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This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in Steven Universe.

Spike Squad is an HTML5 game based on Steven Universe. The main objective of the game is to play in a volleyball tournament against a friend or CPU player.

It can be played on Cartoon Network's website here.

In 2019, it received a sequel, Ciudad Playa Turbo Volleyball GP.


Play as characters from Cartoon Network's Steven Universe series in this fun new volleyball game. Participate in a series of matches either against the computer's AI or against a friend! The tournament ends when one team scores 5 points, so follow the star indicating where the ball will land to win!


  • Arrow keys = Move
  • C = Spike/Serve
  • X = Block
  • X and C (in air) = Special super spike




  • The title theme is a tropical remix of the show's theme.
  • Holo-Pearl is fought in any match where one of the opponents is a character the player is playing as.
  • Instead of having her own, Holo-Pearl shares her voice clips with Pearl.