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Speaker Dialogue
[Open Int. Galaxy Warp]
(The Gems warp in.)
Steven Woah.
Garnet *steps on a Warp Pad* Inactive.
Steven *grunts as he slaps a sticker on the Warp Pad*
Amethyst *jumps onto different Warp Pad* Inactive!
Steven *breathing heavily* *slaps sticker onto the inactive Warp Pad*
Pearl *standing on another Warp Pad disappointedly* Inactive.
(Steven slaps a sticker on the Warp Pad she's standing on.)
Amethyst Do we have to check all of them? They're all still inactive, like always.
Garnet *walks away* We need to make sure.
Steven I've never seen so many Warp Pads before! *gets two stickers* I hope I have enough of these Crying Breakfast Friends stickers. Where do all these Warp Pads go, anyway?
Pearl *sits on one of the Warp Pads* Well, Steven, these Warp Pads were used to travel off-planet. They were our connection to the Gem Homeworld and to Gem controlled planets all over the universe.
Steven *gasps* You mean we could go anywhere we want in outer space?
Amethyst Yeah... we could do that if they weren't all busted.
Pearl It's true. The Galaxy Warps have all been inactive for thousands of years.
Steven Can't we fix them?
Garnet ... No.
Pearl It's fine. *chuckles* I'll always have my memories of other worlds. But now I'm here. On Earth. Forever.
Steven With me!
Pearl Right, with you. It really is incredible out there, though. I wish you could see it, Steven.
[Trans. Ext. It's A Wash]
(Greg and Steven are watching 'Crying Breakfast Friends!' outside.)
TV (Crying Waffle cries.)
TV (Crying Pear joins in. Sad Apple and Spilled Milk cry.)
TV Narrator Stay tuned for another episode of Crying Breakfast Friends!
Greg Yeesh. I must be getting old. I used to like cartoons.
Steven Hey, Dad, did you know the Gems used to travel all over outer space?
Greg *chuckles* Yeah. They're pretty far out, son.
Steven I think Pearl really misses going out there. *gasps* Dad, can you help me build a spaceship?
Greg You know, that might be a little outside my skill set. How 'bout a bunk bed with wings? I could probably do that.
Steven No way! We could totally build a spaceship! *stands up on chair* People have done it before, and we're people!
Greg We are people.
Steven And Pearl would love it so much to see space again.
Greg Sure. Why not? How hurt could we get?
[Trans. Ext. the Barn]
Greg My aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation and each other. They cherished the years they spent together, and they held on to every belonging they ever owned, kind of like me and my storage shed. I'm starting to think our family has a problem.
Steven This is great! I hereby declare this barn to be Universe & Universe's Universal Space Travel HQ!
(Steven and Greg begin to draw on a chalkboard, cut wood, and tape stuff together.)
[Time Skip—afternoon]
Steven Okay, now. *lifts hands*
Pearl "UUU Space Travel"? What is this?
Steven We built a spaceship!
Pearl A spaceship?
Steven A spaceship! *gestures to wooden box with paper wings on the side*
Pearl A spaceship.
[Trans. Int. top of hill by shed]
Greg Now, remember, Steven, if you run into any trouble out there, you can always bail. There's never any shame in bailing.
Steven Fatherly advice understood! Thank you, Dad. Light the engines.
Greg Roger that! *lights a rope at the back of the 'spaceship.'
Steven Next stop— outer space!
Greg Blast-off!
(Greg pushes the 'spaceship' down a hill.)
Steven (A paper wing breaks off of the 'spaceship'.) Uh! (One side of the box comes off.) Ooh! (The other paper wing breaks off.) Uhh!
Pearl Aah!
Steven No shame!
(Steven jumps out of the 'spaceship'.)
(The 'spaceship' hits a rock and breaks into pieces.)
Pearl I think your calculations may have been off.
Greg Well, they can't be off if you don't do any.
[Trans. Ext. shed]
(Pearl draws and motions to Steven's drawing on the chalkboard.)
Pearl Did you really think this was gonna work?
(Steven and Greg shrug in response.)
Steven and Greg Mnh-mnh-mnh.
(Pearl begins to draw a diagram of a spaceship on the chalkboard.)
Pearl Here, look. You need smooth, curving surfaces. Otherwise, you're never gonna get enough speed to break Earth's gravitational pull. Probably swept-back wings for supersonic flight, airtight cockpit with ejector seat, and we'll need some serious engines, or maybe rockets would be better.
Steven I vote rockets!
Greg Whoa, whoa. Hold on a sec. We're not actually talking about building something like this, right?
Pearl What?! This? *laughs* Of course not. That would be ridiculous. I mean, yes, theoretically, it's not a stretch. You've got plenty of spare parts here, albeit for incredibly primitive propulsion-based space travel. The idea is ludicrous. It would never work, although... several humans, a monkey, and a dog did make it into space. I don't know why I've never even thought of it before. This could actually work!
Steven and Greg Uh...
Pearl I hear what you're saying, and I agree— it would be incredibly dangerous; a fool's errand.
(Pearl pulls a lob of stuffing out of Greg's love seat.)
Pearl This chair is disgusting. But aren't the true fools the ones who don't seize an opportunity, despite all the inherent risks? And I'd be able to show Steven the wonders of the cosmos! And maybe just for a second, from a distance, I could see what's been going on without me. All right! let's do it!
Steven UUU Space Travel, G-O-O-O-O-O!
(Greg and Steven begin moving parts out of the tool shed while Pearl drills, screw-drives, and blowtorches various things together in order to build a spaceship. She also tests out an engine and mixes chemicals. Steven chases a tire as Greg and Pearl construct a glider.)
(Later, Steven is flying in a small seated glider.)
Steven Wah-o-o-o-o-o-o-oo!
Greg Ground Control to Mach 2. Come in, Mach 2. How you doing, buddy?
Steven Aah! Aah-aah-aah-aah! Woow! *muttering*
Greg You think we're taking this a little far?
Pearl We're not even close to being done.
Greg We're not?
Pearl Okay, Steven. Go ahead and bring her down.
(Steven lands the Mach 2 immediately before it collapses.)
Steven Ugh! Whoo!
Greg Was it supposed to fall apart like that?
Pearl Don't worry. This was just to test my engine concept. I'll work out the kinks in the next one.
Greg Hang on. Hang on. Next one?!
Pearl Is there a shop in town that carries F-1 single-nozzle liquid-fueled rockets?
Greg You really are serious!
Pearl Of course! We're also going to need a space suit for Steven so he doesn't freeze or explode.
Steven *imitates explosion*
Greg Whoa. You are not taking him to space.
Pearl Yes, I am.
Greg No! I'm not allowing it!
Steven But why? This is why we founded Universe & Universe.
Greg Steven, you're grounded.
Steven What?!
Greg No, no. I mean you're grounded. You don't get to leave Earth.
Steven Oh. What?!
Greg As C.E.O. and Supreme Space Commander, I hereby ground this astronaut and cancel this mission.
Steven Aw, man! Stupid company by-laws.
Pearl Hey! Who made you C.E.O.!?
Greg *tilts head towards Steven* He did.
Pearl Fine. If neither of you will help, I'll just do it by myself— Not like it'll be much different.
Steven Pearl!
Greg I'm sorry, bud. Sometimes you just got to know when to bail.
[Time Skip—night]
Greg *muttering in sleep*
Steven *snoring* (Pearl pokes him.) Wha?
Pearl Shh! Want to see something really cool?
Greg *snoring* *talking in his sleep* No. Don't give him the banana. That's what he wants.
(Pearl opens the barn doors to reveal a completed ship.)
Pearl Presenting the brand-new ballistic-flight-capable Universe Mach 3!
Steven *gasps* Spaceship! *laughing happily*
Pearl Wait, Steven. Keep your voice down.
Steven *grunts* *laughs* Whoa! It's even got the logo from the van!
Pearl And if your dad asks, we'll say we borrowed it.
(Steven jumps into the cockpit of the Mach 3.)
Steven Whoa. Look at all the buttons! I must press them all.
Pearl If you want, Steven, we could take her out for an engine check. It'll be quick.
["The barn and surrounding area begins to rumble, waking Greg."]
Greg Wha?! What the... ? Pearl! Steven, what are you doing?!
(The Mach 3 rockets out of the barn creating a blast that knocks Greg back. It begins to glide over the ocean as Pearl tampers with the controls.)
Steven *laughs* Wow! Look! You can see the temple!
Pearl Mm-hmm.
Greg *over walkie-talkie* Hey, can you hear me!? Where do you two think you're going!?
Steven Hey, Dad, guess where I am.
Greg I know where you are; it's where you're going that concerns me!
Steven Don't worry, Dad. This is just a quick test flight.
Pearl This will be perfectly fine— just a pop over to the nearest star system. I'll give him back in 50 years.
Steven 50 Years?
Greg What?! I'll be dead in 50 years! Pearl, you bring him back right now, or I'll -- (Pearl turns off her end of the transmission.) Hello? Hello?!
Steven Pearl, I'm not supposed to go. Pearl!
Pearl Oh, this is so exciting! Steven, you're gonna love it. (Pearl plays a keyboard mounted to the side of the cockpit's panel.) Hang on tight!
Steven Mm!
(A piece of the Mach 3 falls off.)
Steven What was that? Pearl!
Pearl We can make it. We're almost there.
(The spaceship begins to fall apart.)
Steven Pearl!
Pearl I'm gonna show it to you.
Steven Uh... Uh... *blaring continues*
(Steven pulls a hatch which releases the glass covering the cockpit.)
Pearl Steven! What are you doing?!
Steven We need to go, Pearl! We're not gonna make it!
Pearl But we're almost there!
Steven Pearl! I know you miss space, and I know you worked hard, but sometimes... you just got to know when to bail.
(Pearl pulls a lever on the side of the chair they're sitting in which ejects them out of the spaceship just as it explodes.)
Greg Woah! (Greg scans the sky with his binoculars.) Please, please, please, please, please. (He finally sees Pearl and Steven with a parachute coming back down to Earth.) Ahhhh. Ohhhhh. Ohh, this kid's killing me. *lays down* Ughhhh...
Pearl I'm so sorry. I almost got us killed.
Steven I'm used to it. I'm sorry I couldn't help you go to space. We'll get there someday— I promise.
Pearl You know, I think I'd rather be here on Earth.
Steven With me!
Pearl Yeah. With you.
[Star iris out on Pearl and Steven still coming back down to Earth]

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