode Appearances



  • Like all the Cool Kids, Sour Cream has a Crystal Gem counterpart.
    • Like Pearl, Sour Cream doesn't like being bossed around, and always runs for his dreams. Both are tall, have pointy noses, and a similar haircut.
  • In "Onion Friend" it is confirmed that his biological dad is Marty, and Vidalia is his mother.
    • They all greatly resemble each other, and Vidalia being his mother fits the onion-themed naming tradition.
  • It is unknown if Sour Cream is his actual name or a nickname, as he says "They call me Sour Cream" in the episode "Lars and the Cool Kids".
  • As a baby, Sour Cream's face resembles the famous internet meme known as Lenny Face.
  • The equipment (Game Boy, etc.) Sour Cream uses to DJ in "Alone Together" was inspired by the composers' skill with chiptune music and was incorporated into the show by Ian Jones-Quartey.
  • If you put his name and Onion's name together, it makes "Sour Cream and Onion", a popular potato chip flavor, a hint of them being half-brothers.
    • It was furthermore hinted in the episode "Joy Ride" when Sour Cream indirectly stated that Yellowtail was his step-father, and confirmed in the episode "Onion Friend" that Sour Cream and Onion are, indeed, maternal half-brothers.
  • Sour Cream is fully capable of understanding Yellowtail and Onion, and will talk like them when particularly enraged.
  • In "Drop Beat Dad", it is revealed that Sour Cream has some German heritage, and that either Vidalia and/or Marty is/are German.


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