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This is a transcribed copy of "Steven's Lion". Feel free to edit or add to this page, as long as the information comes directly from the episode.
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Speaker Dialogue
[Open The Desert]
(A sandstone column collapses into a pile of sand. The Crystal Gems climb over the sand pile, with Steven crawling on the ground.)
Steven W-Water... Water... So thirsty... For water...
Pearl It'll be safer if you stand up and walk.
Steven You don't... understand... *keeps crawling* This... is how... you're supposed to act... in the desert... *grows tired of his "act" and gets up, sweating* Is this the thing? The place?
Garnet Yes, Steven. (A silhouette of a temple can be seen in the distance, as another sandstone column collapses.) The power in the structures have turned aimless.
Pearl It's building columns with no roofs, stairs that go nowhere! This is out of control!
Amethyst Then I guess we better...! *leap-frogs over Steven* Roll on over there. Heheh.
Pearl That was a bit unnecessary.
Amethyst *mocking Pearl* Nuh-nuh nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh nuh nuh.
Pearl Excuse me?!
(A roar is heard out of nowhere.)
Steven What was that?!
Amethyst Let's go!
Garnet It'll be best if you stay here, Steven.
Pearl We'll be quick.
Steven What if something eats me?!
Garnet Do not worry... Wet One. *wipes the sweat off Steven's face and flicks it back at him* There's nothing out here that can harm you. See you soon.
Steven Okay.
(The Gems head off to investigate, while Steven finds shade under a sandstone column.)
Steven It's. So. Desert. *puts his shirt over his eyes, when he hears groaning* What was that? *lifts his shirt and scans his surroundings* Nothing can harm me. I, am the Wet One.
(Steven spots a shadowy figure, which glares in his direction and frightens him, and runs to hide behind the sandstone column. The figure approaches the column.)
Steven Good thing this column was here.
(The column collapses, revealing a pink furred lion behind it. Steven falls backwards in fright and begins to panic.)
Steven Ah! No no no! *gasps as a sand wall erects behind him, trapping him* No, no! *cowers in fear* Huh?
(The lion simply stands there glaring at Steven. It then yawns and collapses in front of him, taking a nap.)
Steven Huh. *gets up*
(Steven cautiously approaches the lion, but flinches when the lion's ear twitches. He continues to inch forward and the lion gets up to look at Steven. Steven then carefully places his palm on the lion's nose.)
Steven Don't bite! *quickly backs off*
(Steven places his palm on the lion's face again, as it allows him to pet it, quickly learning that it is harmless.)
Steven Aw, you just wanted attention. *stroke the lion's body* Didn't you, didn't you? Your mane, it's so soft. *buries his face into its mane* So, you from around here? I'm just here on business. *climbs onto the lion as it licks its paw* I really like your pink fur. You're like the cotton candy of the jungle!
(The lion tips over, causing Steven to fall off, and he climbs back on again.)
Steven I always wanted an animal friend. But I thought- *accidentally falls off again* -It would be like a goldfish. Or a dinosaur! But I guess fate had other plans for Steven Universe... (The lion places its paw over Steven, exciting him.) ...and his best friend Lion.
(A explosion occurs in the distance, creating a shock wave and covering Steven and Lion in sand. They shake the sand off and see the Gems returning.)
Pearl Amethyst, bubble it away.
Amethyst No, quit being jealous, Pearl. *is holding a gem embedded in a pillow* My kill, my keep. *throws and catches it*
Pearl I'm not jealous. Just be careful, if you drop it on the sand it'll rebuild everything!
Steven *gasps* Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl are coming. Quick, put my head in your mouth! *tries to open Lion's maw*
Pearl *notices Lion* Steven! What is that?! What are you doing?!
(The Gems summon their weapons.)
Steven Uhhhh... U-Uh stop! It's okay! Look, he's totally tame.
Pearl That's impossible.
Steven No it isn't! I-I taught him to say "I love you." *moves Lion's maw* "I love you."
Amethyst That's so sweet! I-I love you too.
Pearl *groans and dispels her spear* Get your hands out of that thing's mouth. We have to get the Desert Glass out of the desert. *tries to snatch the pillow of Amethyst*
Amethyst I got it.
Garnet Let's go, Steven. (The Gems tread off.)
Steven Okay, give me a sec. Hey Lion, I gotta go. I had a lot of fun, I feel like you really get me. (Lion stares blankly.) Shhhh... This is already too hard for the both of us. *catches up to the Gems*
Pearl Amethyst, that pillow needs to be contained.
Amethyst Yeah yeah, I know what to do with it.
[Trans. Int. Beach House]
(Steven and Amethyst nap under a pillow fort, with the Desert Glass on top. A scratching noise is heard.)
Steven *slowly wakes* What's that sound?
Amethyst *slaps her hand over Steven's mouth* All I hear is your mouth.
Steven I thought Gems don't need sleep.
Amethyst We don't. *sighs* feels good though.
(The scratching noise keeps coming.)
Steven *grumbles and gets up* Razzle, razzlerrr. Probably some kid trying to sell me lava insurance. Hold your britches! *opens the front door, revealing it to be Lion, and gasps* Lion! Oh my gosh! This is such a surprise! You came all this way to see little old me? (Lion attempts to enter the house, but Steven halts him.) Woah, you're fresh. *steps outside and closes the door* You can't go in there, Amethyst is pretend-sleeping. But whatevs, we're together again. Now we can do everything best friends do.
[Trans. Ext. Crystal Temple]
(Steven stands atop of a cliff with Lion sitting at the bottom.)
Steven Okay, here I come. I'm gonna jump. Get into position, ready?
(Lion remains still.)
Steven And, catch me! I'm jumping!
(Lion still does nothing.)
Steven Catch me! I'm falling! Do it, catch me, I'll die! Eeee!
(Lion just glares at Steven.)
Steven Okay, obviously, you're not into this- *accidentally trips and falls down the cliff, landing face down*
[Trans. the Beach]
Steven *holding a tennis ball* Okay, gonna throw this ball. Here it comes!
(Steven hurls the ball and it lands in front of Lion, with no reaction at all.)
Steven WHAAAAAAAAT?! That throw was so good! *runs over to pick up the ball* Lion! All you gotta do is catch it in your mouth, see? *demonstrates, but Lion remains indifferent* Aw, you don't like that one either?
(Lion begins to walk off, but Steven stops him.)
Steven Okay, wait, I've got something you've gotta like!
[Trans. Ext. Fish Stew Pizza]
(Steven and Lion walk towards the pizza restaurant.)
Steven Fish Stew Pizza. Cats love fish, everybody loves pizza, so you're gonna love this! *peeks through the glass door* Woah, this place is jumpin'! Wait here, we're gonna blow some minds.
[Trans. Int. Fish Stew Pizza]
(Steven enters the restaurant. Inside, Onion is eating pizza and Ronaldo is using his laptop.)
Steven Hey guys! (No one reacts.) I'm doin' okay, you know? Just gettin' some pizza. Kofi, Kiki. *leans against the counter*
Kiki What're you having, Steven?
Steven Large pizza please, extra fishy.
Kiki You must be hungry.
Steven *chuckles* I'm ordering for two.
Ronaldo *does a spit-take* Steven's pregnant?!
Steven I don't think so, but I have a giant pet lion right outside!
Kiki You're not "lion" are you?
Steven *laughs* That's funny. But I'm not.
Ronaldo I believe it! Lots of weird stuff happens in Beach City. You'd know if you read my blog "Keep Beach City Weird"! I also have buttons! *reveals a set of buttons under his coat*
Steven Just go outside and see for yourselves. (Kiki, Ronaldo and Onion exit the place.)
Ronaldo This is amazing!
Steven *nods* Mm-hmm!
Ronaldo It's invisible!
Steven Huh? What? !*runs outside* He's not invisible. He's pink.
Ronaldo Pink? *feeling the air aimlessly* How can he be invisible and pink?
Kiki There's nothing out here, Ronaldo. Steven was "lion". Sorry for using the same pun twice. *goes back inside*
Ronaldo Bet you're not even pregnant... *walks back inside too*
Steven No, I'm telling the truth, he's real! Onion, you believe me, right? (Onion glares at Steven angrily.)
[Trans. Ext. Beach House]
(Steven walks to his house, disappointed. He then sees Lion clawing at the front door of the house.)
Steven Huh? *gasps* Hey, hey Lion! You left me at the pizza place, I looked like a fool! I had to eat a whole pizza by myself!
(Lion breaks through the door and jumps inside the house. Amethyst is still fast asleep under the pillow fort, unawakened by the disturbance.)
Steven Lion, Lion no! (Lion glares at the Desert Glass on the pillow fort.) Lion? (Lion emits a magic roar at the pillow fort, knocking back Amethyst on the couch, and the Desert Glass next to Steven's bed.)
Amethyst *yawns* Keep it down Steven. *falls back asleep*
Steven What was that for? The pillow? *runs up to his bed and picks up the Desert Glass* Is this what you wanted? This pillow? I've been trying to play with you, and feed you, 'cause I thought we were best friends. Did all of that mean nothing to you? (Lion jumps up towards Steven, and he runs out of the house.) Fine! I don't care! If you want it, you can have it! *throws the Desert Glass onto the beach*
(The beach begins to shake and the Desert Glass begins to erect several sand structures all around. Steven runs down to the beach to witness the formation, when Garnet and Pearl exit the house too.)
Pearl Steven! The Desert Glass, it's rebuilding its castle. (Amethyst comes outside.) Why didn't you bubble it earlier?!
Amethyst Welcome to shrug city, P. *shrugs*
Pearl *to Steven* Don't move, we're coming!
Steven Okay! (A sandstorm begin to engulf Steven.)
(Steven pushes through into the eye of the sandstorm, where many sand structures are erected. The Desert Glass rises atop a very tall center column with several pillars branching off of it.)
Steven There it is, the pillow! I have to get it off the sand.
(Steven begins to hop between the many crumbling sand structures towards the center column. Outside the sandstorm, the Glass has erected a massive sandstone wall.)
Garnet *punches the wall with no impact* This wall's not moving!
Pearl We gotta get through before things get any-
(Amethyst is launched in the air by a rapidly-erected erected column. Back inside the sandstorm, Steven continues to maneuver towards the Desert Glass. Just as he is about to reach the top, the crumbling sand structures send him falling towards sand spikes on the ground. Just as Steven is plummeting to his doom, a shadowy figure suddenly rushes in and catches him in mid-air. Steven looks down and sees that it is Lion who comes to his rescue.)
Steven Lion! (Lion hops between the sand structures to safety.) You didn't come here to steal the pillow, you came here to protect us from it! (Lion growls in agreement, as the Desert Glass erects more walls to protect itself.) It's there! It's putting up defenses, how are we gonna get up there?!
(Lion lets out a magical roar, decimating some obtruding sand spikes.)
Steven Yep, sounds good. Let's go!
(More sand columns erect and block Steven and Lion's path. Lion roars again, knocking over the columns and creating a path, and makes a sprint towards the top of the center column.)
Steven Now, Lion!
(Lion roars, breaking through the final wall, and emerges through it, with Steven and the Desert Glass in his hand. The sand structures and sandstorm immediately dissipates. Lion makes a rough landing, flinging Steven tumbling in the sand. The Gems then emerge from the sand and Steven chuckles nervously.)
Pearl *bubbles the Desert Glass away* We should've done this in the first place.
Amethyst In my defense, I forgot.
Steven *to Lion* So I guess, this is goodbye. We had some good times, but I'm sure you have other magical stuff, to smash with other magical boys. *moves Lion's lips* "I love you Steven. I want to stay with you forever!" *gasps* Really? Guys, you hear that?
Pearl Are we really going to let him keep that?
Garnet We kept Amethyst.
Pearl *laughs hysterically* Oh, oh ho ho, "kept Amethyst", oh Garnet, that's priceless!
Steven Yay, Lion! *makes Lion wink* Wink!
(The star iris zooms in on Lion's eye, ending the episode.)

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